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IBM quantum computers are useless.

[ IBM 53-bit quantum computer (← ? ) cannot calculate any meaningful values.  → producer of hyped fake news. ]

(I-1)  ↓ 53-bits oscillate = unreal quasiparticles in ?

The oldest pioneer computer company IBM seems to turn into a fishy "advertising company" whose only purpose is to find various "effective ways" of making the current empty, deadend quantum computer technology appear to be advancing (= actually not ) by spending most of their time in fabricating and spreading overhyped news instead of advancing real useful technology.

The 9th paragraph of this news also makes an empty deceitful promise,
"Critics have been reminding us that this next-gen technology has yet to solve any of our real-life problems. But that may be changing in the next 10 years (← ? ). With the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic's announcement that it will soon invest in (= still does Not use ) an IBM quantum computer for its future clinical studies, we could be on the verge of a major medical and pharmaceutical breakthrough."

↑ The use of various misleading words for the "still-unseen imaginary future" such as "will", "may" and "could" means this so-called IBM quantum computer still can Not perform any useful things, much less lead to a (illusory) medical and pharmaceutical breakthrough.

IBM repeatedly confuses ordinary people by spreading the "impossible dream" that they will manufacture future dreamlike quantum computers with 1000 qubits (= quantum bits ) by 2023, and may realize a million qubits by 2030.

But at present the maximum number of quantum computer's bits called "qubits" is still far less than 65 qubits (= in actually published data instead of IBM's unpublished dubious qubit numbers ), which is far fewer than the current practical classical computer consisting of more than billions of bits, despite a great deal of time and money wasted in the fruitless imaginary quantum computer's technology across the world.

More importantly, just seemingly increasing the quantum computer's bits or qubits ( in order just to concoct and spread hyped fake news ) is meaningless, as long as the so-called quantum computer can Not calculate any useful values.

In fact, "pie-in-the-sky" quantum computers can never be useful, much less outperform ordinary classical computers which are widely used now.  ← Completely unpromising ghost-like technology

Different from the ordinary classical computer's bit (= 0 or 1 ), quantum computer's bit or a qubit is said to be in two different states 0 and 1 simultaneously, which is called "quantum superposition", like a fictional dead and alive cat living in multiple parallel worlds.

But there is No evidence that we can detect or utilize this unseen superposition, a dead-alive cat or fantasy quantum parallel worlds.

Because the quantum mechanics says if we try to observe the (illusory) quantum superposition cat or parallel worlds, it suddenly and conveniently changes into a single cat deliberately choosing the single world.  ← nonsense.

So even the fictional quantum mechanical rule says a quantum bit or qubit is observed to be in 0 or 1 (= Not 0 and 1 ) simultaneously like the ordinary classical computer's bit.  ← It means there is No real quantum computer speed-up or advantage based on quantum superposition or parallel worlds.

Most major quantum comptuer companies use a big superconducting circuit called an "artificial atom" consisting of classical capacitors and inductors as a quantum computer's bit or a qubit.

Each artificial atom (= Not a real atom ) or qubit's two energy levels, whose energy interval can be artificially adjusted for imitating real atomic energies, are used as each qubit's two binary states of 0 (= ground-state energy ) and 1 (= excited-state energy ).

These fake artificial atoms or superconducting qubits exploited by many major quantum computer companies or academia were invented in order just to create "virtual pseudo-quantum states" of fake parallel-world superposition, a fake dead-alive cat state and a fake faster-than-light spooky entanglement, none of which can be "realized" or confirmed in real atoms.

The problem is each artificial atom or superconducting qubit is extremely bulky and big (= 0.1 mm ~ 10 mm ! ).

The ordinary classical computer's bit which we are widely using in PC or smartphones is very compact and tiny (= less than 50 nm ), which is far smaller ( and more stable ) than a bulky fragile useless quantum bit or qubit.

Each qubit is an extremely large, bulky and energy-inefficient artificial atom, which is more than 100~10000 times larger than the current widely-used classical computer's compact bit.

It means the same area as a single qubit or a giant artificial atom can contain more than 10000 compact classical computer's bits ( this p.2 Figure.1 ).

↑ So even if each qubit can unrealistically take two states 0 and 1 simultaneously using the magical quantum parallel worlds, the present compact, tiny classical computer's bits contained in each single qubit's giant area can take more than 10000 different bit states simultaneously and classically, hence the ordinary classical computer can easily calculate far faster than the hyped illusory quantum computer  forever.

Most quantum computers use "microwave (classical) light" as a transmission means, this microwave wavelength is very long ( > 1 mm ), hence, each single qubit's space cannot be smaller than 1 mm ( this Figure 1 ) to deal with the long-wavelength microwave light.

↑ So intrinsically, even if no matter how much time and money are wasted for such a (hopeless) quantum technology, the quantum computer consisting of very bulky qubits or giant artificial atoms can never be more compact or faster than the ordinary classical computer made of billions of tiny nano-transistor bits.

In order to hide those miserable facts that illusory quantum computer technology is useless, meaningless and hopeless forever, they have to continue fabricating and spreading many "overhyped fake news" almost every day, trying to make the deadend hopeless quantum computer look promising, and establish seeming science prizes for such a fictional parallel-world computers, which are still impractical (← but awarded ? )

Quantum computers are Not even computers or calculators, much less faster than classical computers.

IBM seems to desperately increase only the dubious "qubits' numbers" without specifying what useful calculations their so-called quantum computers (= still Not a computer or calculator at all ! ) can actually perform now.

The social media is full of IBM or other academic organizations' fishy exaggerated news such as "1000 qubits will come in several years !" or something.
Then, I tried to find such a "excellent" and "promising" IBM quantum computer's case among the recent published research papers.

I finally found the latest IBM quantum comptuer research paper conducted by scientists in university of Chicago using IBM 53-qubit cloud quantum computers which is accessible only through online called "Q experience" (= they did not directly use the IBM quantum computer, which is like a "ghost intangible computer", whether it really existed is unknown ).

What did they calculate or achieve using such a ghost-like IBM 53-bit quantum computer through the internet manipulation ?

The 2nd paragraph of this news says
"They programmed the computer such that it turned into a type of quantum material called an "exciton condensate", which has only recently been shown to exist (← ? ). Such condensates have been identified for their potential in future technology, because they can conduct energy with almost zero loss ?"

↑ Again, this news uses fishy uncertain future words "potential," which means what they allegedly performed using IBM cloud-like quantum computers is still useless, achieved nothing meaningful now ( except in an imaginary future ).

The problem is this exciton, which they call "future technology (← ? )" or something, is Not a real particle but a fictitious quasiparticle with unreal (= artificially-changeable effective ) mass and charge, introduced almost 100 years ago.  ← Very old fictional quasi-particles.

They treated the IBM 53-qubit quantum computer as an aggregate of these fictitious quasiparticles called "exciton condensate" whose virtual effective mass can be unrealistically and artificially changed ( this p.5 left ).

Every research including illusory quantum computers about fictitious quasiparticles whose virtual masses or charges have nothing to do with the real physical phenomena is meaningless, cannot predict any meaningful phenomena based on real particles.

Hence, this latest research on IBM 53-qubit quantum comptuer used as unreal quasiparticles is meaningless and irrelevant to the real world phenomena, too.

How did they unscientifically and recklessly try to turn the IBM 53-bit quantum comptuer into a collection of fictitious exciton quasiparticles ?

The 6th-8th paragraphs of this news say
"team turned to the transmon qubits at the core of superconducting quantum computers to control the excitons (= unreal quasiparticles ). Transmons are devices where electric current oscillates near absolute zero, and the lowest two modes of the oscillation represent the zero and one (energy) state used for computation.."

"..they (= qubits ) can oscillate in the zero and one state simultaneously,.. The exciton particle-hole pairing behavior acts analogously to the behavior of those transmon qubits interacting with microwave photons.. We have really created something that can be interpreted as an exciton condensate of photon-hole pairs.. creating .. GHZ state."

A fictional exciton is defined as a quasiparticle consisting of a pair of an excited electron and a hole.

Each superconducting (transmon) qubit, or a giant artificial atom can oscillate (= only for an extremely short time ) between two energy (= bit ) states of the ground-state "0" and the excited-state "1" by absorbing or emitting classical microwave light (= called a photon for formality's sake ).

So they treated the qubit's excited state as a fictitious exciton quasiparticle consisting of a hole (= ground-state 0 ) and an absorbed photon (= which photon or light is falsely treated as a fake electron included in a virtual exciton quasiparticle in this research ).  ← That's all.  Nothing useful was done or calculated even using one of the latest IBM largest quantum computers.

The GHZ state is the special qubit state of whether all qubits become "0" or all qubits become "1".

They just tried to oscillate (= No calculation ) all 53-qubits of the IBM quantum computer between "1" and "0" alternately by illuminating them with the microwave pulse (= qubits' GHZ state = 000000.. ↔ 111111.. = all qubits just oscillating with No calculation = exciton quasiparticle state ? )

But unfortunately, even this very easy task could Not be done correctly by the latest IBM 53-qubit quantum computer, which is very impractical.

It seemed only 8~10 qubits out of the 53 qubits could be controlled precisely even in this very simple task (= just oscillating between 0 an 1 without calculating any values ) in the IBM largest computer.  ← Hence, Only less than 10 qubits of the current IBM 53-qubit quantum computers (= still Not computers ) seem to be working now.

↑ It's much more impossible to increase the number of qubits of this hopeless IBM quantum computer to 1000 or a million (← ? ) in the near future, even if you just want to let it perform very simple task of oscillating qubits without any computations.

In this original paper ( this p.4 Table.1 ), there was a wide discrepancy between the simulation and the experiment using IBM cloud quantum computers (= λG is half the qubit number they could precisely control, hence, only about 9 qubits could be controlled out of IBM 53 qubits ).  ← Extremely useless quantum computer (= still Not a computer or calculator ! )

This original paper ( p.5 left ) says
"The larger deviation from the simulated results observed in the higher-qubit experiments—in which there seems to be a maximal signature of exciton condensation of around λG ~ 3 .. is likely due to the cumulative effects of errors that become increasingly significant as the number of qubits .. increases."

↑ So even in the current largest quantum computer (= only about 50 qubits, though ), more than half of those qubits are prone to errors, Not working normally, which is far inferior to the current practical classical computer whose billions of bits are always working precisely, stably and cooperatively with each other for performing any complicalted calculations.

Though even the current largest quantum computers (= qubit's number is only about 50 ) can Not work correctly (= most of their qubits do Not operate due to random errors ), IBM recklessly tried to increase their qubit numbers, which is only for empty advertizing or spreading "misleading news" that makes the hopeless (illusory) quantum computers look advancing and promising in the future.

The present quantum comptuers (= still Not computers ) could control only up to 20 qubits (= just changing all 20 qubits between 0 and 1 simultaneously without doing any meaningful calculations ) for only an extremely short time, according to the top journal Science.

↑ Quantum computers are far inferior to the current ordinary classical computers which can precisely and stably control billions of bits or transistors to execute many useful complicated calculations very fast.

The 2nd-last and last paragraphs of this news tend to distort the fact of quantum computers, saying
" This exciton condensate experiment demonstrates that even noisy quantum devices can be useful (← ? by just claiming they could imitate fake exciton quasiparticles ? ) for those working on the forefront of physics ?"

".. This is a great example (← ? ) of a creative application using our 53-qubit device .. These observations can then, in turn, inform future studies and lead to innovations in quantum computing ?"

↑ Misleading "imaginary future" words are used, again.  It means this quantum computer and its latest research are still useless, achieving nothing meaningful except for claiming to have imitated unreal quasiparticles by simply oscillating qubits between 0 and 1 with most of their qubits Not working correctly.

Illusory quantum superposition at the center of fishy quantum computer technology where each particle can exist in multiple places at once is impossible like eating "hamburgers" keeping "wearing masks", which cause various summit conspiracy theories that both of them might have their "body doubles" or quantum cats ?

Instead of wasting time and money in pursuing fictional useless quasiparticles and bulky artificial atoms of "pie-in-the-sky" deadend quantum computers, we should focus on clarifying the true mechanism of human bodies using a real atomic model consisting only of real particles and real electrons with real mass to find the effective cures or drugs for intractable diseases, graduating from the "uncertain very ancient vaccine" technique.


AI robot by faster quantum computer (← ? ) is a lie.

[ Quantum computer can calculate "nothing",  it's Not even a computer, so useless, Not faster at all. ]

(A-1)  ↓ Just classical light splits in    quantum computer ?

"AI robots finally learned faster with quantum technology than ordinary classical PC ?"  This eye-catching news published in the latest top journal Nature is completely misleading and a lie.

The 1st paragraph of this empty-science news exaggerates only "imaginary rosy future" without showing any concrete utilities of fishy quantum technology or AI,
"showing that quantum technology enables a speed-up in the learning process .. by using a quantum processor for single photons as a robot.. This work, which con-tributes to the advancement of quantum artificial intelligence for future (← Not now ) applications, is published in the current issue of the journal Nature."

↑ This explanation rich in rhetoric poor in substance smells like a scam.  Actually, it is.

Because if their so-called "quantum technology" is so great as to speed up AI robot's learning process or something, why cannot we utilize such an "excellent quantum technology" now instead of the uncertain future ?

And this news mentions the unrealistic possibility that some practical faster robots (← ? ) could be made only of a "single photon" (= just weak light wave ).  ← This is impossible (= a sophisticated Robot = only a single photon ? )

This kind of misleading phrase intended to falsely raise laypersons' hopes used in this article's "quantum artificial intelligence for future applications" means this fishy quantum technology research published in top journal Nature is still useless, can do nothing practical now (= so they gloss over this inconvenient fact using the vague uncertain world "future" ).

There is No such thing as "quantum computer speed-up or supremacy."
All claims of doubtful quantum computer advantage or speed-up are due to "wrong and unfair comparisons", hence it's just illusion, and quantum technology is meaningless forever, contributing nothing to us.

Actually nobody around you uses these so-called (useless) quantum computers with "illusory speed-up", because their quantum computers or processors are still Not computers or calculators at all. = No match for ordinary practical classical computers we are using now.

In fact, this high-sounding "AI quantum machine learning technology" used in this latest Nature research is just a hybrid AI (= Not quantum computer AI ) mixing the ordinary classical computer (= which classical computers did almost all practical calculations in this research ) and the "fishy quantum part" (= which is Not even a computer, hence this quantum computer performed No calculations ).

The 14th paragraph of this article's middle "The Hybrid AI" section about this latest Nature research says
"The team’s key insight was to tap into the best of both worlds— quantum and classical computing. Rather than building an entire reinforcement learning system using quantum mechanics."

Then, "what role" did this "doubtful quantum computing (← ? ) part" in this latest research perform ?

The 8th-9th paragraphs of this news says
"nanophotonic processor containing a series of ( light ) waveguides fabricated to form numerous tunable beam splitters. A single photon entering the processor is acted on either classically or quantum-mechanically, with the device in the latter case being ideally split into three regions.."

"..When leaving the processor, each photon is detected, with a certain probability,.. The system then registers that output and uses a conventional (= classical ) computer to update its learning algorithm."

↑ So the so-called "good-sounding" quantum computer or processor is Not a modern sophisticated computer, it just consists of old-fashioned classical beam splitters and waveguides through which weak classical light (= called a "photon" for form's sake ) travels, splits into multiple lights, which remerge, interfere with other lights, and eventually is detected at the (light) photodetector as a photon (= which is just weak classical light wave whose intensity just exceeds some detection threshold of photodetector ).  ← That's all.

And then, the conventional (= classical ) computer, which did most of complicated AI calculations, updates the learning algorithm, after seeing which photodetectors detect the photons (= lights ).

↑ So the most important AI or machine learning process is performed by conventional (= classical ) computers, Not fantasy quantum computers ( see this Nature's original arxiv p.3, 4 ).

Then, what "quantum properties" did they claim could allegedly speed up the AI robot learning process (= which most important AI robot learning part is conducted by the ordinary classical computer, Not by quantum computer ) in the latest Nature article ?

In general, ( imaginary ) quantum computers are said to perform multiple tasks simultaneously using fictional quantum mechanical parallel worlds.  ← This illusory "parallel-world simultaneous tasks" may cause quantum computers to do something faster than the ordinary classical computers ?  ← It's impossible.

Contrary to this bogus claim of the occult quantum parallel-world computing, quantum computer is still useless, Not faster than the ordinary classical computers or PC in any practical calculations.  Why ?  Quantum mechanical parallel worlds are just illusion ?

This latest Nature research uses a photon (= weak classical light wave ) as a bit ( or called "qubit" ) where different classical light polarizations, positions and phases are exploited to distinguish each bit's state (=ex. horizontally-polarized light = 0, vertically-polarized light =1  in a photon qubit ).

Unrealistic quantum mechanics intentionally tries to misinterpret physical phenomena in a fantasied way for pitching illusory quantum computer's speed-up.

For example, in two-slit experiments of a single photon, the current physics barefacedly insists a photon (= just weak classical light wave ) can split into two ghost photons living in two different parallel worlds, and the single photon particle can go through two slits simultaneously for interfering with itself (← Though, a particle cannot interfere, realistically ).

Different from the ordinary divisible classical light wave, the (imaginary) quantum mechanical photon particle is supposed to be indivisible, hence the single photon cannot go through two slits at once without using "occult quantum parallel-world splitting."

Quantum mechanics calls this fantasy parallel universes "superposition" where a single grotesque cat is supposed to be dead and alive at the same time by "ghost cat body doubles" living in different quantum parallel world.  ← Unbelievable.

The 2nd paragraph of this news shows how unscientific the current quantum mechanical physics used in academic journal research is,
"In the quantum world, however, superposition allows the mouse to try all different paths simultaneously, therefore finding the exit much faster... the electromagnetic field of a single photon oscillates both vertically and horizontally, or in a path, taking all possible trajectories inside interferometers.. Superposition is also possible in time, with photons existing simultaneously at earlier and later moments."

↑ Ridiculous ungrounded science relying on the occult mouse (or cat ).  So in this fictional quantum mechanical world, you can be immortal, because you can be always dead and alive at the same time using quantum superposition or parallel worlds !

The 4th paragraph of this site explains how unrealistic a quantum mechanical ghost photon is.
"According to the laws of quantum mechanics, when a photon enters splitter 1, it splits into two "ghost photons", which simultaneously travel along both the red and the blue paths. At splitter 2, the ghosts (= split photons ) are re-combined into a real photon which hits the blue detector."

Instead of relying on these crazy fantasy quantum mechanical parallel worlds, if we assume a photon is just a divisible classical light wave, every physical phenomenon can be explained naturally and realistically with No trouble or paradox.

If the amount of classical light wave is very small in the whole system, the photodetector can detect one photon (= weak classical light ) at a time.  But the weak light (= called a photon for formality's sake ) can actually split into multiple weaker lights (= only one of them may have the light intensity enough to just exceed the detection threshold of the photodetector, and is detected as one "photon" ) at two slits and interfere with each other as classical wave.  → Only the resultant light wave enhanced by the constructive interference is detected as a photon (= for form's sake ) at the photodetector.

↑ So a fictitious photon particle and fantasy quantum mechanical parallel worlds are completely unnecessary to explain actual observed phenomena such as a single photon (= just classical light wave ) interference where a non-dividable photon particle originally cannot split or interfere with itself realistically.

A photon is just a "weak classical light wave" which can split into multiple weaker light waves and interfere with each other even without relying on occult quantum mechanical parallel worlds.

The so-called photon quantum computer's speed-up is just an illusion caused by mistaking a "originally-dividable weak classical light wave" for a "non-dividable fictitious photon particle."

A classical light can naturally divide into multiple lights in different paths.  → A fictitious photon particle cannot split.  → But by using occult quantum parallel-world power, such a indivisible photon (= in fact, a photon is just a divisible classical light wave ) can split (← ? ) into multiple ghost photons in different paths or worlds simultaneously , hence the split ghost photons can explore different paths at once ?  ← A photon's quantum computer can explore multiple unknown paths simultaneously, which means the quantum-faster exploration (← ? ) than an "indivisible classical photon" ?  ← Ridiculous and contradictory logic.

Because if we assume a "fictitious indivisible photon" is just a "divisivle classical light wave from the beginning, this realistic classical light can naturally slit into multiple different paths and explore them simultaneouly and faster in a classical way (= which is the trick of fraudulent "quantum speed-up" ) without invoking a ghost photon splitting into multiple fantasy quantum parallel worlds.

The 11th paragraph of this site says,
"Consider what happens when a photon encounters a beam splitter. A beam splitter is just like an ordinary mirror, however the reflective coating is made so thin that not all light is reflected and some light is transmitted through the mirror as well. When a single photon encounters a beam splitter, the photon emerges in a superposition of the reflected path and the transmitted path. One path is taken to be the binary number 0, and the other path is taken to be the number 1. The photon in a superposition of both paths and so represents both 0 and 1 simultaneously."

↑ So the illusory quantum-photon processor speed-up trick is, just when "realistic classical light wave" splits into different paths at the beam splitter (= this is what actually happens ), they intentionally and falsely try to treat these "split classical light waves" as fictitious ghost photons existing in different paths using quantum superposition or fantasy parallel worlds."  → explore different paths simultaneously and faster ?

Also when two weak classical lights with different polarizations or colors (= different light wavelengths ) just overlap each other in a classical (= realistic ) way, the occult quantum mechanics says a single photon with different polarizations or wavelengths can exist in two different states (= superposition ) simultaneously splitting into two ghost quantum parallel worlds.  ← Ridiculous,  Not science.

The so-called (fictitious) photon's quantum computer consists only of ordinary classical beam splitters, light wave guides, light phase shifters and photodetectors which can only do simple tasks of getting light through, splitting and combining classical light wave, hence the quantum computer is Not a computer or calculator at all ( this p.11 ) but just an old-fashioned instrument manipulating classical light.

The 3th-4th paragraphs of this site explains the tricks of seeming quantum speed-up (= actually not ) used in the latest Nature paper on alleged quantum AI,
"They set up an experiment involving a photon moving through a wave guide and ending up in one of four possible states (= four different paths, there are photodetectors at the end of them ).. In the classical version of this experiment, the AI (= this AI part is classical computer, Not quantum at all ) would only be able to move the photon to one specific state at a time,.. However, in the quantum version of the experiment, the AI could put the photon in a superposition of more than one state ( this lower,  this 5-6th paragraphs ).."

↑ So the so-called "quantum speed-up" allegedly caused by a quantum ghost photon in a superposition of multiple paths or states is just illusion by mistakenly treating "originally divisible classical light wave" as an illusory photon divided into a multiple-parallel-world superposition.

Both classical light wave and a fictitious quantum photon can split into multiple "realistic classical light waves" and "ghost-photon body doubles living in fantasy quantum parallel worlds", respectively.

And both of classical wave and quantum photon (= splitting into multiple paths, one is realistic classical way, and the other is unrealistic quantum way ) can explore different paths at once (= quantum speed-up ?  ← No. it's just classical light wave splitting into multiple paths ! )

In this kind of fishy research falsely claiming (illusory) quantum computer advantge or speed-up, they always prepare another imaginary paticle called a "classical photon particle" which is neither classical light wave nor a quantum photon.

This "imaginary classical photon particle" (= Not classical light wave ) is a very inconvenient and useless particle prepared or imagined only for falsely claiming (fictional) quantum computer speed-up by wrong comparisons.

Because this fictitious classical photon particle cannot split into multiple quantum ghost photons (or classical light waves ) at the beam splitter or two slits, hence the fictitious classical photon can neither interfere with itself nor go through (= explore ) multiple paths simultaneously.  ← This indivisible fictitious classical photon is slower than a divisible fictitious quantum ghost photon (= or divisible realistic classical light wave ).  → quantum computer speed-up ?  ← nonsense.

Both classical light wave and a fictitious quantum photon particle can split into multiple paths simultaneously. ← quantum speed-up ?  No, it's just "classical wave splitting" phonomenon.
The 3rd fictitious "classical photon particle" cannot split into multiple paths.  ← slower ?  No.  There is No such thing as an non-dividable or non-interfereing classical photon particle (= Only dividable classical light wave exists in the real world ).

As a result, the fraudulent quantum computer advantage or speed-up is caused by "illusory comparisons" between one fictitious indivisible classical photon particle (= like a ball ) and another fictitious quantum photon particle.
↑ It's Not a comparison between divisible classical light wave and a quantum photon, because the quantum photon is just equal to classical light wave  in the sense that both of them can split and interfere with itself.

The photon's quantum computer (= Not a practical computer or calculator at all ) is far from useful ( forever ), because the fragile photon (= very weak light ) carrying information is easily lost ( this p.1 left ).

The latest Nature research on "alleged quantum AI (= actually, AI part is conducted by ordinary classical computers )" used the method called "Grover algorithm" to falsely compare a (fictitious) indivisible classical photon particle and a quantum photon particle (= divisible using fantasy parallel worlds ) for proving fake quantum speed-up ( this 4th-last paragraph ).

In the Grover' algorithm or search method, when there is only one right solution (= right path ) out of the total N different paths, a (fictitious) classical indivisible photon particle has to go through only one path at a time randomly and check whether this path is the right path (= right solution ) or not, which takes a great deal of time to find the right path one by one.

↑ This ( fictitious ) classical photon particle's (= Not divisible classical light wave ) approach has to repeat this search (= exploring one path at a time ) until it finds the right path on average N/2 times ( this 3rd paragraph ).

On the other hand, a ( fictitious ) quantum photon (= or realistic classical light wave ) can split into all multiple different paths and check whether each path is the right path or not simultaneously using fantasy split parallel worlds (= or classical light wave just splits into multiple waves or paths realistically ), which can explore all paths faster than a (fictitious) indivisible classical photon particle.  ← nonsense

↑ This has nothing to do with quantum mechanical speed-up.  If we replace a (fictionally-divisible) quantum photon particle by realistically-divisible classical light wave, this speed-up exploring multiple paths simultaneously can be explained naturally by a divisible classical wave.

The 5th-6th paragraphs of this news talks about a fictitious indivisible classical photon particle (= Not about divisible real classical light wave ),
"The classical approach to searching a database is straightforward. Basically, the algorithm randomly guesses an item, or "solution." So, for example, for a single search iteration on a database of 8 items, a classical algorithm makes one random query (= explore one path at a time ) and, if that fails, it makes a second random guess.."

".. Grover's algorithm, on the other hand, first initializes the system in a quantum superposition of all 8 states (= which is just classical phenomenon of splitting classical light wave ), and then uses a quantum function called an oracle to mark the correct (target) solution."

In the recent Nature research, they split a single quantum photon (= just classical weak light wave splits ) into 4 different paths (= one of which is the right path ), and mark or change only the phase of the light going through the right path (= light wave guide, phase shifter and phtodetector ).

↑ This fictitious quantum photon (= realistic classical light wave ) enables them to detect the right path (= the right light wave guide ) more quickly than a fictitious indivisible classical photon particle which has to go through only one path at a time ( this p.3 left-lower, p.4-left-lower,  and Fig.3 using 4 light paths ).

So there is No quantum computer speed-up, which is caused by wrong and unfair comparisons between a fictitious indivisible classical photon particle (= this particle does Not exist in the real world ) and a parallel-world-divisible quantum photon (= which is just divisible classical light wave ).

Actually, this latest Nature research on illusory quantum AI speed-up is still useless with No impact on our society.

The last paragraph of this news just vaguely says without specifying any concrete practical application,
"We are just at the beginning of understanding the possibilities of quantum artificial intelligence .. ?"  ← Just using the vague words "beginning of understanding the possibilities.." means they has Not yet realized any useful machines now.

Doubtful quantum computer speed-up or advantage using a fictitious photon sampling published in the recent top journal Science is also meaningless and a lie.

The 4th paragraph of this news says "Juizhang (= photon quantum computer ) is far from a general-purpose computer. It is a specific design, which can execute only one computation, known as Boson Sampling. You can picture it as a pinball machine, but without the flippers. You drop the ball from the top of the machine. It dribbles down towards the bottom, bouncing on the various bumpers, to finally arrive in one of several slots .."

".. Replace the balls by photons, the bumpers by prisms and mirrors ( and beam splitters ), add detectors in each of the bottom slots to monitor the number of photons, and you have a rather good analogy. Simulating the classical system (with the real balls) is relatively easy with a classical computer.."  ← They treat a rigid unbreakable ball as a false classical representative or a fictitious classical photon particle.

".. However, the bar is higher when we deal with quantum objects. This is due to the interference between various possible paths."  ← So they again falsely treat "original classical light wave interference" as if it were "quantum mechanical objects or phenomena."  ← This is the trick of illusory quantum photon's speed-up.

The 7th paragraph of this site says,
"each photon encounters a series of beam splitters, each of which sends (= splits ) the photon down two paths simultaneously, in what’s called a quantum superposition. Paths also merge together, and the repeated splitting and merging causes the photons to interfere with one another according to quantum rules (← This is wrong, because "classical light wave" can split and interfere naturally without using quantum parallel-world superpositon )."

The 9th paragraph of this news says
"Photons are sent into the network (one at each input) and exit in a state that is randomly chosen from all possible states. In less than four minutes, the researchers had obtained results that they estimate would take a fast classical computer about 2.5 billion years to calculate."

↑ So this photon's quantum computer is Not a computer or calculator.  It just sends photons (= just classical light ) into the network consisting of many beam splitters (= fictitious quantum photons or real classical light waves split and interfere with different fictitious photons or real light waves respectively many times in many different ways ).

The final random photon (= or light wave ) output distribution pattern resulting from many light splitting and interfering is extremely hard and time-consuming for classical computers to estimate.

↑ Then, the quantum computer can quickly "calculate" this final random photon (or light ) output distribution patterns ?  ← No.  Their quantum computer did No calculations, it just sent photons (or lights ) into various beam splitters and saw the result of light interference.

Furthermore, they assume "classical computer" is supposed to be able to calculate only one path (of many paths ) at a time, while a quantum photon (or classical light wave ) can split into multiple paths simultaneously.

↑ This wrong and unfair comparison does Not prove the useless quantum computer (= Not a computer at all ) is faster than a classical computer.
Because their so-called quantum computer just sends photons (= or lights ) into many beam splitters and detects the final light distribution pattern at the photodetectors after lights (= or photons ) repeatedly split and interfere, without doing any calculations.

On the other hand, they unfairly force only the classical computer (= this is the only real computer ) to calculate all possible different photon (or light ) paths and various light interference patterns, which would naturally take an enormous amount of time, no matter how fast computers they use.

So the so-called quantum computer speed-up or supremacy is just illusion caused by "unfair comparisons" making the quantum computer (= which is Not a calculator ) do an extremely easy task (= just send various lights randomly and detect them ) and forcing only the classical computer to do extremely difficult tasks of calculating all complicated light splitting and interfering patterns, which is naturally very time-consuming.

Actually, all these quantum computers are still useless and cannot predict any meaningful values like the current quantum AI Biden.

The last paragraph of this news mutters the miserable facts of useless quantum computers,
"neither Jiuzhang nor Google’s superconductor-based prototype can be applied to real-world problems .."  ← Quantum computer supremacy is just illusion and useless for our science forever.


Quantum internet is still only "three atoms" ?  ← useless forever

[ Quantum network, or cryptography is just "scam."  Its practical use will never happen. ]

(I-1)  ↓ Quantum internet = still only 3 atoms  

To prevent some foreign powers or organizations from intervening in governments or elections, the so-called quantum internet with "dreamlike unbreakable security" will be realized someday ?

Or is it just "media-hype" or pseudo-science for getting taxpayers' money, seeing that even the latest quantum internet cited by the top journal Nature still consists only of three bits or atoms ( this p.2 ) ?  ← Still far from practical application.

↑ Even this latest quantum internet or so-called quantum network (= "sounding good or practical", but actually Not ), which just connects only three atoms (= three bits ), is absolutely No match for the current widely-used ordinary (= classical ) internet connecting billions of people across the world stably where each computer device or memory consists of billions of bits or transistors.

This already-existing (= classical ) stable ordinary internet system is far superior to the so-called quantum internet unstably connecting only a few bits or atoms only for an extremely short time.

So the quantum internet still can Not be called "internet", like ( fictional ) quantum computers are still far from practical computers or calculators.

All these hypes and exaggerations about the fake future technology such as quantum internet or computers, which are impractical forever, come from the media's desperate attempts to hide the inconvenient fact that the current "mainstream science" itself is based on "science fiction."

You can see this ominous sign in the recent science news that some "top scientists" finally might have found the way of "faster-than-light travel or warp drive" using occult "negative energy" or fictitious quasiparticles called solitons.

This kind of fairy-tale story reminds us that "fantasy time travel" by hypothetical wormholes was promoted by top Nobel laureates of gravitational wave which doubtful intangible ghost-wave is still useless for our technology, except for wasting taxpayers' money in meaningless pseudo-science such as illusory extra-dimensions.

The legitimate media should circulate this kind of fishy science-fiction story only after "scientists actually realize" the faster-than-light warp drive or something, without using vague phrases such as "a potential model", which misleading phrases for falsely raising laypersons' hopes are often seen in fake news on parallel-world quantum computers that can never be put to practical use, just repeating endless meaningless talks with No progress.

It is worrying that recent Nobel prizes tend to go to "still-illusory (= unrealized ) and useless concepts" such as a dead and alive cat in fictional parallel worlds.  ←This dangerous trend could reduce the so-called "prestigious science prizes" to a mere political tool in order just to impose unnecessary taxes or regulations under the name of "science" with No technological innovation.

Fictional faster-than-light spooky action called "entanglement" allegedly caused by "negative-mass power" of wormholes is also one of imaginations created by the current dubious mainstream science.

↑ Shockingly, the current physicists are wasting their times in applying these illusory "dead-and-alive cat" and "faster-than-light wormhole entanglemnt" to a future dubious technology called "quantum internet"  in vain.

First of all, what on earth is the "quantum internet" ?
What could this quantum internet do ?  Is it worth the media's attention ?

In fact, all these fishy "quantum" technology such as quantum internet, encryption, information, network, computer.. or something is just a meaningless junk science unworthy of the media's attention.

Especially, the quantum internet, which "lacks substance", can do nothing useful.  Hence, no matter how much time and money is wasted for these fishy quantum technologies, it is going nowhere near any practical application.

The 1st-2nd paragraphs of this news show a typical example of the recent fake news exaggerating future illusory quantum internet technology,
"The internet as we know it is fast, but with the promise of a quantum internet, it may be instant... a pair of entangled photons—each called qubits—are both one and zero (superposition) and send data in near-instantaneous time. That’s quantum internet."  ← Ridiculous.

↑ If the data or information can be really sent instantaneously (= faster-than-light ? ) like these fake news, it clearly contradicts another mainstream science called "Einstein relativity" which prohibits anything from moving faster than light.

So if the future quantum internet or entanglement can really send data faster-than-light, the current mainstream theory combining quantum mechnics and Einstein relativity would clash with each other, hence it is self-contradictory and wrong.

The 4th paragraph of this academic site mentions the alleged mechanism of an as-yet-unrealized quantum internet in a "science-fictional" way.
"In a quantum internet, information stored in qubits (the quantum equivalent of computer bits) is shuttled, or teleported, over long distances through entanglement."

↑ The point is this Caltech site carefully avoids saying "quantum internet can actually send information or objects faster-than-light", instead, it uses vague phrases "In a quantum internet, information is teleported through entanglement."  ← These two seemingly-similar expressions mean completely different things.

The important and incovenient fact which is intentionally avoided by almost all the fake news media is that Neither quantum teleportation nor entanglement can send information or objects faster than light.

The 3rd paragraph of this news says about the fact that any superluminal transfer of real objects is impossible,
"Beaming, in this case (= teleportation ), doesn’t mean the instantaneous transfer of photons from one location to another. Like anything else, these elementary particles can travel No faster than the speed of light. Their ability to carry information relies on a principle called quantum entanglement."

To put it more precisely, neither quantum teleportation nor entanglement can send any physical objects or information, whether it is slower or faster than light.

The 4th paragraph of this news mentions this inconvenient truth briefly,
"it is impossible to send data using quantum entanglement.
That’s the key: the inability to send data or information."

So neither quantum entanglemnt nor teleportation can send any real information, much less send the information faster than light.
It means both entanglement and teleportation are just a meaningless and useless concept with No scientific value.

The fact that neither quantum entanglement nor teleportation can send any real information shows that quantum internet allegedly relying on spooky entanglement is also meaningless and useless forever.

The current mainstream science full of a lot of fake news and misinformation devotes all its energy to to make meaningless pseudo-science such as quantum teleportation, entanglement, computer and quantum internet "look" meaninglful, like a lot of misinformation seen in the recent presidential election.

Time's headline "Scientists Just Teleported an Object Into Space for the First Time" is false and misinformation, too.

The 5th paragraph of this news makes more truthful comment;
"We're not talking about 'Beam me up, Scotty'. The experiment ( of teleportation ) didn’t involve transmission of physical objects."

The 6th-7th paragraphs of this npr news say a little confusing thing;
"This type of teleportation does not involve the object that you're teleporting literally.. instead of the photon or a tiny particle of light traveling from one place to another, the information on the photon teleports."

↑ This explanation is weird and contradictory, because if the photon (= light ), which is the fastest object or information messenger moving at light speed, cannot be used or transmitted as a messenger, what other slower objects "teleport" the information on the photon instead of a photon itself ?

The 6th-last paragraph of this news finally provides the seemingly right answer;
"While it sounds like information is traveling faster than light, there's No way to use this property (= quantum teleportation or entanglement ) as an instantaneous messaging system.  That's because even though the states of entangled particles are correlated, you can't know what they are before you measure them, nor can you control the state."

↑ So after all, dubious quantum teleportation or entanglement can Not send any real information or objects (= photon, electron .. ), much less tramsmit them faster-than-light.
These are completely meaningless pseudo-science worth nothing except for publishing papers in journals or getting prestigious prizes to obtain taxpayers' money as "(seeming) science budgets".

Then, what is this meaningless quantum internet useful for ?  Though it has No ability to send any real information using quantum entanglement or teleportation.  ← Quantum mechanics is unnecessary ?

Quantum internet tries to use a fictitious single particle of classical light called a "photon" for the future unhackable communication.

Though quantum mechanics desperately tries to treat a fragile photon (= weak electromagnetic light wave ) as a particle, the photon is clearly just a classical light wave with ordinary light polarization, which can interfere and overlap with itself, like classical waves.

As you know, ordinary classical light waves with different polarizations can easily and realistically overlap and interfere with each other (= classical superposition of lights )  without invoking fantasy quantum mechanical superposition = parallel worlds.

The actual light wave's property is completely different from that of an allegedly unbreakable photon particle which cannot overlap or interfere with other photon particles like light wave.

Under fantasy, useless quantum mechanics, physicists struggled to find "some ( unjust ) reasons" to make such a meaningless quantum mechanics look special, necessary distinguished from ordinary classical mechanics.

In order just to forcibly distinguish (fictitious) quantum mechanics from classical mechanical light wave, physicists needed to make up a fictitious particle of light called a photon.  ← This is the reason for the unrealistic photon's debut.

Physicists had to fabricate many ( imaginary ) physical phenomena peculiar to quantum mechanics, even if they resort to illusory nonexistent concepts, to make people believe (fantasy) quantum mechanics is necessary, special and distinguished from the ordinary classical light wave phenomena.

For example, when two photons (= which are actually just weak classical light waves ) with different polarizations overlap each other, physicists call the overlapping photon state "quantum superposition" where two photons with differen polarizations are supposed to live in different parallel worlds, and overlap each other like a dead and alive cat ( this 6th paragraph ).

↑ The state of several overlapped photons (= light waves ) has nothing to do with quantum mechanics, fantasy paralell worlds or a dead-and-alive cat.

The quantum superposition of overlapped photons is just equal to "classically overlapped light waves".  ← A fictitious photon particle is unnecessary to explain physical phenomena, or rather harmful by spreading unrealistic concepts.

According to the fantasy quantum mechanics, even the ordinary two-slit experiment could magically divide a single unbreakable photon particle into more than two different photon particles living in different parallel worlds for a single photon to go through both slits and interfere with itself ( this 4th paragraph ).

In order just to make unnecessary quantum mechanics "look" meaningful and special by distinguishing it from the ordinary classical light wave, physicists had to fabricate many fictional concepts such as a photon, a dead and alive cat, quantum superposition, parallel worlds, entanglement..
Such an irrational motive explains why the current physicists are still so unusually obssessed with a very weak light = a photon which is too fragile to be useful.

A photon = just very faint classical light is useless, inconvenient and impractical, because a weak photon is very fragile and easily lost.  ← The practical use of such a very weak, fragile photon for long-distance communication is almost impossible without artificial manipulation.
A fragile photon takes much trouble, so has No advantage over the ordinary stable classical internet.

If the very weak light called a photon is fragile, unstable and useless, it means quantum mechanics, which needs the fictitious photon to distinguish itself from classical light, is also meaningless.
So they needed to manufacture another "fictitious reason" to make such an useless fragile photon "look" useful for the "imaginary future technology".

The catchphrase "unhackable quantum internet" was chosen as an "imaginary future utility of a fragile useless photon.

Actually, it is impossible to utilize such an unstable weak photon as a stable unhackable internet.  But physicists craved some (fictitious) reason that makes useless quantum mechanical photon look useful someday.

A photon (= very weak light ) is very fragile, unstable and easily lost by any external disturbance.  → When some eavesdroppers try to intercept or measure such a fragile photon, whose infrormation is encoded as vertical (= 1 ) or horizontal (= 0 ) polarizations, the fragile photon is so easily destroyed by the measurement that communicators easily notice the photon's information is intercepted by seeing whether the photon is destroyed or not ( this p.4 ).

↑ This very primitive old-fashioned method (= detecting eavesdroppers by sacrificing fragile photons ) is the mechanism of the quantum internet or cryptography;
Send very weak light = photon.  → the photon is destroyed by eavesdropper's interception.  → the destroyed photon let communicators know that the photon's information is intercepted.

↑ This primitive technique of the quantum internet for detecting eavesdroppers has nothing to do with quantum mechanical occult properties characterized by a dead-and-alive cat superposition, parallel worlds or faster-than-light entanglement, contrary to the media-hype.

↑ This is the mechanism of the quantum internet, so there is No problem even if we replace the (fictitious) photon by "very weak classical light".  ← A photon is unnecessary.

Because "very weak classical light ( which they call "a photon" as a mere formality ) is also so easily destroyed by external interception or eavesdropping that we can easily detect traces of interception or eavesdroppers by seeing "destroyed weak light".  ← It means the quantum mechanical photon or quantum internet is unnecessary.

The 3th-5th paragraphs of this news explains the quantum encryption whose messenger photon can be replaced by weak classical light;
"a message sent using quantum particles – such as photons (= very weak classical light ) – is so fragile that measuring the photons changes their properties. So anybody listening in to a transmission would destroy it – which the sender and receiver would easily notice .."

".. so-called quantum encryption works only if the key is sent using individual photons (= very weak classical light ), rather than the pulses of many photons that are used for communication today. But sending single photons is tricky .. create single photons by reducing the intensity of a laser beam so that it produces pulses each containing less than one photon .. ?"

↑ So this very fragile photon (= weak classical light ) using its polarization ( or light wave phase ) as encoded information is easily destroyed by eavesdropper's interception  → then, this destroyed photon ( or weak classical light ) is detected.  ← Hacking can be detected by seeing the destroyed photon ( or destroyed weak classical light. )

↑ This detection of eavesdroppers does Not need quantum mechanical photon.  A very weak classical light can also be used as a sensitive detector of eavesdroppers, because the very weak light is also fragile and easily destroyed by the interception or measurement by eavesdroppers.

After all, "unhackable quantum internet using a photon" is just a false explanation.  ← This fragile photon can be naturally replaced by the very weak classical light whose destruction by eavesdropper's interception can be detected easily.

The reason why this meaningless future quantum internet scheme is impractical forever is that the information messenger = a photon (= weak light ) is so fragile and easily destroyed that the fragile photon information cannot be sent stably and constantly over a long distance, hence the practical stable quantum internet based on this very fragile photons is impossible.

The 3rd-last paragraph of this news says how impractical the fragile photon's quantum communication system is;
"If an eavesdropper, named Eve, tries to listen in on the conversation, she has to read each photon to read the secret. Then she must pass that photon on to Bob. By reading the photon, Eve alters (= destroy ) the photon’s quantum state, which introduces errors into the quantum key. This alerts Alice and Bob that someone is listening and the key has been compromised, so they discard the key (= discard the photon ). Alice has to send Bob a new key (= photon ) that isn’t compromised."

So each time some external noises or eavesdroppers disturb the quantum internet lines, the fragile photon's information is easily destroyed, and senders have to take more time and trouble to create and send new photons over and over again, as long as there is some external disturbance.

↑ An constant and stable transmission of information, which is indispensable for the current practical internet, is impossible in the very fragile quantum internet based on an unstable, easily-destroyed photon.

Actually, even after long-time researches by many physicists across the world, the latest quantum internet (= though, still impractical, cannot be used as internet ) in 2021 is still a very poor structure consisting only of three (nitogen) atoms (= bits ) connected by optical fibers (= whose length is only 2m ~ 30m ) through which a fragile photon (= weak light wave ) is supposed to travel as an unstable messenger ( this Nature p.2 ).

What's worse, this fragile quantum internet is said to work for only a very short time = one minute ( see this middle "A Three-unit Quantum Network" section ), which is far inferior to the current stable ordinary classical internet devices connecting the world's billions of computers consisting of more than billions of bits or tansistors.

This first paragraph states a pessimistic view of the current disastrous quantum internet status;
"However, the simultaneous entanglement of more than a few nodes (= a few bits or atoms ) remains a tremendous challenge ( for the quantum internet )."

↑ This is why even the latest quantum internet still consists only of three atoms or bits, far from useful internet.

This latest "still-impractical quantum internet" uses an atomic structure called the nitrogen-vacancy center inside diamond consisting of two atomic energy levels as a bit 0 or 1 (= each atom consisting of two atomic energy levels is called "quantum bit" or qubit ).

Quantum computer or internet often uses some two (artificial) atomic energy levels as a bit (= ground-state = 0, excited-state = 1 ).
And the ordinary weak classical light wave ( which they call "photon" for formality's sake ) is used to change or manipulate each atomic bit (= energy ) state moving between two energy levels (= 0 and 1 in a qu-bit ) by an atom absorbing or emitting classical light.

If they illuminate each nitrogen atom (= bit ) with the light with specially-adjusted frequency which is prepared to selectively excite only the ground state (= 0 ) to another higher excited state 2, then it emits bright light. When the atom is the excited state 1, it does not absorb the incident light or emit the absorbed light, so it looks dim.

↑ As a result, by illuminating the nitrogen atomic bit by some light, they can know the current atomic energy level or bit state (= only the ground-state 0 absorbs and emits the incident light, so looks bright, and the excited-state 1 does not absorb or emit the incident light, so looks dim. )

Forget unreal electron spins (= faster-than-light spinning ? )
Electron spin itself is unrealistic, and cannot be seen.
The marks of "spin up and down" are used just as an "indicator" distinguishing two energy levels for formality's sake, which energy levels of each bit have nothing to do with unreal electron spins ( this p.2 ).

Correctly speaking, it is impossible to generate "only one photon" allegedly emitted from one atom of nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond, because there is No such thing as a photon particle.  A photon is just a very weak electromagnetic classical light wave.

Due to the very weak light intensity of a photon, in order to detect such a weak photon, physicists have to repeatedly illuminate an atom with a lot of incident light, which resultantly emits another bright light (→ detected as a photon ) when the energy level of the atom absorbing the incident light is the bright ground state-0.

↑ In this repeated illuminations for the readout of the atomic energy states (= readout of the atomic bit state where the bright ground-state-0 is supposed to emit many photons or bright light, and the dim excited-state-1 emits almost no light ), many photons (= Not a single photon one-by-one ) are supposed to be emitted ( this p.1 left 1st paragraph ), and most of those photons are miserably lost trapped by the surrounding diamond atoms before the photons can reach the photodetector ( this p.2 left 1st paragraph ).  ← Using a very weak photon as a quantum internet information messenger is almost impossible and impractical.

So after all, the attempts to use a (fititious) very weak single photon (= very weak classical light ) as a stable quantum internet messenger are unrealistic and impossible, because such a very weak photon is easily destroyed or lost (= the so-called photodetector just detects the surviving weak light as a fictitious photon.  A fictitious photon particle itself cannot be detected ).

And at the room-temperature (= the vacuum is filled with many lights or photons ), a very weak photon is easily missing or hidden by many other irrelevant photons or bright light (= heat ).  ← The dubious quantum technology such as quantum internet, cryptography, computer trying to use a fragile photon as a bit or messenger does Not work at room temperature, hence impractical forever.

In the upper figure lower, when the photon detector detects only one photon (= or some amount of classical light ) from Bob and Alice atoms, it means one of Bob's and Alice's nitrogen atoms is the ground state (= 0, bright state absorbing and emitting light ) and the other atom is the excited state (= 1, dim state not absorbing or emitting light ).

↑ Quantum mechanics irrationally calls this atomic state "spooky entanglement."
Because in this entangled atomic state, when they measure Bob's atomic energy levels ( by illuminating it by other incident light ) and found the Bob's atom is in the ground state, it instantly (= faster-than-light entangle !? ) determines that Alice's atom is in the excited state, because they arranged that one atom is in the ground state and the other atom is the excited state beforehand ( this figure 1,  this middle "NV spin centers" section,  this p.2 ).

↑ They just artificially arranged that one of Bob's and Alice's atoms is the ground state-0 and the other remaining atom is the excited-state-1 (= which atom is the ground-state or excite-state is unknown until measurement ).
→ When the detector measures Bob's atom as the ground-state, this measurement instantly (= faster-than-light entanglement ? ← ridiculous ) determines that Alice's atom is the excited-state.

↑ So the quantum entanglement has nothing to do with "sending information.
Entanglement is just the ( classical ) process of artificially arranging each atomic energy state in advance and then measuring those states.  ← That's all.

Therefore, the quantum entanglement, which can Not send any real informaion for the internet, is a meaningless and useless concept as a means of communication.

For example, when some "classical laser light" is gotten through some crystal and split into two weaker classical lights (= they arrange that one light is vertically polarized, the other light is horizontally polarized ), if one of those two lights is measured and detected as "vertically polarized light", it instantly (= faster-than-light entangle !? ← ridiculous ) determines that the other light state is "horizontally polarized light."

Prepare a pair of lights with some polarizations. → Measure one of those two lights's polarizations.   ← This meaningless process is quantum entanglement which actually does nothing.

↑ Also in this two polarized light case, the entanglement does Not send any information faster-than-light, so the quantum entanglement or teleportation is a completely meaningless concept which actually does nothing.

The entanglement is just the "classical process" of splitting classical light into two polarized lights (= for example, one light is vertically polarized, the other light is horizontally polarized ), and then, when one light polarization is measured and found "vertical".  → This measurement instantly (= faster-than-light entanglemnt ? = send nothing, so meaningless. this entanglement is just "measurement" of light polarization ) determines the other light polarization as "horizontal".

In conclusion, the so-called quantum internet, teleportation or entanglement can Not send any real information faster-than-light, and its fragile information messenger = very weak light (= photon ) is easily destroyed and impractical as a stable internet device, forever.
Because quantum mechanics itself is useless.


Meaningless 60-year-old theory.

[ Nobel Glashow resonance ? = neutrino-W boson detection in the south pole is useless and illusion. ]

(N-1)  Only "classical light" is detected from    in this ↓

This month the media buzzed with the news that extremely high-enegy antineutrinos were detected in the farthest south pole, and this finding may support 60-year-old theory suggested by Nobel laureate 'Glashow as "Glashow resonance" ?

↑ Is it so big deal or just illusion ?  Does this finding have any impact on our daily living ?  Or it is just the media-hype about nothing but an unnecessary pseudo-science ?

Till now we can live normally without this so-called "60-year-old Glashow resonance something", which means this old solemn-sounding theory is useless with No impact on our daily life except for making the current meaningless science "look" meaningful by the media's circulating the high-sounding news and getting prestigious Nobel prize someday ?

According to the result published in this month's top journal Nature, the meaninglessly-huge extravagant IceCube detector buried deep beneath the Antarctic surface extending to a depth of 2500 meters reported they might have detected one of elusive antiparticles called "anti-neutrino" coming from the universe.

↑ But in fact, this report on the allegedly historic discovery of ghost-like anti-neutrinos is completely false, baseless, hence, it's a meaningless research, because this IceCube detector cannot directly detect extremely elusive neutrino or anti-neutrino itself, much less discriminate between particles and anti-particles.

All the extravagant huge neutrino observatory can detect is just "classical ( Cherenkov ) light" by old-fashioned photodetectors.

Neither ghost-like anti-neutrino nor any other doubtful short-lived particles such as W bosons, muons .. can be detected directly in this facility.
Almost all the doubtful extremely short-lived particles mentioned in the news are just "imagination" and unreal, hence, we have No troubles if we forget all those illusory particles."

To make a long story short, this "sensational-looking" Nobel Glashow resonance = alleged anti-neutrino discovery is just detecting "some energies" coming from the space as a form of ordinary "classical light".

Forget any other "illusory unseen particles" than the only detectable final product = classical light.  No (illusory) particles except the classical light can be isolated or confirmed as real.
Only the media and academia report them as if they were really "discovered", though humans have No detectors to detect those elusive doubtful particles directly.

The fact that this experiment just detected "ordinary classical light" with some amount of energy coming from the space means there is No special scientific meaning in this "Not-sensational" boring research, which is completely useless, and its gigantic facility is just a huge waste of taxpayers' money, because they cannot capture the elusive neutrinos directly for some practical purpose even by using these extravagant detectors, except "physicists claim they might have found it".

The last paragraph of this IceCube site says
"In the rare event that a neutrino runs into an atomic nucleus, it produces a charged particle. When this interaction takes place in a medium where light is slowed down (like water or ice), the charged particle travels faster than the speed of light in that medium and emits photons (= classical light ) of Cherenkov radiation, which are detectable by IceCube’s DOMs.. By studying an event, IceCube scientists can determine the energy and incoming direction of the (imaginary) original particle."

↑ So physicists just detected ordinary classical lights emitted by some high-speed accelerated charged particles such as electrons, nuclei or something of the south pole ice molecules (= what charged particles emitted Cherenkov light cannot be determined ), and imagined what might come from the outer space or what "intermediate (illusory) short-lived particles" might pop up for too short a moment to detect directly ( this 8th paragraph, this Figure.1 ).

In this huge IceCube facility, they can neither utilize nor isolate the alleged intermediate short-lived (imaginary) particles, which are too unstable to observe directly (= this convenient invisibility is exploited for making up many fantasy unseen particles by the current mainstream ghost-like extra-dimensional theory ).

Some high-energy (unseen) anti-neutrinos come from the space ?  → These neutrinos rarely interact with electrons of the ice and generate very short-lived unseen particles such as W boson, muons .. (= none of them can be isolated ) , and accelerate charged particles ?  → Only classical lights emitted from the accelerated charged particles can be detected.

↑ So in short, all this wasteful experiment did was pick up some classical lights from the space.  That's all.  It has No other scientific value or meaning.  This kind of experiment is going nowhere, rather, harmful by obstructing real science forever.

Then, what on earth are the media and academia making such a fuss about in this meaningless wasteful experiment ?
What do physicists "claim" to have discovered, aside from whether they "actually discovered" or not ?

The 3rd paragraph of this news says "Back in 1960, the physicist Stephen Glashow (= later, Nobel laureate ) predicted that when a sufficiently high-energy antineutrino (= νe ) collided with an electron (= e- ) it would produce a heavy, short-lived particle known as a W boson."

This imaginary W boson allegedly mediating the (fictitious) weak force between unseen neutrino and electron is unrealistic and said to be extremely heavy and so short-lived (= lifetime is only 10-25 sec ) that they cannot detect or isolate this ghost W boson particle itself, which pseudo-particle is a completely unnecessary particle for us and practical science.

Why did such a monster ice neutrino detector need to be built very deep underground in the inconvenient sothernmost Antarctica, even by wasting so much money, time and trouble ?

In order to detect very elusive neutrinos, they needed an extremely large number of transparent molecules such as water and ice (= through which, Cherenkov light can travel until it is detected after being emitted from charged particles such as ice or water molecular electrons or nuclei hit by neutrinos ).

The vast natural glacial ice in the south pole seemd to be perfect for this condition, because they didn't need to prepare or store huge amount of water like Super-Kamiokande.
A large amount of natural ice has existed in the south pole from the beginning as a "natural detector" of elusive neutrinos.

Furthermore, the current particle physics claims observing Glashow resonance needs tremendously high energies which is out of reach for any particle colliders made by humans on the earth.

This 5th paragraph says "The Glashow resonance would require a neutrino with an energy of 6.3 PeV, almost 1,000 times more energetic than what CERN’s Large Hadron Collider is capable of producing. In fact, no human-made particle accelerator on Earth, current or planned, could create a neutrino with that much energy.."

↑ In fact, this explanation and the roughly speculated required energy value for the neutrino are wrong and contradictory to other current mainstream theories.
Therefore, there are No legitimate scientific grounds for Glashow resonance.

First of all, why could physicists so confidently conclude that unseen ghost-like neutrinos they claimed to have found were "anti-neutrinos" (= an antiparticle of neutrino ) instead of a particle = neutrino ?

↑ This distinction between neutrino (= particle ) and anti-neutrino (= anti-particle ) is impossible only from this experiment detecting just "ordinary classical light" without the help of an artificially made-up fictional theory called the standard model, which is just a "model" with No connection to the real world.

Elusive neutrinos are said to be electrically neutral particles which always travel at a constant light speed c strangely without slowing down, and can penetrate even hard rocks or the earth.  ← This characteristic ghost-like property demostrates the neutrino is Not an ordinary particle (= a particle can easily slow down and stop ! ) but a wave-like matter traveling at a constant speed c like water and seismic waves traveling at constant speeds in the mediums.

But the current fantasy mainstream science = quantum mechanics stubbornly refuses to decide whether the neutrino is a particle or wave, which evasive attitude prevents us from finding much easier way to capture elusive neutrinos and use its vast energies for practical application.

Quantum field theory blindly and irrationally adopts the very old, abstract unphysical baseless rule called "Feynman diagram" where the same particle is supposed to enter and leave the same intersection point (= vertex ) along the same-directional arrow.  ← This is just an artificially-fabricated "rule" irrelevant to the real-world phenomena.

If some two different particles enter ( or leave ) the vertex (= hence, one of these two particles goes against the arrow like in beta decay where W- boson allegedly decays into an electron and anti-neutrino ), these two particles must be a pair of a particle (= move along the arrow ) and an anti-particle (= move against the arrow ).

When a neutron decays into and emits an electron (= e- ) and anti-neutrino (= bar-νe ) in the same right direction, only anti-particle (= anti-neutrino ) is moving in the opposite direction of the arrow according to the unphysical Feynman diagram rule.

↑ So when the W boson decays into an electron and neutrino in the same right direction, this neutrino which splits from an electron must be anti-neutrino (= if the neutrino combines with an electon into a W boson, or a W boson splits into an electron and a neutrino, this neutrino is called "anti-neutrino" or "electron anti-neutrino."

 ↑ That's all.  This is just a stupid artificial rule with No physical meaning.

Therefore, the sensational-sounding news that an antiparticle of neutrino called "anti-neutrino" might have been found indirectly (← ? ) has No grounds.

Which name of "neutrino" or "anti-neutrino" should be used depends only on the artificially-introduced nonphysical rule of abstract Feynman diagram ( this p.12 )

The choice of a particle or an anti-particle names does Not depend on whether the detectors actually can distinguish the physical properties between neutrino and anti-neutrino in the experiments clearly.

This 3rd paragraph says about the specious reason why they needed cosmic high-energy neutrinos captured in the enormous ice detector,
"In fact, the W- (boson) is over 80 times heavier, so the antineutrino needs 6300 TeV of energy – 900 times higher than the beams now produced at the Large Hadron Collider. The enormous energies of supermassive black holes at the centres of galaxies and other extreme cosmic events can however somehow accelerate particles to energies impossible to create on Earth ?"

↑ In fact, this explanation of why they needed the massive energy for generating the so-called Glashow resonance contradicts the original mainstream theory about fictitious-weak-force-mediated beta decay involving virtual W bosons, so this explanation is false and invalidates the recent IceCube anti-neutrino finding or Glashow resonance itself.

In the original beta decay, a neutron (= almost the same mass as a proton ) is said to change into a proton emitting unseen W boson which immediately breaks into an electron and anti-neutrino.

So the mass of this emitted W boson in the neutron beta decay must be very small = equal to the slight mass difference between an initial neutron and a final proton.
a neutron → a proton + W boson.   Hence,
W boson mass = neutron's mass minus proton'smass = very small mass.

↑ This very small mass of the light W boson in the neutron beta decay is completely different from the extremely heavy W boson allegedly appearing in Glashow resonance.

Both two reactions of the beta-decay and Glashow resonance use the same mechanism of a W boson interacting with the same electron and anti-neutrino, but these two same reactions use completely different W bosons with different masses.  ← self-contradiction !

The current mainstream physics makes a poor excuse that the very light W boson emitted from a neutron decay is just an unreal virtual W boson which should be distinguished from a real (← ? ) very heavy W boson generated from a cosmic high-energy anti-neutrino colliding with an electron.

↑ Two reactions of beta-decay and Glashow resonance use the same mechanism of a W boson changing from or into an electron and anti-neutrino.  → But W bosons in these two reactions are supposed to have completely different masses (= one W boson is very light and the other W boson is very heavy, like "W boson body doubles" ).

→ The current theory makes an excuse that the "light W boson body double" is an unreal virtual particle ( this p.2 ), and only the other heavy W boson is real !  ← nonsense.

This unphysical virtual particles which always show up in Feynman diagram as intermediate transient particles ( this p.4 ) must always have "unreal imaginary masses" which disobey the current mainstream Einstein mc2 theory (= this unreal virtual particle with imaginary mass is called "off-mass shell" ).

The 5th-last paragraph of this site blatantly says contradictory things
"In typical neutrino interactions, a “virtual” W/Z boson is produced, which means it cannot be detected even in principle. However, in the case of the Glashow resonance, a real W– boson was produced. While charged, it’s lifetime is incredibly short, so we were only able to detect it through its decay products ?"

↑ So after all, neither virtual nor real W bosons can be detected directly due to their extremely short lifetimes, hence, both of them are physically meaningless illusory particles.

The same pair of an electron and an anti-neutrino ( this 3rd paragraph ) could produce two completely different W bosons with different masses: one is an unreal virtual W boson (= a body double ) and the other may be a real W boson ?  ← This is Not a legitimate or consistent theory, hence Not a real science.

Depending on whether the energy involved is small or large, the W boson could conveniently change between an unreal virtual particle with imaginary mass and a real particle with heavy mass ( this p.4 ) ?  ← Nonsense, Not science.

The current physics is completely useless and fantasy.
Just by detecting "classical light" originating from the outer space, physicists irrationally try to associate such classical light with fictional black holes.
Those BigBang and black holes are just "science fiction", which are too far away from the earth to go and confirm, hence, meaningless science.

Extremely short-lived (virtual or real) W bosons are said to immediately decay into other short-lived particles such as hadrons and muons ( this p.32 ), and soon further decay into final stable real particles such as electrons and lights.  ← Only this final stable product = (classical) light can be detected as Cherenkov radiation in the IceCube neutrino observatory.

The current particle physics can never isolate these extremely short-lived particles such as imaginary W bosons, muons, hadrons .., which doubtful transient virtual particles are unavailable, hence competely unnecessary both for our daily life and practical science.  ← So it's safe to say these unnecessary doubtful particles are unreal.

↑ As long as all these doubtful short-lived (virtual) particles cannot be isolated for any practical application, and physicists just "exercise their imaginations" in vain for fictional far-away black hole, BigBang, extradimensions or something just by detecting some ordinary classical light, these experiments would contribute nothing to our society.

Hence, these meaningless, fruitless experiments pursuing unseen "illusion" are useless except for publishing papers in stellar top journals or aiming at prestigious Nobel prizes.

Actually the last paragraph of this news avoids mentioning what this alleged anti-neutrino detection is useful for, using only vague phrases;
"In just a few years of operation, the detector discovered what it was funded to discover—the highest energy cosmic neutrinos, their potential source in blazars .. ?"  ← Just talking only about "imaginary subjects" using the vague-meaning words "potential", still useless research.

Nobel laureate Glashow is one of founders of infamous "unscientific virtual particles" ( this 2nd paragraph ), which unrealistic ghost-like virtual particles are irrationally the basis of the current mainstream science and Nobel prize, killing our chances of developing real practical science.

This Glashow resonance, gigantic particle colliders and extravagant IceCube detetors are unnecessary for our science, just a waste of money, and clearly more useless than attempting to "stop hurricanes"  like the current quantum superposition (= mic and hand ) of a fantasy dead and alive cat government.


D-Wave is Not a real quantum computer, so Not faster than classical computers.

[ D-Wave machine of quantum annealing is just "classical phenomena" with No quantum computer speed-up. ]

(Q-1)  ↓ No calculations are done in (fake)  

Dream-like quantum computers, which allegedly could exploit fantasy parallel worlds for faster parallel computing, are still fiction and useless.

Because all the recent researches on trendy "quantum computer's supremacy or advantage" are based on false assumptions and unfair comparisons with the ordinary classical computers.

So physicists just artificially pick up "unfair circumstances" and irrationally assign two different calculating methods to quantum (= easy method ) and classical (= difficult method ) computers, so that only classical computer's calculating methods would take an enormous amount of time.

The current seeming quantum computers with only a small number of bits (= called qubits ), whose numbers are far smaller than the ordinary classical computers, can neither calculate nor compute any meaningful values, except for putting out disorderly random meaningless numbers.

The so-called "D-Wave quantum computer" is Not a real quantum computer, and D-Wave machine proved to be Not faster than the ordinary classical computer officially.

So the claims such as "D-Wave quantum computer can solve 100 million times faster than an ordinary classical computer" is just wrong, overblown exaggeration and off-the-point, because the calculating methods (= annealing ) used in all D-Wave quantum computers have remained the same old one, since that method's quantum speed-up was officially denied.

The 5th-last paragraph of this site honestly admits "it hasn’t been proved yet that quantum annealing (= used in D-Wave ) gives an advantage over classical optimization algorithms."

In fact, D-Wave quantum computer is Neither a calculator nor computer, hence it is completely useless with No ability to "calculate" any simple equations or numbers which even the today's small-size ordinary (= classical ) calculator can easily calculate.

So the current ordinary (= classical ) computers are far better and faster than any alleged quantum computers in name only, which can do Nothing about meanngful calculations, hence, Not a (quantum) computer at all.

The 3rd paragraph of this news explains this fishy D-Wave operating mechanism,
"D-Wave's systems work through a process called quantum annealing. This begins by placing a system's qubits in an absolute energy minimum. From there, the hardware gently alters the configuration of the system so that its energy landscape reflects the problem that needs to be solved. If everything goes well, all the qubits will end up with the lowest possible energy in the new landscape... so that it looks like an energy minimization—the final state will represent a solution to that problem."

↑ So the D-Wave quantum computers just let the system or atoms gradually and spontaneously settle down to the most stable (= lowest-energy ) equilibrium state (= which state corresponds to the "solution" ), without carrying out any calculations.  = Not a calculator or computer at all.

All D-Wave machines can do is like "sit and watch" various molecules gradually diffusing all over the area or (liquid) solution to the most stable (= lowest-energy ) equilibrium state, without doing any manipulation or computation tasks about it.

Therefore, this year's latest research published in a prestigious journal Nature communications weirdly claiming "D-Wave demonstrates performance advantage in quantum simulation ?" is also untrue, based on false assumptions and unfair comparison with the so-called "classical computational method (← the results become the opposite, depending on what classical method is chosen )" which was artificially chosen by D-Wave in order to intentionally support their illegitimate claim.

Actually, in the present world, No ordinary laptops or classial supercomputers have been replaced by useless (imaginary) quantum computers which are still far from practical application.

The 5th-last paragraph of this news says the opposite things of the former boastful claim, "D-Wave, however, stayed clear of claiming quantum advantage."

The point is "what problem" this D-Wave quantum computer allegedly "solved", and whether their simulation methods are really meaningful for our daily life or leading to any "practical application" or not.

The first paragraph of this news says about a "doubtful advantage".
"this work was achieved on a practical application with real-world implications, simulating the topological phenomena behind the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics. This performance advantage, exhibited in a complex quantum simulation of materials, is a meaningful step in the journey toward applications advantage in quantum computing ?"

↑ First of all, D-Wave deliberately tried to create the false impression that "quantum topological phenomena" were "real-world phenomena" which might lead to some practical application, avoiding detailed explanation of how exactly the "gibberish topological something" may be related to some practical use.
Because they knew there is almost No chance of putting their quantum computers to practical use.  They try to hide inconvenient facts.

Topological phenomena or topological quantum computers unrealistically try to exploit illusory fractional-charge quasiparticles called "anyons," which are Not even real particles, hence, "real-world practical application" is impossible from the beginning.

Even Nobel prize in 2016 (= awarded to the trendy "topological matter" gibberish thing ) admits that such a "topological physics" is a fishy science dealing with ( illusory ) fractional-charge quasiparticles ( this p.22 upper half ).

The 3rd paragraph of this news mentions some unrealistic (= artificial ) objects, saying
"published in the journal Nature Communications. D-Wave researchers programmed the D-Wave 2000Q system to model a two-dimensional frustrated quantum magnet using artificial spins... characterized by nontrivial topological properties ?"

↑ The "artificial spins" = pseudo-spins are Not real spins, so it is irrelevant to real-world phenomena as D-Wave claims.

This Nature communications paper ( this p.2 lower ) says this latest D-Wave quantum computer research used very (= 100-year ) old unphysical quantum mechanical model called "Ising ferromagnet spin model", which artificial model is so abstract as to tell us nothing about detailed true mechanism inside "real-world materials", except for showing fictional (artificial) pseudo-spins as simple arrows.

This very old unphysical and impractical quantum mechanical ising model, which just roughly treats the whole magnetic material as a collection of artificial pseudo-spins (= atoms ) interacting with each other by fictitious "exchange energy" denoted by freely-adjustable parameters J.

"Exchange energy" lacks reality, it is just a fictitious energy with neither true "exchange force" nor real force carriers, which has nothing to do with real magnetic or electric energy-related phenomena.
Hence the uncanny exchange energy cannot be explained by any real objects = No physical meaning ( this p.11 ).

Quantum mechanics or D-Wave quantum computers have No ability to predict and calculate these artificial exchange energy parameters J themselves using real electrons' interactions.
They just artificially choose and input interaction parameters J in advance ( this p.2 left-lower ) without computation.

↑ Just manipulating and choosing convenient artificial interaction parameters ( without calculating or predicting them ) means the current quantum computers are completely useless for predicting any physical values or phenomena, hence the claim of possible "practical application" of quantum computers is fake news.

In this paper, D-Wave just input various exchange interaction parameters J between different pseudo-spin models in advance, and then, "sat and waited" for these spins to gradually and spontaneously change their directions (= flip to up or down spins ) into the most stable (= lowest-energy ) equilibrium state ( in the upper figure, the spin configuration of three down spins-1,3,4 and one up spin-2 was set to be the lowest-energy state by adjusting J parameters in advance ).  ← No practical computation or calculation has been done by this D-Wave machine, except they are just "watching" the system settling down to the equilibrium state.

What kind of classical computer and classical calculation method was chosen and used to be compared with this D-Wave seeming quantum computer, and (falsely) claim the D-Wave quantum computer was 3 millions times faster (← ? ) than the ordinary classical computer ?

This paper ( p.1 ) mentions "path-integral Monte Carlo (= PIMC or a disorderly time-consuming random sampling method )" as the leading classical calculating method of finding the lowest-energy spin state from input spin-interaction parameters J in the D-Wave version "classical" way.

The point is this D-Wave-picking "classical method" is Not a true classical way describing the "real-world" natural phenomena, but just a very old "impractical classical method" artificially made up by humans more than 80 years ago  to estimate unsolvable and unpreditable complicated equations or phenomena, motivated by the conventional quantum mechanical theory's inability to calculate actual many-body phenomena.

But this very old classical Monte-Carlo simulation is a very primitive, inefficient and time-consuming method which always takes an enormous amount of time, no matter how fast and sophisticated computers you use.

Because this primitive Monte-Carlo classical method just repeats the act of choosing and flipping a different spin in a random and disorderly way millions of times, then, computing and comparing all those vast numbers of different patterns of spin-configuration energy states to find the lowest-energy combination of spins, which takes almost infinite amount of time when the sample spin number is large ( this p.7 ).

So this latest Nature communications research has Not proved D-Wave quantum computer was "3-millions faster" than classical super-computers at all.
They just deliberately chose the very time-consuming inefficient obsolete method as a classical computer method, which is a very unfair choice and unjust comparison intended to be disadvantageous only to classical computers.

In this very time-consuming classical Monte-Carlo method,
First, pick an arbitrary initial spin state in the system consiting of many different spins, and compute its total energy based on the input interaction parameters J.  Then, randomly flip a randomly-chosen spin's direction one-by-one, and continue this meaninglessly time-consuming process until they compute all different energies in all different patterns of randomly-changing spin states ( this p.3,  this p.15 ).

↑ This primitive inefficient old method always takes an unrealistically enormous amount of time to flip each spin state (= the total number of atomic spins in the system is supposed to be very large ) one by one until all energies of all different patterns of up or down spin combinations are examined and calculated, and then, the lowest-energy equilibrium spin pattern or combination is found by comparing all those different spin states.

If they repeat this simple but extremely time-consuming boring "spin-flip task" in each spin, and calculate each different energy for extremely long time (= this takes too long time, so almost impossible ), they could compare all those different energies of all different spin patterns (= up or down spin-1, up or down spin-2, up or down spin-3, up or down spin-4 .. up or down spin-1000 .. ) and find the lowest-energy spin state or combination among them ( this p.15,  this p.10- ).

For example, the upper figure simple model consists only of four atomic spins.  Their classical method has to randomly choose and flip each spin one-by-one, then, compute and compare all those different spin pattern energies (= each spin can be two patterns: up or down, hence, the total number of possible different spin patterns in this simple 4-spin model is 24 = 16 patterns ).

↑ If the number of the total atoms or spins is very large ( > 1000 ), this very inefficient seemingly-classical method takes an unrealistically large amount of time.

As I said, what D-Wave machine can do is just input initial interaction parameters J and watch the system spontaneously changing and settling down to the most lowest-energy equilibrium state without any elaborate calculations, just like we watching molecules diffusing uniformly in the solution to the equilibrium state, which is also a classical phenomenon and has nothing to do with quantum mechanics or D-Wave quantum computers.

As a result, the D-Wave false claim that the quantum computer could solve problems far faster than classical computers is caused by their "artificial choice" of the most "impractical imaginary classical method (= unfavorable only to the classical computers )", which imaginary artificial classical method is Not used in any natural classical molecules or atoms in the real world.

So there is No evidence for quantum computer's speed-up or supremacy at all only from these doubtful researches based on unfair comparisons between quantum and (imaginary) classical computers.
Actually, Nobody around you uses this "so-called" quantum computer in our daily life, because it is completely useless.

D-Wave machines use the superconducting loops where electric currents flow back and force as artificial atoms or pseudo-spins (= define pseudo-spin up or down depending on the electrinc current direction in the circuit loop ).

And they try to create artificial different potential energy levels and "virtual energy barriers" between different energy states, which are caused by different directions of superconducting electrons' currents under special magnetic fields.

Though D-Wave claims the quantum tunneling through these artificially-created potential barriers inside superconducting materials may contribute to some baseless quantum speedup (= there is No evidence of D-Wave quantum speedup though.  this 3rd paragraph ), the quantum tunneling is used also in the ordinary (= classical ) computers, so "quantum tunneling" cannot be used as a reason for the imaginary quantum computer's speedup claim.

In fact, the quantum tunneling has nothing to do with "ghost-like quantum mechanics" which outrageously allows even fantasy negative kinetic energy as an fictional mechanism of quantum tunneling like unseen virtual particles.

Even the empty (= No barriers ) air and vacuum are counted among the insulator causing invisible quantum potential barriers, though "empty vacuum" contains Nothing or No barriers obstructing electrons' current.

When the distance between the conducting tip and sample is extremely small (= ~ nm ) and some amount of electric voltage is applied, the small electric current can naturally flow through such a extremely short-distance air or vacuum.

↑ This small realistic electric current between the very short distance is illogically counted as "ghost-like quantum tunnel" in the present mainstream physics, but it's actually just a classical phenomenon where electrons can naturally flow through the extremely-short distance of the alleged insulator such as the empty air or vacuum (= No impenetrable barriers that quantum mechanics claims ).

So there is No evidence that fictional quantum computers solved problems faster than ordinary ( real ) classical computers, when they are fairly assigned the same tasks and same practial calculation methods (= without unfairly forcing unrealistically time-consuming methods only on classical computers like in the recent quantum computer researches ).

Contrary to the media-hype, quantum computer ( or internet ) is still useless (= forever), because its imaginary speed-up mechanism depends on fantasy quantum parallel worlds.

Actually today's so-called "scientists" seem to be unable to look at what actually happened correctly and scientifically, blindly believing fantasy many-world theory like the current "parallel-world government", exposing their inability to "realistically" recognize even obvious election frauds, which actually happened in this real "single-world".


Quark is just an unreal parameter ?

[ Quantum chromodynamics (= QCD ) is just fake science of illusory nuclear structure such as virtual quarks, gluons,  it cannot predict any physical values. ]

(Q-1)  ↓ Proton mass = infinite virtual particles + unseen  

Nuclear fusion for getting enormous power is not a fictional phenomenon, as seen in the sun actually exploiting this reaction all the time.

Then, why is such a realistic nuclear fusion technology impossible to realize, no matter how much time and money researchers across the world wasted for this fusion research ?

In fact, the current "mainstream physics" does Not allow us to use or prepare realistic models inside nuclei, so the detailed design of the successful and delicate nuclear fusion reactions for dream-like clean energies is impossible, like fantasy quantum mechanics forbids us from using the realistic electron model for actual protein interactions and drug development.

The current mainstream nuclear physics blindly believes in the "imaginary quark model", which is a totally unscientific and unnecessary particle, because fractional-charges of those quarks can never be isolated or confirmed, hence, fictional quarks themselves will never be exploited for any practical application, instead, just obstructing our realistic view of nuclei.

All we can observe is only "integer electric charges (= 0, ±1, ±2 .. )" as seen in isolable protons, electrons, neutrons and nuclei.  We don't need ghost-like illusory fractional-charge quarks, which are Not isolable, in our actual life.

If those fractional charges of quarks existed, why did Mother Nature artificially limit the magnitudes or numbers of those unseen quark's fractional charges only to the specific unnatural values of -1/3 or +2/3, refusing to create any other possible fractional charges such as +2/5, -3/7, +11/13 .. ?   ← too strange and too good to be true.

No physicists or the current existing physical theories can give a rational explanation for this simple question.  Physical mechanism of the Mother Nature deliberately choosing only these unnatural fractional charge values out of infinite allowed choices is unknown, and against any logical scientific processes.

Fractional numbers themselves are just an artificial concept made up by humans, so there is No scientific reason why the unrelated Nature, which didn't even know what humans think of, picked up only nice round numbers such as 3 or 2 instead of 3.5 or 2.794.. as numerators or denominators of unseen fractional-charge quarks.

Invisibility of the mysterious inside of a proton or nucleus tends to be exploited as an excuse for allowing various unrealistic theories or pseudo-models such as fantasy extra-dimensions, string theory unifying dream forces, virtual particles, monopoles, ..  ← physicists going down the endless rabbit hole in Alice's fictional wonderland.

Unseen ghost-like quarks are said to bind to each other by the so-called "strong force" mediated by other unseen illusory particles called gluons, all of which are considered to be unreal virtual particles with imaginary mass according to the official quantum theory, hence those pseudo-particles should Not exist in our real world ( this p.18 ) from the beginning.

Unphysical quantum field theory or chromodynamics tried to meaninglessly create other imaginary virtual particles such as virtual (sea) quarks, antiquarks to explain complicated chaotic nuclear collision experiments, though those illusory particles can never be isolated or directly confirmed.

Feynman diagram, which just consists of simple nonphysical meaningless lines, is the present only physical model allegedly representing all (pseudo-)forces in our universe as "scribbled lines".
This Feynman diagram is so abstract that it has No ability to show any detailed mechanisms of how unseen quarks actually touch and bind to each other, or suddenly pop up from nothing inside the nucleus.

First of all, "strong force", which allegedly binds quarks inside the unobservable nucleus, is a contradictory concept, and its attractive power is Not strong at all.

It is known that helium isotopes have No helium-2, whose nucleus is an imaginary "diproton" which should combine two positively-charged protons by the illusory "strong force" overcoming ordinary Coulomb repulsive force between two positive protons.

But such a helium-2 cannot be made, because the strong force is Not strong enough to overcome ordinary Coulomb repulsion.

 The absense of such a helium-2 with an imaginary diproton nucleus means the allegedly-strong (attractive) force (= if it really existed ) is Not stronger than ordinary Coulomb repulsive force between two positive protons, hence, normal Coulomb electric force is a dominant force also inside nuclei.  ← Unseen fractional-charge quarks and gluons are unnecessary.

All stable nuclei always have to contain the same or larger numbers of neutrons ( each neutron consists of an negative electron and positive proton ) than protons.

↑ This fact strongly suggests a negatively-charged electron inside a neutron plays a dominant role in going between positively-charged protons and binding those positive protons by strong Coulomb attractive force at very short distances also inside a nucleus, even if the number of protons is about twice larger than that of electrons (= so the number of protons is about equal to that of neutrons, each of which consists of an electron and a proton ).

Soon after physicists deliberately manufactured the ad-hoc fractional-charge quark model, they found many cases where such an illusory quark model miserably broke down and disagreed with various facts.

Quantum mechanics claims a proton consists of three unseen quarks.  But the sum of three quarks' masses (= 2 × 2.3 + 4.8 = 9.4 MeV ) is far smaller than the entire proton mass (= 938 MeV.   this p.13 ).  ← Quark model failed to explain a proton or nuclear mass !

So physicists were forced to fabricate new unrealistic concepts, and started to claim "A proton or nucleus must consist not only of three (valence) quarks but also of an infinite number of virtual quarks and anti-quarks appearing and disappearing inside a tiny nucleus, in addition to the originally-introduced three quarks !"

↑ Each time the original theory disagrees with facts, new artificial concepts such as undetectable convenient virtual particles are made up and added to it, which is Not a legitimate scientific theory but just a meaningless pseudo-science.

In quantum field theory or QED, all calculation results miserably diverge to meaningless "infinity" by an infinite amount of imaginary virtual particles allegedly popping up from nothing around each real particle.

For the physical theory to deal with these annoying infinite virtual particles, even real particles had to lose their real properties such as finite masses and charges.  → Infinie bare charge and mass of a real particle were needed.  ← How contradictory today's quantum theory is !

Theoretical physicists had No choice but to rely on illegitimate (= mathematically-wrong ) tricks called "renormalization" where infinite values caused by unreal virtual particles are magically cancelled out to be some finite values by another artificially-introduced concept = infinite bare charge and mass ( this p.4, this p.2 upper ) of each particle.

There is No other way to cancel infinite annoying virtual particles' effect except creating another ad-hoc infinite bare charge and mass of a real particle.

In this artificial tricks of QED or quantum field theory, infinity minus "slightly-changed infinity" is supposed to be some finite physical values ( ∞ - ∞ = a finite physical value !? ), which is Not the right math at all, because infinity minus infinity should be zero or infinity in the right math.

This mathematically-wrong trick called renormalization magically cancelling infinity (= due to infinite virtual particles ) by another "artificially-adjusted unphysical infinity (= represented by unseen infinite bare charge and mass of each electron or quark )" to get convenient finite physical values (= g-factor or Lamb shift ) is so dishonest and unscientific that even founders of today's physics openly criticized this QED trick as "hocus-pocus" or "there is something wrong".

Even after performing this illegitimate trick, there remained irreparable problems in the nuclear physics or quantum chromodynamics (= QCD ).  Unseen quarks cannot be isolated, tightly bound to other quarks by the fishy strong force, hence, the quark's interaction coupling constants can be changed to extremely big ones depending on the distance between quarks.

This large interaction parameter expressing the strong force between quarks makes it impossible for physicists to calculate any finite physical values about nuclear mass, spin or behavior using the original quantum mechanics or QCD analytically, even after illogically canceling virtual particle's infinity by dishonest trick called renormalization ( this p.9, this p.5 ).

This inseparable quark's strange behavior is called confinement or "asymptotic freedom", the detailed mechanism of this ad-hoc, abruptly-made-up theory is still unclear and unknown, because its advocates try to base this uncanny asymtotic freedom on "unreal virtual particles" within the quantum mechanics in vain ( this p.7 ).

↑ This is why today's physicists are obsessed only with using their useless "science" as an "irrelevant political tool", forgetting practical use, like the current contradictory quantum mechanics avoids answering even simple basic questions of "what are the origins of forces and fictitious quasiparticles ?".  ← The result of "following the science" ?

In the current quantum mechanics or nuclear physics called chromodynamics (= QCD ), there is No way to calculate any physical values such as masses and spins of quarks, nuclei, protons, pions, mesons, baryons.. allegedly caused by interactions between ghost-like quarks and virtual gluons ( this p.7, this p.2 left ).

So QCD is a completely useless failed theory both physically and mathematically, with No analytical solutions.

To find some "non-existent mathematical validity" in this chaotic QCD with infinite virtual quarks' confinement is an impossible dream chosen as unsolvable Millennium prize problems.

But physicists had No choice but to continue fruitless researches just to make their pseudo-theory "look" meaningful for getting research funds, even if they knew what they were doing would contribute nothing to the actual technology.

To make this meaningless quantum field theory "look" meaningful, they had to artificially obtain some meaningful physical values such as nuclear or proton masses from this nonphysical analytically-incalculable chaotic nuclear theory or QCD.

So they finally came up with "illusory physical worlds or procedures" which recklessly try to replace our real world's continuous space-time by an unrealistically discontinuous or discrete space-time using a "fictitious lattice model" where virtual quarks and gluons are supposed to be expressed as discrete points and lines.

In this imaginary QCD discrete world, the concept of "real time" is No longer valid.  Physicists artificially invented fictional "imaginary time" to consider the imaginary virtual quark motion ( this p.3, this p.13 ).

Unseen, directly-unmeasurable up and down quark masses, imaginary lattice size, spacing and the magnitude of the strong force (= coupling constants ) are all treated just as nonphysical freely-adjustable fitting parameters Not as realistic constant physical masses or objects ( this p.3 Table-1,  this p.8 ).

So in this fictional QCD discrete lattice world, all physical values such as quark and particle mass are just illusions and treated like "undetermined freely-manipulable parameters.", which cannot predict any physical values.
There is No common consistent physical rule or principle underlying this QCD chaotic world, hence, physically meaningless theory, of course, useless.

The true form of quark potential energies called "action" is also an unknown freely-adjustable parameter, and must be artificially chosen from many candidates of quark's potential energy forms, and the QCD simulation algorithm, which corresponds to Feynman diagram or path integral in the fictitious discrete lattice world, is also one of artificially-chosen parameters ( this p.4 ).

There is No restriction on what kind of quark's masses, potential energies or what calculation algorithm to choose in this disorderly QCD.
All of them are just free parameters.

Therefore, the quantum chromodynamis = QCD has No ability to predict any physical values, except for aritifically choosing and manipulating meaningless parameters as (fictional) physical values, which are useless for actual technologies.

In incalculable mathematically-broken QCD, there is No way or No consistent theory telling us the true physical values of various particles' masses from freely-adjustable nonphysical quark's mass parameters.

All physicists can do is just artificially invent fictional equations forcibly relating various particles' masses such as nuclei, protons, (imaginary) pions, mesons, baryons to unseen quarks' masses as functions of many freely-adjustable fitting parameters ( this p.27-28,  this p.2,  this p.8 ).

So after all, QCD cannot explain the proton or nuclear mass based on unseen quark masses or virtual gluon energies at all, because not only quark's mass but also masses of all other particles of protons, nuclei, (imaginary) pions, mesons, baryons .. are just freely-adjustable parameters included in fictional equations.

In QCD, unmeasurable up and down quarks' masses are freely-chosen parameters, but due to fictitious discrete space-time, even calculation using allegedly-true (= though, illusory ) quark masses is impossible.

Physicists just "extrapolate" and guess allegedly-true particle's masses from calculation using unreal masses in the current nuclear physics.

As shown here, in today's only nuclear theory called quantum chromodynamics (= QCD ), there is No known consistent theories or equations to predict any physical values.  → Physicists just artificially choose and manipulate many free parameters such as unseen quark masses and strong-force coupling constants to seemingly get some meaningful values such as proton or nuclear masses in vain, which clarify No true detailed physical mechanism inside nuclei at all.

Because the quantum mechanics stubbornly refuses to explain what the physical meaning of unreal virtual particles is forever.

As a result, the current "science", whether it's basic or applied, completely stops progressing, avoiding clarifying true underlying physical mechanisms of electrons, wave, forces, protons and nuclei forever.

And this is why the dream-like nuclear fusion for stopping the "rising sea" allegedly caused by "man-made global warming" will never succeed, except for bloggers repeatedly explaining the same pattern of meaningless experiments (= illusory unstable particles poping up ? → decay ? ) with no progress.


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