Why they NEVER tell the truth ?

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Strange "spin" is NOT a real thing
Special relativity is wrong.

Why they try to "hide" fatal paradoxes and truth ?

[ Why fatal paradoxes of relativity are "eliminated" from usual textbooks ? ]

(Fig.1) We NEVER see fatal paradoxes of special relativity in textbooks. Why ?

As shown in this page, special relativity includes fatal paradoxes such as Ehrenfest, and right-angle lever, and electric current wire.
This means special relativity is wrong.
These important paradoxes have been known for very long time and have NOT been solved.
In spite of this fact, they just repeat the conventional phrases " relativity can survive through various varifications.

In Fig.1 left, the lever is NOT rotating, but the instant observer starts to move, this lever starts to rotate in Fig.1 right !. Of course, this is paradox.

(Fig.2) Observer's looking power moves the charged particle ??

This is also clearly a paradox, and has NOT been solved.
By the simple observer's movement, the external charged particle is attracted to the electric wire (S'), though from the stationary observer (S) they are not attracted to the neutral wire.
See also this page.

The important point is that these fatal paradoxes of special relativity are NEVER seen in usual relativity textbooks.
Probably, in almost all classes about relativity, these paradoxes are NEVER taught to students.
These are serious problems, which clearly have very bad influences on their future.

(Fig.3) Special relativity ( Dirac equation ) is one of most influential theories.

In spite of those fatal paradoxes, the relativity survived for more than 100 years.
So we have to explain the reason why the relativity with fatal paradoxes survived.
( And we have to think about the reason why the ordinary relativity textbooks NEVER write about these important paradoxes. )
The main reason exists in the very important Dirac equation.

Before the computers become popular in 1980s - 1990s, the Bohr-Sommerfeld model could not deal with very compilicated three-body helium atoms.

In this situation, Dirac equation could combine spin and relativity properly.
Inside this Dirac equation, special relativity has survived, and Dirac equation is a basic tools in QED, standard model and string theory.

(Fig.4) Infinite bare charge and mass are real ?

Of course, if special relativity is wrong, all relativistic theories such as QED, standard model, string theory, and general relativity (= black hole, expanding universe ) are all wrong.
As I said, these serious situations are caused by the time gap from 1920s to 1990s in Fig.3.

QED is oftern menthioned as a example which shows the proof of special relativity.
But QED completely relies on "virtual" photons (= tachyon ), which disobey relativity.
And as shown in this page, QED uses wrong maths to get correct values.
( Of course, ordinary people cannot access this QED, due to their NOT-easy-to-understand textbooks. )

[ Of course, general relativity is wrong, too. ]

(Fig.5) "Proof" of general relativity ??

And as shown in this page, general relativity completely relies on local inertial frame.
So if special relativity includes fatal paradoxes, general relativity is wrong, too.

In some top journal, we see the news, "general relativity proves to be correct" by observing 7000-light-year far away dwarf star. They insist, some pulsar, which is spinning 25 times per second, and white dwarf star rotating around it, emits illusory gravity waves, and changes orbital period of dwarf star slightly.

Unfortunately, these are only speculation, we cannot access this site, and how they can know various precise influences such as unknown dark matter on extremely long 7000 light years path ?
This is impossible.
Even on the earth, we cannot know detailed history 7000 years ago.

If they are confident about the truth of special (general) relativity, why they hide various paradoxes from usual textbooks ? This is very strange.

[ We can prove special ( general ) relativity is wrong in our daily life. ]

(Fig.6) Non-ether = virtual photon model violates special relativity !

We often see the comments like " we have never observed phenomena which show general (special) relativity is wrong. " in various news.
But instead of observing imaginary phenomena which are unbelievably far away (= 7000 light years ), we can much more easily prove special relativity is wrong in our daily life.

According to the present relativistic theory, basic Coulomb and magnetic forces are said to be caused by strange virtual photons, because they insist "aether" was denied.
And as shown in this page, these virtual photons are always tachyonic and violates Einstein mass formula.
So even if we don't try to observe very far-away things, we can easily prove special (and general ) relativity is wrong in our daily lives.

[ Black hole is an illusion ? ]

(Fig.7) Black hole really exists ?

Black hole is a imaginary concept, which can be predicted by general relativity.
Of course, black holes absorb everything, we cannot observe them directly.
We only estimate their existences by "jets" and x-rays, which they insist, emitted from around black hole.
And the proof that special relativity is wrong indicates these black holes are only imaginary things.

First, general relativity can NOT explain rotations of galaxy (= flat rotation curve problem ).
Rotation speed of statrs near edge of galaxy is much faster than that of general relativity (such as black hole ).
Adjusting their stories to fit these facts, unkown dark matter needed to be "artificially" created .

In fact, among physicists, there are other theories such as plasma cosmology, which does NOT need black hole, even now.
The important problem is that most web news NEVER tell these truth, and they just exaggerate and confuses ordinary people only by fascinating words such as "black hole" and "entanglement".
Of course, I understand they are doing for business, but do you think many students would be victims of them ?

[ "Illusory" gravitational waves, supersymmetric particle (SUSY) would be found some day ? ]

(Fig.7') Researcher's "desire" can change the true experimental results ?

For now, imaginary concepts such as gravitational waves and supersymmetric particle (SUSY) have NOT been detected.
But as you see in modern particle physics, researchers and journals MUST find these illusory things to complete the present final theory by all means.
Of course, unreal 10-dimensional string theory, the only final theory of quantum mechanics and general relativity is wrong, as I said above.
( If there is no SUSY, superstring theory becoms 26 dimensional and "tachyon" appears. )

So someday it is possible that their strong desire may change and distort the real experimental results, and they may report illusory things like these would be found inside infinite noises, I'm afraid.

Why they NEVER explain quantum field theory in plain words ?

[ Reason why most quantum field theory textbooks are "difficult" to understand. ]

(Fig.8) Quantum field theory is just "math", Not physics.

You may often here the news such as "Higgs particles" have been found ( not directly ).
But if you try to know the concrete mechanism of this Higgs, you need to study very complicated relativistic quantum field theory (QFT).
In the same way, you often see the comments such as "QED is most successful theory in the world".
But ordinary people cannot access this QED easily, so all they can do is to believe these comments, not confirming by themselves.

Not only ordinary people but also physicists in other areas don't know about these very complicated QFT and QED.
The problem is these QFT and QED are really so difficult things ?

(Fig.9) Quantum field theory itself is not so difficult.

The important point is that quantum field theory is NOT so difficult for ordinary people to understand .
Most textbooks about quantum field theory "intentionally" avoid easy explanation.
( I'm not saying about popular science books, which don't tell truth. )
For example, vector potential "A" with Dirac equation is most important concept in QED and standard model.

But as shown in this page and this page, these virtual particles disobey special relativity.
If they explain QFT and QED in very plain words, ordinary people and students can easily notice their fatal defects. ( This is a serious problem for them. )
This is the main reason why they avoid easy-to-understand explanations.

(Fig.10) Relativistic quantum field theory itself violates relativity.

Not only virtual photons but also electrons ( or positrons ) disobey special relativity.
As shown in this page, when we calculate wave velocity from frequency and wavelength used in Kelin-Gordon and Dirac equation, its wave velocity becomes faster-than-light due to its mass energy.

They insist, if electron and positron are put together, they can solve this problem.
But electron or positron themselves are faster-than-light tachyon, individually.
And as shown in this page, if they explain QED in plain words, ordinary people notice its wrong math.
( Again, this is a serious problem for them. )

So, to hide various fatal defects, they intentionally make QFT and QED textbooks very hard to understand.
This is the truth.

All illusions are created to fill "time gap".

[ Two "shut up and calculate !" obstruct the development of science. ]

(Fig.11) Superposition = unrealistic Many-worlds !

According to the quantum mechanics, the instant we try to observe a particle, the wavefunction spreading all space collapses into a point particle.
This process is faster-than-light (= nonlocal ), so we have to adopt strange many-world theory to avoid nonlocal phenomena. In the many-world theory, observing the particle means we see one of infinite worlds which include particles of different states.

Of course, this theory is impossible, so most physicists give up asking what the wavefunction really is.
( Some people try to adopt other interpretations, but unfortunately this strange many-world theory is the leading theory now. )

[ What is "spin" ? → Shut up and calculate ! ]

(Fig.12) Spinning speed of electron ?

If the electron spin means real rotating, its spinning speed must be more than 100 times speed of light, as shown in this page.
And the spinning electron can NOT return to its original configuration by one revolution.
( It needs two revolutions. This concept is impossible in this real world, as I said many times. )
So all physicists give up asking what the strange spin really is.

As you may notice, if we give up asking about wavefunction and spin, what on earth is left ?

(Fig.13) Remains of "Shut up and calculate !"= entanglement, quantum computers.

Due to the unreality of quantum mechanics, all they can do is "Shut up and calcualte !", giving up asking.
As you feel, if we stop asking about wavefunction and spin, there is almost Nothing left we can ask about.
But journals and researchers need to continue publishing something even under these situations.

Under these very limited conditions, they created illusory fields such as entanglement and quantum computers.
This is the reason why these concepts are created and survive, though they are very strange.

[ "Time gap" causes various serious illusions and paradoxes. ]

(Fig.14) Various illusions needed to be created to fill time gap.

As I said above, under the present strange quantum theory, we do "Shut up and calculate !" too much.
So under this very strict conditions, they (= journals and researchers ) need to find some new things, which can attract ordinary people's attentions.

As I say in top page, very complicated three-body helium couldn't be solved without computers.
Due to this time gap ( from 1920s to 1990s ), various illusory fields such as entanglement and quantum computers need to be created to fill this gap in physical world.
And serious paradoxes of special relativity have been hidden and eliminated from usual textbooks.

[ Why they never explain Bell inequality in plain words ? ]

(Fig.15) Entangled photon = classical waves.

Unfortunately, researchers and news writers don't try to tell ordinary people for them to understand.
They just repeat some fascinating words such as entanglement and quantum computers for laymen.
The main reason is that these spooky "faster-than-light" link is just an illusion.
If they tell all the truth of experiments, some ordinary people can notice their defects.
Actually, they never try to explain concrete mechanism of this spooky link at all.

As shown in this page, we can easily explain these phenomena using usual classical electromagnetic waves.
( The trick is that they always use the word of "photon", instead of waves. )
First, polarization and interference mean they are waves, NOT particles.

[ It's about time that some top journals should change basic idea into "reality". ]

(Fig.16) Because, they are obstructing development of "real" science under their present stance.

Most serious problem is that these illusory fields can NEVER be useful for our daily living.
Actually even if we study about 10-dimentionnal string theory ( 11-dimensional M theory ), QED, expanding universe, and black hole, they are completely useless.

It cannot be helped that some top journal had spreaded illusory fields such as entanglement and quantum computer due to the time gap related to three-body helium. ( I understand their feelings well. )
But aiming at illusory ideas forever, means we admit only unreality and "Shut up and calculate !" forever, which obstructs the development of science.

Even now, Teaching illusory fields to new students are having bad effects on their future.
Neglecting actual proof means these are NOT science.

[ All people would never be happy under the present distorted situations. ]

(Fig.17) What does the "failure" of string theory mean ?

Unfortunately, the present physics has already reached their limits.
In this distorted situation, unless you believe unreal string theory, you cannot succeed in physical world.
( Of course, 10 or 11 dimensions are impossible. )

For example, in IT or internet industry, they are very useful for our daily living, so they can expand employment, even if they cannot be professors in university.
But in unreal and useless fields such as string theory, general relativity and entanglement, they cannot stabilize their lives if they cannot get some special educational posts ( or science writers ).

The problem is that they continue to teach students, for example, something related to relativity, hiding its fatal paradoxes even now.

[ Present "Shut up anc calculate !" physics obstructs development of all fields. ]

(Fig.18) If "Shut up and calculate !" state continues for more than 100 years ....

You may ask some questions such as " What are the shape and size of a photon ? ",
" How each spin particle feels spooky link ? ", " Electron in 1s orbital really crushes into nucleus ? ".
But they just repeat conventional words " Shut up and calculate ! ", and these abnormal questions and answers have continued for as much as 100 years !

Do you think it is natural that various serious problems are happening in various fields in these extremely long-term abnormal situations ?

(Fig.19) Present biological technologies already reach the limits.

Unfortunately, the present biological technologies using DNA, RNA, cultured cells, protein interaction by antibodies have already reached their limits.
Actually, we cannot cure various serious diseases such as cancer, autoimmune disease, ALS, and dementia.

Different from antibiotics against bacteria, these serious diseases such as cancer, HIV ( → CD4 ), and autoimmune disease are generated from our own tissues.
So we need to distinguish and manipulate at nano ( electron ) levels to cure these diseases.
Unfortunately, the present biotechnology is too macro things to deal with these disease.
And we need to know and control various electron's motion patterns, giving up unuseful uncertainty principle and quantum chemistry.

[ NOT asking, but just "believing" is present physics.]

(Fig.20) How antiparticles distinguish and adhere to their particles ??

In real science, the instant we know the leukocytes adhere to blood vessels, we naturally try to investigate what adhesion factors ( LFA, ICAM-1 ) are related.
But they NEVER try to investigate these adhesion factors between electron and positron ( and proton and antiproton ), though as much as 80 years have passed since positron was discoverd.

As shown in this page, unstable antiparticles can be naturally replaced by electron, proton, and neutron captures.
And it is unnatural that very stable electron's energy (= mc2 ) is not negative.
"Not asking" for very long term means they admit these concepts are only mathematical things.
Unfortunately, this is what the present physics is.


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