Particle physics ends.


Higgs research is meaningless.

[ Higgs can be neither isolated nor detected ! ]

(Fig.1)  ↓ Doubtful Higgs remains mixed with other irrelevant particles.

Large hadron collider (= LHC ) and Higgs research are still useless and end up wasting taxpayers' money.

They just repeat the same kind of meaningless experiments of "Higgs decays into something ?"

Very short-lived Higgs or quark cannot be observed directly.
They just pick up some electrons and light in a pile of irrelevant garbage.

It is said that trillions of protons' collisions are needed to produce only one Higgs.  ← insane !

All these reactions must include unreal virtual particles, which contradict the current theory.  ← the current theory is wrong !

We cannot isolate or confirm these " imaginary" Higgs or quarks, so we can say these particles are unreal, useless.


Quantum computer  is fake news.

[ The media deceive people by unreal quantum computer. ]

(Fig.2)  ↓ The media's misleading phrases  

Quantum computer, which needs fantasy parallel worlds to compute faster (← ? ), is still useless, Not replacing the ordinary computer at all.

To hide this science scam = quantum computer, the media try to use very "confusing phrases" to deceive readers.

This says "the findings could have practical application in quantum computing ?", which means it has Not yet realized "imaginary" quantum computer now.

This experiment just measured some graphene in magnetic field, which has nothing to do with quantum computer, as shown in original paper.

And this just says "the work will contribute to the spin-based quantum computing ?"  ← still quantum computer is unrealized now.

Its original paper mentions nothing about quantum computer.

In this way, the media try to connect every irrelevant researches to unreal quantum computer, because all the present quantum experiments are useless.


Quantum information is nonsense.

[ Two polarizations are mixed in parallel worlds !? ]

(Fig.3)  ↓ Quantum photon is unreal.

Quantum mechanics and its information science is nonsense, lacks reality.

When two classical polarized lights are mixed, they call it "superposition photon".

They insisnt, in this quantum superposition, two polarized lights coexist in different parallel worlds, like a dead and alive cat.  ← insane !

In quantum information, they just weaken classical light, ( which they call "photon", though photon itself cannot be confirmed ) to avoid eavesdropping.

Because if someone tries to measure this very weak light, this light is easily broken, and its "eavesdropping" can be detected.  That's all.

As you see, this quantum information has nothing to do with quantum mechanics, and "very weak light" is fragile and useless in sending information.


This experiment tries to change this weak light polarization into excited state of atom, before the light is broken, which they call "memory" or "repeater".  ← useless experiment.



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