Overhyped news hides the inconvenient truth of the present deadend science.


Your forward image of the present science is false, fabricated by unfounded Hypes and fake news.

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Quantum mechanical unphysical models obstruct all applied science.  ← Hype news hides this fact.

Quantum mechanical fictitious quasiparticle models with fake mass, charge and No shape disagree with actual observation, so useless.

(Fig.1) Quantum mechanical fictitious models with No realistic figures are inapplicable to useful technology and medicine that need to use real atomic model with actual shapes as tools to build practical molecular devices.

Quantum mechanical Schrödinger equations are useless, unsolvable.

Quantum mechanics just chooses fake trial wavefunctions for unsolvable Schrödinger equations that cannot predict any values.

Quantum mechanics relies on Schrödinger equations for estimating atomic energies.

The problem is that these Schrödinger equations are completely useless, unsolvable for any multi-electron atoms ( this 3rd-paragraph ) except for one-electron hydrogen atom that agreed with (successful) Bohr model.

Quantum mechanics just artificially chooses fake trial wavefunctions called basis sets with many freely-adjustable parameters to try to get energy values close to experimental values, which method is just "art", Not science.

↑ These are No real atomic wavefunctions or solutions, because Schrödinger equations for all multi-electron atoms and hydrogen molecule ion were proven to be unsolvable.

It is far better to use experimental values from the beginning than to waste too much time in meaningless time-consuming unsolvable Schrödinger equations that cannot predict anything.

Quantum mechanics can Not know true atomic energy values until their (time-consuming) calculated values are compared with experimental values ( this p.1-last ).

Then, it is far better to use experimental values (= such as actual atomic shapes and properties ) from the beginning than to waste too much time in the meaningless time-consuming useless quantum mechanical equations.

Unphysical Pauli principle antisymmetric wavefunctions hamper science.

For unsolvable Schrödinger equations, the quantum mechanics has to artificially choose fake solutions expressed as (unphysical) Pauli antisymmetric wavefunctions or Slater determinants.

↑ This unphysical Pauli antisymmetric wavefunction must become the opposite sign when any two electrons exchange their orbitals to satisfy (unphysical) Pauli principle.

This means every single electron must exist in all different atoms or orbitals simultaneously in this unphysical Pauli antisymmetric wavefunctions.

Unphysical quantum mechanical Pauli principle prevents individual atoms from having real shapes.

So quantum mechanical atoms can Not have its boundary nor shape, because every electron existing in all different atoms prevents individual atoms from having their boundaries and shapes.

This unphysical quantum mechanical Pauli antisymmetric wavefunction is the culprit of obstructing scientific development by preventing researchers from using real atomic models with actual shapes and boundaries as tools to build useful molecular devices or cure diseases.

And this unphysical Pauli antisymmetric wavefunction uses fictitious kinetic energy increase called exchange energy (= instead of repulsive potential ) as the source of Pauli principle repulsion that is Not a true force (= No exchange force exists,  this p.9-10,  this p.3-middle ).

In order to give actual shapes to individual atoms and admit Pauli repulsion is a real force, we have to admit the existence of real substance as the source of (real) Pauli repulsion that refutes quantum mechanics and Einstein relativity.

Schrödinger equations are useless, too time-consuming, so treating many-atomic material as one fictional electron or quasiparticle model was necessary.

Quantum mechanical Schrödinger equations are not only unsolvable but only useless, too time-consuming for molecules and many-atomic materials.

Because the unphysical (chosen) Pauli antisymmetric wavefunctions require every electron to exist in all different atoms where calculating all exchange energies are too time-consuming and unfeasible ( this p.3,  this-2.22 ).

This impractical time-consuming Schrödinger equations forced physicists to rely on the ad-hoc approximation treating the whole many-atomic material as the unphysical band consisting of one fictional electron ( this p.1-(2) ) or quasiparticle model with fake effective mass, charge and fake quasi-momentum ( this p.2-1st-paragraph )

So quantum mechanics gives up treating individual electrons and atoms as real objects with real shapes and masses, which is why the present science is already deadend.

These (widely-used) fictional quasiparticle models with fake masses were introduced to approximately (and wrongly) represent the collective behavior of the actual many-electron, many-atomic molecules and materials.

This 3rd-paragraph says
"Decades ago, researchers realized that they don't have to tackle the many-body problem that arises from the messy interactions of real quantum particles. Instead, a crystal solid can just as accurately be studied and analyzed as an averaged bulk object along with a collection of quasiparticles: disturbances in the solid that act just like well-behaved, nonrelativistic particles that barely interact at all. They're fictitious and easier to work with"

Quasiparticles with fake masses, charges and properties completely contradict physical principle ( this 2~3rd-paragraphs ), like an indivisible electron splitting and monopole, which pseudo-model can Not clarify true physical mechanism.

Quantum mechanics can only describe the electron and quasiparticle as nonphysical math symbols with No concrete shapes (= each electron or quasiparticle is expressed only as a, b, c.. ).

The current mainstream density functional theory (= DFT ) treating materials as one pseudo-electron is useless, hampering science.

Due to the useless extremely-time-consuming Schrödinger equations, physicists have to treat the whole many-electron material and molecule as one pseudo-electron model with fake effective mass and pseudo-potential.

So the original multi-electron Schrödinger equations were obsolete and they were replaced by density functional theory (= DFT ) or Kohn-Sham theory treating many-electron atoms as one pseudo-electron model ( this p.3-5,7,  this p.3-5,  this p.6-2nd-paragraph ).

Of course, this (most-widely-used) DFT's one pseudo-electron model is unreal, lacking physical meaning ( this-last-paragraph,  this p.15 ).

DFT replaced the original impractical ( multi-electron ) Pauli exchange energy by one pseudo-electron's pseudo-potentials or fictitious exchange-correlation functionals.

↑ The exact exchange-correlation energy functional is unknown ( this-introduction-1st-paragraph ), and physicists have to artificially choose various different exchange energy functionals for different molecules and materials.

This DFT depending on artificial choice of exchange energy functionals, pseudo-potentials ( this p.6-left-computational details ), fake wavefunctions ( this-lower-3-5,  this p.2-2nd~3rd-paragraphs ) is unable to predict any physical values, which is an empirical or fake ab-initio method ( this p.23-lower,  this 7~8th-paragraphs ).

This p.21 says
"Although a DFT calculation with any particular choice of XC functional may be considered ab initio, this freedom in the choice of functional naturally leads to many practitioners deciding which is best for a particular simulation, and therefore introducing an element of empiricism. As there is No known universal functional, nor even a framework in which to improve XC approximations systematically, the performance of an XC functional may only be tested by comparison to simple model systems, known experimental results"

So it is far better to use experimental values (= real atomic shapes, energies, properties ) from the beginning than to waste too much time in this meaningless useless DFT with artificially-chosen pseudo-potentials that cannot predict anything.

The unphysical quantum mechanical Pauli exchange interaction, one-pseudo-electron DFT and fictional quasiparticle models unable to give actual shapes to individual atoms separately prevent researchers from utilizing individual atoms with shapes as practical tools to design and build useful molecular devices.

Unphysical quantum mechanical atoms without actual shapes spawned useless time-consuming molecular dynamics (= MD ).

The unphysical quantum mechanical Pauli antisymmetric wavefunction led to one-pseudo-electron DFT with pseudo-potential that prohibits individual atoms from having actual shapes.

The current only method of simulating dynamical molecular behavior is molecular dynamics (= MD ) which also cannot give actual shapes to individual atoms.

Because this molecular dynamics (= MD ) relies on fictitious potential energy called force field that must be based on the one-pseudo-electron DFT's pseudo-potential ( this p.2-left-2nd-paragraph ) or fitting with experimental (= empirical ) results ( this p.3-3rd-paragraph ), which often gives false results.

We can easily and quickly predict the behavior of real objects with real shapes, which enable us to design and build practical cars, planes and machines from parts with known shapes.

But the molecular dynamics (= MD ) based on one-pseudo-electron DFT pseudo-potential ( this p.1-2 ) that cannot give actual shapes to individual atoms takes too much time to simulate molecular behavior ( this p.1-left,  this 3~5th-paragraphs, this p.3-right-1st-paragraph ).

Because this MD unable to quickly predict atomic or molecular behavior has to update each atomic position by differentiating pseudo-potential or force field at extremely-short-time intervals (= each time step must be less than 2 femtoseconds ), repeatedly, many, many times ( this p.14-32 ).

↑ This current mainstream molecular dynamics is too time-consuming and unable to simulate important molecular and protein behavior ( this p.3-left-2nd-paragraph ).

As a result, the current science and technology stop progressing by this unphysical quantum mechanical shapeless atoms, one-pseudo-electron DFT and extremely-time-consuming MD.

Using realistic atomic models with experimentally observed shapes and properties is the only way to develop the current stalled science.

The solution to this stalled science is simple.
We just use realistic atomic model with experimentally-observed actual shapes and properties from the beginning, as shown in all great inventions coming from actual experiments.

We already have the technology of measuring atomic shapes and manipulating individual atoms by atomic force or scanning tunnel microscopes.

But the unphysical quantum mechanical Pauli antisymmetic wavefunctions and its mainstream one-pseudo-electron DFT model forbid researchers from using even the experimentally observed atomic shapes, which is why the current science has stopped progressing.

If researchers start to use experimentally-observed atomic shapes and properties from the beginning, they do Not need to waste much time in the meaningless impractical quantum mechanical (unreal quasiparticle) models and one-pseudo-electron DFT with pseudo-potential, which would make academia and journals lose their privilege originating from the current impractical mainstream physics.

Due to the current impractical basic physics, researchers in all industries can only aim to publish papers in journals instead of aiming to invent really useful machines or cure diseases.

Academia and journals need to spread overhyped news to prevent researchers from stopping using the meaningless useless quantum mechanical (quasiparticle) pseudo-models.

↑ If researchers start to develop science by using realistic atomic model with actually-observed shapes, they do Not need to refer to useless quantum mechanical models and equations in journals, and students don't need to go to expensive universities that also benefit from the current stalled impractical science.

So academia and journals need to constantly spread overhyped news to hide the inconvenient fact that the current science has been already deadend due to the unrealistic quantum mechanical (quasiparticle, DFT ) models.

The current deadend science needs overhyped fictional scientific targets.

Quantum computer and quantum information is the typical overhyped useless pseudo-science.

Spintronics can be explained by electron's orbit instead of the unrealistic electron spin that just hampers science.

Biology and medical research have been deadend, because the impractical quantum mechanics prevents medical researchers from using atomic interactions.

The overhyped AI and Alphafold are useless, unable to predict real protein behavior, because they are just based on experimentally-determined static protein structure, and Not considering individual atomic interactions due to the useless quantum mechanics.

Quantum mechanical most-widely-used mainstream density functional theory (= DFT ) treating the whole material as one-pseudo-electron stops real scientific progress.

(Fig.D) Quantum mechanical only mainstream approximation = density functional theory (= DFT ) stops all the applied science.

Quantum mechanical unphysical one-pseudo-electron DFT stops all the science.

The impractical one-pseudo-electron DFT approximation is used in all the present fields such as metal, semiconductor, insulator, molecule, chemistry, biology, which hampers scientific development.

Hype news about one pseudo-electron DFT model

To hide the inconvenient fact that the current mainstream quantum mechanical approximation = one pseudo-electron DFT model is impractical, many kinds of hyped science news were created.

For example, the abstract of this hyped article says
"Graphene has received tremendous attention among diverse 2D materials because of its remarkable properties. (← just using exaggerated words "tremendous" and "remarkable", it did Not say anything useful was realized ) "

".. the peculiarity of the obtained results reported is consequent on the nature and type of the dopants, the choice of the XC functionals, the basis set, and the wrong input parameters (= DFT has No power to predict ). "

Quantum mechanical unrealistic models disagreeing with experimental observation prevent all the applied science from progressing.

Quantum mechanical pseudo-models such as fictitious quasiparticles and one-pseudo-electron DFT are unable to utilize the experimentally-observed real atomic shape, which is why quantum mechanical model is useless.

(Fig.P) The current technological capability of building useful nano-devices is obstructed by unrealistic quantum mechanical model with fictitious quasiparticle, one-pseudo-electron DFT, time-consuming molecular dynamics (= MD )

Quantum mechanical pseudo-model kills science.

After engineers measure and confirm the shape, size and properties of parts for some practical machines, they can design (and simulate ) motions of the machines and cars that they try to build, and all they do is put together those parts with known shapes as planned and simulated.

↑ This means if we want to correctly simulate motions of machines, molecules and proteins, we need to know the concrete shapes, sizes and properties of each component, atom and molecule so that they can be used for designing and building useful (molecular) devices such as enzymes killing only cancers with no side effect.

Quantum mechanical unphysical models refuse to use actual atomic shapes.

But in the current unphysical mainstream atomic theory or quantum mechanics, even if researchers measure properties and shapes of materials, molecules and even single atom by using various sophisticated devices including atomic force (= AFM ) or scanning tunnel microscopes (= STM ) that can measure each atomic shape and property, they blindly, automatically rely on the fictional quasiparticle model, quasi-electron with fake effective mass, pseudo-spin expressed as nonphysical math operator with No concrete shape, and one- pseudo-electron DFT model ( this p.5-right ) to explain the observed phenomena.

↑ It means quantum mechanical unphysical models such as fictional quasiparticles and one-pseudo-electron DFT can Not use the experimentally-verified real atomic shape or property, which is why quantum mechanical pseudo-model is useless for applied science forever.

Because if physicists could apply the experimentally-observed real atomic shape (= by atomic force microscope ) to real atomic model as it is instead of the contradictory quantum mechanical fictitious quasiparticle model, they can use those experimentally-verified real atoms as practical components to simulate and build useful bigger devices and proteins

↑ Even when the sophisticated ( atomic force or scanning tunnel ) microscopes can measure each atomic shape and property, the current impractical quantum physics automatically gives up using real atomic model, and instead, tries to use fictitious quasipartice models ( this-2nd-paragraph ) such as polariton, skyrmions ( this p.1-left-lower ), exciton ( this p.5-left-upper ), one-pseudo-electron DFT model with artificially-created pseudo-potential ( this p.17(or p.16),  this p.6-DFT modeling,   this p.4 ), fake effective mass, nonphysical math (creation) operators ( this p.5-6,  this 2 Model and methods ) with No shapes.

No realistic shapes are given to atoms or molecules, so these unphysical quantum mechanical models can Not be used as practical parts for designing (= simulating ) and building useful molecular machines, proteins.

Unphysical quantum mehanical one-pseudo-electron DFT and MD stop science.

To seemingly simulate the unrealistic shapeless quantum mechanical atoms and molecules, the (impractical) molecular dynamics (= MD ) based on pseudo-potential called force fields was created as the only mainstream molecular and simulating method, which MD is too time-consuming to be useful, hence stops all the applied science now.

Actually, when we design (= simulate ) and build practical machines, laptops, cars and planes, the impractical quantum mechanics, DFT or extremely-time-consuming MD is Not used at all (= just putting together parts with known shapes is enough to build and simulate practical machines, cars ).

Under this useless mainstream physics, all physicists pursue now is already-deadend quantum computers trying to utilizing fictional quantum parallel worlds in vain.  ← Science stops progressing.

To advance really useful nano-technology and develop effective drugs, it is definitely necessary to give concrete shapes to each atom, molecule, and treat them as real objeces, parts with actual shapes instead of blindly relying on unphysical quantum mechanical quasiparticle model or one-pseudo-electron DFT approximation lacking real particle picture that just artificially chooses unreal pseudo-potentials.

But (top) academic journals always demand that researchers have to rely on the (unphysical useless) meaninstream quantum mechanics, density functional theory (= DFT ), and impractical molecualr dynamics (= MD ) as the necessary condition for publishing papers (= researchers are required to observe old rules or impractical equations by citing old papers, which reference keeps journals' high impact factors ), which bad old customs obstruct developing really-useful technology and curing diseases, which fruitless science will eventually ruin researchers' careers.

Hyped news on useless quantum mechanical pseudo-model.

Blind reliance on quantum mechanical one-pseudo-electron DFT model is going nowhere.

According to the recent research, scientists accidentally tied the smallest and tightest knot from 54-atomic molecule.

↑ To explain this atomic mechanism, scientists always blindly tried to rely on unphysical quantum mechanical one-pseudo-electron DFT model (= because journals demand this unreasonable reliance and citing old obsolete methods for publishing papers and keeping high impact factors ) which mainstream quantum mechanical pseudo-model is impractical, unable to give real concrete shape to each atom or molecule.

Actually, the 4th-paragraph of this news says
"the team behind it still does Not understand how it happened. It is Not yet known if it is possible to make a knot any smaller."

This paper (= p.3-discussion ) also mentioned the wrong useless quantum mechanical DFT prediction, saying

"DFT calculations (= BYLP functional was artificially chosen ) predict that trimerization of Au2 to form Au6 is unfavorable in solution, and that the knot complex Au6 is also higher in energy than the corresponding open Au6 ring. The formation by self-assembly of the unique knot complex Au6 was therefore unpredictable (= quantum mechanical DFT model with this functional was wrong )"

See other cases where the impractical quantum mechanical mainstream DFT model stops science progress.

Observation by Atomic force microscope → impractically-time-consuming molecular dynamical model (= MD ) → science stops progressing.

Academic journals always require scientists to use only the old impractical methods such as one-pseudo-DFT and unrealistically-time-consuming molecular dynamics (= MD ) to explain the observed atomic phenomena as the necessary condition for publishing papers (= referencing old methods can keep journals' high impact factors ), which old bad habit clearly prevents scientific development now.

The recent research observed the actual atomic shape of sodium channel in cell membranes by the sophisticated atomic force microscope (= AFM ).

But in order to explain this observed atomic behavior, the current impractical mainstream theory forced scientists to rely on the unrealistically-time-consuming molecular dynamics (= MD ), which can simulate the molecular motion of only very short microsecond (= μs,  this p.9-right = this research simulated only very short 1μs molecular motion ).

↑ So this impractically-time-consuming MD can never simulate or explain important biological reactions that happen on the time scale of milliseconds ~ hours.

To hide the inconvenient truth of the current deadend science, the science news tends to be hyping like the last paragraph of this news saying
"The observation of the dissociation of voltage sensor domains, as well as the dimerization between pore channels, are findings that will (= uncertain future, so still No understanding ) lead to a better understanding of what causes pores to close (← ? )"

Quantum mechanics cannot give realistic shapes to atoms or molecules.  → No drug discovery.

The 1st and 2nd paragraphs of this hyped news say

"A research team.. has developed a novel computational method that can accurately describe how proteins interact with molecules of potential drugs and can do so in a mere tens of minutes (= actually, this new method can Not explain accurate protein interaction energies ). This new quantum-mechanical scoring function can thus markedly expedite the search for new drugs (= still, No new effective drug was discovered by using this method )"

"experts tested it on 10 proteins of different levels of structural complexity, each binding a large variety of small molecules (usually referred to as ligands). They then compared their results not only with those of other corresponding methods, but also with findings of laboratory experiments, and both comparisons turned out very favorably (= ambiguous expression )."

↑ This method tried to calculate binding energy between some 10 target proteins and ligands using semiempirical quantum mechanical method using free parameters fitted to experiments ( this p.2-left-lower ) with No quantum mechanical prediction.  ← This nonphysical quantum method can Not give real shapes to atoms nor simulate actual protein-drug interaction.

↑ This method just estimates vague abstract total binding energy ( this-p.2-(1) ) which can tell us nothing about how individual atoms behave in detail in protein interaction.

Even this new semiempirical quantum mechanical method called SQM2.20 or any other mainstream methods such as one pseudo-electron DFT with empirical parameters could Not predict exact binding energy of proteins and ligands ( this p.6-right-1st-paragraph ).  ← Drug discovery is impossible in these methods.

This p.12-top says
"Although the SQM2.20 score calculates the key terms of the binding free energy using accurate computational methods, the result is Not on the same scale as the experimental ΔGbind (= binding energy ).  ← Even this latest semiempirical quantum mechanical methods cannot explain actual protein-ligand energies."

↑ So they tried to use "artificial scoring function" or correlation (= R2 ) as an indicator, which does Not mean predicting actual binding energy correctly.

They compared this new method with other mainstream quantum mechanical (pseudo-)methods such as one pseudo-electron DFT with empirically-fitted parameters (= take too much time, and No exact prediction of energy, poor convergence,  this p.7-DFT scoring used empirical D3 intermolecular functional ), (pseudo-)classical force field potential of extremely-time consuming molecular dynamics (= MD ) or mechanics (=MM ), and some machine-learning (= ML,  this p.7~8 ) that gave bad prediction results.

↑ All of these current mainstream quantum mechanical, (pseudo-)classical and machine learning methods are unable to use experimentally-observed real atomic or molecular shapes, hence, Developing effective drugs based on real atomic interaction is impossible.

Transistors and spintronics are irrelevant to (useless) quantum mechanics.

See this page.

Overhyped news prevents people from noticing the current physics is already 'deadend' ← this state of deadend science is masked and dragged out by harmful hypes.

Hype news case-1

The 5th and last paragraphs of this hyped news using fictitious quasiparticle say

"What is remarkable here is that we are no longer talking about electrons but, instead, about composite (quasi)particles of spin and charge—commonly dubbed spinons and holons (= unreal particles ) ..
It may (= this word means "just baseless speculation" ) also now be applied to logic devices that harness spin (spintronics  ← ? ). "

↑ This experiment just measured the tunnel electric current (= Not fictitious spin nor quasiparticle ), but tried to explain it using artificial quasiparticle spinon model with fake effective masses (= m* ) and freely-adjustable parameters. That's all, No fictitious spin or quasiparticle has been detected, and No quantum mechanical prediction ( this p.2=measure electric voltage, p.3=spinon,holon, p.8=No quantum calculation,  this p.13-lower-p.14= artificially choose parameters such as fake effective mass ).

Hype news case-2

The 6th and last paragraphs of another latest science news about the alleged research offering insights into the metal-to-insulator transition say

"Quantitative determination of the interaction parameters in the Schrodinger's equation of real materials has been a very difficult task.. (= quantum mechanical Schrodinger equation has been useless for any multi-electron materials )"

"Once we have their quantum DNAs in hand, these complex materials will (= just about speculative future, still useless now ) be a lot more tameable for predictive materials engineering (← ? )"

↑ They ( this p.8-9, Fig.9, p.12-left ) tried to explain this mechanism using fictional quasiparticle models such as exciton and phonon, expressed those particles by nonphysical math operators with No realistic shapes using one-pseudo-electron DFT model with empirically-chosen exchange functional and many freely-adjustable parameters artificially fitted to experimental results.  ← No quantum mechanical prediction, and useless pseudo-models lacking real particle figures or shapes hamper science development .

This p.8-VII-electrons are expressed as nonphysical math operators (= c ) with No shapes whose interaction parameters were artificially fitted to experiments,  this-p.9, Fig.9-fictitious phonon, exciton quasiparticles' nonphysical math operators lack real shapes,  this-p.12-left= one-pseudo-electron DFT with semiempirical correction, with No quantum mechanical prediction.  ← useless quantum mechanical pseudo-model.

The current manistream 'fastest' molecular simulating method called molecular dynamics (= MD ) is impractical, and 'unrealistically time-consuming'

All the applied science, biology and medicine are unable to consider atomic interaction, hence deadend, due to the current impractically time-consuming molecular simulation methods (= quantum mechanical pseudo-models DFT, MD ) which can Not use realictic atoms with shapes.

(Fig.M)  Molecualr dynamics (= MD ) that cannot utilize real separable electrons or atoms with shapes is unrealistically time-consuming and impractical.

Quantum mechanical unrealistic inseparable electrons prohibit each atom from having shape, and make MD simulation extremely time-consuming and impractical.

As I explained above, the current mainstream unphysical quantum mechanics relying only on fictional quasiparticles, one-pseudo-electron DFT model is unable to describe atoms and molecules inside materials as real objects with real shapes.

↑ Quantum mechanical pseudo-particles are just nonphysical math symbols with No shape ( this p.6-7,  this p.3-4 ) contrary to the media's misleadingly colorful fake picture.

This is why current mainstream molecular or protein simulating method called molecular dynamics (= MD ) has to rely on artificially-created pseudo-potential energies called force field whose parameters must be empirically adjusted to experimental results ( this p.3-3rd-paragraph ), but often MD gives wrong results.

These MD pseudo-potential or force field can be obtained from quantum mechanical DFT's pseudo-potential, but this DFT's pseudo-potential has to depend on artificially-chosen exchange energy functional (= often incorrect,  this p.2 ) adjusted to experiments, so after all, all the current mainstream methods have to rely on experimental results with No quantum mechanical prediction.

More important fact is that quantum mechanics and its mainstream DFT model are unable to use even experimentally-obtained actual atomic shape and real electron's mass in their pseudo-models (= such as fictitious shapeless quasiparticle models with fake effective masses ), which is why all the quantum mechanical methods are impractical for simulating actual molecules.

The pseudo-potential (= force field ) of the current fastest (pseudo-)classical molecular dynamics (= MD ) cannot deal with electrons' behavior, so classical MD cannot explain molecular bond breaking or forming ( this p.2-right-3rd-paragraph,  this p.2-right-last-paragraph,  this force field-2. ).
↑ The fastest classical MD, which cannot explain electron behavior, must be linked to the unphysical quantum mechanical one-pseudo-electron DFT pseudo-potential.

Quantum mechanical DFT-based ab-initio MD (= AIMD ) or car-parrinello MD (= CPMD ) is more impractical, more time-consuming than classical MD ( this p.2-intro-1st-paragraph,  this-intro-2~4th-paragraphs,  this p.2-left-1st-paragraph,  this p.19(or p.13)-3rd-paragraph ).

↑ Classical or ab-initio MD without separable electrons (= due to one-pseudo-electron DFT ) can Not give real boundary nor shape to each atom or molecule.

↑ Only nuclei or ions (= without valence electrons ) are separately movable ( this p.12-15,  this p.21-22,  this p.12 ) in unphysical MD where the unrealistically-inseparable electrons, which cannot be moved like real particles, are expressed by using fictitious mass μ ( this p.6,9,12,  this p.7,25,  this p1-2 ).

The lack of real separable electrons (= so No atomic boundary nor shape ) makes MD unrealistically-time-consuming and impractical forever.

↑ Actually, in these MD fictitious potential called force fields which always bridge all atoms including non-convalent-bond or van der Waals- Lenanrd-Jones potential ( this p.2,  this Eq.8 ), all atoms or electrons are unrealistically inseparable,  = each atom can Not have its own clear boundary nor its shape.

Even the current fastest mainstream simulating method MD is unrealistically time-consuming, useless.

This current only mainstream molecular or protein simulation method = (ab-initio and pseudo-classical) molecular dynamics (= MD ) is completely impractical, unrealistically-time-consuming ( this p.1-left ), so MD is unable to simulate ordinary protein's conformational change, protein folding, enzymatic reactions with millisecond~hour time scales ( this p.3-left-2nd-paragraph,   ).

Even the current fastest (pseudo-)classical MD takes more than days~ month to simulate only microsecond-protein change ( this 3~5th-paragraphs,  this p.3-right-1st-paragraph,  this p.3-left-coarse grain ), so almost all MD researches can only deal with very limitted small molecular change with nanoseconds = microseconds ( this p.5-last-only 100 ns-change,  this p.7-right-last-only 15ns-change simulation with 0.2fs time step calculations, which can Not simulate millisecond~hour-long actual protein's change ).

Because the current mainstream simulating methods cannot utilize real atoms or molecules with real shapes.

Unlike the real objects with shapes whose motions and collisions can be easily predictable like billiard balls (= predicting billiard ball's trajectory is easy, Not using the useless quantum mechanical DFT or MD ),  MD (or quantum mechanical DFT ) based on shapeless fictitious particles cannot easily predict motions, collisions and conformational change of molecules, proteins.

Molecular dynamics (= MD ) and DFT have to rely on artificially-adjusted pseudo-potential (called force field) to move each shapeless (pseudo-)atom gradually by differentiating the chosen pseudo-potential and updating each atomic position at extremely-short-time interavals (= each time step is often 2fs = 2 × 10-15 s ), repeatedly, many, many times ( this p.16-34 ), which takes impractically too much time ( this p.26-left ).

This p.7 says
"The typical folding time for a protein is on the order of seconds..
It should be noted that an order of 1012 integration steps are then required to start getting into biologically relevant (millisecond) timescales.."

" But, in practice this means we are Not routinely able to fold or unfold proteins in MD simulations, simply because we can Not simulate for long enough. Note, also, that just simulating for longer may also not simply solve the problem, as the results would still depend on the accuracy of the force fields we use."

Even in the recent research relying on some approximate (= not true ) method (= approximately splitting the original 10μs-long molecular motional process into multiple shorter processes ), it took 1 day + 7hours ~ 43 days for only 10μs simulation ( this p.16-right-3rd-paragraph, p.5-3.2.2 ), which will unrealistically require 100 days ~ 100000 days for simulating millisecond ~ second protein folding process. = unfeasible

Ab-initio MD based on fictitious mass and one-pseudo-electron DFT is much more time-consuming and more impractical than (pseudo-)classical MD ( this p.2-intro-1st-paragraph ).

It means all the current mainstream methods are completely useless for drug development due to their inability to access actual time-scale biological reactions.

'Giving realistic shapes to atoms and molecules' can develop useful science and innovation. → curing deadly diseases, drug discovery

Unlike real objects with shapes, the current impractical mainstream molecular simulating methods, molecualr dynamics (= MD ) and DFT, which cannot give concrete shape and figure to each atom or molecule, are unable to predict when two molecules or proteins collide or interact with each other.

So the molecular dynamics (= MD ) has to take unrealistically much time to calculate and update each (pseudo-)atomic position and velocity by differetiating pseudo-potential V (= force fields ) at short-time intervals (= each time step must be extremely short = about 2 femtosecond or 2 fs ) repeatedly, many, many times.

↑ If each calculation time step is chosen to be longer than 2fs (for trying to reduce repetition and time ), two shapeless quantum mechanical molecules without clear boundaries are more likely to unrealistically overlap each other (= due to No atomic shape or boundary, two atoms can unrealisically overlap each other in MD ), which causes total energy abnormal explosion or violation of energy conservation law (= these two unrealistically-overlapped atoms cause abnormally-high Pauli repulsive energy ), giving wrong simulating results ( this p.9-10,  this p.26-28,  this p.1-lower-p.2,  this 5th-paragraph ).

↑ So each time step must be extremely short = 2 fs (= 2 × 10-15 s ), and the microsecond (= 10-6 s ) simulation of protein needs updating and calculating each atomic position in as many as 109 repetitive time steps, which takes unrealistically too much time.

↑ If we give real shapes and sizes to atoms and molecules, we can easily predict when these two molecules collide with each other and how they move after collisions even without the extremaly time-consuming impractical molecular dynamical (= MD ) calculation.

Actually, when we design (= simulate ) and build various practical macroscopic machines, cars, planes and laptops, we do Not use these unphysical, (impractical) time-consuming quantum mechanics, DFT or molecular dynamical methods.

↑ All information we need to design (= simulate ) and build useful devices, cars, planes and laptops is each component's shape, size and property.  ←Impractical quantum mechanical or MD simulation's pseudo-potential is completely unnecessary, just wasting too much time.

These quantum mechanics, DFT and molecular dynamics (= MD ) unable to give concrete shape to each molecule contradicts the actual observation, because the fact that macroscopic objects such as cars and planes consisting of atoms and molecules have concrete tangible shapes means atoms and molecules constituting macroscopic objects must also have definite shapes and sizes.

We already have technology of observing each atomic shape (and property ) and manipulating each atom one by one using atomic force microscopes, which means we should be able to design and build any useful molecular devices (= such as artificial enzymes killing cancers without side effects ) by using each atom and molecule with shape like a real object or part, and putting them together using the current technology such as atomic force microscopes (or their improved versions ).

The fact that we still cannot build useful nano-devices treating cancers despite the already-existing excellent technology (= atomic force microscopy, scanning tunnel microscope that can manipulate a single atom ) means the unphysical mainstream quantum mechanical models such as one-pseudo-electron DFT and extremely-time-consuming molecule dynamics (= MD ) with only pseudo-potential and No atomic shapes are the main culprit of preventing the current science from progressing.

Overhyped MD news masks the current deadend science, killing patients.

All the current applied science, physics, biology and medicine have clearly stopped progressing due to this unrealistically time-consuming molecular dynamics (= MD ), quantum mechanical DFT.

To hide this inconvenient truth, they created a lot of overhyped news misleadingly promoting fictitious MD effectiveness and (falsely) bright prospect, which has harmful effect on the developing really-useful technology or curing diseases.

For example, the last part of this hyped article's abstract says
"MD may (= just speculation, still useless ) be an important functional prediction tool for cancer-related protein variants of unknown significance (← ? )."

Another hyped article (= p.26-right ) says
" However, during coarse-grained simulation, the mean degree of freedom is difficult to determine..
It is believed (= No proof yet ) that with the advancement of computer technology and simulation technology, MD will (= uncertain future, still useless now ) be widely applied in more felds."

The abstract of this article about MD applied to cancer study says
"Overall, our findings suggest that these compounds have promising potential (= meaning still unrealized ) as anticancer agents,.. This methodology has the potential (= still unrealized ) to expedite the drug discovery process.."

The abstract of another hyped article about cancer research says
"The objective of this study is to evaluate a series of molecules based on cyclosulfamide as potential (= still unrealized, useless ) anticancer agents.
During the simulation, the receptor-ligand pairing demonstrated substantial stability after the initial 70 ns (= time-consuming MD can only simulate very short < 100 ns ). In addition, we used DFT calculations to analyze the electronic and geometric characteristics.."

↑ Impractical mainstream molecular similating methods = time-consuming MD and quantum mechanical DFT are main culprits of preventing curing cancers.

AI and Alphafold, which cannot predict protein interaction, are useless for drug discovery.

See this page.

Overhyped AI news falsely raises people's hope, masking the inconvenient truth of deadend science.  → Deadly diseases are incurable forever.

AI and machine learning are just overhyped empty technology, as seen in still-impractical self-driving cars.

All these deadend technologies come from the useless quantum mechanical pseudo-models (= such as fictional quasiparticles .. )

To hide this inconvenient truth, corporations, the media and academia need to constantly spread overhyped baseless news.

For example, this hyped news headline exaggerates
"AI-discovered drugs will (= just baseless speculation, still useless ) be for sale sooner than you think (?)"

The 10~11th paragarphs of another overhyped news says
"Our model’s dramatic leap in performance shows the potential (= just speculation, still useless ) of AI to greatly enhance scientific understanding of the molecular machines..
The newest AlphaFold isn’t perfect, though.."

Overhyped news of (impractical) Alphafold AI

Many research results showed that Alphafold (2) could Not predict protein or drug interaction, so it is useless for drug dicovery.

But the recenct hyped news claims
"AlphaFold’s predictions may (= just speculation, still useless ) be more useful than we thought."

↑ This same news (= 10~14th paragraphs ) also says.
"they screened a database containing hundreds of millions of chemicals for ones that would bind to two proteins — sigma-2 and 5-HT2A — based on protein structures that had been determined using traditional methods."

"They then did the same thing using AlphaFold’s predicted structures for the same proteins, and the list of flagged chemicals was completely different (= Alphafold cannot predict experimental protein structures,  this 3rd-paragraph )"

"Next, they identified hundreds of promising compounds from each list and headed into the lab to test whether the chemicals could actually bind to the proteins and meaningfully alter their function — and amazingly, the “hit rates” were about the same for each group."

↑ They investigated successful rates of predicting chemicals or molecules binding to two already-known proteins sigma-2 and 5-HT2A whose structures were experimentally determined (= by cryo-EM ) or predicted by Alphafold 2(= AF2) using the current leading docking software (= DOCK 3.8,  Alphafold 2 itself has No ability to predict protein docking nor interaction ).

And the successful rate (= hit rate ) of predicting molecules binding to 5-HT2A protein was very bad = only 26% in Alphafold-predicted 2-HT2A protein structure ( this 6th-paragraph,  this p.12-last-paragraph, p.26-upper, p.9-Fig.2 ).

↑ This very bad rates of predicting protein docking (= only 26% successful rate ) can Not be used for actual drug discovery which requires scientists to predict many interactions between drugs and many proteins inside body precisely for avoiding side effects.

↑ Actually, there are many proteins whose structures Alphafold2 failed to predict, and they intentionally excluded those ( undesirable or unpredictable ) proteins from testing (= only in the upper two selected proteins, Alphafold2 protein structure predictions happened to resemble the experimentally-observed structures,  this-lower Big Bet ).

This ( p.25-2nd-paragraph, p.28 ) says
"Certain caveats merit mentioning. We have focused on two targets where the AF2 conformations of the ligand binding sites are either quite close to that of the experimental structure.."

"There are other AF2 models that differ so much from the experimental structures that we deem them poor candidates for docking. We have not explored how many proteins fall into these different categories.."

After all, the current AI and Alphafold are unable to predict protein interaction, hence useless for drug disovery, contrary to an incredible amount of overhyped news.


Biological, medical researches are deadend, unable to cure cancers, as long as fictional quantum mechanics prevents biologists from utilizing real atomic interaction.

Biologists, medical researchers just aim at publishing papers in academic journals instead of really aiming to develop useful drugs, which impractical science will destroy researchers' careers.

(Fig.B) Biological, medical researches without looking into real atomic interaction are just waste of time, which cannot cure deadly diseases.

Biological, medical research has been deadend.

All the current biological and medical researches are completely irrelevant to the (useless) quantum mechanics ( so-called quantum biology has nothing to do with actual biology,  this p.30-10.conclusion,  this-lower-looking ahead ).

This 4. Biologists' views says
"Many biologists consider physical laws, artificial life, robotics, and even theoretical biology as largely irrelevant for their research.
biologists, when they have the facts, need not worry about physical theories that neither address nor alter their facts."

This-middle-quantum biology today says
"Despite the work of Schrödinger and other pioneers of quantum mechanics, physicists of the 20th century believed that quantum effects had No significant impact on biology.
There is no doubt that quantum biology is still in infancy."

The so-called "quantum biology" is just an impractical pseudo-science irrelevant to actual biology or medicine.

The present biology, medical research does Not look into the detailed atomic interaction.

All the current biological tools are based on enzymes, virus plasmid vectors and antibodies obtained from natural organisms such as bacteria, viruses and immunized animals, which tools are Not designed nor created by humans or (useless) quantum mechanics.

Due to the impractical quantum mechanics, DFT and molecular dynamics,  biological and medical researchers are unable to see and utilize atomic interaction.

↑ It means the current biological and medical researches unable to see atomic interactions have to adopt the extremely time consuming trial and error approach to vaguely see what proteins can bind to each other using immunofluorescence, Western blotting based on antibodies (= antibodies are the biology's only tool to vaguely investigate protein interaction ) obtained from immunizing natural animals Not from (useless) quantum mechanical calculations

↑ The detailed (atomic) interaction mechanism between antibodies and proteins is unclear, which means predicting protein behavior and drug development are impossible in the current biological and medical researches.

In biological methods such as constructing recombinant DNAs, they just amplify target DNAs ( originating from natural organisms' genes ) by PCR based on natural bacterial enzymes, insert those amplified DNAs into (natural) viral plasmid DNA vectors by bacterial enzymes such as restriction enzymes and ligase, transfect it into cultured (bacterial) cells which eventually produce the target proteins that can be detected by immunofluorescence based on natural-animal-based antibodies.

↑ No atomic interaction nor (useless) quantum mechanics is used in biological and medical researches.

Today's medical research without utilizing the detailed atomic interaction is useless.

To discover some 'lucky drugs', medical researchers have to take extremely much time in (blindly) trying various drug candidate molecules out of almost infinite choices, without looking into detailed atomic interactions.

It is impossible for this macroscopic trial-and-error approach without considering precise atomic interactions to accidentally find some molecule or drugs effective against deadly cancers.

↑ To design and build molecular devices or enzymes to kill cancers without side effect, precisely knowing and manipulating each atom and molecule are indispensable (= for this, knowing each realistic atomic shape is necessary ).

This wide gap between the current medical research and underlying atomic physics is why many deadly diseases such as cancers and Alzheimer are still incurable despite extremely longtime researches, a lot of money and researchers' lives wasted for them.

Despite a huge amount of money and time wasted, cancers are still incurable, which means these research papers published in academic journals are unable to lead us into curing these deadly diseases.

↑ But academic journals demand that researchers should always waste a lot of time in citing and following even these old useless papers only to keep journals' high impact factors instead of allowing them to try really useful new technology (= independent of old papers and methods that will reduce journals' impact factors ), which old bad habit prevents effective treatment of cancers and other deadly diseases.

Biological, medical researches do Not use (useless) quantum mechanics nor atomic interaction.

The present biological and medical researches do Not use detailed atomic interactions due to the impractical basic physics or quantum mechanics.

This inability to clarify detailed atomic interaction in the current medical research is why deadly cancers and Alzheimer are still incurable.

For example, the recent cancer research paper

p.8-Method-left says (natural) animals and incubation of cancer tissues and cells.

p.8-right says antibodies (= obtained by immunizing natural animals ).

p.8-right Prime editing used plasmid DNA vectors, PCR. ligation, E.coli, all of which came from natural organisms, Not from creation by humans nor (useless) quantum mechanics.

p.9-left-Natural comet assays just conducted electrophoresis of the whole DNA samples without looking into individual atoms.

p.9-left HR and NHEJ reporter assays used flow cytometry based on antibodies (= obtained from immunizing natural animals ) and GFP obtained from jellyfish.

p.9-left-4~5th-paragraphs mention observation by the fluorescence microscope (= without looking into individual atoms ) based on immunofluorescence using antibodies obtained from immunizing natural animals.

p.9-right-3~last-paragraphs used antibodies and LC-MS/MS = liquid chromatography mass spectrometry which vaguely separated the whole peptide samples based on their sizes and ions without looking into individual atomic interaction.

p.10 also used this LC-MS/MS without using (useless) quantum mechanical methods.

Another example of biological research Not using (useless) quantum mechanics nor considering detailed atomic interaction.

The 6th paragraph of this recent biological research news says
"The researchers modified stem cells (= knock out the gene of stem cells related to DNA replication by CRISPR-Cas9 ) to divide only if they are supplemented with thymidine, one of the building blocks of DNA. The cells that have been subjected to this safety treatment cannot replicate their genome without the supplementary component vital for DNA synthesis. This precludes their proliferation. When the cells are differentiated for their various tasks, they cease to divide and no longer require the supplement"

↑ So this biological or medical research just deleted (= knocked out ) the gene of thiymidylate synthase (= TYMS ) of stem cells by bacterial CRISPR-Cas-9, which could not produce thymidine nor synthesize DNA without being supplemented with thymidine.

↑ That's all.  No (useless) quantum mechanics (= Schrodinger equation, DFT.. ) was used, and No detailed atomic interaction was considered in this research.
Hence, the detailed biological mechanism remained unknown, and No effective medical treatment could be developed.

This research paper ( this ↓ ).

p.3-1st-paragraph says "Using CRISPR-Cas9 (= derived from natural bacterial immunity, Not from quantum mechanics nor being created by humans ), we genetically inactivated thymidylate synthase (TYMS), the only known enzyme in charge of the de novo thymidylate (dTMP) synthesis"

p.5-2nd~3rd-paragraphs say "We implanted undifferentiated TYMS+/+- (= with normal thymidylate synthase ) and TYMS-/-hiPSC (= the thymidylate synthase gene knock out cell ) aggregates subcutaneously in mice, "

"..Only one mouse presented a small TYMS-/-derived teratoma without supplementation (= teratoma tumor occurred also in the gene-modified cells after all ). Histological analysis and immunocytochemistry (= using antibodies derived from immunizing natural animals ) showed.. "

p.6-2nd-paragraph says "We evaluated the progression of the differentiation by flow cytometry, RT-qPCR (= using enzymes originating from natural bacteria, Not from quantum mechanics ), and immunocytochemical (= based on antibody ) analysis of cell identity markers"

p.7-2nd-paragraph says "Immunohistochemistry (= using antibodies from immunizing animals ) on the implanted grafts showed comparable percentage of insulin and glucagon producing cells in TYMS+/+ (= normal wild cells ) and TYMS-/- ( TYMS gene knock out cell ) grafts at 1- and 3-months post-implantation (= whether these implanted cells can survive longer than 3 months is unclear )"

p.8-2nd-paragraph says "On the other hand, the safety concerns arising from altering DNA challenge further clinical applications (= this method is safe or not is unclear ).
As most safety switches alter DNA by including exogenous genetic material, they often result complex, immunogenic or susceptible to mutations or silencing.. (= still many unsolvable problems )"

↑ Materials and methods Not using (useless) quantum mechanics ↓

↑ The same research paper's materials and methods ↓

p.14 used cells and genome editing by bacterial CRISPR-Cas-9

p.16 used flow cytometry based on antibodies derived from immunizing (natural) animals.

p.17-1st-paragraph used ELISA based on antibodies derived from immunizing (natural) animals.

p.18 used Immunocytochemistry, immunohistochemistry based on antibodies derived from immunizing natural animals (= Not from quantum mechanics ).

p.19 used PCR based on (natural) bacterial enzymes and a rabbit polyclonal primary antibody.

↑ The current biological or medical researches do Not use (useless) quantum mechanics nor consider the microscopic atomic interaction, which is why effective drug development is impossible.

Overhyped science news prevents developing truly-effective cancer treatment, and kills patients.

The current deadend biological and medical science (= due to impractical quantum mechanics) keeping deadly cancers incurable is masked by an incredible amount of overhyped news that falsely raises patients' expectation and prevents developing truly-effective treatments.

No matter how many times we see the hyped bright news on cancer immunotherapy researches published in journals, the immunotherapy is still ineffective against almost all deadly cancers.  ← No progress, and we should give up those hopeless single-pattern immunotherapies especially against solid cancers.

For example, the first paragraph of this hyped news says
"Enormous additions to our knowledge of human biology at the molecular and genetic level have opened the door to a potential (= which means still useless ) “golden age” of cancer treatment."

Abstract of this hyped journal says
"Nanotechnology provides a promising platform for improving cancer detection and treatment in the future (= just speculation, still useless now ), but further research is needed to overcome the current limitations in clinical translation."

The 18th paragraph of this dubious quantum-hype news says
"How it is possible that thought processes are dictated by quantum rules? Is our brain working like a quantum computer ? No one yet knows the answers (= which means quantum mechanics has been useless for explaining biological mechanism ), but the empirical data strongly appears (= just baseless speculation ) to suggest that our thoughts follow quantum rules."

Cancer or biological research hype news

Hype news case-1   Quantum leap for cancer treatment ?

The last paragraph of this hyped news says

"This research has shown the possibilities (= just speculation ) presented by quantum therapeutics as a new technology to communicate with biology. The fusion of quantum bioelectronics and medicine brings us one step closer to (= still unrealized ) a new treatment paradigm for disease (← ? )"

↑ This research claims some applied electric field (causing quantum tunneling ? ) might trigger apoptosis of some cancer cells.

↑ But this research ( this p.10-methods-p.13 ) did Not look into any detailed atomic interaction of apoptosis, nor use (useless) quantum mechanical calculations such as Schrödinger equation, density functional theory (= DFT ) or molecular dynamics (= MD ), which means this cancer research is macroscopic trial-and-error approach taking too much time to find "lucky" treatment (= so curing cancers is hopeless ).

Hype news case-2   new cancer drug target ?

The last paragraph of another hyped news says

"The study opens up a new avenue (= ambiguous ) of opportunity to develop drugs that can attack significant diseases such as cancer, fibrosis, and other aging-related conditions. The team is now looking ahead to further research and potential clinical trials (= still unrealized ), representing a promising advancement in the quest for healthier aging (← ? )"

↑ This research ( this p.18-23 ) also did Not consider any detailed atomic interaction, instead, they only looked into macroscopic cells, mice, proteins using immunofluorecence (= IF ), immuno blotting based on natural-animal-based antibodies, and dealt with DNA, RNA using natural-organism-based enzymes with No (useless) quantum mechanical calculation.

Hype news case-3   breast cancer

The 2nd-last paragraph of this hyped news says

"The researchers hope these findings will (= just speculative future, still useless ) help scientists develop better diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for breast cancer brain metastasis patients."

↑ This research ( this p.24-28 ) also did Not consider atomic interactions, instead, they only looked at macroscopic cells, DNA proteins using immuno-blotting by natural-animal-based antibodies and natural-organism-based enzymes with No quantum mechanical calculation.

↑ The current biological and medical researches do Not look into detailed atomic intearction, hence, developing effective drugs by precisely understanding detailed atomic interaction between drugs and cancer cells is impossible.  → cancer is incurable

Hype news case-4   bacteriophage biotechnology ?

The 2nd and 4th paragraphs of this hyped news say
"Now, a rapid gene labeling or characterization scheme for bacteria-infecting viruses known as bacteriophages, or phages, has been developed for similar purposes by researchers (← ? )"

"For example, with the new barcoding method, investigators would (= uncertain future, still useless ) be able to track phages while they are being used to manipulate the microbiome around plant roots to enhance plant growth in drought conditions"

↑ This research used the natural organism-based tools (= Not created from humans nor useless quantum mechanics ) such as E.coli, PCR, plasmid, CRISPR system originating from natural bacterial immune system to cut and investigate the DNA gene of bacteriophage that is a naturally-existing virus infecting bacteria with No quantum mechanical calculation nor considering detailed atomic interaction ( this methods and materials ).

↑ So this is also one of (blind) macroscopic trial and error biological approaches that take too much time to make some lucky discovery, hence, fruitless research just wasting time.

No cure for cancer despite longtime research. Why?

Useless basic quantum mechanics forces medical researchers to waste a tremendous amount of time in fruitless research as slaves to academic journals.

The 4th, 7th, 8th, last paragraphs of this hyped news say

"they discovered that stress (= confine a mouse in very small tube ) causes certain white blood cells called neutrophils to form sticky web-like structures that make body tissues more susceptible to metastasis."

"The team found that stress hormones called glucocorticoids acted on the neutrophils. These stressed neutrophils formed spider-web-like structures called NETs (neutrophil extracellular traps). NETs form when neutrophils expel DNA. Normally, they can defend us against invading microorganisms. However, in cancer, NETs create a metastasis-friendly environment (= NET is double-edged sword )."

"First, she removed neutrophils from the mice using antibodies (= unrealistic treatment ). Next, she injected a NET-destroying drug (= DNase I enzyme ) into the animals. Lastly, she used mice whose neutrophils couldn't respond to glucocorticoids (= glucocorticoid-receptor-gene-deficient mice, which gene-deletion cannot be used for human's treatment ). Each test achieved similar results. The stressed mice no longer developed more metastasis (= NET and glucocorticoid could exacerbate metastasis )"

"The team also speculates that future drugs (= just speculation, still useless research ) preventing NET formation could benefit patients whose cancer hasn't yet metastasized"

↑ This research claims some cancer metastasis was reduced by suppressing the activity of neutrophil extracellular traps (= NET ) using knockout mice with abnormal gene of glucocorticoid receptor (= GR ) which receptor is needed for formation of NET, and injecting the enzyme DNase I that may destroy NET ( this summary ).

This research did Not consider any atomic interaction nor (useless) quantum mechanics (= detailed protein-enzymatic reaction mechanism at atomic level remains unclear ).

First of all, this neutrophil extracellular trap (= NET ), which is said to cause cancer metastasis, is necessary for our immune system protecting us from infection.

This 5.conclusion-2nd-paragraph says
"it should be noted that neutrophils and NETs are important components of innate immunity, and inhibition of NET formation or destruction of formed NETs may affect neutrophils and reduce pathogenic clearance"  ← severe side effect caused by targeting NET

In order to prevent cancer metastasis, this research also tried to suppress the stress hormone glucocorticoids ( this p.1-in brief, p.8(or p.7)-right-1st-paragraph says loss of GR = glucocorticoid receptor in neutrophils did Not affect the primary tumor, but it abrogated stress-induced lung metastasis ).  ← Primary cancers are still incurable in this research method.

But this glucocorticoid hormones are also necessary for our cells' growth, metabolism and anti-inflammatory function.

The current cancer researches try to sacrifice these humans' normal proteins and hormones that are essential for us to survive.  ← These cancer treatments sacrificing normal neutrophil-immune system and glucocorticoid hormones are likely to cause unrealistically-damaging side effects.

To develop effective cancer treatments without sacrificing normal cells' functions, we need to clarify detailed atomic mechanism and interaction, and create artificial proteins or molecular nano-device that can effectively eliminate only harmful cancer cells by precisely distinguishing them from normal cells (= at the atomic level ).

But the current mainstream quantum mechanics has been unrealistic and useless, which prevents medical researchers from using practical atomic models to find effective drugs or treatments.

This research also used the natural enzyme called DNase I (= protein discovered a long time ago ) to destroy neutrophil extracellular trap (= NET,  this summary ), which could increase the chance of infection ( this-introduction-2nd-paragraph ).

And cancer cells are known to inhibit DNase I ( this-abstract ). DNase activity is known to be too short to use for cancer treatment ( this 4.Targeting neutrophils-6th-paragrah says DNase I has a relatively short-half and is quickly inactivated by G actin proteins, for therapeutic window of DNase I is small ).

Biological or medical researches use neither (useless) quantum mechanics nor real atomic interaction.  ← Detailed cancer disease mechanism is unknown. No effective treatment can be found.

The impractical quantum mechanical atomic theory has prevented biological and medical researches from considering atomic interactions essential for understanding cancer formation and finding effective drugs.

All the current biotechnology or medical research tools depend on enzymes, DNAs, plasmids originating from natural organisms, which were Not designed by humans nor (useless) quantum mechanical theory ( this-lower-method used No quantum mechanics ).

This research methods ↓
p.19 Knockout mice with glucocorticoid receptor (= GR ) deficiency in neutrophils.
p.22 Flow cytometry for cell separation and distinction by using antibodies obtained from immunizing natural animals by the target protein antigens
p.23 immunofluorescence staining using antibodies (from animals ).
p.24 in vitro T cell activation assay by using flow cytometry antibodies.
p.24 real-time PCR using bacterial polymerase enzymes.
p.24 Western blot and cytokine array using antibodies obtained from immunizing animals.
p.25 ELISA used antibodies obtained from animals.
p.25 CRISPR/Cas9 originated from bacterial immune system.
p.25 RNA sequencing using natural enzymes.
p.26 ChIP means chromatin-immunoprecipitation using antibodies obtained from animals.

↑ As a result, the current biological or medical researches completely ignoring detailed atomic interactions due to useless mainstream quantum mechanics are unable to develop effective treatments or reduce severe side effects forever.  ← Researchers just waste their time and ruin their careers as slaves to journals.


Deadend atomic physics needs (parallel-world) quantum computers, which will be impractical forever, as fictional scientific target.

See this page.

Quantum battery is overhyped useless pseudo-science.

The 1st, 6th, 7th, last paragraphs of this hyped news (+ hyped fake picture ) say

"A new study by researchers.. proposes a quantum battery (QB) charging scheme based on a rectangular hollow metal waveguide (← this research is just an imaginary theoretical proposal, Not experimental results )"

"The other challenge for the practical performance of QB (= quantum battery is still impractical ) is its low charging efficiency resulting from the fragility of coherent interactions between the QB and its charger."

"The QB (= quantum battery ) model is based on two two-level systems (TLSs), which are systems having two distinct energy levels. These energy levels are typically represented as a ground state and an excited state."

"we plan to develop a many-body QB model working in the way of.. (← meaning just imagining theoretical model without experimental verification ) "

This research paper (= theoretical proposal ) ↓
p.1-left-last paragraph says "However, the practical performance of the QB (= quantum battery ) is challenged by two facts"  ← still No practical use ( this last-paragraph ).
p.5-left-2nd-paragraph says "In conclusion, we have proposed a remote-charging scheme.."  ← just proposition, No experiments.
p.9~  Nonphysical mechanism with no real particle picture

Quantum battery is impractical pseudo-science forever.

This article ( 1-3rd paragraphs ) talks about the hopeless deadend quantum battery,
"There’s been plenty written about quantum batteries over the past 10 years but it’s unlikely they will replace conventional batteries"
"scientists did Not foresee any technological application of their model. Quantum batteries were invented to study how energy moves in quantum systems, Not to be sold in shops."
"A quantum battery is only a theoretical (= imaginary ) concept for now."

The first experimental realization of quantum battery (= still far from practical use ) was research in Science paper in 2022 ↓
Fig.1, p.2-right-2nd-paragraph says  "Charging and energy storage dynamics were measured using ultrafast transient-absorption spectroscopy.. In this technique, we excite the microcavity with a pump pulse (= light ) and then measure the evolution of stored energy (i.e., corresponding to the number of excited molecules ) with a second probe pulse"

↑ So their so-called quantum battery is trapping the laser light energy ( in molecules ) between two mirrors called microcavity, which is too unstable to use as battery.

Lifetime of quantum battery (= still Not battery ) is too short ( = only femto-seconds ! )

This-lower Discussion (= about this recent Science research ) says
"These numbers make it clear that even if QBs (= quantum battery ) could be scaled up to form a real battery, they wouldn't even come close to matching the energy performance or cost of widely available batteries like lithium ion"

"Quantum batteries face many challenges that make them hard to implement and hard to apply to real-world uses. Quantum systems rely on perfectly cohered light sources and decohere at the slightest introduction of environmental noise, allowing them to only store energy for extremely short periods of time. In the organic microcavity experiment, the coherence time was defined as 120 femtoseconds (= fs ), which is 1.2 × 10-13 s (= this-p.6-right-2nd-paragraph says cavity lifetime T = only 120 fs  ← too short battery lifetime ! ). "

↑ It means the (impractical) quantum battery can store charged energy (= laser light energy ) for only extremely short time (= only 120 femtosedonds ! ), which extremely-unstable, short-lived quantum battery can never be of practical use ( despite longtime researches ).

IBM also fruitlessly tried to utilize their superconducting qubit (= ground and excited states ) as quantum battery (= discharged and charged states ), but its lifetime of storing charged energy is only 165 μs = 165 × 10-6 s ( this p.9-2nd-paragraph ), which is also hopelessly too short for battery's lifetime.

As a result, quantum battery is just an overhyped useless pseudoscience only for physicists to publish papers in academic journals, and this useless journal's pseudo-science (= inapplicable to other fields ) will ruin the researchers' careers, future.


Einstein relativity is overhyped pseudo-science.

See this page.


Researchers in biology, medicine and physics only aim to publish papers in academic journals in vain, instead of really aiming to cure diseases or build useful machines.

The current researchers in all fields are wasting their precious time and (taxpayers') money in impractical science (= such as fictional quasiparticle model ) only to publish papers as slaves to academic journals (= 'God' ? ) whose useless science eventually ruins the researchers' careers and future.

(Fig.J)  Academic journals can Not cure cancer nor build practical quantum computer ! Their useless pseudo-science (= fictional quasiparticle, black hole, BigBang.. ) ruins researchers' careers and future.

Academic journals are full of impractical pseudo-science.

Due to the stalled mainstream atomic physics or (fictional) quantum mechanics, all the current researchers in biology, medicine and physics only aim to publish papers as slaves to academic journals instead of really aiming to cure cancers or invent useful nano-devices.

So researchers are just wasting their precious time and (taxpayers') money in publishing papers on impractical science in academic journals, ruining their careers and future.

Examples of useless pseudo-science researches intended only for publishing papers are fictional quasiparticles like this, this, this, pseudospin, extra-dimension, black hole..

Other impractical researches are this, this, this, this.

Even for-profit corporations are wasting their money in aiming only to publish papers on useless research in journals.

Academic journals are trying to exploit their (empty) prestige to manipulate the world's researchers in corporations and universities, let them spread overhyped (useless) science news, which just benefits academic journals by sacrificing researchers' lives, future, and corporations' (or taxpayers' ) money.

Actually, Google just lost a significant amount of money in fruitless AI Deepmind, Alphafold and impractical quantum computer's research only to obtain the honor of publishing papers in top journals (= this means Google spreading overhyped quantum computer and AI news is also one of victims exploited by top journals ).

No matter how many times researchers published their papers in prestigious (top) journals, many deadly diseases such as cancers and Alzheimer are still incurable, and quantum computers are hopeless, impractical forever.

Academia, journals benefit from the current useless pseudo-mainstream science.

Academic journals always forced scientists to use and reference old impractical (obsolete) physical models to explain observed phenomena as the necessary condition for publishing papers, which bad old customs of automatically referencing old fictitious useless theories can keep journals' high impact factor by sacrificing really-useful scientific development, researchers' careers, future, and preventing curing deadly diseases.

↑ When the physics, biological and medical papers on (still-)useless research are published in (top) journals, researchers are required to cite these useless old papers only to contribute to journals' high impact factor.  → Technological innovation stalls stuck in old deadend methodology, No effective drug discovery.

Professors in universities got their academic positions by publishing their papers in (top) journals, so they tend to force young researchers and students to prioritize publishing papers in academic journals instead of doing really-useful researches, which old bad habit and their pseudo-science will ruin the researchers' careers and just end up raising university's tuition tormenting students and taxpayers.

It is urgent that we stop blindly worshiping top journals' pseudo-science religion that just ruins researchers' careers, delays developing really-useful devices, prevents curing cancers, and kills patients.


Quantum mechanical Pauli principle cannot treat each atom as a real object with concrete shape separable from other atoms, which contradictory quantum model stops our scientific advancement forever.

See this



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