Criticize top journals and fantasied theories.

Top. Spin doesn't exist.
Higgs, QCD. Topological insulator
BigBang, Cosmic Inflation is "fantasy".
QED magnetic moment is fake. (15/1/1)

Molecular mechanics (= MM) is useless !

[ MM depends on "empirical" data, so cannot predict any new values ! ]

(MM-1)  Molecular mechanics has NO electrons.  ← unreal !   

Nobel prize in chemistry in 2013 was given to Molecular mechanics (= MM ) to compute large molecules.  But unfortunately this molecular mechanics is too useless to be used in any applied fields !

In the present QM/MM ( see this p.3 ), they rely on quantum mechanics (= "fake" first-principle, see this, this, so useless ) in small molecules, and easier MM in large molecules.

Surprisingly, this MM model has NO electrons ( see this p.5 ), and treats molecules as collections of classical springs ( this p.4 ) with empirical (= freely adjustable ) parameters.

So this MM methods cannot predict any new structures and values, so useless.  See this, this.  It means all present quantum theories are impractical and unsuccessful, different from "media-hype".

If universities ( this, this ) continue teaching useless science, and causing "skill mismatch", their exorbitant tuition ( this, this ) must be reduced drastically right now !

'Quantum tunneling' is misleading,  just "classical".

[ "Tunnel" effect has Nothing to do with quantum mechanics ! ]

(Tu-1)  ↓This barrier doesn't consider each electron oscillation !   

Quantum mechanics is said to be used in CPU, transistor and modern technology.  But this boring cliche is untrue, which was introduced by commercial universities to extort money.

This exaggerated praise of quantum mechanics is due to quantum tunneling.
Quantum tunneling really makes particles penetrate even barriers with higher potential energy ?

In scanning microscope, an electron can tunnel through only extremely short vacuum gap, (= atomic diameter length ).  See this p.9.  They cannot tunnel through insulator longer than ~ nm.

Also in other barriers such as oxide and boron, their barrier length must be very short (= several nm ) for tunneling to happen.  So quantum tunneling is NOT ghost-like, but just realistic phenomena.

It is quite natural that an electron can pass through extremely short ( ~ nm ) material.  Because each electron is always actively moving around and oscillating in all materials !

Potential barrier of insulator (= ~eV, see this p.5 ) was only for macroscopic electric current, which does NOT consider each electron's microscopic oscillation.

To explain easier tunneling in semiconductor, they introduced "artificial" effective mass (= 0.066 × electron mass = unreal ! ).  See this p.2 and this p.14.  Nonsense.

"Tunnel" is just classical (= real ), has nothing to do with "fantasy" negative kinetic energy.

Schrodinger equation "contradicts" de Broglie theory !

[ Quantum mechanics uses "fake" de Broglie relation, so wrong. ]

(Qm-1)  Second differential = "fake" de Broglie relation !    

Electron matter waves satisfy de Broglie relation, which was confirmed by various experiments ( see this ), and got Nobel prize.    p = momentum,  λ = de Broglie wavelength.

Schrodinger equations use this de Broglie relation as differential form.  See this.
So the wavefunction (= cos x ) means "de Broglie wave" in Schrodinger equation.

When its de Broglie wavelength is constant ( ex. cos 2πx/λ ), this differential form gives real wavelength.  But when de Broglie wavelengths are "changing", it gives unreal values !

In hydrogen atom, both ends (= ①, ③ ) give negative kinetic energy ( see this, this p.3, )  Because the second-order differential in these regions are positive ( so kinetic energy is negative ).

Of course, negative kinetic energy is unreal.  But as shown in Qm-1, wavefunction (= real de Broglie wave ? ) spreads over these regions, too.  This is self-contradictory.

Why does real de Broglie wave (= wavefunction ) give unreal "negative" kinetic energy ?
Because the second differential contradicts de Broglie relation ( p = h/λ ), when λ is changing !

So Schrodinger equation is "self-contradictory" in de Broglie relation, so wrong.

Quantum mechanics is useless in multi-electron atoms !

[ Wavefunction in helium is "artificially" chosen.  NOT first-principle ! ]

(Qm-2)  "Virtual" He energy is NOT conserved in every point !    

You may often see "Quantum mechanics is the most successful theory !" in university websites ( this, this ).  But this boring cliche is untrue and misleading like QED.

This exaggerated cliche was probably introduced by commercial universities to extort research money from tax and make useless university look useful.

Schrodinger equation of helium atom has NO solution ( see this, this ) due to three-body problem.  So physicists just artificially choose trial functions giving correct energy.

"Choosing" convenient functions means Schrodinger equation has NO power to predict energies of multi-electron atoms ! So useless in all applied fields such as life science.

After choosing some trial function (= ψ ), they integrate them over all space to get "average" total energy (= E ). See this p.2. This E is NOT a true ground state energy !

Because true ground state energy E must be constant in every space point (= x ) and every interelectronic distance (= r12 ).  But "No solution" means we cannot find this "true" helium wavefunction

Only classical approach (= calculate changing Coulomb forces and de Broglie wavelength by computer ) gives true helium orbits in which total energy E is always conserved.

'Quantum biology' is misleading.

[ Quantum biology = unreal Schrodinger cats and faster-than-light spin ? ]

(Qb-1)  Bird's eye adopts many-worlds of spin ?    

Recently I found a strange phrase "quantum biology" on an internet search engine.
This confusing concept is just "empty talk" to hide uselessness of quantum mechanics !

According to Nature and guardian, some bird's eye molecule adopts "superposition" (= dead and alive cats ! ) in faster-than-light spin to sense earth's magnetic field (= B ).

Contrary to this "media hype", these assumptions lack experimental ground. It is just "imaginary" model.  Even a molecule involved is unknown ( see this p.1 right ).

In this p.2, they rely on very abstract equation with freely adjustable parameters.
Quantum biology favors many-world = "superposition". But we cannot see a dead and alive cat at the same time !  So meaningless.

Universities ( MIT, Stanford, ) including public schools ( this, this ) must reduce exorbitant tuition fee drastically right now, if they continue teaching useless science !

'University' deprives students of new employment !

[ University prevents progress of "new technology", new jobs ! ]

(Em-1)  "Fantasy" quantum mechanics hampers new technology.    

Next-generation jobs using new technology have NOT appeared since IT computer revolution.  It causes unemployment and mismatch in the labor market all over the world.

Because the present universities teach only useless things, imposing exorbitant tuition ( see this ).  So university is responsible for hampering new technology producing new job !

Quantum mechanics is based on parallel universe, solid physics dominated by unreal quasiparticle, 10 dimensional string and black hole.  So useless.

Though universities claim quantum mechanics may be applied to biology (← ? ), its DFT calculation ( this, this ) is "fake" first-principle and cannot predict anything.

Molecular biologists use only old biotechnology ( 1970s~ ), NOT quantum mechanics, which cannot handle multi-electron atoms, depending on artificial basis set ( see this last ).

If biology cannot use "electron-level" interaction, it is useless ( ex. STAP = Riken, Harvard ), which prevents creating new jobs for students in life science and all other applied fields.

So the present students ( including law and medical ) are forced to pay too much tuition by university (= hiding true flaws ) for useless science !

Who started 'first-principle' fraud ?  ← University !

[ Density functional theory (= DFT ) just "chooses" convenient function ! ]

(Fp-1)  Exchange-correlation functional is unknown, freely chosen !   ← 

Schrodinger equation cannot solve multi-electron atoms, and is so complicated that density functional theory (= DFT ) is used in solid-state physics.

Though universities ( this, this p.3 ) repeatedly say, "DFT is most successful first-principle method !", this cliche is untrue.  Because DFT cannot predict anything, so useless.

The most difficult calculation is interactions among electrons.  DFT pushes these interelectronic parts into exchange-correlation (= xc ) functionals, which form is unknown. See this p.2.

So physicists just choose convenient functional from many options ( see this p.4 ) !
No matter what functional is invented, someone will always find a case where it fails ( see this p.17 ).

So, this useless DFT has NO power to predict any values, which means NOT first-principle, but just semi-empirical.   'First-principle DFT' ( this, this, this ) is false advertising !

This exaggerated "first-principle" was probably started by commercial universities to get research funds, hiding uselessness of quantum mechanics.

In fact, Nobel committee and people were deceived into believing quantum mechanics is "most successful" !

Quantum computer is "imaginary" target to extort money !

[ University made up "camouflage" target for "useless" physics. ]

(Qu-1)  Quantum computer is NOT faster !  Factorize only 15 = 5 × 3.    

Since 1920s, quantum mechanics has gone in the wrong direction, "fantasy" many-worlds, fake quasiparticle, 10-dimensional string theory, which is too useless to be used in applied science.

Even in this situation, commercial universities had to collect money, raising tuition, buiding up ample funds.  Students suffer from loan, doing both part-time job and studying.

Quantum computer was made up by these universities as "imaginary" target to extort money also from corporations and tax.  See Harvard, Princeton, MIT, = just advertising !

Despite the media's desperate advertising, the present quantum computer (← only 4 bits ! ) can just factorize simplest 15 = 5 × 3 with 50 % error !  See this and this.  Useless.

Furthermore, the lifetime of this quantum state is only microseconds.  Easily break.
Only from this simple calculation, it's impossible to prove quantum computer is faster.

Though the media ( this, this ) repeat "Google, NASA bought ultrafast D-Wave computer !", D-Wave turned out to be NOT faster than ordinary computer, which Google honestly admitted.

Quantum computer depends on "imaginary" principles !

[ Entanglement = NOT fast.  Superposition = dead and alive cats cannot be seen ! ]

(Qu-2)  It's impossible to send information fastr-than-light = useless.   

It's impossible to realize "imaginary" quantum computer, forever.  Just the media is misleading people. No matter how many "steps" ( this, this, this ) they move, they are only inside the media.

It is said that quantum computer depends on two big principles, superposition and entanglement.  Superposition means a cat can be dead and alive at the same time !

But the moment we try to observe this strange cat, it chooses only one state, dead or alive.
So this "superposition" is too good to be true.  We can never confirm this many-worlds.

Despite the media-hype such as faster-than-light entanglement, "Einstein was wrong !", It's impossible to send useful information faster-than-light. See this, this.

So these "superposition" and " entanglement" exist only on the drawing board.
Quantum computer based on these "imaginary" principles is impractical, can never be faster.

In this blog's last, a part of every parallel universe may cancel each other in quantum computer ?
So, this Shor's algorithm depends on too optimistic and unrealistic ideas.

Princeton must stop high tuition, deceptive advertising !

[ University must honestly tell people about using "useless" quasiparticle. ]

(Pri-1)  Weyl fermion, monopole = quasiparticles lack reality.     

Recently, I was shocked at Princeton's "exaggerated" advertisement about Science paper.
Weyl fermion is "imaginary" massless electron, which does NOT exist in real world.

So, Weyl fermion inside condensed matter is just unreal quasiparticle ( see this ).
But Princeton clearly conceals this word "quasiparticle", comparing Princeton and this !

Furthermore, Princeton says Weyl fermions behave like monopole and anitimonopole.  Again they hide the important fact this monopole is unreal quasiparticle.

Universities love "exaggerated" phrase, "after 85-year search !" ( see this ).  But it means our basic science has stopped since 85 years ago !  This is disaster.

They argue this Weyl fermion is more stable and useful for computer. But it is untrue.  Because It's impossible to isolate and move these unreal quasiparticles freely. ←false advertising.

They interpret some electrons as quasi-massless using ARPES. see FIG 5 and this p.10.
All Universities must reduce exorbitant tuition drastically, if they continue false advertising !

'Pentaquark' discovery is false, deceptive.

[ Fractional charge quarks "cannot" be isolated and confirmed ! ]

(Pe-1)  Why only 1/3e and 2/3e are allowed in quarks ?  ← too good !   

Recently, LHC at CERN, gigantic trash, announced that they discovered 'pentaquark'.
But this word "discover" is exaggeration and false.  See abc, bbc, Time,  media-hype !

Because each quark with fractional charge can NEVER be isolated ( see this, this ) !  They just interpret some aggregates (← vague definition ! ) of electrons and protons as "quark".

Because, LHC can detect only electrons and lights, neither quark nor each energy.
In fact, "discovery" (← ? ) of pentaquark is NOT the first ( this, this ), which turned out to be wrong.

The definition of "discovery" of new paticles by LHC is completely different from "discovery" of real electron and proton.  So very doubtful.  See this and Higgs.

Physicists cannot explain why quark's charge did NOT adopt other 1/4e, 3/5e ...
Quark's charge 1/3e, 2/3e are too good to be true, just for explaining meaningless symmetry .

Universities are hiding unreality, uselessness and fatal flaws (← fraud ! ) of standard model to extort money from students !  Hyped-up "God particle" corresponds to deceptive advertising.

Top university = exorbitant tuition fee !  Why ?

[ Commercial universities have controlled everything through the media ! ]

(Un-1)  Why tuition fees do NOT decrease by competition ?   

According to university ranking, All top universities such as Harvard, Princeton impose exorbitant tuition fees on students.  Why their tuition cannot decrease by competition ?

These rich universities enroll only a few low-income students, increasing income inequality !  If cheaper universities provide more useful skills, rich universities reduce their tuition, too ?

Unfortunately, the principle of competition is NOT working in the present universities !
Because the basic science stops since 1920s, which prevents emergence of cheaper useful colleges !

So all top-ranking companies can rely on is "name brand" of university, when recruiting students.  Top universities have controlled "a course of action" in science for many years.

In fact, the present physics lacks reality in parallel worlds, standard model, black hole.
If Nobel prize, journals resisted university, they were ignored as "third-rate" by the media controlled by university !

If commercial Harvard, Stanford were "state-operated", they would NOT have been allowed to waste exorbitant tuition fees in advertising fake theories, hiding fatal paradox (= fraud ! )

"Black hole superconductor" is nonsense !

[ 10 dimensional "string black hole" is applied to superconductor ? ]

(Ad-1)  Black hole AdS/CFT correspondence lacks realitiy   

Hawking thought black hole has entropy proportional to the surface area of its event horizon, different from ordinary entropy (= proportional to volume ).  ← Holography ?

This idea led to AdS/CFT correspondence in which 5 dimensional AdS (= anti de Sitter ) space includes 4 dimensional CFT (= conformal ).

Their total space time must be 10 dimensional string theory, which lacks reality !
Ignoring fatal paradox led to unreal theory of everything, promoted mainly by commercial universities !

Surprisingly, the current physics tries to apply "imaginary" string theory to actual condensed matter by force !  See this and this.  Nonsense.

They created "superconducting black hole", in which some condensate (= ψ ) returns to event horizon inside superconductor due to warped AdS space !  See this p.7, this p.4.

Of course, it's impossible that black hole exists inside actual superconductor !  So the current physics just pursues "illusion" even in condensed matter. See this last.

Warped AdS space is unrealistic and inconsistent.

[ Negative curvature, AdS is inconsistent with accelerating universe. ]

(Ad-2)  "AdS/CFT" is just meaningless math trick, lacks reality.   

10 dimensional string theory compactifies 6 dimensional Calabi-Yau spaces on Anti-de Sitter (= AdS ) background to get real 4 dimensional spacetime.  See this p.1.

The problem is this AdS space with negative curvature is inconsistent with accelerating universe (= de Sitter, positive ).  See this.  So, self-contradictory.

Furthermore, the concept of AdS/CFT correspondence itself is meaningless math trick with NO physical entity.  Some simple examples are in here p.9.

In Ad-2 upper, this equation is 5 dimensional with negative AdS curvature.
As the radial r is close to infinity ( r → ∞ ), one term disappears.

Doing conformal scale transformation ( r → 1 ), this equation becomes 4 dimentional Minkowski spacetime (= CFT ).  They just call this change "AdS/CFT".

As you see, this concept lacks reality from the beginning.
Extradimensions ( here 5 - 4 = 1 ) themselves are nonsense. They cannot be confirmed !

The present Science excludes "inqusitive" students !

[ Useless "university" sticks to unreal virtual and quasi particles, forever ! ]

(SM-1)  "Magnon" is fictitious quasiparticle, meaningless symbols.   

Top journal Science paper sticks to unreal quasi (= magnon ) and virtual particles.
Universities are "focus of cancer" all over the world. Tokyo is also dominated by 10 dimensional string theory.

Magnon is NOT actual particle but quasiparticle for spin wave.  See this, this.
Quantum mechanics cannot predict multi-electron atoms, though it pretends first-principle.

This useless Schrodinger equation urged physicists to create fictitious quasiparticles.
Then, what does this magnon look like in quantum mechanics ?

Magnon is meaningless abstract math symbol with NO shape ( this p.3, this p.16 ).
But people are brainwashed by the media's fake images ( this, this ) controlled by commercial univeresity.

So the current universities exclude "inquisitive" students from "science" world, which hampers all applied fields such as medicine.

Science ( see this ) promotes more innocent Hawaiian people being arrested for "fraudulent" telescope, which will just pursue illusion !

University teaches "useless" science to students !

[ The current physics stops at fictitious quasiparticle, forever. ]

(Ex-1)  All quantum mechanics can express is abstract useless operator !   

Advertisement of commercial universities goes too far and so harmful that they mislead people into believing university is useful (← ? ) in spite of their exorbitant tuition fees !

When you see Harvard and MIT ( this, this ), you may think quasiparticle, exciton will be useful for efficient energy and solar cell in the future.  But these catchphrases are untrue just to collect money !

First, quasiparticle is NOT an actual particle ( see this, this ), though they didn't refer to this fact.
Exciton is just another name for a pair of electron and hole.  Why did they bother to create fictitious quasiparticle ?

This site says quantum mechanics cannot handle many-body problems, which urged physicists to create unreal quasiparticles.  ( ex. an electron splits into spin, charge, orbit quasiparticles ! ).

The main problem is that all the current physics can express is abstract math symbols as particle.
Each exciton is expressed as operator, "c" with NO shape. That's all.  See this p.5 and this.

All particles such as electron and photon are abstract math operators with NO physical figure !  They keep a tight hold on useless math symbols and unreal quasiparticles, forever.

University and the media must honestly tell people that they teach useless things, NOT extort money using "fake" advertisement !

Why is tuition fee in "top" university so exorbitant ?

[ Universities "deceive" students using "fictions" to extort money ! ]

(Un-1)  ↓ This university ranking is clearly for "raising" tuition fee !   

According to this ranking, all top universities such as Harvard, Princeton .. impose exorbitant tuition fees on students !  One glance is enough to find this ranking is to raise tuition fee !

Though Harvard has as much as $35 billion endowment, they paid almost NO tax ( see this ), disguised as "nonprofit" (← ? ), enrolling small percentage of low-income students.

It is unforgivable that even state universities ( California, Michigan ) raised tuition fees to $12804 !, not including other costs such as rooms.

This ranking really means the university with high tuition offers useful knowledge to students ?   Unfortunately, they teach only useless and "imaginary" concepts !

The basic science stops due to unreal quasiparticles and faster-than-light spin.
So all they can do is pursue "imaginary" early universe, 10-spacetime extradimensions and parallel worlds !

What is most unforgivable thing is to hide true paradox ( see this ), which lead to unreal virtual particles. Harvard must honestly tell people about unreality, NOT by "fake" advertisement.

Easier access to student loan will end up raising tuition fee by fraudulent university !
University must reduce exorbitant tuition fee drastically, if they continue misleading people !

Gravitational waves do NOT exist.

[ Gravitational waves "vanish", when observer moves !  ←NOT exist ! ]

(Gr-1)  We can choose "convenient" gravitational pseudotensor !   

It is often said that gravitational wave, ripples in the spacetime, is the result of Einstein general relativity.  But it's a big lie.  Gravitational wave solution is called " pseudotensor", so NOT real.

Surprisingly, this gravitational wave energy (= pseudotensor ) vanishes depending on observer's motion (= coordinate ).  See this p.1, this p.1.  So gravitational waves do NOT exist.

Read this website !  Physicists just choose convenient coordinate (= observer's motion ) for experimental results.  So Einstein himself said "gravitational waves do NOT exist !"

"Imaginary" gravitational waves are convenient tools for the media and university to extort money from people.  Hiding basic flaws from students is completely a fraud !

Furthermore, there are many different choices in gravitational pseudotensors ( see this p.2, this p.2 ).  So they just choose convenient solutions, NOT a natural result of Einstein relativity !

Nobel prize for gravitational waves was wrong.

(Gr-2)  Prize for "imaginary" wave is very harmful for students !   

Gravitational waves have NOT been detected directly. But Nobel prize was awarded for its indirect detection (← ? ) in pulsar.  This prize was a big mistake, and harmful to science, I think.

Probably, Nobel committee yielded to a forceful pressure from universities, which mislead people by "repetitive" advertisement.  In fact, even after Nobel prize, it remained controversial.

In spite of NO progress in recent research, universities and the media desperately try to attract people's attention every year ( see 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 ← No progress. just media's topic ).

First, we cannot confirm the pulsar is neutron star, much less their elusive "masses".
They claim the orbital period of pulsar changed only 40 seconds over 30 years, emitting "imaginary" gravitational waves.

Furthermore, this pulsar is 21000 light years far away from the earth !
The radio waves emitted from this pulsar would have been influenced by space dusts during this long journey !

So this indirect proof of gravitational wave through "electromagnetic pulse" is very doubtful, though it got Nobel prize.

Hawaiian telescope will pursue "illusion", useless !

[ It's impossible to see the light 13.8 billions years ago.  Too old ! ]

(Ha-1)  Telescope pursues faster-than-light expansion, useless paradox !   

Recent news said eleven Hawaiian people were arrested in protest against controversial thirty meter telescope.  This gigantic telescope really deserves to occupy sacred place scientifically ?

According to abc, NYTimes, this telescope is to see early universe 13.8 billion years ago.
We cannot even know ancient detailed events tens of thousands years ago on the earth !

The present cosmology claims that our universe is expanding faster-than-light, and cosmic microwave (= CMB ), for which this telescope is built, is the remnant of ancient light.

But this microwave is too uniform, isotropic (= 2.7 K with only tiny 10-5 K variation ! )  Thinking commonsensically, this microwaves would have been scattered by space dusts, and lost uniformity during 13.8 billion years !

And they say this telescope is for unseen black hole, which is impossible to form within finite years !  Black hole paradox is meaningless with NO progress ( see 1997 and 2015 )

Universities ( UC, Caltech ) should stop building useless telescope, raising tuition fee, misleading people, using TV drama, drummer and blogger.

Coulomb force is caused by unreal "virtual" photons !

[ Coulomb force is "exchange" of virtual photons violating Einstein relativity !? ]

(Co-1)  University excludes "inquisitive" students from "science" world !   

Everybody knows Coulomb force governs almost all physical phenomena around us.
But ordinary people don't know quantum mechanics claims Coulomb force is due to exchange of virtual photons.

This virtual photon disobeys Einstein formula.  See this, this.
Surprisingly, a square of mass of this virtual particle becomes negative ( m2 < 0 ), called off-shell.

So this virtual photon (= the origin of Coulomb force !? ) is inconsistent with Einstein relativity.  So unreal, which is the reason it's called "virtual".  All other forces are "virtual", unreal.

They started to insist this virtual photon is just "mathematical device", NOT a real object. See this, this.  Though Coulomb force itself is real.  So the present physics is self-contradictory.

University excludes "inquisitive" strudents from "science" world, NOT allowing further basic questions .  So university is a "focus of cancer" destroying student's future all over the world.

Instead of federal student loan, fraudulent university ( which misleads people by fake "advertisement" ) must reduce exorbitant tuition fee, first !  See comment.

Quantum electrons crash into nucleus !  ←unreal.

[ University excludes "inquisitive" students from "science" world ! ]

(Cr-1)  Electron in "s" state has NO orbital angular momentum.   → 

Quantum mechanics claims that electrons in "s" state have ZERO orbital angular momentum.  See this, this.  It means electrons are oscillating "linearly" around nucleus in hydrogen ?

If so, an electron with NO angular momentum ( l = 0 ) always crashes into nucleus in hydrogen ground state ?  Sodium (= Na ) has a 3s outer electron with Zero angular momentum, too.

It means 3s electron of Na always penetrates not only nucleus but also inner electrons ?  Due to repulsions among electrons, it is natural that 3s outer electron goes around inner electrons, NOT penetrating them !

Like solar system, it is quite natural that all planets with some angular momentum go around the sun, NOT crashing !  So quantum mechanical model disobeys the nature law. So unreal.

As seen in these forums ( this, this ), mentors (= moderator ) just repeat boring phrases, "quantum" is different from "classical" !, with NO progress, avoiding clear mechanism.

These miserable situations are the results of the current science education by "university".
Even if some "inquisitive" students ask more concrete questions, quantum mechanics just dodges them, and excludes them !

University is hiding "true" paradox from students !

[ Force F is "changed" under observer's movement → Paradox ! ]

(Rm-1)  Forces Fy become "unbalanced", when observer moves !   

It is unforgivable that universities all over the world hide true paradox from students, misleading them.  Einstein's relativity hampers all applied fields through spin. See this.

I'm afraid Hawaiian people may be fighting with "gigantic universities" which control the media ( abc, NYTimes ) using ample funds based on exorbitant tuition fees and subsidies.

It is said mass-energy equivalence ( E = mc2 ) is "relativistic" effect. But it's a complete lie.  This artificial definition caused fatal paradox. Antiparticle disobeys energy conservation.

To satisfy Einstein equation, force Fy perpendicular to the direction of motion must be decreased, when it ( or observer ) is moving.   See this, this, this p.15.

In Rm-1 left, the same forces Fy ( one is moving ) are applied to both ends of balance scales.
In Rm-1 right, when observer moves, "moving force" stops, so "increases".

And the force at rest in Rm-1 left starts to move, so decreases.  As a result, the whole balance scales incline to the right, only when the observer is moving ! ←Paradox !

Relativistic momentum, energy were "artificially" defined.

[ Einstein mass-energy equation is NOT a natural result of special relativity. ]

(Rm-2)  Artificial definition of relativistic mass caused fatal paradox !   

The important point is that Einstein's mass-energy equation is NOT a natural result of the original relativity (= Lorentz transformation ), but an "artificial" definition.

Einstein relativity is based on the postulate that light speed is always constant "c", independent of observer's movement, which invites another postulate everything cannot exceed light speed.

So they defined relativistic mass, which increases infinitely, when a thing is close to light speed.  And they defined relativistic energy and momentum, imitating the " spacetime" relation.

This new postulate about E,p is completely independent from the original Lorentz transformation.  So "relativistic" mass, energy is an "artificial" definition, NOT representing "nature" at all.

To adjust this artificial definition to fit the original postulate, forces have to change unreasonably, when the observer moves. It causes one of true paradoxes, which universities hide from people.

Considering the maximum speed "c" in electric field (= force ) and its resistance, accelerating things is harder (= heavier ), as their speeds are closer to light speed.

Hawaii telescope is a waste of money.

[ The present cosmology pursues only "fantasy", harmful to all young students ! ]

(Tel-1)  "Time stop" on the event horizon means black hole cannot form !   

According to recent news ( Science, CBS ), astronomers try to restart construction of controversial telescope in Hawaii.  The problem is whether this telescope will really contribute to our science or not.

This article says this telescope is for "unrealistic" Big bang, dark matter and black hole.
So this telescope ignores "science". It's impossible that black hole formed within finite time ( see this ).

They ( Harvard ) try to connect doubtful black hole with unreal 10 dimensional string theory.
Many physicists all over the world waste their time in "imaginary" information paradox. See this.

NYTimes got money from universities ( ex. MIT ) for advertisement ?  The present physics stops, so all rich universities can do is "advertise" fake theories to collect money, rather than developing "science" !

As I said many times, if universities waste their ample funds in these useless concepts, and hide true flaws (← so "fraud" ), they have to reduce their exorbitant tuition fees, first !

In conclusion, this telescope will have bad influence on not only Hawaiian people, but also young students all over the world by misleading them and destroying their careers.

University is hiding "true" paradox from students !

[ Strange electric charge = only x component of electric field is zero !? ]

(Tp-1)  Neutral current changes into positive (= but only Ex remains zero ! )   

Einstein's relativity is the basis of various unrealistic theories such as string theory, Big bang, Higgs, faster-than-light spin and black hole, so it hampers all other applied fields.

So if universities hide true paradoxes from people and waste their ample funds in advertising false theories ( Harvard, Princeton ), they must reduce exorbitant tuition fees drastically, now !

Einstein's relativity had to incorporate Maxwell equation to explain its light speed.
But it changes "neutral" current into electrically "charged" wire to cancel Lorentz magnetic force.

This causes fatal paradox, in which external electron (= -e ) is attracted to the wire, only when observer is moving !  See Lorentz transformation of current and charge, this p.3.

Under Lorentz transformation, only x component (= Ex = parallel to motion ) of electric field remains zero, and other Ey, Ez become Non-zero, which means unrealistic charged wire !  See this, this p.8.

The upper wire of TP-1 right is "positively" charged, so all electric fields (= Ex, Ey, Ez ) around charges must be nonzero. But special relativity keeps only its x-component (= Ex ) zero !  ← Fatal flaws.

Pauli exclusion principle has Nothing to do with "spin" !

[ Pauli exclusion is "operators anticommute" ?  ←NOT physics. ]

(Pa-1)  Universities exclude "inquisitive" students from "science" world !   

Pauli exclusion principle is a mysterious force in which the 3rd electron of lithium is excluded from inner 1s orbitals occupied by "up" and "down" spins, according to quantum mechanics.

But this strong "repulsive" force does NOT belong to four fundamental forces.
If "spin" is involved, its magnetic moments cause this Pauli exclusion ?  Unfortunately NOT.

Repulsive force of Pauli exclusion in lithium is as strong as 27 eV.  But spin-spin magnetic energy is far smaller ( < 10-4 eV ), which falls woefully short of it.

So they started to claim that this Pauli exclusion is due to quantum "exchange" interaction ( see this p.7, this ).  And this "exchange" originates from anticommutation of math operators. See this p.2.

So the present physics stops seeking more truth than this meaningless operators, and universities ( Harvard, caltech ) exclude "inquisitive" students from science world or destroy them.

If unreal "spin" cannot explain this Pauli exclusion principle, we have to rely on more realistic de Broglie wave's interference.  See also this.

Einstein's relativity is the biggest "scam" ever !

[ University is hiding "true" paradoxes, deceiving students ! ]

(Re-1)  Hiding "true" paradox caused various "fantasy" concepts.   

What is the most unforgivable thing is to hide true paradoxes of special relativity !
These true paradoxes can never be seen in usual websites of universities ( this, this ) !

So ordinary people and students don't know the existence of these "true" paradoxes at all !
Einstein relativity is the basis of Higgs boson, extradimensions, black hole and Big bang.

All these concepts lack reality, and cannot be confirmed directly.  So very doubtful.
They say Spin-orbit coupling is relativistic effect. But this faster-than-light spin is unreal.

Lorentz force, this, this are true paradoxes, which textbooks and universities are desperately hiding from people.  It caused virtual photons violating relativity and dark matter as substitute aether.

So if universities ( Harvard, Princeton ) try to deify Einstein, ignore true paradox and mislead students, they have to reduce their exorbitant tuition fee to less than 1/10 of the present !

Lorentz ( electric, magnetic ) force paradox kills Einstein.

[ Neutral electric current becomes positively "charged" by observer's movement ! ]

(Re-2)  "Stationary" electron (= -e ) is suddenly attracted to positive current !   

In Lorentz transformation, each spacetime in one frame corresponds to another frame, one-to-one.  So twin-paradox (= two different clock times in one place ) never happens.

Using gravity, we can prove GPS correction includes fatal twin paradox, so wrong.
Tests of general relativity are all vague and doubtful ( only 38 μs per day,  2o per century ! )

In Re-2 right, from the viewpoint of moving observer, a proton (= e+ ) at rest is seen moving to the left, which experiences Lorentz magnetic force.  Though static proton (= left ) doesn't feel magnetic force.

This is paradox. So to cancel this magnetic force by artificial electric force, "neutral" current must turn "positive" just by observer's movement !  See this and Science (← NO realistic solutions ! )

This paradox is caused by the fact that Lorentz magnetic force (= evB ) is so special that it changes by observer's velocity, which usual special relavitiy cannot handle.

So NYTimes and Forbes should NOT mislead innocent people, ignoring these "true" paradoxes !

"Spin" is an unreal and artificial concept !

[ Spinning speed of a "point-like" electron far exceeds light speed c ! ]

(Es-1)  "Spin" has Bohr magneton.  ← What a coincidence with Bohr orbit !   

Electron spin is unrealistic.  Because an electron is very tiny, point-like, electron's spinning speed must far exceed the light speed c !   See this , this, Orzel.

Surprisingly, weird electron spin has the same magnetic moment (= Bohr magneton ) as Bohr's orbit !  See mit.  What a coincidence !  Bohr's orbit has nothing to do with spin !

It is experimentally known that ground state of hydrogen has the the magnetism of Bohr magneton.  But quantum mechanics gives unreal zero angular momentum.  See this.

So they artificially defined spin's magnetism as the same as Bohr magneton. ← Too good !
Besides this unreality, "spin" cannot explain Pauli exclusion, ferromagnet, spin-orbit.

All we can experimentally measure is its magnetism (= Bohr magneton ), NOT spin itself.
So luxurious universities, Harvard, Stanford waste exorbitant tuition fee and tax in this unrealistic "spin" !

10 dimensional string theorist, Lubos artificially changes "electron mass", which is nonsense.

Universities mislead and destroy promising students !

[ Tempting students by "unreal" concepts destroys their futures. → Postdoc. ]

(Pos-1)  Universities mislead students by advertising "fake" images !   

Recently, the postdoc problem is getting worse.  Even after long studies, many postdocs find no stable jobs, depressed, end up destroying their careers in debt.   See "Don't become a scientist !"

Why do we face these serious situations ?  The main problem is that universities do NOT teach useful things to students !  See unreal quasipaticles, extradimensions and black holes.

Even the latest Harvard paper argues "Einstein saves Schrodinger's cat".  But it's impossible to see a "dead and alive" cat at the same time.  So this research is meaningless ( see Nature ).

If basic physics is uselsss with "fantasy" spin, all other applied fields ( ex. life science ) are hampered and useless, too.  So universities inflict untold harm on students, "quietly".

But people would little dream that universities don't achieve their duty as educational facilities.  Because universities mislead innocent people using famous Hawking, Lisa, Weinberg and 11 dimensional Witten.

A handful of successful physicists try to tempt new students into useless postdocs, like zombies biting and increasing new zombies !  To break this vicious circle is one of my main purposes.

Lisa Randall --  extra dimensions are "fantasy" !

[ Lisa, Harvard university should stop teaching "unreal" extradimensions. ]

(Lis-1)  Why is even "top-ranked" Harvard teaching "fiction" ?   

Lisa Randall is famous as an attractive female physicist, tenured Harvard professor.
I'm afraid she is used as a "poster girl" for Harvard university to collect students and money.

Because contrary to her reputation, her field " extradimensions" lose touch with reality.  So Harvard is using her to distract people's attention from unreal 10 spacetime dimensions ?

Unfortunately, Lisa's book (= warped passages ) is full of "fictions".  She tries to justify unreal extradimensions and KK particle by unrelated "anecdotes" and her inspiration.

If Harvard wants to use 400 million $ in "useful" applied science, they must stop meaningless black hole, early universe, extradimensions and faster-than-light spin ( see this ).

Commercial universities are good and "competitive", when basic theories are "right".
But if basic theories are wrong, they end up being "fraud" educational organization just to extort money from students !

Higgs, Weinberg theories have NO meaning.

[ Large hadron collider is wasteful "trash", pursuing only illusions ! ]

(HW-1)  Weinberg weak boson disobeys energy conservation !    

Accelerators such as large hadron collider (= LHC ) are wasteful trash, pursuing only "imaginary" particles.  Because Higgs theory itself lacks reality.

Even after Higgs and quark had been discovered (← ? ), these doubtful particles have NOT contributed to our society at all.  So it's safe to say these particles do NOT exist.

Unsubstantial Higgs has NO value except as the media's topic = "God" particle ( abc, bbc, nbc ).
In fact, Higgs boson (← NOT "field" ) has Nothing to do with mass, as Lincoln and Lisa admitted.

So Higgs "boson" research at LHC itself is just a waste of money.
By the way, why does a partricle's mass become zero without Higgs ?

Weinberg argued Lagrangian (= energy ) must be invariant (= called "symmetry" ) under local phase transformation.  If "mass" term is included, it cannot be invariant ( see this p.7-, this p.2 ).

The point is this "local phase ( gauge ) transformation" has NO physical meaning !
Higgs, Weinberg theories lack "physical" grounds from the beginning.  So unreal.

"Symmetry" in Higgs mechanism, has NO physical meaning !

[ Equation must be invariant under "phase" transformation ? ← meaningless. ]

(HW-2)  Symmetry requires "massless" weak boson, so Higgs ?    

Unsubstantial Higgs boson has NO value and NO meaning, except for luxurious universities to collect money from students and people's tax, using Higgs as "advertisement".

Lagrangian is related to total energy and gives equation of motion.  They claim particles such as electron, neutrino are described by Dirac equation = too abstract to describe actual phenomena.

Weinberg theory requires that this Lagrangian must be invariant under "local phase" transformation ( see this p.7 ).  There are NO physical grounds for this transformation ! See this.

So standard model just states this transformation without offering any reasons !
There are NO realistic pictures in these abstract math, so Higgs "water" by Fermilab is misleading.

When mass terms are included in this Lagrangian, it cannot be invariant under this transformation.  So they remove this mass term ( of. weak boson ), and instead Higgs equation includes this mass term.

This "artificial" math is Higgs, which ordinary people don't know, because the media hides it.   Ethan should learn more about unrealistic weak boson from Lubos and Tommaso.

The present physics is filled with unreal particles. -- Science

[ Skyrmion, monopole are unreal quasiparticles. + Superluminal spin ! ]

(Sk-1)  Physicists waste much time in "imaginary" quasiparticles !   

The current condensed matter physics is filled with unreal quasiparticles ( see this ).
Quantum mechanics with unrealistic "spin" (= faster-than-light !? ), cannot predict multi-electron atoms.

So All physicists can do is play with fictitious quasiparticles and abstract math symbols.
Top journal Science paper also depends on this unsubstantial quasiparticle, skyrmion.

Though they say this fictitious skyrmion is related to spintronics in ferromagnets, it's impossible.  Because spin-spin magnetic force is too weak to cause ferromagnets ( see this p.6, this p.7 ).

Skyrmion just represents some magnetic "pattern" by many-body effect, NOT unreal spin.  Skyrmion was originally obsolete nuclear force (← meaningless "analogy" is everyhing ).

They just try to link this skyrmion to unreal magnetic monopole ( see Science ).
So, the current physics just plays with "fiction", NOT clarifying deeper truth, hampers all applied fields.

This is the reason why physicists all over the world waste much time in "useless" black hole ( encouraged by NYTimes ), Big bang and 10 dimensional string theory.

Black hole is useless,  just media-hype. --- NYTimes

[ Severe time dilation inhibits black hole (= illusion ! ) formation. ]

(NYT-1)  Physicists waste much time in "imaginary" black hole paradox !   

Sometimes I read general section in NYTimes, which is full of insightful and penetrating articles, except physics full of fictions, inconsistency having a bad influence on people.

Black hole is invisible ( see this ) and so far away from the earth that we cannot see even star's motion around it. They just mistake X-ray fluctuation for revolution (= unseen ! ) around black hole.

They waste much time in useless concepts such as falling ( or peer ) into black hole, and firewall information paradox ( santa barbara, stanford ).

Though NYTimes says our universe started 13.8 billion years ago, severe time dilation inhibits black hole formation from stars within "finite" years ( see this ), seen from the distant earth.

So it's completely meaningless and waste of time to think black hole fusion and Hawking radiation.  It means NYTimes says self-contradiction.

Students in all fields waste their precious time and money in universities, leaving loans.
Physicists ( ex. Sabine ) devote all their energies to blogs to mislead people, rather than developing physics.

ALS disease is incurable by "fantasy" quantum mechanics !

[ Only "primitive" methods can be used in ALS research by useless physics. ]

(Als-1)  Biologists only mutate DNA or change protein levels. ←Primitive ways !   

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (= ALS ) is a merciless disease, in which patients gradually lose abilities of moving, speaking, swallowing, breathing, to death.  There is NO cure for ALS.

The only way of curing ALS is to clarify deeper molecular mechanism, because our human bodies are made of electrons and nuclei.  But useless quantum mechanics hampers it !

The current condensed matter physics is filled with unreal quasiparticles, invaded by "fantasy" 10 dimensional string theorists ( ex. Witten ), and parallel universe ( see mit ).

Schrodinger equation cannot predict any multi-electron atoms, useless forever.  This is the reason they waste much time in "invisible" black hole (= Nature, NYTimes ).

Useless quantum mechanics are NOT used by biologists at all, even now.
Even in the latest ALS researches ( this, this ), All they can use is "primitive" biotechnologies such as mutating DNA or increasing some protein levels.

So as long as we stick to unrealistic quantum mechanics, all fatal diseases ( ex cancer ) remain incurable, and students in all fields waste their time and money in universites for nothing.

Why "10 dimensional" string theory is used in graphene ?

[ Unrealistic quantum mechanics allows invasion by "fantasy" string theorists ! ]

(Wit-1)  Graphene by quantum mechanics lacks reality with Witten term !   

In a recent journal, we found strange title, "Wess-Zumino-Witten terms in Graphene".
Edward Witten is an advocate of "unrealistic" 11 dimensional M ( string ) theory.  Why graphene ?

String theory is the only theory of everything, so physicist doubting 10 dimensions and 10500 many worlds, cannot be professors, as seen in Woit,  no matter how unrealistic string theory is.

Graphene by quantum mechanic lacks reality. It depends on fictitious pseudospin ( see mit ) and massless electron slower than light ( see this middle ). All the current physics shows is useless symbols.

In Harvard's paper p.2, you see abstract WZW (= Witten ) term. Nobody knows the origin of this unreal term ( see this p.2 ).  This term exists only for math symmetry (= invariance of Lagrangian ) with NO physical meaning.

Witten ( see this p.2 ) made string theory invariant under some transformation (= called symmetry ), which has NO physical meaning.  All they can do is aim at meaningless symmetry in useless physics.

Universities ( Columbia, Harvard, Princeton ) must reduce their exorbitant tuition fee to less than 1/10 of the present, if their "fantasy" extradimensions obstruct all other applied fields !

Singlet, Triplet have Nothing to do with "Spin" !

[ Spin-Spin magnetic energy is "too weak" to cause singlet, triplet splitting. ]

(Tri-1)  "Spin" singlet, triplet in textbooks are "fraud" !   

You may have often seen phrases such as "Spin = singlet, triplet" in textbooks and various sites ( Nature, harvard, texas ).  But these expressions are untrue, and misleading people and students !

Because "singlet, triplet" has nothing to do with unrealistic "spin".
Spin-spin magnetic energy is far too weak to explain energy splitting between singlet and triplet states.

See this, this p.5.  If we calculate spin-spin magnetic energy using classical electromagnetism, it is very weak (= 10-4 eV ).  But actual spin-triplet is as big as 1.63 eV in magnesium.

See nist (Mg). The energy difference between 3s3p triplet and singlet (= second and third from the top ) are 13140 cm-1 (= 1.63 eV ) using conversion !

This big energy splitting (= 1.63 eV ) is due to Coulomb force, NOT by weak spin magnetism.
Story of Spin ( by Tomonaga ) also says "singlet and triplet energy difference is as big as electric origin" on p.84-85.

Though they insist this large interaction is due to vague "quantum" phenomena, they don't show clear mechanism at all, except abstract operators.   Stop "fraud" of spin ! ( as I said many times )

Quatum mechanics has NO ability to describe particles.

[ Electron, positron, quarks are abstract Dirac equation lacking reality. ]

(Di-1)  Electron = abstract operator (= c ) with NO physical picture.  

Though ordinary people tend to be deceived by colorful pictures (← fake ! ) of electron and photon in the media ( this, this ), the current quantum mechanics has NO ability to express those realistic pictures.

All quantum mechanics can show is each particle's creation (= a, c ) and annihilation (= a, c ) operators, as its behavior.  That's all. See this and this.

All fermions such as electron, positron, neutrino, quarks are governed by abstract Dirac equation, which just shows simple math operators with NO physical picture.  See this, this p.6.

But ordinary people are misled into believing quantum mechanical pictures are leading-edge and realistic, by falsely exaggerated images of standard model ( see this, cern, Stanford ).

If the media neglect wasteful accelerators, early universe, black hole, these imaginary concepts with NO reality and NO value would fade into oblivion.  This is the reason they appeal to the public using various media ( ex. Lincoln ).

Photon, Higgs boson lack reality, too.

[ The present physics cannot show any physical pictures of photon, Higgs. ]

(Di-2)  All physical phenomena = meaningless math operators ? ↓  

Also about photon and Higgs, all the present physics can show is abstract math symbols. See this, this p.12.  So "God particle" images by the media ( this, this ) are NOT true.

About Pauli exclusion principle, the quantum field theory says nothing but meaningless anticommutation relation of fermion's operators.  See this.

The only theory of everything, string theory can only show the same type of operators, commutation relations, with NO progress, except "fantasy" 10 dimensions and wrong math ( 1+2+3+... = -1/12 ).

So the mathematics used in quantum mechanics has NO relation with our physical world, like meaningless symmetry, contrary to Ethan, who misleads people by unreal images.

It is a famous story that later Dirac admitted serious defects existing in quantum mechanics (= QED artificial trick ), indicating the current physics is basically wrong.

What is neutrino ?  --- Nobel medal was auctioned !?

[ The present physics cannot answer basic questions, "What is neutrino ?" ]

(Le-1)  Nobel prizes to "standard model" obstruct development of science !  

A recent news said Leon Lederman, who discovered muon neutrino, auctioned his Nobel prize medal.  Aside from ethical problems, we reassess whether this Nobel prize really contributed to our daily lives.

Though "muon" decays instantly (= 2.2 μs ) into an electron and neutrino, they call this unstable muon "elementary" particle, NOT trying to investigate its deeper structure !  Science stops.

It is known that neutrino always travels at light speed, and can penetrate the earth.
But standard model shows nothing of their concrete properties, except abstract Feynman diagram and operator

Even after the media reported Higgs and quarks have been discovered, our daily lives have NOT changed at all !  So it is safe to say these transient particles with NO influence are "unreal".

In case of muon neutrino, Nobel prize just admitted the conventional standard model, which clearly obstructs our science developments, avoiding concrete "shape" of neutrino.

Higgs is a convenient tool for the media and universities to extort money from students.
Wasteful trash, LHC is useless, except for the media and bloggers ( ex. Tommaso's quiz = cern PR ).

Fine structure = strange coincidence with Bohr model !?

[ Fine structure in quantum mechanics agreed with Bohr-Sommerfeld model ! ]

(Fi-1)  Fine structure spectrum agreed with Bohr-Sommerfeld model !  

There are too many strange coincidences between Bohr model and quantum mechanics.
It is known that Bohr model agreed with hydrogen spectrum lines.  Was it just "lucky" ?

Quantum mechanics argues that small energy splitting (= fine strurure ) is caused by spin-orbit interaction, and Bohr model failed (← lie ! ) in this fine structure ( see this p.14 ).

But in fact, Bohr-Sommerfeld model could explain this fine structure correctly. See historical magic p.2-3. They call it "strange coincidence" between Sommerfeld and Dirac formulas.

But it is unnatural that not only Bohr model but also Sommerfeld fine structure agreed with quantum mechanics. See this last, this.  Because Bohr model doesn't have electron spin.

Though MIT p.2 says Sommerfeld gave right results for wrong (← ? ) reasons, quantum spin (= basis for their judgement ) is much more unrealistic.  Its spin far exceeds light speed !

It's extremely bad manner NOT to mention Sommerfeld, when textbooks and universities explain fine structure.  Heavier relativistic mass is due to stronger resistance of the medium, as particles move faster.

Electron "spin" speed exceeds light speed ! ← unreal

[ Point particle electron has angular momentum ← Spin speed is infinite ! ]

(Spi-1)  Angular momentum = mass × velocity ( v → ∞ ) × radius ( r → 0 ).   =  

Quantum mechanics argues that electron spin has angular momentum like classical mechanics.   But an electron is a point-like particle, which radius (= r ) is almost zero.

Angular momentum is defined by mass (= m ) × velocity (= v ) × radius (= r ).
So if this radius is close to zero ( r → 0 ), its spin speed becomes much faster than light !

So this site gives up the reality of electrons spin.  Other sites say "Spin has angular momentum, but it is NOT actually spinning !"  See this, this, this.

It is very unreasonable that "Spin" with angular momentum is NOT actually spinning !
We cannot see this unrealistic spin itself.  All we can measure is its magnetism.

Surprisingly, electron spin magnetism is accidentally equal to Bohr magneton in Bohr's orbit ( see this ) !  It's natural this magnetism is due to "orbital" motion, NOT by spin.

People should NOT be deceived by "fake" spin images (= arrow ) in journals, universities ( harvard, MIT = wasting high school fees ) and webnews ( this, this ) !

"Fantasy" 10-dimensional string theory ( see Lubos ) cannot give clear answer at all.

Quantum mechanics cannot predict useful energy values !

[ "Precise" quantum mechanics in textbooks is a complete "lie" ! ]

(HF-1)  Quantum mechanics just "chooses" wavefunctions (= NOT exact ! )    

You may often see conventional phrases such as "quantum mechanics is accurate and most successful theory" in textbooks and universities.  But this cliche is a total lie.

So all people and students are deceived into believing quantum mechanics is useful.
Because Schrodinger equation cannot estimate total energies (= E ) in any multi-electron atoms.

Then how does quantum mechanics handle multi-electron atoms such as helium ?
In fact, they just "choose" trial wave functions giving approximate (= wrong ) total energies.

"Choosing" wavefunctions as "pretended" solutions means quantum mechanics does NOT predict ground state energies.  See this, this.  So quantum mechanics is useless.

It cannot be applied to other fields such as medicine.  See "quasiparticles" in condensed matter.
Though Hatree-Fock and DFT are called "first-principle" (← lie ! ), these are meaningless.

Because "chosen" wave functions cannot satisfy original Schrodinger equation !
So even if they give average exact energies, these are NOT allowed solutions.  Because

Total energy E is NOT conserved in quantum mechanics.

[ Three-body helium cannot be solved → "arbitrary" variational functions. ]

(HF-2)  Helium has NO solutions = Total energy is NOT conserved !   

As Schrodinger equation of Helium contains complicated interelectric distance (= r12 ), this three-body helium has NO analytical solutions ( see this, this p.3 ).

As shown in solvable hydrogen atom, "solvable" means we can find universal solution which always gives the constant total energy (= E ) in every electron's position (= energy is conserved ! ).

Of course, total energy (= E ) must be conserved at any electron's positions in ground state !
So No solutions in helium means Schrodinger's helium does NOT satisfy total energy conservation in any electrons' positions.  So, unreal.

In multi-electron atoms, there is Only classical approach (= computing Coulomb, and changing velocity, positions ) to satisfy a single ground state energy in all electrons' positions.

We must find the lowest ground state energy within solutions satisfying Schrodinger equation.  It's meaningless to call trial functions which disobey Schrodinger equation "exact" solutions.

Because the total energy obtained by this variational methods is just "average" energy of different total energies depending on the electrons' positions, which do NOT obey the single ground state energy E !

The current physics has NO value except as the media's topic.

[ Even if we "neglect" multiverse, big bang, blackhole, we have NO troubles, so unreal. ]

(CJ-1)  Physics depends Only on "entertainers" in the media  =   and

It is deplorable that the current physics is filled with unrealistic and "fantasy" things.
Even if we neglect multiverse, early universe, invisible black hole, we have NO trouble.

Our daily lives have NOT changed at all, even after the media reported Higgs discovery.
So these concepts have NO meaning and NO value, except as the media and blogger's topics.

The current physics with NO reality completely depends on "entertainers" such as Hawking and Sean Carroll, who try to spread "fantasy" parallel universe, Big bang, black hole, through various media.

I wonder why Jennifer Ouellette in scientific american tried to introduce meaningless concepts ( for our world ) such as Schrodinger cats, multiverse and firewall.

Finally, I understand that reason. She is Carroll's wife !  Then it cannot be helped.
Anyway, the current physics has NO value, if the media and blogger stop mentioning it. That's all.

We cannot see dead and alive Schrodinger cats ← meaningless.

[ The instant we open the box, the cat becomes "alive" OR "dead". Then, meaningless. ]

(NC-1)  They measured only "one" energy level (= 4S1/2 ), NOT many-worlds.   

Unrealistic quantum mechanics claims a Schrodinger's cat can be "dead" and "alive" simultaneously.  But we cannot see this strange state. So this many-worlds is just "fantasy".  See this, this p.2.

They argue, "the instant we open the box and see the cat, it chooses only one state, alive or dead."  If we cannot utilize this Schrodinger's cat states, discussions and experiments about it are meaningless, and a waste of time.

Though the latest Nature claims "ions in two places at once", this is an exaggeration, and misleads people.  Because they didn't measure two states (= energy levels ) simultaneously in this experiment.

As shown in this p.2, they call two different energy levels "pseudo-spin", which is NOT real spin.   They illuminate trapped Ca ion by laser light, which alternates between these two energy levels.

So, this ion cannot be in two states simultaneously, they are just alternating between 4S1/2 and 3D5/2.
As seen in this p.2, they measured only lower energy level (= 4S1/2 ) by illuminating them.

They just "imagine" Schrodinger's cat states from simulations ( see this p.6 ), NOT observation !
Nature and berkeley should NOT delude people, using "unreal" concepts.

"First-principle" density functional theory is a total "lie" !

[ DFT just artificially chooses "convenient" functional as electron correlation. ]

(DFT-1)  Exchange-correlation functionals (= Exc ) in DFT are unknown.      

Schrodinger equation invented in 1920s cannot deal with multi-electron atoms, so useless in condensed matter physics and medicine, which prevents curing fatal disease, forever.

So physicists invented new (← ? ) methods, density functional theory (= DFT ) in 1970s.
Though this DFT is called "first-principle", DFT depends on artificially chosen exchange-correlation functionals (= Exc ).

So this DFT method is also unable to predict any physical values in multi-electron atoms, completely useless, though it got Nobel prize.

"First-principle" means they can predict some physical values only from the original Schrodinger equations, NOT relying on any empirical values.  See this, this.

So applying "artificially" chosen functionals to unknown electron-correlation parts ( see this p.17, this ) is unreasonable for "first-principle", and useless, meaningless theories.

Universities ( mit, harvard, princeton ) must NOT mislead students, wasting high school fees.
So, they created camouflage target, quantum (= step ) computer, as seen in this and Scott.

The present quantum mechanics lacks "reality".

[ Condensed matter physics is filled with "fictitious" quasiparticles ! ]

(Con-1)  Phonon, exciton .. are "unreal" quasiparticles.      

Even in the latest physics papers ( see this, this ), their researches still rely on fictitious particle, "excition".   This "exciton" is NOT an actual particle, but an unreal quasiparticle ( see also this ).

The problem is that the current quantum mechanics tries to make these artificial quasiparticles ( see list ), instead of clarifying deeper mechanism, because quantum mechanics itself lacks reality.

Though the recent MIT news described phonon using realistic (← fake ! ) images, this phonon is also one of fictitious quasiparticles.  Then what "shapes" are these "imaginary" particles ?

As shown on this site, all quantum mechanics can express is creation (= b ) and annihilation (= b ) of each phonon.  "Exciton" (= σ ) and photon (= a ) are also abstract single operators.  See paper p.2.

Because the Schrodinger equation invented in old 1920s cannot handle multi-electron atoms, in fact, this useless quantum mechanics is NOT used in molecular biology at all.

In additon to this, "Spin" ( in which Harvard wastes money ) is unreal and useless, except as magnetic moment (= Bohr magneton ) or old MRI.

So ZapperZ (= fanatic on unreal photon ) should NOT mislead people with Forbes.

Cancer research has reached a "dead end" since 1960s.

[ "Useless" quantum mechanics cannot be applied to biology, medicine. ]

(Bio-1)  The only way of curing cancer is finding "lucky" enzyme !?    

Various science news ( see ) will delude you into thinking that the researches on cancer are progressing (← ? ) rapidly.  But fundamental therapeutic methods for cancer have NOT been found yet.

In the latest Nature biotechnology, they try to kill cancer cells ( in vitro, NOT in human body ), by breaking their DNA using bacterial nuclease enzyme.

This Cas9 nuclease enzyme was gotten from bacteria, and they say it can break target DNA (= virus, cancer ? ) based on target "RNA" sequence.  But of course, there is a very long way before curing cancer.

In fact, these kinds of recombinant DNA biotechnologies are old, traced back to 1960s.
Restriction enzyme for cutting target DNA and transducing arbitrary genes into it, was discovered in 1968.

Gene therapies ( 1985~ ) cannot cure fatal cancer in spite of longtime researches.   Because cancer cells are originally a part of our human bodies. So distinguishing cancer from normal cells is extremely difficult.

They don't use quantum mechanics in biology at all, even now.   Because quantum mechanics has NO ability to predict multi-electron molecules !  The Only way to cure cancer is giving up useless quantum mechanics immediately.

Ether was denied → "Dark matter" is OK ?  Why ?

[ About 30 % of universe is "dark matter" ? Why cannot they detect it easily ? ]

(DM-1)  Dark matter in LHC is just "missing" energy !?  ← Unreal.   

Though they insist Einstein's relativity denied the ether in vacuum, the current physics needs dark matter instead of ether, to explain why rotation speed at the edge of galaxy is higher than expected.

Though this dark matter occupies as much as 30 % of all universe, they cannot detect them at all !   "Invisible dark matter interacts with almost NO particles" is just an excuse.

They started to say dark matter can be "indirectly" detected as a form of "missing energy". See this, this. "Missing" energy means we cannot catch this dark matter directly, forever. So useless.

If there are abundant dark mattes (= 30 % of universe ! ) around us, why is dark matter so hard to detect ?  Like Higgs, it is impossible that very rare event (= only one in trillions of collisions ! ) can express 30 % of universe !

As news ( abc, bbc ) say, dark matter search is linked directly to supersymmetric WIMPs.
The problem is this WIMP (= neutralino ) has NO realistic property, though Lincoln, Matt avoid mentioning it.

Dark matter candidate, neutralino is just "meaningless" math symbol !

[ It is impossible this "abstract" math ↓ can describe actual phenomena. ]

(DM-2)  This ↓ SUSY transformation has NO relation with   !

Standard "neutrino" is too light to explain dark matter, so they needs heavy supersymmetric partners, neutralino.   For example, photon's mass is zero, but its SUSY partner " photino" is as heavy as a proton (= 1 GeV ) !

The problem is the current quatum field thoery has NO ability to describe actual physical phenomena.  All it can express is "particle creation" or "annihilation". That's all.  See this.

Supersymmetry (= SUSY ) is just a extension of meaningless "symmetry" in standard model.
As shown on this p.12-13, photon (= A ) and photino (= λ ) are just abstract math symbols with NO physical shape.

The current quantum mechanics cannot predict anything, so useless.   So all physicists could do was aim at "invariant action (= S )" under some artificial transformations ( ex. SUSY, gauge ).

The important point is that these concepts such as "symmetry" and "invariance" have NO physical reasons ( which you cannot find in this, this ) from the beginning.

LHC, accelerator is gigantic "trash" wasting money !

[ If the media "neglect" LHC, it will fall into "oblivion", as useless trash. ]

(NYT-1)  Standard model "avoids" basic questions, and stops science !  

Recently, CERN desperately tries to attract many people's attention to camouflage its wasting tax, involving various media and even US government ( see NYTimes, ).

Even while LHC wasn't working, the media made a great fuss about nothing, citing "fantasy" parallel worlds ( see cbc, Forbes ).  Imagine what will happen, if these media stop reporting LHC ?

Our daily lives have NOT changed at all, even after they insisted Higgs and quarks had been discovered (← ? ).  This means Higgs and other doubtful particles have NO influence. So unreal.

So if these media stop mentioning it, LHC will fall into oblivion, as useless trash.  Higgs is a very convenient tool for universities ( mit, harvard ) to collect money, and as "topics" for bloggers ( ex. Tommaso ).

The important point is that very rare Higgs boson has nothing to do with "mass". Higgs "field" (= cannot be detected ! ) does. ( see this, this ). And abstract math symbols cannot explain "clear" Higgs mechanism.

Though NYTimes tries to emphasize "neutrino", its researches (= neutrino oscillation ) have substantially made NO progress, since 1960s.  So our science stops thanks to these "vague" theories.

S. Weinberg is the present "Boss" behind "wrong" theories !

[ Weinberg standard model lacks reality, and "stops" science progress, forever. ]

(Wei-1)  Ordinary people do NOT know the particle physics ↓ lacks reality !   

In a recent Scientific american, Steven Weinberg said "Standard model is working wonderfully !"
But this model completely lacks reality, which isn't known well, due to the media's "fake" images.

In this Weinberg (= living in multiverse !? ) model, each proton must be composed of three quarks with fractional charges, which cannot be isolated ( see this, this ). So "imaginary" quarks have NOT been confirmed.

They cannot answer "why 3/4e and 5/7e are impossible ?", and the numbers of protons and electrons are "accidentally" equal, though electron has nothing to do with quarks. ←Too good to be true !

Furthermore, Weinberg's weak boson is unrealistic and unscientific, too.
In his theory of β decay , a neutron decays into a proton and very heavy weak (= W ) boson.

But this weak boson is 80 times heavier than a proton, so this process completely violates energy conservation !  Woit should notice this Weinberg theory caused "fantasy" extradimensions.

Thanks to this Weinberg's theory, all our science progress stops, and fatal diseases remain incurable
I want Horgan to ask Weinberg about vicious frauds such as relativistic paradoxes and QED trick, which Dirac noticed.

"Particle" is just a meaningless "creation" operator !?

[ The present physics can just show electron, photon are meaningless math symbols. ]

(Cr-1)  Universities "hide" the unrealistic aspect of the current physics !    

In the current quantum field theory, each electron and photon (= a ) are just meaningless math symbols lacking concrete physical figures.  See this.

All they can do is create (= a ) and annihilate (= a ) each photon in the vacuum (= |0› ).
It's impossible to describe complicated actual phenomena only using these abstract math operators.

All interactions among electron and photon are based on Feynman diagram using these operators.  See this, this p.2,3.  A electron and ( virtual ) photon are annihilated → a new electron is created = Coulomb !?

The serious problem is ordinary people ( even science teacher ) do NOT know this fact.
Because commercial universities try to hide these unreal aspects to collect money.

They are spending ample funds from higher tuition fee in advertising these unreal concepts using "fake" images.   You cannot see abstract "photon" operators in MIT, Harvard, Princeton.

Even TV dramas try to make universities look useful ( for FBI ? ), quoting extradimension.  The media ( NYTimes, Time ) must tell the truth, if they don't get money from universities.

Fatal diseases remain "incurable" due to "fantasy" physics.

[ Schrodinger equation cannot handle multi-electron atoms → Biology "stops". ]

(Bio-1)  Many-worlds, extradimensions .. just let patients "die" helplessly.  

Schrodinger equation cannot solve multi-electron atoms such as helium, so quantum mechanics cannot predict any energy values ( except for hydrogen ).  They just artificially choose trial functions.

So all physicists could do was invent many imaginary concepts such as many-worlds, fictitious quasiparticles and fantasy 10-dimensions of string theory.

All quantum mechanics can express is abstract creation ( and annihilation ) operators (= a ) as particle, so all dymamical and complicated physical phenomena around us remain unknown forever.

If the basic physics remains useless and stops its progress like this, all other applied fields such as chemistry and biology remain useless and make NO progress, either.

As a result, fatal diseases such as cancer, ALS, dementia, congenital disease remain incurable, and the patients continue suffering from these diseases.

We have to clarify and utilize much more fundamental interactions (= interelectronic ! ) to cure these diseases, but "fantasy" quantum mechanics is preventing it.

Progress in molecular biotechnology has stopped since 1970s.

[ Biotechnology is also useless. Students are paying high tuition fee to NO purpose ! ]

(Bio-2)  "Old" biotechnology such as DNA, RNA, PCR are used now.  

In a recent Cell paper, Harvard team relies on conventional (= old ) bio-techniques such as RNA purification, cDNA synthesis, and PCR even now in biology. See alsp this Fig.1.

DNA structure was discovered in 1953 by Watson and Crick.
Almost all other biotechnologies were put to practical use in 1970s ~ 1980s. See this.

Since then, the biotechnology has stopped its progress, and molecular biologists just do their researches for publishing papers in top journals, wasting time and money, as shown in STAP cell.

Recently, tuition fees in commercial universities are getting higher, and weigh heavily on students.
But as I said, the quantum mechanics hampers and makes all other applied fields "useless".

So even if you don't choose "fantasy" quantum physics and relativity, instead, enter other fields such as biology and chemistry, you cannot avoid their damages and bad influences, just wasting your precious money and time.

Quantum mechanics cannot predict any energy values.

[ Three-body helium cannot be solved → "arbitrary" variational functions. ]

(Va-1)  Helium has NO solutions = Total energy is NOT conserved !   

As Schrodinger equation of Helium contains complicated interelectric distance (= r12 ), this three-body helium has NO analytical solutions ( see this, this p.3 ).

As shown in solvable hydrogen atom, "solvable" means we can find universal solution which always gives the constant total energy (= E ) at every electron's position (= energy is conserved ! ).

Of course, total energy (= E ) must be conserved at any electron's positions in ground state.
So No solutions in helium means Schrodinger's helium does NOT satisfy total energy conservation at any electrons' positions.  So, unreal.

They try to find convenient variational (= trial ) functions to give experimental values.
The point is these trial functions ( of helium ) can be chosen "arbitrarily". See this p.1, this p.2.

It's meaningless to find convenient helium trial functions giving exact (= lowest ) ground state energy, though they do NOT satisfy energy conservation.  See this, this.

Because the total energy obtained by this variational methods is just "average" energy of different total energies depending on the electrons' positions, which do NOT obey the single ground state energy E !

How Big is a photon ? ← Shut up ! ← NOT science.

[ There is "1000 meter" wavelength light.  A single photon is so Big !? ]

(Bi-1)   The wavelength of radio wave (= one of lights = photon ? ) is 1000 meter !   

Though quantum mechanics claims that light is a photon, the existence of this photon is very unrealistic.  The radio wave is one of lights with long wavelength ( > 1000 meters ! ).

As shown in this, this, low-frequency lights have wavelengths from 1 km to 100000 km !
This means the size of a single photon in these radio waves is as Big as 100000 km ?

If a photon is so Big, we can easily divide a photon into two parts, which means a photon is NOT an elementary particle.  So, a photon is just "media-hype". Compare NBC and insidescience.

Though the media ( this, this ) and universities routinely use the word "photon", they cannot answer "what size and shape of a photon ?". So vague photon represents " NOT asking" quantum mechanics.

Some say a photon has NO size ( this, this ), some say a photon is point-like. But thinking commonsensically, it is impossible that light with 1000 meter wavelength is a point-like particle.

Electric field lines "reject" special relativity !

[ If electric field lines are like "wires", they don't change under Lorentz transformation. ]

(Lo-1)   If electric fields don't change, "magnetic" force "cannot" be cancelled.   

In the paradox of "bent wire", the numbers of wires counted at detector do NOT change under Lorentz transformation ( 5 → 5 ).   See also this page and relativistic simultaneity.

Because each spacetime in one frame corresponds to each spacetime in another frame, one-to-one, in "linear" Lorentz transformation.   So twin paradox doesn't happen within special relativity.

Here we consider electric field lines like some real "wires". So the number of electric field lines (= E ) is replaced by the number of wires, which expressing electric field strength.

In this case, the strength of each electric fields (= number of wires ) does NOT change under Lorentz transformation, because if the "wire" number changes at some point (= e- ) in another frame, it means paradox !

But as I said in this section, if the electric field does NOT change under Lorentz transformation, new generated Lorentz magnetic force (= evB ) cannot be cancelled out !

This Lorentz magnetic force, which strength varies depending on velocity (= v ) including observer is the origin of fatal paradox of electromagnetism.

Einstein's special relativity is false.   --- Paradox again !

[ Special relativity has "supernatural" power to bend "rigid" wire !? ]

(Rw-1)   Lorentz transformation (= "time" change ) can bend rigid wire !   

As seen in Science comic, I'm surprised that fatal defects of special reltivity are NOT well understood by Scott, Sean (= living in many-worlds !? ) and Woit.

Each box with a straight rigid wire is moving around a square machine at a speed of "v".
In K frame, observer and machine frame are stationary. Each side of this machine is carrying five boxes.

From the perspective of the observer (= K' ) moving to the left at the same velocity (= v ) of moving boxes, the whole machine is moving to the right, so its width is Lorentz contracted, as seen in car-garage paradox.

On the other hand, boxes on the upper side look stationary in K', so elongated to their original length.
As a result, only three boxes are put on the upper side.   5 → 3 decreased ! See this page.

A detector can detect the number of wires. Its number is "5" in K frame.
Of course, to avoid paradox, also in K' frame, this detected number must be "5".

But in this case, rigid wires of "4" and "5" boxes are bent by Lorentz transformation !
Because in another frame, clock times are different, depending on position. See this.

"Future" can be changed without touching wire !?

[ Depending on whether blocker is inserted or not, wire's shape changes !? ]

(Rw-2)   "Time" manipulation of Lorentz transformation causes fatal paradox !   

According to Lorentz transformation, clock times are different depending on position in another frame !  The right ( left ) side of K' frame means the past ( future ) events in K frame !

So when this wire's motion includes two directions (= upper and left ), this wire is bent complexly in K' frame, though the wire is "rigid" body.

If we insert a blocker into the way of this box, the existence of this blocker can change the wire's shape ( bent → straight ! ) without touching the wire !

Because, when there is a blocker, box cannot turn toward left, as shown in Pw-2 lower.
This supernatural power of a blocker clearly shows special relativity is false.

If special relativity includes fatal paradox, of course, general relativity, black hole, Higgs are all wrong, because they are all based on relativity.

How many more "steps" towards quantum computer ?

[ Quantum computer (= "imaginary" target ) is impractical forever. ]

(Nq-1)   As of 2015, the lifetime of superconducting qubits is only ~μs !   

Though Nature reported on quantum computer, NYTimes said "Many problems preventing quantum computer still remain", in the latter part, inconspicuously.

In fact, researches on quantum computer have already come to a dead end.
Only the media hype "imaginary" quantum computer, misleading ordinary people.

Since 1985, the media have repeated the same kind of "boring" phrases, "first step", "huge step", "key step", "first step", "Inch", "important step" towards quantum computer !

How many more steps do we have to advance for realizing quantum computer ? Infinite ?
Even now, the coherence time (= lifetime ) of quantum bit is only microseconds ( see this, this p.1, this ).

So quantum computer doesn't have computer "shape". Even several bits break within very short time, μs (= short especially in "solid" qubits. Other ions, photons cannot form computer ).

In this paper p.3, computer's fidelity is only 78 ~ 59 %, many errors in 3 qubits. Impractical.
It means theoretical researches on quantum computer ( ex. Scott ) are "fruitless", forever.

" Photon exchange = Coulomb force "  is unrealistic.

[ Virtual photon in Feynman QED "disobeys" special relativity ! ]

(Po-1)   "Photon" is just abstract math symbol (= a ), without physical shape.   

Quantum mechanics claims that the classical Coulomb force is caused by photon exchange.
But clear mechanisms of "attractive" and "repulsive" Coulomb forces remain unknown.

In fact, this photon causing Coulomb force is virtual photon, so NOT real ( see this, this, this ).
Surprisingly, this virtual photon is superluminal tachyon, violating Einstein's relativity ( see this, this ).

By the way, what is the physical shape and size of a single photon ?
Unfortunately, quantum mechanics cannot answer this basic question.

In QED, these photons must be described using abstract Feynman diagram.
This Feynman QED has NO ability to show photon's clear picture at all.

It just shows meaningless math symbols ( see this, this p.3 ).
For example, a photon is created (= a ), or annihilated (= a ). That's all, NOT physics.

As seen in various forums ( this, this, this, this ), responders just fudge their answers, hiding unreality of virtual photons.

Black hole doesn't exist,  its research is "waste of time".

[ Severe time dilation on event horizon "forbids" black hole formation, forever. ]

(Bl-1)   It's impossible to form black hole within finite time from a star.   

Though journals ( Nature, Science, this ) argue that black hole was born after big bang, it's impossible due to severe time dilation (= stop ! ) on its event horizon.

Black hole swallowing everything (= light ) cannot be observed directly ( see this, this ).
They just imagine "black hole" from X-ray. So its images ( abc, cbc, nbc ) are just fabricated.

This is the reason why we can see news of "NO black hole" ( see this, this ) even now.
Black hole is said to form when dying star is compressed by its gravity ( this, this ).

But seen from distant observers (= earth ), the time stops on event horizon by its strong gravity.
As dying star is more compressed, its gravity is stronger, causing more time dilation.

For this time dilation to be "time stopping" by star's collapse, it takes infinite time. So it's impossible for stars to become black hole within age of universe ( see this, this, this ).

So bloggers ( Lubos, Sabine ) are wasting their time in imaginary black hole, firewall, Hawking radiation. They cannot answer these important questions ( paradox, this, this ).

"True" paradox of special relativity   --- Lorentz force !

[ Observer moves → stationary charge moves. → it feels new magnetic force ? ]

(Pa-1)   Only in the moving frame (= S' ), the charge "feels" new magnetic force ?   

In Lorentz transformation of special relativity, each space-time coordinate in one frame corresponds to spacetime in another frame, one-to-one.   So twin and car-garage paradoxes do NOT happen.

So we have to rely on other unrealistic phenomena to prove special relativity is wrong.
If we use general relativity, we can show GPS time correction includes twin paradox, so false.

Lorentz transformation of electromagnetic fields and charges (= ρ ) is one of fatal paradoxes.
In Pa-1, an electric current flows through a wire, which contains the same amount of ± charges, so electrically neutral.

Magnetic field (= B ) perpendicular to the wire is generated around the electric current (= -J ).
In the rest frame of observer (= S ), a stationary charge feels NO magnetic force, so stops.

But from the viewpoint of the observer moving (= S' ), this stationary charge is moving in the opposite direction, so feels magnetic force (= evB ), and is attracted toward the wire only in S' !

To solve this paradox, special relativity claims that the net charge of wire changes into positive, when the observer is moving in S', and this newly produced electric force (= eE ) cancels the magnetic force (= evB ).   See this, this, Pa-2.

Negative charge (= -e ) is attracted to the wire only in moving frame !

[ Magnetic force cannot cancel the new electric force in S' frame ← Paradox ! ]

(Pa-2)   Positive charge (= e+ ) is OK, but negative charge starts to move in S' !    ←

Surprisingly, electric charge (= ρ ) and current (= J ) densities transform into each other under Lorentz transformation ( ρ ↔ J ).   See this p.3, this p.27. It produces new electric field around originally neutral wire !

The point is the negative charge (= e- ) in Pa-2 is attracted toward the positively charged wire only in S' frame, because Lorentz magnetic force (= evB ) cannot cancel this direction parallel to the wire.

This is clearly fatal paradox, and shows special relativity is wrong. See this page.
In neutral closed circuit, upper wire becomes positive, lower wire becomes negative in S' frame !

So under external electric field E, the whole wire rotates in S' frame, though it remains at rest in S.
The recent Mansuripur's pradox is based on this mechanism ( see this, this ).

Though they claim that this paradox has been solved, they have to rely on fictitious concepts.
They artificially define "virtual" center of rotation (← unreal ! ) at the moving observer.

Furthermore, they make up fictitious hidden momentum, by force.   See this, this p.10.
The distance (= "d" ) between the wire and observer becomes longer, as observer is moving to the right.

They consider hidden momentum × "d" as angular momentum (← unreal ! ), and its change as torque.  But the true center of rotation is at the center of wire. So this solution is unrealistic.

Virtual "photon" shows quantum mechanics is wrong.

[ "Aether" was denied ? → Virtual photons exert Coulomb force ? ← tachyon ! ]

(Vi-1)   Virtual photon in quantum electrodynamics (= QED ) violates relativity.     

After "aether" was denied ( ? ), the Coulomb force between electrons has to be explained by virtual photons using Feynman diagram in quantum electrodynamics (= QED ). See also this site.

Surprisingly, this virtual photon is always moving faster-than-light like "tachyon", which means special relativity is violated, even if "aether" was denied.   See this, this, this.

Furthermore, these virtual particles do NOT obey energy conservation. See this.
Standrd model argues Higgs (= 125 GeV ) splits into 2 × W boson ( 2 × 80 = 160 GeV ). Impossible.

All reactions in LHC depend on unrealistic virtual particles, so all transient particles such as Higgs and W boson lack reality, and they do NOT really exist,   though Tommaso likes them.

First, In the question of "What are photons ?", "Drakkith" and "DaleSpam" avoid photon's real images, just escaping into classical electromagnetic fields, because a photon is NOT a particle but "wave".

The current quantum mechanics cannot answer the basic question "What are a photon's shape and size ? ", as shown in this and this.   Just endless debate continues like in this forum

Virtual photon in QED is unrealistic "tachyon".

[ The square of virtual photon's mass is always "negative" ( m2 < 0 ) ! ]

(Vi-2)   Reason why virtual photon in Feynman diagram is "unreal".           

Here we explain why virtual photon in Feynman diagram (= QED ) always becomes faster-than-light tachyon, which has negative m2 ( = the square of mass < 0 ) !

In Vi-2, "me" is an electron's rest mass, "c" is light speed.
"E" and "p" are total energy and momentum of an incident electron.

According to special relativity, each particle must satisfy energy-momentum relation.
After the incident electron emits a ( virtual ) photon, it stops (= only rest mass energy, mec2 ).

If energy and momentum are conserved, emitted photon has "E- mec2" in energy, and momentum "p".
As you see Vi-2, the square of this emitted photon's mass becomes always negative ( mp2 < 0 ) !

This result shows that the Coulomb force cannot be expressed by "photon exchange" in QED.
Even if you denied "aether", this virtual photon disobeys special relativity , anyway.

Energy is NOT conserved at all points in Schrödinger's helium.

[ Helium wavefunction cannot be solved → they just artificially "choose" it. ]

(PF-1)   Chosen approximate wavefunctions do NOT meet energy conservation !    

In physicsforums ( see #45 ) , vanhees71 (= 2014 award ? ) does NOT seem to be aware that Schrodinger's wavefunctions cannot handle multi-electron atoms such as helium.

According to basic physical rule, total energy (= kinetic + potential energies ) must be always conserved.   Of course, solvable hydrogen atom satisfies energy conservation at all points.

But Schrodinger equation of helium atom cannot be solved due to three body problem.
So they just artificially choose approximate trial functions ( see this, this. ).

It means quantum mechanics cannot predict energies of multi-electron atoms, useless forever.
Furthermore, total energy conservation is violated at all points in helium wavefunction.

As shown in PF-1 and this, when two electrons of helium come closer to each other, repulsive potential energy increases.   They often use 2 × hydrogen 1s wavefunction as approximation.

Potential energies between electron and nucleus do NOT change, and cannot cancel this repulsive potential, so total energies are changing depending on the interelectronic distance (= r12 ).

Because helium approximate wavefunction is NOT the one gotten by solving Schrodinger equation, it does NOT consider energy conservation at all points. So it lacks reality.

NASA should stop wasting money in "imaginary" black hole.

[ Journals, Media must NOT use "black hole" (= NOT observed ) so lightly. ]

(NA-1)   Forming black hole takes "infinite" time ← NO black hole.

Though the recent Nature, Science, NASA argue as if black hole really existed, there are NO direct evidence of black hole, because black hole swallowing everything cannot be observed.

This is the reason why we see the news "there are NO black holes" ( this, this, this ) even now.
They just speculate the existence of black hole only from X-ray

As I say on this page, the severe time dilation (= time stop from the earth ) on the event horizon prevents black hole from forming within age of universe.   So it is impossible to observe black hole now.

So the media such as Time, NYTimes just incite people to believe "unreal" black hole.
NASA should stop wasting national tax in imaginary black hole and quantum computer ( ex. D-wave = appears only as news items ).

As shown on this site (p.9-), they come to a hasty conclusion that rapid-changing brightness indicates black hole is very small.
But it is natural that high-energy stars such as Sun are made from "variable gas" emitting complex lights.

Continued from this criticism.

See also the previous version of criticizing top journals.
And collections of the best.


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