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See this week physics is still useless.

CO2 can be reduced by the present fictional "science" ?

[ Quantum mechanics relies on BigBang and unreal particles to tackle climate change and energy-efficient computers ? ]

(C-1)  ↓ Fantasy "science" is spread by top journals  

Man-made global warming is real or just pseudo-science ?

The latter seems true, seeing climate change politicians and the media try to waste time and money for pushing meaningless impeachment of Trump even twice, based on unreliable evidence.

It indicates so-called climate change is Not a reliable "science" but just "political tool(-kit)" maniputaed by some globalists.
Academia and journals are spreading fake science blatantly in front of taxpayers, colluding with the media and politicians.

As I said many times, the current "mainstream science" is based on fiction such as parallel-world quantum mechanics and unseen extra-dimensions worshiped as "theory of everything".

So under this illusory basic science, if "scientists" try to aim at something in the guise of "technology", they have no choice but to manufacture "new fictional concepts" and doctor up fake scientific evidence, which are going nowhere near any practical application, like seen in the recent meaningless political show.

This month  the top prestigious "science" journal Nature published and proposed an unrealistic bogus plan paper to tackle climate change and reduce CO2 production only in "imagination" involving even fantasy BigBang.

The first paragraph ot this news about this Nature paper says "Current silicon-based computing technology is energy-inefficient. Information and communications technology is projected to use over 20% of global electricity production by 2030. So finding ways to decarbonise technology is an obvious target for energy savings .."

"... findings are published in Nature in an article titled "Antiferromagnetic half-skyrmions and bimerons at room temperature." Some of the antiferromagnetic textures they have found could emerge as prime candidates for low-energy antiferromagnetic spintronics at room temperature."

↑ The suddenly-appearing fishy skyrmions and bimerons are Not real particles but just fictitious quasiparticles with unreal masses and charges.  ← The current "science" cannot use real particles or real evidence to explain physical phenomena even in the most "scientific" academic journals, hence false.

And the 3rd-5th paragraphs of this news flagrantly try to apply time-travel-like pseudo-science in future imaginary computer technology.
"One possible solution came from the most unlikely of directions: a curious parallel between solid-state physics and cosmology. In fact, the inspiration for this project was set in the form of a challenge: Can we replicate Cosmic strings in a magnet ?"

"... Cosmic strings are supposed to be filaments in space, much thinner than an atom but potentially as long as the distance between stars. Certain cosmological theories predict that they could have formed in the moments after the Big Bang as the universe was rapidly cooling ?"

↑ So the current "science" and top journals make a preposterous attempt to rely on fantasy irrelevant concepts such as BigBang cosmology and ghost-like quasiparticles for achieving (imaginary) energy-efficient future computer technology and tackling climate change in vain.

Fictitious quasiparticle skyrmion was originally introduced six decades ago as one of imaginary ad-hoc atomic nuclear models such as fractional-charge quarks to explain the unseen inside of the nucleus or the proton

Hence, the original skyrmion model made up a long time ago has nothing to do with future computer science, condensed-matter physics or climate change cited in the recent Nature suspicious paper.

What on earth is this fishy "cosmic string", which was allegedly formed just after BigBang in the early universe and used in unreasonable association with the current pseudo-quantum mechanical theory and future imaginary computer technology based on unreal skyrmion quasiparticles ?

The 2nd and 3rd paragraphs of this news says only unrealistic and enigmatic things;
"Cosmic strings are .. topological defects that may have occurred 10-35 seconds after the Big Bang when the universe went through a phase transition. This phase transition is similar to the one exhibited by water as it changes from a solid to a liquid to a gas. In the case of the universe, the phase transition would have occurred in the fluid-like quantum fields that inhabit all of space. The particles we’re familiar with — photons, gluons, quarks, electrons — all come from ripples in the quantum fields, which in turn make the seas, the cosmos, and every human on Earth. If the universe cooled too quickly, spacetime would have cracked into hairline fractures .. The resulting cracks are cosmic strings."

"... they have an immense weight. About half a mile (1 km) of a cosmic string would have the mass equivalent to the entire planet !  In essence, cosmic strings can be seen as one dimensional black holes ?"  ← What an unbelievable fantasy "science" unworthy of consideration.

Witten proposed a bold unscientific meaningless theory that this occult cosmic strings and (imaginary) magnetic monopole might have decayed protons or skyrmion pseudo-particles in the very early universe ( this p.3 ), causing fantasy extra-dimensions.

Magnetic monopoles, which are unreal magnets with only one (= south or north ) pole, are said to cause the proton decay (= not yet observed ) according to the hypothetical ad-hoc "grand unified theory" leading to the current bogus extra-dimensional "theory of everything" called string theory.

↑ So originally, the illusory skyrmion quasiparticles have nothing to do with the dreamlike energy-efficient future computer technology or climate change.  They originate from the purely fictional "early universe", which is impossible to prove.

This is why the current "scientists" can do nothing useful except for using their fictional science only for irrelevant political tools, forgetting practial use of real science.

The 4th-3rd last paragraphs of this news say only baffling things "discovered the magnetic equivalent of cosmic strings in Fe2O3, and imaged them using a powerful X-ray microscope. These tiny objects, known as merons (= one of unreal quasiparticles ), are magnetic whirls in which the compass needle rotates as one moves from one atom to the next in a nanometre-scale loop ."

"... managed to find the key to create and destroy magnetic merons at will, exploiting the mathematical equivalent of the Big Bang cooling ?"

↑ Confusing phrases "magnetic equivalent of cosmic strings" and "mathematical equivalent of the Big Bang" show physicists make an useless effort to link magnetic materials in labs to irrelevant imaginary BigBang cosmology by force in vain, based only on an old obsolete model and meaningless analogy.

A meron is a half-skyrmion quasiparticle which is just a tiny magnetic swirl pattern caused by a collection of atoms pointing in various directions.
↑ So a skyrmion is Not a real particle but just some kind of many-atomic behavior producing a particular magnetic field.

And as seen here, when today's physicists try to explain the properties of fishy skyrmion quasiparticles, they can only use unscientific meaningless phrases or word game illogically linking two completetly different objects (= BigBang and magnetic materials in labs ) like "magnetic equivalent of cosmic strings, or mathematical equivalent of the Big Bang cooling ?", which pseudo-science is going nowhere near any practical application.

Trying to illogically associate actual magnetic materials in labs with irrelevant imaginary BigBang cosmic strings means the current quantum mechanics cannot explain the true physical mechanism behind any materials in front of you using real objects instead of fictitious quasiparticles.

Aim at (fictional) energy-efficient dreamlike computers to tackle climate change ?  → But quantum mechanics is useless, unable to deal with actual multi-electron materials using real electrons or forces.

→ Fabricate fantasy BigBang cosmological theories and quasiparticle models to explain irrelevant magnetic materials or future computer technology in vain just for developing their pseudo-theory or publishing in journals.  → Real science stops progressing forever.  ← The current disastrous academic situation.

Then, how does illusory quantum mechanics seemingly try to describe physical mechanism behind fictitious skyrmion quasiparticles in materials such as ferromagnet ?

Surpisingly, they bogusly insist each skyrmion quasiparticle has a fake charge called "topological charge" and an anti-particle analogue called anti-skyrmion quasiparticles depending on the directions of magnetic swirling patterns ( this p.10 ).

These "topological charges" or "anti-skyrmions" have nothing to do with actual Coulomb electric charges or anti-particles, so completely meaningless concepts except for developing the current pseudo-physical theory or physicists' self-satisfaction going nowhere near any practical application.

Forgetting this obvious difference between reality and fiction, quantum mechanics illogically tries to imitate real stable electric charges, and baselessly insists these fake topological charges may be stable and topologically-protected, which "forced analogy" is used as a fake reason why imaginary future computers based on unreal skyrmion quasiparticles may be robust ( this p.3 ).  ← Though this pseudo-technology will never be realized.

Quantum mechanical theory has made No progress for a long time, it's a main culprit obstructing today's science advancement.
It relies on "fictional interaction" called "exchange energy lacking real force carriers".  This ghost-like exchange interaction cannot be explained by any real objects ( this p.11 ), because it is neither real Coulomb electric force nor real magnetic force.

The equation expressing this fictional exchange energy in various materials is based on a very old abstract model (= just putting unphysical meaningless math symbols side by side, and manipulating freely-adjustable interaction parameters J depending on observed ferromagnet or antiferromagnet properties = hence, useless for predicting new physical properties ).

Surprisingly, the form of this very ancient quantum mechanical model with illusory exchange interaction, which tells us nothing about detailed true physical mechanism behind materials, has Not been changed since Heisenberg first introduced this pseudo-spin-interaction model in 1926 ( this p.2 ).

↑ So the basic theory based on useless quantum mechanics has stopped progressing for 100 years, stuck in the obsolete unchanged unphysical model with fictional interactions and charges which pseudo-theory is far from clarifying underlying true mechanisms.

↑ But today's physicistis never try to replace the current fictional obsolete theory, which has Neither changed nor progressed for 100 years, by new realistic one just to protect their old vested interests, which lead to the current mess occurring in the political and "science" world.

The 2nd paragraph of this site just vaguely says "The mechanisms ( of skyrmion quasiparticles ) include the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya (= DM ) interaction, frustrated exchange interaction, .. characterized by the diameter of the resulting skyrmion structure ?"

This artificially-introduced unphysical DM interaction (= called antisymmetric exchange ) allegedly causing fictitious skyrmion quasiparticles is also expressed just as a nonphysical simple model just putting several meaningless math symbols side by side, which too abstract model gives No concrete physical mechanism in detail at all.

This skyrmion quasiparticle is said to have its "fictional mass" called "effective mass."  Furthermore, even electrons composing skyrmion quasiparticles also should be fictional electrons with fake effective masses ( this p.2 right, this p.3 left upper ) according to irrational quantum mechanics.

All this mess originates from the fact that useless quantum mechanics has No ability to explain actual multi-atomic phenomena in materials using real objects such as real electrons with real mass and real Coulomb force.

For unphysical quantum mechanics to seemingly "develop" its pseudo-science theory (= only for publishing meaningless journals or getting prestigious prizes ), physicists make an useless effort to invent various imaginary concepts such as quasiparticles, cosmic strings and BigBang early universe and apply those pseudo-concepts to the irrelevant condensed matter physics in labs in vain.

Quantum mechanics giving up real forces has to rely on the unphysical Feynman diagram, which is too abstract a model to describe actual complicated phenomena, to explain all imaginary interactions based on conradictory virtual particles and infinite bare charges.

Under this useless basic physics, scientists had no choice but to make up fake scientific targets such as climate change, symmetry, parallel-world quantum computers, extra-dimensions .. which imaginary science is useless except for irrelevant political tools, bloggers' mere topics of conversation or indulging in making "poems."

Actually, the last of this Nature skyrmion quasiparticle news vaguely says only unrealistic things "They say their next steps will be the design and fabrication of proof-of-principle devices based on ( BigBang ) cosmic strings ?"  ← Just talking about imaginary future, still No useful technology is realized now, stuck in fictional early universe.

See this week physics is still useless.


Higgs boson does Not exist ?

[ Higgs is illusion in particle and solid physics. ]

(H-1)  ↓ Superconductor has illusory God particle   ?

Recently, a prestigious journal Nature communications published a questionable paper claiming "God particle Higgs might have been found in superconductors ?"

If this story about discovering Higgs even inside a cheap ordinary superconductor was true, there is No meaning in wasting huge taxpayers' money in gigantic, expensive toys called particle colliders to find "Higgs."

See this week physics is still useless.


Virus is ineradicable by fantasy quantum mechanics.

[ Why is today's biotechnology hopeless in tackling any deadly diseases ? ]

(V-1)  ↓ Unrealistic quantum mechanics hampers  

The present applied science makes No more preogress due to paradoxical quantum mechanical chemical bonds.

See this week physics is still useless.


Climate change "science" is scam.

[ Taxpayers' money is wasted on fake news media advertisement under the pretense of "science" ? ]

(C-1)   Fake mainstream science such as    ↓

How can we distinguish "fake science" from real science ?
What is the definition of fake science ?

What if the so-called climate change "science" is just an "illusion" like the present fishy Biden administration ?

Academia and the media repeatedly urge the world's governments to spend more taxpayers' money in developing the so-called "green technology" such as solar energy for fighting global warming without presenting any detailed realistic plans.

Actually, the solar energy technology is miserably useless, making No progress.  ← Why does No technological innovation occur despite an enormous amount of time and money spent on their so-called "science" research ?

What if today's "scientists" and academic journals knew the current science is hopeless bound by illusory concepts which hamper technological innovation, but had No choice but to continue demanding taxpayers's money just for protecting their old vested interests grounded on fake science ?

This inexcusable situation caused by the present academia's contradictory stance clearly corresponds to "scam" and undoubtedly meets the definition of fake science.

If today's mainstream science is just fake and scam, "Listen to scientists", which is Greta's favorite catchphrase aimed at the world's politicians, becomes meaningless, too.

Actually, this new year started with unusually cold weather against the so-called scientists' prediction of suspicious man-made global warming.

Also in COVID-19 pandemic, the so-called scientists' prediction of mask ineffectiveness turned out be contradictory and false.
Peer-reviewed journals blatantly published fake science data about controversial hydroxychloroquine.

In this way, "scientists", experts and peer-reviewed journals are losing people's trust each time they face "real" serious situations.
Why is such a weird thing happening in the current academia and "science" ?

Just recently, a prestigious peer-reviewed journal Nature materials published a dubious paper about the latest solar energy technology research which tries to treat a strange pseudo-particle called "polaron" as if it were the new hope of climate change science.

What the heck is this "polaron" ?
In fact, this unfamiliar name polaron is Not a real particle but just a fictitious quasi-particle with unreal mass and charge.

So this top journal Nature materials makes a contradictory claim that physicists might have observed an (illusory) quasi-particle called 'polaron' for the first time, which may help develop the latest solar-energy technology fighting climate change ?

But how could they "observe" such an illusory ghost-like quasiparticle, which does Not even exist ?  ← Impossible.

The 3rd paragraph of this news makes an unscientific claim "Polarons were measured in lead hybrid perovskites, next-gen solar cell materials that promise (← ? ) to boost conversion rates beyond the silicon panels that are primarily used today. Scientists are hoping that polaron observations will go some way to telling us exactly how perovskites turn sunlight into electricity so well ?"

↑ Note that they are talking only about "imaginary future" using vague misleading words such as "will" and "promise", Not talking about whether this fictitious polaron quasiparticle is actually useful or not  as of now.

This is a classical method of making useless quantum mechanical researches "look" useful by talking only about imaginary rosy future, though any fictitious quasiparticle research will never be put to practical use  including the present deadend solar energy technology.

In fact, such a ridiculous unscientific claim that an illusory quasiparticle polaron might have been observed is Not new in these kinds of fraudulent academic journals.

If this polaron quasiparticle allegedly used in this latest Nature materials research is just an unreal particle which does Not even exist, what exactly did physicists claim to "observe" or conduct in their quantum mechanical fictional science ?

The 9th paragraph of this news just says "They hit a small sample of the material with light from an optical laser and then used the X-ray laser to observe how the material responded over the course of tens of trillionths of a second."

↑ So all they did in this dubious research was just illuminate solar cells with "laser light", and observe the "reflected light" instead of observing an illusory quasiparticle polaron itself.

Therefore, all the media falsely claiming the first observation of polaron (illusory) quasiparticle is untrue and just fake news.

For this kind of research to actually lead to more efficient practical soler energy technology, clarifying true underlying atomic mechanism behind solar cell is indispensable.

How do today's fantasy quantum mechanics and journals blindly worshiping such a pseudo-science try to interpret the physical mechanism behind actually observed macroscopic phenomena such as light absorbed into solar cells ?

The 6th-5th last paragraphs of this news make a baffling claim
"by hitting it with light, like what happens in a solar cell, electrons are liberated, and those free electrons start to move around the material .. Soon they are surrounded and engulfed by a sort of bubble of local distortion—the polaron (= unreal quasiparticle )—that travels along with them .. this 'bubble' protects electrons from scattering off defects in the material, and helps explain why they travel so efficiently to the solar cell's contact to flow out as electricity ?"

↑ So fictional quasiparticle polarons suddenly appeared from nowhere, and they started to illogically insist this unphysical polaron may serve to make solar cell "efficient" like magic, by "engulfing" electrons hit by light ?  ← ridiculous, unscientific explanation that tells us nothing about the true detailed underlying mechanism !

How exactly does this fictional polaron quasiparticle "touch" or "engulf" electrons by its imaginary magical hands which may contribute to future dreamlike solar cell technological development (= though it will never happen ) ?

When conduction electrons hit by light interact with an electrically-polarized distorted crystal ( inside solar panels ), physicists call this slightly distorted light-excited state "polaron quasiparticle."
↑ It's Not that they actually found or saw a fictitious polaron quasiparticle itself, instead, they just "call" it.

Useless quantum mechanics has No ability to deal with multi-electron materials, hence, they try to describe some distorted crystal's atomic motion excited by light using another fictional quasiparticle called "phonon."

Fictional polaron quasiparticles are said to be caused by electrons interacting with another fictional quasiparticles phonons inside crystal or solar cells ( this 2nd paragraph ).

The problem is quantum mechanics can only express each electron, phonon and polaron quasiparticles as nonphysical abstract math symbols with No concrete physical figures ( this p.3, this p.3, an electron or quasiparticle = just a, b, c .. unphysical symbols ) which tells us nothing about detailed physical mechanism of how exactly quasiparticle polarons 'touch' electrons and contribute to solar energy technology in a magical way.

If we really want to develop actually useful solar energy technology, we have to prepare some "realistic atomic model" based on real particles and apply observed physical phenomena or experimental data to improving such a realistic atomic model for clarifying real underlying mechanism.

Of course, this realistic atomic model leading to practical application must depend on real particles such as real electrons with real mass and charge (= which real physical masses are fixed and unchangeable ) for scientists to apply the atomic model to actual useful technology.

But unscientific quantum mechanics tries to artificially change real electron mass into "fake effective mass" as freely-adjustable parameters ( fictitious polaron quasiparticle is supposed to have unrealistically changeable fictional mass ), when they try to (falsely) interpret the observed physical phenomena in solar cell research ( this p.5 ).

The latest soler cell research of Nature materials also meaninglessly changes or manipulates fictional effective mass of unreal quasiparticles, when they deliberately misinterpret the expremental results ( this p.9 upper ).

Supplementary information of this Nature journal's polaron research ( this p.17 lower part ) makes an unscientific claim "While the use of the effective (= fake ) electron mass as the fitting parameter would indicate an electron polaron .. Thus, our approach of only fitting the effective electron mass is a simplification that allows us to extract a transient mass change with a limited amount of fitting parameters."

So all quantum mechanical researches waste time in conducting meaningless things:  Observe light hitting materials like solar cell.  → Fabricate fake atomic model based on fictitious quasiparticle with fake effective mass.  → Manipulate and artificially change this fake effective mass as freely-adjustable parameters to fit observed data in vain.
↑ This pseudo-model is going nowhere near any practical application.

To apply observed experimental data to useful technology, we have to clarify real motions of real electrons with real fixed physical mass (= instead of relying on unrealistically changeable fake effective mass of quasiparticle ).

↑ Even this basic scientific procedure necessary for achieving useful applied-science technology is impossible in ghost-like quantum mechanical pseudo-theory, forever.

The only way for useless quantum mechanics to pretend to calculate these fictional quasiparticles is a very rough quantum mechanical approximation called DFT which outrageously replaced the actual many-electron material by one pseudo-electron model which too rough method can never be applied to real solar energy or other practical technology such a medicine.

Then, what on earth is this fictional polaron quasiparticle "useful" for ?

The last paragraph of this news just vaguely says "it doesn't show how they contribute to the efficiency of a solar cell. There's still further work to be done to understand how these processes affect the properties of these materials."

↑ So, after all, even this latest climate-change science research which tries to apply fictional quasiparticle model to solar energy technology" is still useless with No progress, just ends up wasting taxpayers' money in meaningless research.
→ Hence, taxpayers' money goes to just "the media advertisement" or political tools ( instead of real science research ) to unjustly extort more money from taxpayers under the pretense of "science" = a vicious cycle.

The current mainstream science is fake like fictional "flat-earth" which pseudo-theory had dominated academic world for extremely a long time until about 400 years ago when Vatican tried to suppress free speech and idea of people including Galileo, for protecting old church (= the then academia ) vested interests grounded on fake science.

History repeats itself.  Academia and global organizations controlling the world's "(pseudo-)science" unjustly profiting by forcing fictional science on all people desperately try to restrict free speech even now, by censorship and controlling the world's media or politicians like they did to Galileo.

Meaningless, unjust impeachment against "deniers" reminds us of the meaningless Inquisition against Galileo by the medieval church with absolute power controlling all the media (= idea ) and academia by restricting free speech at that time.

The current mainstream science is just fake, dominated by fantasy parallel worlds and unreal quasiparticles which pseudo-science prevents us from developing "real technology" for everything including fishy solar energy or medical treatment for cancer and COVID-19.

Illusory quantum parallel worlds seem to go into even the president's (fake) oval office ( with different scenes outside the window ) and politicians as "body doubles".

See this week physics is still useless.


Quantum mechanics adopts unreal flat-earth theory.

[ Top journals misinterpret real physical phenomena using unreal quasi-particles in condensed matter physics. ]

The current academia and so-called "peer-reviewed journals" attempt to replace "real science" by just a mere "political tool" to force their impossible pseudo-science on people to squeeze money from taxpayers.

See this week physics is still useless.


CERN still embraces fantasy flat-earth ?

[ Particle colliders waste money in imaginary useless particles  with No progress  forever. ]

About 400 years ago, Vatican Catholic church, which was "then academia", prohibited free idea, speech and science, by forcing Galileo and people to accept fictional flat-earth theory which had been surprisingly a "mainstream science" for a long time.

History repeats itself.
What if the same tragedy, dominance and oppression by "pseudo-science" are happening also in the current world ?

See this week physics is still useless.


Quantum teleportation is scam.

[ Nothing is sent, but some "illusory information" is teleported faster than light ?  ← ridiculous. ]

(T-1)  ↓ Teleportation sends nothing except  

Sensational news that "NASA and Caltech team might have achieved faster-than-light quantum teleportation ?" is just fake news.

It's like almost all the media tries to cover up blatant election fraud in the latest Georgia and presidential elections, regardless of the left-wing or right-wing media.  Because "science" can distortedly unite the world's media as the "common thing", whether it is fake science or real.

It's an obvious fact that quantum teleportation cannot send any real information, much less faster than light ( this 3rd paragraph ).  Forget Star Trek-like fiction.

The 8th paragraph of this news on this NASA illusory teleportation just says "Quantum teleportation does Not involve the actual transfer of matter. Rather, quantum particles are entangled ?"

So quantum teleportation can Neither send actual things ( this p.4 ) nor transfer information faster than light ( this 4th paragraph ).
Then, "what illusion" do physicists try to "teleport" using fictional quantum mechanics ?

The 5th paragraph of this news made a dubious claim that Quantum teleportation is a “disembodied” transfer of quantum states from one location to another. The quantum teleportation of a qubit is achieved using quantum entanglement ?

The 2nd paragraph of this news on another teleportation research also says "Chinese researchers haven’t actually made a photon disappear and reappear 100 kilometers away; rather, they’ve used quantum entanglement to recreate the same qubit in a new location ?"

This quantum entanglement known as Einstein spooky action does Not send any real information faster than light, either.

Quantum entanglement and teleportation are a meaningless, useless concept which is just "measurement" of some classical light properties such as polarization instead of sending information using fantasy quantum mechanics.

Recent news claiming Chinese physicists succeeded in teleporting to a distant satellite is also fake news.  They actually sent nothing ( this last paragraph,  this last paragraph ).  ← "No actual information transfer" means quantum teleportation is just an illusory and useless concept, Not a means of transmitting actual data.

For example, in the upper figure, there is nothing transmitted between two lights between ① and ③.  ← but quantum mechanics ridiculously claims they "teleported" some "illusory quantum state" while they sent nothing.

Quantum teleportation often uses "polarizations of classical light", which they want to call "(illusory) photon", as information carried by light to teleport.

In the upper figure, the light source-1 sent light ② to a red detector, and sent another light ③ to a distant lab ( which corresponds to satellite in Chinese teleportation case, or a lab 44 km apart from the source in NASA case ) where these two lights were prepared to have different polarizations (= one light of ② and ③ was preprared to have vertical, and the other light was prepared to have horizontal polarization,  which light had which polarization is unknown ).

And another source-2 sent light ① ( with unknown polarization ) to the same red detector which was prepared to be able to measure lights only when light ① and ② have different polarizations (= the case of one light of ① and ② having vertical and the other light having horizontal polarizations ) using some special beam splitter and classical light interference mechanism.

So when the red detector can measure lights, it means two lights ① and ③ have the same polarization ( in the upper figure, lights ① and ③ were prepared to have the same vertical polarization ).

Because they just arranged lights ① and ② had different polarizations, lights ② and ③ also had different polarizations. ← It means lights ① and ③ had the same polarization.

Physicists just ridiculously claim this artificially-prepared state of two lights ① and ③ having the same polarization means the polarization of light ① was "teleported" to the distant light ③, though there is Nothing sent between these two lights.

So all they did in these dubious teleportation experiments was artificially arrange that two lights ① and ③ had the same polarization beforehand and measure these light polarizations, instead of sending or teleporting some illusory thing faster than light.

Therefore, quantum teleportation, which sends nothing, is just a meaningless, useless concept wasting money and time in "science fiction" which pseudo-science has an incredibly large political power to distortedly control all the world's media and academia unfortunately.

The 2nd paragraph of this news just vaguely says "Although the method described in the research will not replace city subways or buses with transporter booths, it could help lead to hack-proof telecommunications networks, as well as a quantum internet ?"  ← Not mentioned faster-than-light information transfer as a goal of illusory teleportation.

This claim of "hack-proof" quantum internet is also useless with No practical application, because they try to use very weak light ( which they call "photon", but actually just classical weak light ), which is too fragile and unstable to apply to actual data transmission, for finding eavesdroppers who may destroy fragile light when trying to steel or hack information of light polarization.

The latest NASA-Caltech teleportation experiment used "time-bin encoding ( this 8th paragraph )" which replaced "ordinary light polarization of vertical or horizontal" by "light arriving time of early or late" as information carried by light to teleport.

Comparing the upper figure and NASA-Caltech teleportation experiment, Bob lab in NASA corresponds to the light source-1 in the upper figure, Alice lab corresponds to the light source-2, and the Charlie corresponds to the detector.

Bob lab and Charlie light detector is 44 km apart from each other (= which is the basis for their dubious claim of long-distance teleportation ).
Actually, Nothing except ordinary classical light was sent between them.  = Nothing was teleported.

So quantum teleportation sends nothing.

These meaningless things are what the current occult quantum mechanics is doing, wasting time and money obstructing real technological advancement.

"Science" has No borders, hence, these fake science such as quantum teleportation and quantum computer tends to be exploited as globalist's and deep state's convenient tool controlling all the media and infiltrating all governments and academia to get taxpayers' money for fishy science as seen in a "man-made global warming".

Recently, Caltech with deep state is becoming a new source of fake science such as dubious black hole picture, gravitational wave, quantum computer supremacy, fictional parallel worlds, which are all still useless, just end up wasting taxpayers' money, except for an irrelevant political tool.

See this week physics is still useless.


Science journals are needed ?

[ Peer-reviewed journals are corrupt, filled with science fiction. ]

Two weeks ago, one of top journals, Nature Nanotechnology published dubious nanotechnology paper, making an incomprehensible claim that carbon monolayer = graphene squeezed light in the form of "plasmons", as shown in the first paragraph of this news.

This is Not a true nanotechnology, because this plasmon is Not a real particle but a fictitious quasiparticle with unreal mass and charge.

See this week physics is still useless.


Journals continue to use fictional particles.

[ True underlying mechanism is unknown forever, by fictional quantum mechanics and its unreal quasiparticles. ]

(M-1)  ↓ Measure electromagnetic → unreal  

The current journals and condensed matter physics abound with fictitious particles.

See this week physics is still useless.


Quantum computer 'supremacy' scam

[ Quantum computer is Not faster than ordinary computer at all, so useless forever. ]

(Q-1)  ↓ Fake science by top journals =  

This weak, the news claims Chinese physicists might have achieved the so-called "quantum computer supremacy", which was published in top prestigious peer-reviewed journal Science.

This alleged so-called quantum computer can really calculate faster than ordinary computer or PC ?  Will this research change the world ?  Answer is No.  Quantum computer is still far slower, inaccurate and useless.

First, this so-called quantum computer cited in Science is Not a calculator or computer at all.  Then, what on earth have they done in this research ?

The 3rd paragraph of this news says "photons (= just classical light wave ) are sent into a circuit in parallel, and once inside, are split by beam splitters. The split photons continue through the circuit, encountering mirrors and other beam splitters... The process is repeated, resulting in a distribution of numbers that represent the network output."

They just sent many classical light waves through an instrument consisting of many ordinary beam splitter and mirrors, and detected those lights at output light detectors.  ← That's all. No quantum computing or supremacy here.

Then, why do they falsely claim their quantum computer could do work much faster than an ordinary supercomputer ?

They argue when many lights (= photons ? ) are sent through many beam splitters and mirrors, those lights are detected at many output detectors randomly, whose probability of output detected light distribution is very hard to calculate in ordinary computers.

Can their quantum computer calculate this "probability" of output detected lights more quickly ?  ← No.  As I said, their so-called quantum computers can do Nothing of calculation at all.

For example, suppose there is a very big roulette (= corresponds to mirrors and beam splitters ), and you drop many balls (= correspond to incident lights ) on the roulette board simultaneously.

Balls collide with many bumps and other balls, until the balls arrive at some holes (= correspond to light detectors ) of the roulette.

This so-called quantum computer only did a similiar thing to this roulette = just looking at the results of which holes balls have arrived at after they dropped balls onto a roulette randomly and simultaneously.  ← No computation here.

But if you try to predict and calculate the "probabilities" of which hole each ball will arrive at, when many balls are dropped onto a roulette board simultaneously, it is an extremely difficult task that would take an enormous amount of time.

Because there are an extremely large number of "different patterns" and ways of how each ball collides with many bumps (= mirrors ) and other balls (= light ) until the balls reach different holes (= output detectors ).

They suppose an ordinary computer can only calculate a single probability of only one pattern of how one ball reaches one of many holes at a time.

So calculating and summing all possibilities of many different patterns of different balls going through many ways of colliding with many bumps to reach various holes take an extremely large amount of time.

Of course, if quantum computer (= though it is Not realized yet ) does the same calculation of summing all output probabilities, it also takes an unrealistically large amount of time like ordinary computers, so there is No quantum computer supremacy, or No evidence of faster quantum computer.

If we define the probability of incident light-1 (= photon ) reaching an output detector-1 as P11, the probability of light-2 reaching an output detector-3 as P23 .., all possibilities of many lights reaching different output detectors through various different patterns are hard to calculate, taking enormous time, which is expressed as an equation called "permanent ( this p.13 )."

This top journal Science research just sent more than 50 indistinguishable classical lights (= they call "photons" ) through more than 100 beam splitters and mirrors, and detected them.  ← Tha'ts all they did in this research.  No calculation or computation of probabilities here.

Quantum mechanics falsely misinterprets the case of classical lights splitting and interfering at beam splitters as a fictitious photon splitting using fantasy parallel-world theory allegedly obeying quantum mechanics.

Google quantum computer supremacy also just put out random numbers (= using superconductors instead of light wave above ) without calculating any meaningful values, so contrary to the media-hype, quantum computer is still useless, deadended, Not faster than our ordinary PC at all.

The current peer-reviewed journals and proposers of this fake quantum computer supremacy seem to change "science" into a mere political tool intentionally ignoring obvious election fraud in the real world, instead, they are just indulged in fictional parallel worlds.

See this week physics is still useless.


The current "science" is fake news ?

[ We are deceived into believing fictional particles as real ]

(Q-1)  ↓ Peer-reviewed journals full of fake  

The current science world is filled with overhyped fake news.

See this week physics is still useless.


Physics  is fantasy.

[ Peer-reviewed journals spread fake science, again. ]

(P-1)  ↓ Unreal quasipartice = future memory in fake  

What if today's widely-accepted so-called "science" is just "fraud" and fiction hiding truth, like all the media across the world is desperately hiding truth in the current massive election fraud ?

See this week physics is still useless.


Current "fake science" created monster.

[ Deep-rooted fake science fostered the most massive fraud ? ]

(D-1)  ↓ Academia's "science" united many people in  

If the current shocking US election fraud was true, this historically most massive fraud involves incredibly many people, government officials, academia, the media, Big tech across the world.

Fake news such as a blatant discrepancy between the truth and the media's false report on a postal worker witnessing fraud made an increasing number of people lose trust in all the media regardless of left or right-wing through this election.

Why did this fraud become so massive and large-scale ?
What "driving force" unjustly united so many people from various sectors into this alleged deep state ?

Have you ever imagined "what if the current long-standing, mainstream "science" taught in schools is just fake and fiction ?"

What if people across the world have been just "indoctrinated" with unrealistic "science", which all the media and academia repeatedly and falsely claimed is real and progressing, for 100 years ?

Accidentally, unprecedentedly many scientific magazines including top journal Nature, and even most prestigious Nobel prize winners interfere with this most dubious presidential election in the history.

This highest academic journal Nature has influenced the world's governments' decisions on how to use taxpayers' money for science budget for a long time, while it has been brazenly spreading "fake science" such as parallel worlds, time travel and a ghost object being in two places at once.

All the current leading physicists strangely, unanimously (= as if their free speech is forbidden ) try to use their "illusory, useless science" including extra-dimensions and parallel universes only for political purpose.

People, who originally had high ambition to clarify scientific "truth" and entered the academia, ended up being forced into irrelevant "political campaign" attacking Trump, against their original intention.

↑ This terrible, fraudulent thing is what is actually happening in today's authoritarian academia and educational industory based on fake science for 100 years, which duration is long enough to create the monster "deep state" uniting unprecedentedly many people from different industries through the common key word = "science".

This week, one of top journal Nature group, Nature communications published a dubious research paper claiming "Scientists discover new family of quasiparticles in graphene-based materials."

But this quasiparticle is Not a real particle but a fictitious pseudo-particle, which does Not even exist.  ← Top journals spread fake science based on "imaginary particle", which is, of course, useless except as a political tool irrelevant to real science.

Quantum mechanics is so unrealistic that it cannot even distinguish each electron, instead, quantum mechanics treats an entire material consisting of many electrons as "one big pseudo-electron" called quasiparticle with fake (= effective ) mass and charge.

Graphene is a single-atomic carbon sheet with a hexagonal honeycomb network and a high electrical conductivity.

Surprisingly, the current mainstream quantum physics tries to explain graphene's electrical conductivity as the result of the current of fictitious quasi-particle with No mass called Dirac fermion.

Even the most prestigious Nobel prize accepted this unreal quasiparticle as "mainstream basic science ( this p.10 )."  → This pseudo-basic science stops all applied science from progressing.  → All industries stop progressing.  → Badly influenced many people from many sectors, who had No choice but to use their skills based on useless (fake) science only for political purpose such as election fraud ?

Of course, this "zero mass" of quasiparticles which allegedly appears inside graphene is just fake effective mass, because a real electron cannot change its original fixed mass ( this 4th paragraph ).

Under magnetic field, each moving electron usually bends its trajectory and starts to move in circles by Lorentz magnetic force.

But electrons inside some composite material of layers of a graphene and boron nitride are known to show a little different electromagnetic properties.

The 5th paragraph of this news says "in a graphene layer which has been aligned with the boron nitride, electrons also start to bend, but if you set the magnetic field at specific values, the electrons move in straight line trajectories again, as if there is no magnetic field anymore."

↑ This means an electron, which originally bends its path under magnetic field, can keep moving straight even under some magnetic field, because the electron appears to move straight, being constantly scattered by boron nitride atoms and getting back to the original straight path.

The problem of the current unrealistic quantum mechanics is it always tries to explain these observed macroscopic electromagnetic phenomena such as electric conductivity and resistance using fictitious quasiparticle instead of using real electrons.

The 7th paragraph of this news claims "We attribute this fascinating behavior (= electrons moving straight even under magnetic field ) to the formation of novel quasiparticles (= called Brown-Zak fermion ) at high magnetic field."

It's impossible to put these fictional quasiparticles ( and quantum mechancis ) to practical use, forever.  So this Nature journal research based on fake quasiparticle science is useless and meaningless.

Quantum mechanics replacing actual material by a pseudo-electon model has to rely on unphysical theory called "band theory" which irrationally replaces the whole material by one pseudo-electron or quasiparticle expressed as linear bands ( this p.4 ).

So this unphysical band model cannot even describe interactions among multiple moving real electrons, because the band model contains only meaningless information about fictitious quasiparticle's energy, pseudo-momentum and fake effective mass.

↑ This quantum mechanical model cannot specify each particle's exact location (= where each electron exists is uncertain ).  ← We cannot use this useless quantum model which cannot tell us even the position or real mass of each electron in applied technology.

This is why the 2nd last paragraph of this news avoids clear expression, and just vaguely says "we believe that understanding quasiparticles in novel superlattice devices under high magnetic fields can lead to the development of new electronic devices ?"

↑ The use of vague word = "believe" without realizing anything yet means these quantum mechanical researches based on fictitious quasiparticles are useless forever.

See this week physics is still useless.


Today's physics is fantasy.

[ Top journal Nature spreads fake science. ]

(N-1)  ↓ Measure electromagnetic → unreal quasiparticle in  

Today's so-called "science" based on top peer-reviewed journals is just fiction, so useless that it is reduced to a mere political tool only for getting the world's (pseudo-)science budget.

See this week physics is still useless.


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