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Can you still believe "science" ?

[ The current "science" is fiction or just a political tool. ]

(N-1)  ↓ Fictional "science" published in the latest

There is growing evidence that Covid-19 viruses were artificially created by Chinese lab instead of natural origin.

If Chinese officials were so confident the new coronavirus had natural origins, why did they need to deliberately delete the virus database ?

There is a strong possibility that the so-called "scientists", experts and almost all the media tried to desperately suppress the virus lab-leak theory, based on the dubious "scientific consensus", cooperating with Chinese government for expecting the large investment money pumped into their "science".

"Science" is just globalists' and dishonest authoritarian academia's convenient political tool to hush up the scandal, brainwash ordinary people or threaten any dissenters who challenge the so-called "mainstream science", as the old Church tried to hush up Galileo.

Prestigious academic journals such as Nature medicine, Lancet and Science also tried to hide the lab-leak idea as a conspiracy theory, closing their eyes to reality, intervened in the politics.

Covid-19 viruses are very infectious, easily speading among many people, so if Covid-19 was natural origin, many people all over the world had already been infected since a long time ago.  But there was No such a natural virus.

Probably, Wuhan lab happened to create artificial infectious viruses by manipulating and changing DNA of the other virues found in the other distant location, then, lab researchers were easily infected by such very infectious artificial viruses and resultantly spread them.

The more important fact is the current so-called "mainstream science", "scientists" and prestigious academic journals turned out to be just a political tool spreading pseudo-science, distorting actual scientific facts.

Even after the dubious WHO report, the top journal Nature still brushed off the lab-leak theory, saying ( this p.2 right-upper ),
"it’s highly unlikely that a lab would keep such information secret.. there’s a small chance that someone inadvertently got infected by an unknown virus while collecting bat samples in a cave."

If we leave all our "scientific decisions" up to the so-called (mainstream) "scientists" and journals, there is a danger they will aritificially create new fictional scientific fields such as "new mysterious viruses or universes of unknown origins or something" and successfully get all governments to waste taxpayers' money for "imaginary new science research", as they already did in fantasy parallel worlds, extradimensions, black hole, BigBang.. global warming.

The problem is all the current molecular biological researches tend to have only "harmful effects" with little benefits for us, hence, even if researchers artificially or accidentally create some harmful viruses, the current biology provides them with almost No tools for fixing or removing such harmful viruses.

All biological research tools or enzymes for manufacturing artificial viruses must be obtained from the natural ( or a little modified ) bacteria and viruses, because the current useless mainstream basic "science" called quantum mechanics cannot design or create artificial enzymes to cure diseases.

All the current molecular biological tools or enzymes obtained from natural bacteria, which work only under very limited conditions of labs, are completely useless for removing harmful viruses from human bodies.

One of bioresearch tools = restriction enzymes obtained from natural bacteria for inserting artificial DNA into viruses cut only the specific DNA sequence sites which cutting traces might tell us whether viruses were artificially created or not, compared with the past lab research papers or data, which were deleted by the authority unfortunately.

If Covid-19 was really artificially created in labs, this is the first "unprecedented" pandemic caused by artificially-created viruses, which did Not exist in the nature (= artificial viruses could "accelerate" the natural evolution speed unpredictably and dangerously ), hence, it may be unlikely that artificial viruses will disappear spontaneously someday or be controlled by our natural immune system induced by unpredictable vaccines.

Humans already have the excellent technology of observing and manipulating each single atom to construct any molecular nano-machines or artificial enzymes to cure the current intractable diseases or remove artificial viruses from human bodies, but the current "mainstream science" called quantum mechanics and academic journals prevent us from using realistic atomic tools or models.

For example, in the latest research published in the prestigious journal Nature communications ( this p.5, 8 ), physicists outrageously try to utilize fictional magnetic monopoles (= impossible objects = a north pole without a south pole or vice versa ) for imaginary modern-day computing magnetic nanostructures (← Never happen ).

The 3-5th paragraphs of this same fictional monopole research news says
"These single pole magnets, also known as magnetic monopoles, do not exist in nature; when every magnetic material is cut into two it will always create a new magnet with a north and south pole.."

".. However, in recent years physicists have managed to produce artificial (= fake ) versions of a magnetic monopole (← lie ) through the creation of two-dimensional spin-ice materials."

↑ In fact, this so-called "artificial monopole" is Not a real monopole but just a fictitious quasiparticle ( this p.1 center ), so scientifically meaningless.

The 3rd-last paragraph of this news says
"These magnetic monopoles are not real particles, like electrons and protons, but they are referred to as quasi-particles, because they appear from the collective behavior of surrounding atoms and electrons and they effectively interact with each other."

↑ This means the current mainstream quantum mechanics refuses to explain electromagnetic phenomena of materials using real particles, instead, it forces physicists to rely on fictitious quasiparticles which pseudo-models prevent us from using real atomic tools or models to cure diseases forever.

Physicists just artificially "defined" and fabricated fake magnetic monopole quasiparticle models by observing some atomic magnetic alignments, which do Not include real magnetic monopoles at all. ( this p.5,  quantum mechanics likes to explain atomic internal magnetic field by unreal electron's "spins" instead of realistic electron's orbital motion )

Of course, these fictitious monopole quasiparticles, which ghost particles do Not exist in this real world, are useless for any practical purpose except for misleading people or governments into spending taxpapers' money for their illusory future "science".

This is why the last paragraph of this news uses just vague expressions,
" Since the monopoles can be moved around the 3D lattice using a magnetic field it may be possible to create a true 3D storage device based upon (fictional) magnetic charge ?"  ← The speculative word "may" means their fictitious monopole quasiparticle research is still useless, realizing nothing meaningful now.

There are many such dubious research papers or news falsely treating fictional unphysical objects as "imaginary future promising technology" published in academic journals.

The last paragraph of this other latest dubious physics news published in the top journal Nature claims
" they also suggest topological insulators as a promising material class for future electronics and information processing.. explore novel relativistic effects .. in future high-tech applications."

↑ The use of uncertain dubious future words such as "promising" means this latest physics research is also still useless, realized nothing now.

What does this Nature article's "relativistic effect" for future as-yet-unseen high-tech application mean ?

The 2nd paragraph of this same Nature news says
"On their surfaces, electrons behave like massless particles moving almost like light ?"  ← This is an unrealistic pseudo-science !

As you know, a real electron has the definite mass, Not massless at all.

So their fictitious massless electron is one of unreal quasiparticles called "Dirac fermions."

This fictitious massless Dirac electron is said to use the so-called relativistic effect, which is unrealistic.

The 5-6th paragraphs of this site say
" Dirac fermion quasiparticles travel at this effective (= fake ) speed of light.. The researchers achieved a transition between massless and massive quasiparticle states by distorting the lattice, a process that is analogous to how the Higgs field acts in particle physics ?"

Einstein relativity claims any massless particles must always move at the maximum light speed c.

But this fictitious massless Dirac quasiparticle is said to "move" 300 times slower than the light speed c, which clearly contradicts the original Einstein relativistic theory ( this p.3 right upper ).

So the current mainstream theories published in top journals are self-contradictory and false.

These massless Dirac fermions or quasiparticles are completely useless for any future (imaginary) technology, because physicists just fabricate fake quasiparticle model, artificially manipulate parameters such as fake effective masses ( this p.3 left ) of one pseudo-particle approximate model called density functional theory ( this p.7 ).

The 2nd paragraph of this other latest physics news published in Nature group journal npj also falsely claims
"The study, published in npj Quantum Materials, may be a step toward the implementation of a long-living quantum memory ?"

↑ The vague dubious future words such as "may" and "a step toward" mean this latest research still has Not realized anything useful now, instead, talking only about as-yet-unseen future or imaginary quantum memory, which will never be put to practical use.

Their research will be meaningless, useless forever, because they try to use fictitious quasiparticle model called polaritons embedded in unphysical band model to explain some physical phenomena in vain ( this p.2 Fig.2 ).

The first paragraph of this other latest news on fictional quantum computers also misleadingly claims
".. an important step toward a scalable quantum computer. Their results are published in the scientific journal Nature"

↑ Again, the frequent use of imaginary future word "a step toward" means this research still has Not realized any practical quantum computers.

Correctly, their so-called quantum computers are still Not computers or calculators at all.

The last paragraph of this same news says
".. showcased using a two-qubit (= two quantum bits ) quantum algorithm ?"

↑ It means this latest top journal Nature research used only two bits (or qubits, this p.2-5 ) for their as-yet-unrealized imaginary quantum computer, which are far from the practical computer that needs billions of bits or transistors as seen in the current PC.

Actually, fictional quantum computer research is deadend with No progress, as the 3rd paragraph of this recent news says
"Electrons trapped in quantum dots, semiconductor structures of only a few tens of nanometres in size, have been studied for more than two decades as a platform for quantum information. Despite all promises, scaling beyond two-qubit logic has remained elusive."

↑ Despite very long time research (= more than decades ), this silicon-type quantum computer (= still Not a computer at all ) can have only a few bits or qubits, which are far inferior to the current practical classical computer with billions of bits or transistors.

This hopeless quantum computer pseudo-science needs a lot of fake or exaggerated news to pop up almost every day in order just to make their fruitless deadend researches on fictional parallel-world quantum computers "appear" to be promising or progressing day by day (= actuall, Not ).

For example, this latest CNBC fishy news just vaguely says
"It’s still an incredibly young field (= forever ) of research, however firms from Google to IBM believe quantum computing will become a reality in the next decade (= never happen )"

".. Quantum computers will be able to do specific tasks much faster than classical machines and that could be a problem for today’s encryption standards ?"

↑ The frequent misuse of multiple dubious future words such as "will", "could" and "next" means their fishy quantum computers are still illusion and useless (forever).

The 5th paragraph of this latest Reuters news also just uses vague phrases,
"Researchers believe quantum computers could operate millions of times faster than today’s advanced supercomputers, potentially making possible tasks ranging from mapping complex molecular structures (← lie )"

Uncertain future words such as "believe", "could", "potentially" mean nothing has been realized yet according to their news.
The phrase "joint venture" which sounds "practical businesslike", is intentionally used only to give false impression that (fictional) quantum computers may be put to practical use someday (← never happen ).

As you see, under the current fraudulent so-called "mainstream science" based on fictional quantum physics and fantasy parallel universes, physicists had No choice but to use their useless science only for irrelevant "political purpose".

Fantasy parallel-world quantum computers, extra-dimensions, multiverse, quasiparticles .. are all useless except for writing meaningless articles, repeating the old same lectures, political tools, or selling books calling meaningless equations "God equations" or something  ← The current "science" is just superstitious "religion" ?

Listen to (pseudo-)science !

See this week physics is still useless.


Computers do Not need fantasy quantum mechanics.

[ Quantum mechanics based on unreal electron band model was useless for inventing computer transistors. ]

(Q-1)  ↓ Computer transistors did Not use

What if the present mainstream "science" is just fake, and all people across the world have been deceived and brainwashed with the wrong textbooks under the name of "education" ?

All the media and academia repeatedly spread the false idea that quantum mechanics was indispensable for modern computer technology, trying to make the useless quantum mechanics look useful.

In fact, the fantasy quantum mechanics was completely unnecessary, having nothing to do with the modern computer technology.

Computer CPU and memory can recognize only very simple and primitive binary information 0 or 1 represented by a tiny electronic switch called transistor.

Each transistor consists of a central p-type semiconductor (= called "base" ) sandwiched between two n-type semiconductors (= called "emitter" and "collector" ).

N and p-type semiconductors are made of silicon doped with different impurities or atoms with different numbers of valence electrons.

Due to the different numbers of valence electrons of impurity atoms included in silicon, electrons can flow only in one direction from n-type semiconductor (= excessive electrons ) to p-type semiconductor (= deficient electrons or excessive holes ) even under applied voltage.

So in this ordinary n-p-n semiconductor transistor including p → n direction, electrons cannot flow as electric current, even if some amount of voltage is applied to both ends of two n-type semiconductors.

Only when the new voltage is applied to the central p-type semiconductor (= base ), electrons can gain momentum, pass through the central p-type semiconductor's barrier and flow from emitters (= n ) to collectors (= n ) as a large electric current.  See this middle.

In this transistor switch, whether a new voltage is applied to the central p-type semiconductor ( or base ) determines whether the electronic current flows or not, which determines the electronic charge is accumulated in a memory capacitor or not.

↑ As you see, this transistor mechanism just obeys simple "classical electromagnetics" where electrons particles are accelerated and moving by ordinary Coulomb electric force, which cannot be described by unrealistic static quantum mechanical electron cloud or wavefunction.

Strangely, even the present textbooks always use the classical (= realistic ) Bohr's atomic model with actually moving electron particles to explain the mechanism behind the transistor semiconductor and its atomic structure instead of quantum mechanical unphysical electron cloud model which tells us nothing about the detailed mechanism at all.

Unrealistic quantum mechanical electrons expressed as ambiguous electron clouds spreading over all space cannot even move or be localized to one particular place to cause a real electric current.

Transistor switch, which should be changing rapidly between 0 ↔ 1 by actually moving electrons, does Not happen or work under nonphysical quantum mechanical static electron cloud model.

So it is intrinsically impossible for such a fictional quantum mechancal electron or unrealistically static electron cloud wavefunction vaguely spreading all over space to explain the actual dynamic electrons' motions of the current computer transistors.

Then, how do physicists falsely claim such an unrealistic quantum mechanics full of fantasy concepts contributed to the modern computer transistor technology ?  ← an insane and baseless idea

This middle part explains
"Transistors are fabricated from materials known as semiconductors, in which charge-carrying electrons are only allowed to occupy certain discrete energy levels, as determined by quantum physics (← lie ). As more electrons are added they form allowed "bands" in a prescribed manner.."

".. The resultant energy bandstructure, which can be modified by applying voltages to wires connected to the device, gives rise to the switching behavior from which we build fundamental electrical elements.."

".. Without quantum mechanics we would have no understanding of semiconductors, could not have engineered the transistor (← lie, again ), and thus would have no microprocessors ?"

First of all, this seemingly "excellent" quantum mechanical nonphysical band model can Not even treat a real electron with real fixed mass or charge.  ← So quantum mechanics does Not have real tools or real electrons from the beginning.

It's much more impossible for such a quantum mechanical pseudo-electron model to explain actual transistor's underlying mechanism in a realistic way based on real moving electrons.

The quantum mechanical band model outrageously replaces all real dynamical electrons inside materials or semiconductors by one single fictitious free quasi-electron with fake effective mass (= even unreal negative mass is possible according to crazy quantum mechanics ).  ← Very rough and false quantum mechanical approximate model ( this p.15 ).

This fictitious quantum mechanical electron artificially and wrongly replacing real mass by unreal effective masses is said to be "moving" at fictitious velocities or quasi-momentum ( this p.2 ) only inside the imaginary quantum band-structure world.  ← a meaningless ghost-particle model

↑ All these pseudo-concepts were artificially fabricated in order just to make intrinsically-useless quantum mechanics explain actual complicated physical phenomena inside materials or semiconductors.

There are fatal and irreparable problems in the quantum mechanical unphysical wavefunction or fuzzy static electron clouds, which abstract wrong model tells us nothing about the detailed mechanism of what actually happens inside various materials.

Quantum mechanical electron cloud or wavefunction must always spread all over space with No definite shape or boundary, hence, such an uncertain electron cloud with No concrete electrons localized in particular positions can Not be moved or manipulated by ordinary electromagnetic force or applied voltage.  ← Quantum mechanics cannot be used as a transistor switch !

Physicists were unscientifically forced to dismiss and replace the whole actual many electrons inside semiconductors by one big pseudo-electron or band model with fake effective mass and quasi-crystal momentum, ignoring all multi-electron effects ( this 2nd paragraph ), in order to turn originally-unmovable static quantum mechanical electron cloud into a fictitious quasi-electron seemingly movable with fake masses and fake momentums.

The 5th paragraph of this site says
"Firstly, band structures for most solids cannot be obtained analytically. Rather, scientists and engineers use the (fictitious) effective mass to develop simple models for charge carrier behavior in semiconductor devices, that avoid the detailed physics (= avoid delving into detailed true mechanisms )"

↑ So physicists have already admitted quantum mechanical model is useless, and given up explaining the detailed semiconductor's behavior analytically.  → Fake electrons with unreal effective mass model is used, which cannot predict any real physical phenomena based on real electrons' motion.

Even Nobel laureates Shockley = one of founders of the modern computer transistors admitted unrealistic concepts were used in quantum mechanics (= hence, he did Not rely on such an unrealistic quantum mechanical model for inventing transistors ) in his Nobel lecture ( this p.14-15 )

"..they are not yet adequately explained quantitatively. The discrepancy between simple theory and experiment probably results from the complex structure of the energy surfaces for holes and electrons, that is, from deviations from the single (fake) effective-mass model of semiconductors.."

"..It was difficult at the time to interpret these procedures from an atomic point of view and this is still true at present."

↑ So even the inventor of modern computer transistors, Shockley knew the existing quantum mechanical theory could Not explain any experimental results (= which is why there was a clear discrepancy between the theory and experiments ), even after a single pseudo-electron's effective mass approximate band model was artificially created.

In Nobel lecture ( this p.10 ) of another pioneer of transistor, Bardeen also said
"electrons and holes thought of as classical particles with an (fake) effective mass of the same order, but differing from the ordinary electron mass. The effective mass is often anisotropic, and different for different directions of motion in the crystal (← impossibly changeable masses in different directions ! ) "

↑ He said obviously unrealistic things = unlike the real fixed electron's mass, such an unrealistic effective mass of a fake electron inside quantum mechanical unphysical band model can magically change in different directions !

Each electron inside semiconductors is influenced by many other atoms and electrons through various Coulomb potential energies.

But quantum mechanical pseudo-model has No ability to take account of such complicated potential energies or interactions caused by actual multiple electrons inside semiconductors.

↑ Such an useless quantum mechanics had No choice but to give up thinking about all real electrons and potential energies, and instead, outrageously treat all real electrons inside semiconductors as one big fake free electron with fake effective mass moving at fictitious velocities (= called crystal momentum ) inside the imaginary band-model world.

Hence, this quantum mechanical illusory model relying on fake electron's effective masses, fake charges and momentums in the band structure was unable to predict any real physical phenomena of semiconductors, much less contributed to modern computer technology.

This is why Shockley had to take a great deal of time enduring classic trials and errors, until he luckily found a miracle way or candidate for practical transistors, because the existing quantum mechanical theory was useless, telling him nothing about how to do next ( this p.1 left top,  this p.1 middle-lower ).

Bardeen was also betrayed by quantum mechanical predictions (= there is No such thing as quantum mechanical prediction, though ), as this site ( p.19 left-lower ) says
"The results they found along the way were obtained by an admixture of accident, brilliant insight and luck .... The fact that the results were the reverse of what they had expected initially in the given case.."

Also in Shockley's later books, he admitted impractical quantum mechanics allowed physicists to use only fake electron model with unreal effective mass or crystal momentum (= fake velocity ) to think about any semiconductors' or transistor's mechanism ( this site is heavy, p.120, p.175 ), after he discovered the modern transistors by classical trial and error approach without relying on quantum mechanics like Edison and Wright brothers' discovery.

As long as we ignore underlying reality and blindly continue to rely on the current nonphysical quantum mechanical stupid band theory with unreal electron effective mass or quasiparticle model, our science technology including computers has No future, No hope, with No more technological progress.

Sadly, creating "illusory future technology" to deceive taxpayers and governments to get research funds becomes the only choice for the current hopless mainstream pseudo-science.

This fraudulent future technology is the so-called quantum computers allegedly utilizing fantasy parallel worlds or superposition for as-yet-unrealized faster parallel computing.

The 1st and 2nd paragraphs of this dubious latest quantum computer news just vaguely says
".. that will allow the campus to focus on enabling scalable quantum computing.. Quantum computers are expected to greatly outperform the most powerful conventional computers on certain tasks ?"

↑ The frequent misuse of fishy future worlds such as "will" and "expected" means their quantum computers (= Not computers or calculators yet ) are still illusion and unrealized (forever).

The 2nd-last paragraph of this another latest misleading quantum computer news says
"The team is excited for "future applications" of their work.. They even envision one day integrating their entire experimental setup onto a chip that could be dipped into a biomaterial or water sample.. ?"

↑ They talk only about "imaginary future" again, without realizing anything useful by using many empty words "future" and "could."

Physicists just artificially try to define and use unreal electron's effective masses that do Not even exist, by wrongly treating electrons inside materials as fake free quasi-electrons and measuring their fictitious motions under various electromagnetic fields ( this p.9, this p.7 ).

↑ Instead of clarifying true underlying physical mechanism, the current physicists are obsessed only with artificially fabricating and manipulating fake electron's masses in vain forever.  ← No more technological progress is expected in our "science", computers and medicine !

Fictitious theories need and spawned other fictitious theories or concepts to explain their fictitious mechanisms artificially.  ← vicious cycle.

In order to explain fictitious band model with fake electrons, physicists artificially created various fake ad-hoc models (= irrelevant to the original useless quantum mechanical Schrödinger equation ).

These fake ad-hoc quantum mechanical approximate models for illogically explaining semiconductor's band energies or fake electron's effective mass include pseudo-potential approximation ( this p.5 ) and various empirical meaningless models which just artificially choose and adjust band energy parameters ( this p.2, this p.3 2nd paragraph, this p.2 ) with No ability to predict anything.

Energy potentials or band energies of transistors, which vary depending on applied voltage magnitudes or materials and affect whether electronic current flow or not, must be expressed by such fake quantum mechanical models that just artificially manipulate unreal effective masses and band energies.

The most-widely used (fake) quantum mechanical approximate model is density functional theory (= DFT, this p.2 ) which popular pseudo-quantum model was introduced more than 10 years after Shockley luckily invented transistors without relying on any quantum mechanical impractical theories including band or DFT models ( this p.2 ).

This DFT approximate method is often called (fake) ab-initio or first-principle method.  ← These misleading names are highly inappropriate, considering DFT is completely unrealistic, useless, unable to predict any actual multi-electron phenomena inside semiconductors.

Because this DFT method unrealistically replaces the entire many-electron material or semiconductor by one fake quasi-electron with fake effective mass compatible with unphysical band model with fake effective pseudo-potentials ( this p.5 ).

All these DFT free parameters such as one pseudo-electron wave function and pseudo-potentials called "electron-correlation functionals" must be artificially chosen out of infinite choices.  ← a meaningless quantum mechanical popular pseudo-model just deliberately "choosing" physical values with No ability to predict any new values.

It means DFT, which just artificially chooses fake electron's wavefunctions and potential energies, can Not explain or predict any physical phenomena inside semiconductors or computer transistors ( this p.17 ).  ← Actually, this current most widely-used DFT method contributed nothing to modern technological innovation, because DFT was introduced in 1965 after transistors were invented in 1950.

As a result, all misleadingly "exaggerated" news and claims that quantum mechanics was useful (← ? ) for developing modern computer transistors or smartphones are just false and a total lie.

The current rampant coronaviruses may have been artificially created by Chinese lab.  ← If it is true, Chinese government, almost all the world's media and the so-called "scientists" strangely cooperated to stifle the lab-leak virus idea as "conspiracy theory."  ← What's their true purpose ?

There is a rumor that almost all academic journals refused to accept the latest research supporting the artificially-created virus theory.  ← The current so-called "science" and academic journals are just "political tool" urging the world's scientists to do harmful researches with No benefits for us ?

Or has the current mainstream "science" itself been just a "fantasy conspiracy" theory ?

Whether the viruses were intentionally or accidentally spread is still unclear.

But if the viruses were really artificially created, it may be hard or unlikely that viruses will disappear spontaneously someday or humans' natural immune system ( whether by herd or unpredictable vaccines ) will get rid of any artificial mutant viruses luckily.

To tackle artificially-manufactured formidable viruses, that had not existed in the nature, we need to artificially get rid of such artificial viruses by understanding and artificially manipulating atomic interactions between viruses and bodies, using a real practical atomic model.

To do that, the current fantasy and useless quantum mechanical atomic theory is the largest obstacle to finding cures for diseases, hence it must be replaced by realistic practical atomic models as soon as possible, in order to prepare for next pandemic by artificial viruses.

See this week physics is still useless.


Computers don't use quantum mechanics.

[ Quantum mechanics with No real electrons has been useless in developing any computer technology. ]

(C-1)  ↓ Fantasy quantum mechanics is Not used in

Quantum mechanics has been useless in any applied science such as computer transistors and technology.

See this week physics is still useless.


Fake news abounds in quantum computers.

[ Quantum computers are "fake", Not even computers, with No chance of practical use. ]

(M-1)  ↓ Quantum computers are useless in

Any quantum computers are still Not computers, completely useless.

See this week physics is still useless.


Chinese 'largest' quantum computer is useless.

[ The world's largest quantum computer with 62 qubits can calculate nothing.  ← completely useless. ]

(Q-1)  ↓ No calculation, just random quantum walk in ?

The current widely-used ordinary useful classical computer is made of more than billions of transistors or bits.

Billions of bits packed in one computer is necessary for a computer to become a useful computer or calculator by performing meaningful calculations for us.

It is reported that the leading quantum computer company IBM plans to have 1000-qubit (= qubit corresponds to "quantum" version of bit ) quantum computer by 2023.  ← This as-yet-unrealized 1000-qubit quantum computer (= still Not computers, though ) will be still far inferior to the current useful classical computer made of billions of bits

Today's largest quantum computer is said to have only 60~70 qubits (= including unpublished doubtful ones ), which alleged quantum computers are completely useless, cannot do any meaningful calculations that the ordinary classical computer we use can easily execute ( this 3rd-5th paragraphs ).

You easily see a huge amount of fake news deliberately exaggerating hopeless imaginary quantum computers, which will be useless forever, popping up almost every day, flooding the current media, confusing and misleading laypersons and governments in order to get taxpayers' money.

Quantum computer is allegedly based on ancient quantum mechanics which fantasy pseudo-science has unreasonably dominated and badly influenced the academia, science world and education for a long time.

Many giant corporations from incredibly many different sectors such as Big tech, smartphones, drugmakers, hospitals, carmakers, universities, environment, even giant financial banks 'united' under fictional parallel-world quantum computers, forming a strange global or world's government-like organization controlling all the media for getting the world's science budgets under the name of (fishy) science, climate change, vaccine or something.

If you carefully read all these 'fishy' quantum computer news, you will notice the so-called quantum computer is still fiction, can Not do any useful calculations, seeing the news media talking only about imaginary rosy future, which will never happen.

For example, the 1st-2nd paragraphs of this latest news just vaguely says
" a quantum computer that can solve large-scale business problems is still a prospect that belongs to the distant future.. But now researchers from US banking giant Goldman Sachs and quantum computing company QC Ware have designed new quantum algorithms (= Not computers ) that they say could significantly boost the efficiency of some critical financial operations – on hardware that might be available in only five years' time"

↑ So even in the latest news of fishy quantum computers, they just designed some "algorithm", and still have Not realized it using real quantum computers except in physicists' heads or imaginary uncertain future.  ← Quantum computer is still useless (forever).

The current so-called "science" and "identity politics" are highly politicized, it's a mere "pretense" originating from the academia falsely believing in fictional parallel universes and unreal pseudo-particles as "science", which is substantially religion ?

Just seemingly increasing the number of quantum bits or qubits in order to falsely make the useless (= forever ) quantum computer "look" promising or progressing is meaningless and harmful to real science.

The world's leading IBM quantum computers are still useless and Not even computers or calculators.  = Even very simple tasks of just oscillating 53 qubits between 0 and 1 (without any meaningful calculations) is impossible, causing a lot of errors.

IBM news reporters are especially "good" at skillfuly hiding true facts that their quantum computers still can do nothing meaningful.

For example, this latest hyped news misleadingly claims "IBM just solved this quantum computing problem 120 times faster than previously possible ?"

↑ The point is this news does Not claim IBM quantum computers (= still Not computers ) can calculate faster than the current widely-used classical computers.  ← It means their quantum computers are still useless and Not faster than the ordinary classical computers.

They just vaguely says "IBM solved a quantum problem 120 times faster than the previous time."  ← It means if what they did in the "previous time" is a meaningless trifling thing, "120 times faster than such a meaningless calculation" is also meaningless, and makes No difference (= still useless for us ).

If you carefully read the news further, you will notice the 6th paragraph of the same IBM news says one real inconvenient fact,
"Classical computing remains a fundamental part of Qiskit, and of any quantum operation carried out over the cloud. A quantum program can effectively be broken down into two parts: using classical hardware, like a laptop.."

↑ So almost all calculations by IBM alleged quantum computers are carried out by the ordinary classical computers of billions of bits, because their quantum computers still consisting only of a very small number of bits (= only seven qubits, this 2nd paragraph ) can Not do any meaningful calculations.

The 3rd-last paragraph of this same fishy IBM quantum comptuer news just misleadingly says
"Qiskit Runtime will allow users to try out our powerful new quantum kernel alignment algorithm.. We recently used this algorithm to prove that quantum computers will demonstrate a rigorous speedup over classical computer.. ?"

↑ The use of the confusing future word "will" means their so-called quantum computers still can Not calculate faster than classical computers except in the imaginary future or "pie-in-the-sky" algorithm.

Then, what on earth can the current "largest quantum computers" (= still Not computers, though ), which research papers have been actually published in peer-reviewed journals, perform ?

This week, Chinese team published their latest research on the alleged world's largest quantum computer with 62 qubits in the prestigious top journal Science.

What has this world's largest quantum computer done ?
Could their 'machine' calculate any meaningful values ?  ← Actually their quantum computers are still Not computers or machines, because they cannot do any calculations.

The 6th paragraph of this news just vaguely says
"It is just like one or two particles randomly moving on an 8x8 chess board (= originally 64 qubits, but 2 qubits are broken, so 62 qubits ). Such random quantum walks can achieve anything that quantum computing can do.."

↑ In fact, this task of the so-called "quantum walks" is Not a kind of calculating something, so it is Not useful for any purposes.

In this useless random quantum walk, researchers are said to have just moved some "pseudo-particle" or propagated some vague "energy wave packets" (= which propagation of energy corresponds to flipping the next qubit's state from "0" to the excited "1" state, one after another, like classical wave propagating ) randomly on 62 qubits.  ← That's all.  No meaningful calculations have been performed.

↑ More precisely speaking, the movement of this energy wave packet transmitted by classical microwave light (= flipping qubits from 0 to 1 ) between qubits is not random, its energy propagating direction is artificially controlled by adjusting interactions between superconducting qubits (= using classical electromagnetic fields ).

This meaningless random quantum walk experiment has a resemblance to the recent quantum computer's supremacy (= actually No supremacy or quantum speed-up, so useless ) experiment, which just output random meaningless numbers without performing any meaningful calculations.

Qubits or superconducting circuits are coupled by one of classical light waves = microwave transmission line called resonators.

This classical microwave light can naturally propagate (= quantum walk ? ), interfere with each other and influence qubit's flipping ( 0 ↔ 1 ).  ← This classical interference between qubits through classical microwaves is falsely treated as "quantum effect ( this 4th paragraph )" and used as the basis for calling them (fake) quantum computers in addition to their fake unseen superposition or parallel worlds.

This alleged world's largest quantum computer published in the latest prestigious top journal Science is completely useless, cannot do any meaningful calculations.

Actually, the last of this Science paper's abstract just vaguely says
"Our work is an essential milestone in the field, brings future larger scale quantum applications closer to realization on these noisy intermediate-scale quantum processors ?"  without mentioning its any immediate practical applications.

↑ Just talking about imaginary vague future means they still have Not realized any useful quantum computers, much less performed any calculations faster than ordinary classical computers now.

Chinese team just excited one (or two ) initial qubits (= flipping qubit from 0 to 1 ) on the edge out of 62 qubits illuminated by classical microwave, and let the excited energy wave packet naturally travel (via microwave pulse) to other qubits which were flipped to "1" state, one after another, and eventually detected.  ← That's all.  No meaningful calculations have been done by their so-called largest quantum computers ( this Fig.2 and p.4 right ).

Actually their superconducting quantum computers, which are most widely used in many major quantum computer companies, have No history of performing tasks of calculating any meaningful values.

Two years ago, the same Chinese team did the same kind of meaningless random quantum walk experiment with 12 qubits (= also published in Science ), and they treated this energy wave packet transmitted via classical microwave (= like ordinary classical waves ) between qubits as some fictitious quasiparticle's propagation ( this p.2 right-upper ).

Relying on fictitious quasi-particles ( instead of real particles as a transmission of quantum computer ) means their seeming technology or research obstinately refusing to look at physical phenomena with real eyes or particles will never be useful or put to practical application.

Similar meaningless quantum walk experiments were done in other types of quantum bits using trapped ions where fictitious quasiparticles called "phonons", which is just some vibrating energy packet of ions or atoms, were said to propagate or walk through qubits as vibrating energy packets.

The 3rd-5th paragraphs of this news on the recent quantum walk experiment using only four ion qubits (= still Not computers ) just say
" while the probability of finding a particle at a certain location spreads out predictably over time, like ripples in pond, when you actually make a measurement there is inherent uncertainty. This makes quantum random walks fundamentally different.."

".. started by creating an artificial crystal by trapping a row of four calcium ions with lasers (= classical light wave ). The ions could still influence each other with their electric charge. Then, the team showed that they could start one ion vibrating by shining a separate laser on it."

"..This minimum possible vibration, called a phonon (= unreal quasiparticle ), acted like a packet of energy that could be passed to a neighboring ion.. By employing the capability to prepare and observe a localized phonon, its propagation in a four-ion linear crystal can be observed with single-site resolution. By waiting for various lengths of time up to 10 milliseconds, the phonon locations measured matched the theoretical predictions.."

↑ So all the meaningless "random quantum walk" experiments can do is just excite some initial quantum bit or qubit with classical laser light → this excited energy is propagating to neighboring qubits as a form of ion's vibration or microwave pulses (= just classical wave packet ), which are falsely treated as (fictitious) quasi-particles or quantum effects.

As a result, it is proved that even the current world's largest quantum computers (= still Not computers ) are completely useless, can calculate nothing except for doing meaningless tasks of transmitting some "energy wave (= classical light wave or vibration )" through qubits in random directions.

↑ It is named "quantum walk", but just classical wave energy propagation.  Anyway, No quantum computer's speed-up or calculations have been done, so meaningless researches.

Actually, the last paragraph of this news just vaguely says
"The two-dimensional programmable quantum walks based on quantum computing have potential applications (← ? ) in quantum search algorithms, general quantum computing and other fields, and will be an important direction of subsequent development ?"

↑ The use of dubious future words such as "potential" and "will" means their quantum computer (= still Not computers ) has Not achieved any practical or faster calculations yet, now.

The fact that all the current quantum computer researchers focus only on such meaningless tasks instead of calculating something clearly shows such unscientific quantum computers proved to be intrinsically useless forever, and their deadend researches are hopeless with No progress, no matter how much time and money are wasted, or no matter how much fake news pops up everyday to exaggerate as-yet-unrealized fantasy quantum computers.

See this week physics is still useless.


Why is quantum computer impossible ?

[ Quantum computers try to do impossible conflicting things = multiple parallel-world computations and interference in a single world. ]

(Q-1)  ↓ Interference between parallel worlds = ?

All the current quantum computers are completely useless and hopeless forever.  Quantum computer research substantially makes No more progress, except in a flood of fake news, which pops up almost every day.

The so-called quantum computers continually overhyped by almost all the media are still Not even computers, because they cannot do any meaningful calculations.

Despite the obvious fact that quantum computers will be an unrealized illusory ghost-machine forever, you always see an incredible number of fake overblown news deliberately exaggerating only imaginary rosy future or dreamlike potential of quantum computer, which is actually nothing.

In fact, No matter what physicists do, it would never change the fact that realizing useful quantum computers is impossible forever.

Because the basic theory or (illusory) mechanism underlying quantum computers include many serious self-contradictions.

Quantum computer science contradicts not only real classical mechanics but also the original quantum mechanical theory itself.

In the original quantum mechanical stupid superposition or parallel-world theory, each particle such as an electron inside the wavefunction is supposed to exist in "multiple different places" simultaneoulsly when we do Not observe it (= of course, when we look at it, each electron must be observed to be in only one place even in the quantum mechanical superposition rule ).

↑ The point is the original quantum mechanical superposition assumes "parallel worlds in different places" instead of "parallel worlds in the same place", which causes a serious contradiction and discrepancy between (fictional) quantum computers and the original quantum mechanics.

Whether it is electron's de Broglie wave or light wave, when two waves enter the same place, those two waves always overlap and interfere constructively or destructively with each other instead of each electron ( or a photon particle ) keeping splitting and existing in multiple "unconnected" parallel worlds independently without interfering.

↑ This original quantum mechanical idea that each particle could coexist in different places (= Not the same place, because two waves in the same place always interact, mix and interfere with each other, invalidating the muitple independent parallel-world effect ) in different parallel worlds is inconsistent with quantum computer's superposition or new strange parallel worlds into which a single quantum bit or qubit allegedly splits "in the same place".

Each quantum bit or qubit of as-yet-unrealized quantum computers is said to magically take two states 0 and 1 simultaneously, different from ordinary classical computer's bit which is designed to take only 0 or 1 state at once.

This quantum computer's qubit is said to have some occult power enabling a ghost cat being dead and alive simultaneously splitting into two different fantasy parallel worlds.

↑ The crucial difference between two types of fictional parallel worlds of the original quantum mechanics and quantum computers is that the quantum computer qubit's parallel worlds (= two 0 and 1 parallel worlds in the same one place or the same single qubit ) and a dead-and-alive cat must coexist in the same place independently of other worlds, while we do not look at them, instead of interacting or interfering with other parallel worlds.

Because if the two different states (= two parallel worlds of 0 and 1 ) of a single qubit (= in the same place ) or two different superposition states (= dead and alive in two parallel worlds ) of a single cat can interfere with or influence each other parallel worlds in the same place, the resultant "mixed" qubit always takes only one single mixed average value =0.5 (= instead of 0 or 1 ) from the beginning, and only one half-dead cat (= instead of alive or dead ) exists in the same place.

So in as-yet-unrealized quantum computers, each quantum bit or qubit has to exist in two different parallel worlds independently of the other parallel world (= one of parallel worlds is "0" bit state, and another parallel world is "1" bit state, instead of a single "mixed 0.5" value invalidating independent parallel-world calculations ).

And these two parallel worlds in the same qubit or place must Not change or interfere with each other's value to keep their original correct bit states (= 0 and 1 must exist in two independent different parallel worlds without mixing or interacting with each other, for independent parallel calculations ).

Even in outrageous quantum mechanical superposition or parallel-world rule, when we try to observe each qubit or cat, the observed qubit is supposed to choose only "one single world" out of multiple parallel worlds, and eventually be observed to be 0 or 1, and a cat must be observed to be dead or alive.

↑ So there is No evidence that quantum superposition or fantasy parallel worlds exist, because they are intrinsically unobservable, hence the quantum comptuer's speed-up based on unobservable and intangible superposition or parallel worlds ( this p.5 last ) would never happen.

You may often hear overhyped fake slogan "A quantum computer with N qubits can potentially calculate as many as 2N states simultaneously and faster ! (= each qubit could take 2 states simultaneously, hence the total number of different simultaneous states of N qubits could be 2N ? )"

But even if you could luckily calculate as many as 2N different values simultaneously using (imaginary) quantum parallel-world power, you can observe or measure only One single world or one single calculated value, and all other different calculated values using different parallel worlds miserably disappear (= called "quantum superposition collapsing to one state", this 18-19th paragraphs ) !  ← Hence, quantum computers are useless anyway.

The 26-29th paragraphs of this site says
"A quantum computer can be in a quantum combination of all of those states, called superposition. This allows it to perform one billion or more copies of a computation at the same time... In a quantum computer, all one billion computations will be running on the same hardware (← ? ). This is known as quantum parallelism.."

".. how do we access these billion results? If we measured this quantum state, we would get just one of the results. All of the other 999,999,999 results would disappear.."

"To solve this problem, one uses the second effect, quantum interference.. Quantum algorithms combine these two effects. Quantum parallelism is used to perform a large number of computations at the same time (= only in the imagination ), and quantum interference is used to combine their results into something that is both meaningful and can be measured.."  ← Dream on !

↑ This too good quantum computer's mechanism is unrealistic and impossible due to serious contradictions included in this dreamlike calculating process.

First of all, if we use only a small amount of energy or work, which is required for executing only one calculation, and can magically calculate many different values simultaneously using fantasy quantum parallel worlds, it clearly violates the energy conservation law ( one calculation energy → many calculations in parallel worlds !?  ← Impossible )

The quantum computer theorists tend to make a very unrealistic and convenient claim that after the magical quantum computer can calculate many different values simultaneously using a single hardware (= or a qubit ) in fantasy parallel worlds, all those different calcualted values in different quantum parallel worlds suddenly merge and interfere with each other.

And the re-merged or interfering parallel worlds may leave and choose only desirable combined results automatically eliminating undesirable values by magical destructive or construcitive interference between solid qubits allegedly splitting into parallel worlds.  ← Too good to be true.

↑ Again, this is physically impossible.  You know why ?
If many different quantum parallel worlds can influence and interfere with each other in the same place or qubit, each qubit splitting into different superposition states or different parallel worlds can Not calculate different values independently or correctly from the beginning because of "interference".

Fictional quantum computers try to calculate many different values in the same hardware (= the same one qubit or place ) using different unseen parallel worlds which are inseparable and always interfering with each other after all.

As a result, each qubit cannot carry out each independent calculation of different values taking advantage of different parallel worlds (= superposition states ) from the beginning.

↑ Quantum interference, which is required to conveniently pick up only desirable results, eventually mixes and nullifies quantum superposition states or different parallel worlds which are said to enable multiple different independent parallel calculations.  ← nullify the dreamlike quantum computer's speed-up mechanism of multiple parallel computing.

So this quantum computer's imaginary interference makes it impossible for each single qubit (in the same place ) to calculate many different meaningful values using independent different parallel worlds.

Because all calculated values, which should be different separable values to take advantage of multiple different parallel-worlds' power, are always combined into one inseparable wrong mixed value in the "same qubit place" by annoying interference from the beginning.

Hence, quantum computer's speed-up would never happen as long as physicists try to perform two conflicting things; parallel-world computing and interference in the same qubit or place.

So if physicists want to use this annoying "quantum interference", they have to carry out different calculations in different places or different qubits (= hence, this is No longer quantum computer's speed-up ) to prevent each different calculating process from being disturbed or interfered with by other calculating processes instead of greedily attempting to perform different calculations in the same one place or qubit.

This is the reason why the (imaginary) quantum computer's speed up by greedily performing multiple different calculations in the same qubit is impossible and unrealized forever.

Furthermore, physicists try to use chunky solid atoms, ions or superconducting circuits (= very big "artificial atoms") as quantum bis or qubits which are assigned two conflicting impossible task of multiple parallel computing like solid computers and interfering with other ( = destructively vanish or constructively enhanced ) like the classical wave traveling through the liquid or air medium.

Of course, these robust solid atoms, ions or artificial atoms can neither overlap nor interfere with other robust solid atoms, different from classical light wave or sound waves.

↑ Because even when two solid atoms or ion qubits meet, they just collide with or scatter each other in random directions without causing dreamlike interference between solid qubits which is physically impossible.

Fictional quantum computers rely on the physically impossible mechanism of solid qubits or atoms causing magical destructive interference (= two solid qubits or atoms magically meet and boths qubits suddenly vanish into another dimension or something forever !?  ← impossible ) and constructive interference (= two qubits or atoms magically merge and transform into a new bigger qubits or atoms ?  ← never happen ).

As a result, the current quantum computer theory is based on contradictory impossible speed-up mechanism in addition to fantasy parallel-world calculations, which is why useful quantum computers will never become reality.

Quantum computer itself is just fiction, then its logic gate or the quantum computer's programming is Not physical one, either.

All the current quantum computer's programming is for creating and manipulating fictional quantum superposition states or fantasy parallel-worlds only inside quantum computer theorists' heads, using imaginary interference between different parallel worlds, which proved to be impossible, as I said above.

Next, we explain how unrealistic and meaningless the current quantum computer's program is.

Physicists try to use two energy levels of various atoms or ions as a quantum bit or qubit where the lowest ground-state energy is supposed to be "0", and the next excited energy is supposed to be "1".

When illuminating such an ion with some laser light, an outer electron of the ion moves between the ground state (= 0 ) and excited state (= 1 ) alternately, which classical simple electron's movement is called Rabi oscillation.

When the electron passes and transiently exists at some middle point between the ground (= 0 ) and excited (= 1 ) state, quantum mechanics unrealistically misinterprets such an electron at the midpoint as an electron existing in two different states or orbits simultanelously using quantum superpositon or fantasy parallel worlds ( = an electron at the mid-point = 0 + 1 = two parallel worlds !?  this p.25 ).  ← nonsense.

So the current physicists try to deliberately mistake some classical or realistic states (= when an electron transiently exists between two stable quantized energy levels ) for illusory quantum superposition of a single electron existing in different states simultaneously using fanatasy parallel worlds.

In order to artificially create such an unobservable (fake) superposition state by one of parallel-world manipulating operators called "Hadamard gate", physicists just illuminate an ion qubit with some "classical laser light" and make an outer electron go up to some middle-energy point (= intentionally mistaken for fantasy quantum parallel-world superposition ) between the lowest ground-state and the next excited energy states ( this p.7-10 ).

Quantum computer physicists try to express this electron just temporarily and classically existing in some "middle-energy state" as a nonphysical superposition where a single electron is allegedly in two different states = the ground (= 0 ) and excited (=1 ) states simultaneously using different parallel worlds with the same probability.

This imaginary quantum superposition or parallel worlds of a qubit is denoted as "Hadamard gate" whose math notation does Not represent any real electron's motions.

After a while, when physicists illuminate the same ion with some laser light and the electron goes back to the original lowest ground state energy (= 0 = ground state → middle-state → ground state ), the quantum mechanics unreasonably discribes this electron's ordinary classical motion of just going up and back by classical laser light as the electron's going up into two fantasy parallel worlds and returning to the original single world ground state (= ground state-0 → middle-state = superposition of 0 + 1 in two parallel worlds → ground state-0 ).  ← nonsense.

After the electron goes up into the middle energy state (= superposition ? ) by absorbing light (= which classical illumination corresponds to one Hadamard gate ), when the superposition state of an electron in the middle-energy is multiplied by another Hadamard gate, the electron is supposed to return from the quantum superposition or parallel worlds into the original ground state 0 in a single world, according to stupid quantum mechanics.

Applying this nonphysical parallel-world creating operator = Hadamard gates to a qubit twice means canceling transiently created parallel worlds (= or qubits ) and returning the electron to the original same ground state 0 ( or if the start is the excited state 1, it is supposed to return to the same original excited state 1 ).

Just when an outer electron of an ion goes up to some middle point ( between the ground and excited energy states 0 and 1 ) and returns to the lowest ground state illuminated by classical lights, quantum mechanics outrageously decribes it as an unrealistic interaction or magical cancellation between diffrent parallel worlds or superpositon states (= parallel worlds or superposition are denoted as different terms of a qubit ) of a single qubit.

Illuminating the ion once and the outer electron goes up to the middle-energy point where an electron is supposed to exist in two different superposition states of the ground 0 and excited states 1 using parallel worlds (= a single electron allegedly exists in two different 0 and 1 states simultaneously in the same place or the same qubit, which proves to be impossible, as shown above ).

According to unrealistic quantum mechanics, after illuminating the electron with classical light again, the single electron could transiently split into four different superposition states (= four terms ) in four different parallel worlds followed by destructive and constructive interference between four parallel-world qubits.

An electron in the ground state (= 0 ).
→ 1st illumination with light  → an electron splits into 0 + 1 (= two parallel worlds ).
→ 2nd illumination with light  → the elctron further splits into 0 + 1 →  0 + 0 + 1 - 1 (= four split parallel worlds !? )  → 0 (= returns to the original ground state by canceling only qubits whose value is "1" by convenient destructive interference between two parallel worlds ?  this middle )

↑ Physicists try to use these imaginary logic gates for generating fictional parallel-world (= superpotion ) states for achieving the impossible dream of quantum computer's speed up in vain.

Just when an outer electron just goes up from the lowest ground state to the middle-energy states and returns to the original lowest energy state by classical laser light, quantum mechanics tries to explain this electron's classical motion by deliebrately using fantasy unobservable parallel worlds or superpositon = a dead and alive cat state.

As I said, it is impossible that solid qubits such as ions or big superconducting circuits made of many electrons and nuclei overlap or interfere with other ions or big superconducting circuits ( when two solid ions meet, both ions magically vanish into another dimension by destructive interference ?  ← Impossible except as the nonphysical math symbols which have nothing to do with real physical phenomena ! )

Quantum computer struggles to imitate the ordinary classical light wave theory where light intensity or energy is the square of the light amplitude.
It's like the square of electron's wavefunction (= this wavefunction corresponds to probability amplitude ) is the probability density of finding an electron in each place.

But as I said, solid qubits such as ions or big artificial atoms cannot overlap or interfere with other solid ions or atoms (= atom + atom = bigger atom is impossible ).  So quantum computer's theorists' reckless attempt to link parallel world calculations of solid qubits to actual classical light wave or de Broglie wave (= or electron's wavefunction ) interference is impossible and wrong.

Destructive interference of solid qubits = two ions or atoms splitting into different parallel worlds (= or superposition ) collide with each other and both magically cancel each other and vanish forever into some other parallel world !?  ← Impossible.

Constructive interference of solid qubits = two ions or atoms in different parallel worlds meet and merge with each other into another bigger ions or atoms ?  ← Impossible, too ( Two ions or solid atoms cannot merge with or eliminate each other ! )

Furthermore, the concept of the probability or amplitude of quantum superposition or parallel-world states of a quantum computer's bit or qubit is inconsistent with not only realistic classical wave but also the original quantum mechanical probabilities expressed as the square of electron's wavefunction.

Real classical wave or quantum wavefunction (= actually, de Broglie wave ) can only overlap or interfere with each other (= only adding up two waves or wave's amplitudes is possible ).

↑ Constructive interference = the sum of two waves.
Destructive interference = subtracting one wave from the other wave.

But quantum computers try to do impossible things = multiply one qubit's amplitude (= fictitious superposition of two amplitude states inside one qubit wave ) by another qubit's amplitude (= qubit-1 amplitude wave × qubit-2 amplitude wave × qubit-3 amplitude wave .. = the total qubits' amplitude wave ? ).  ← This is Not a real object.

↑ This new strange pseudo-wave amplitude concept used in fictional quantum computer's qubits is neither real classical wave nor the original quantum mechanical electron's wave function ( this p.4 ).

Because the real wave's amplitude can be only added or subtracted from another wave's amplitude by the ordinary constructive or destructive interference process.
Such a real wave's amplitude can Not be multiplied by another wave's amplitude into new total pseudo-wave amplitude like fictional multi-qubit's superposition-wave amplitude !

Unlike the amplitude which can be negative, positive or imaginary,  the probabilities can be naturally multiplied by other probabilities (= probablity-1 × probability-2 × .. = total probability ), because the sign of probabilities (= square of amplitude ) is always positive (= never negative or imaginary numbers ).

The wave amplitude, which can be positive and negative values, can potentially destructively and constructively interfere with other wave amplitudes when adding up two wave amplitudes.

I show a typical example which proves this quantum computer's amplitude is self-contradictory and unrealistic, hence, realizing quantum computer is impossible forever, too.

For example, in this figure's lower part, four qubits are supposed to split into two different superposed parallel worlds (= expressed as the sum of two terms or two qubits' patterns ) where the first parallel world (= the 1st term ) includes 1101 four-qubit binary string, and the second parallel world (= the 2nd term ) includes 1100 four-qubit binary string.

By illuminating the 4th qubit of the second parallel world (= 2nd term ) by some special light, the 4th qubit state is supposed to change from 0 into -1 (= added by "negative" phase ) while other three 1st-3rd qubits remain the same "positive".

In normal wave or wavefunction, when the 1st qubits in both parallel worlds (= both terms ) remain the positive phase (= amplitude, here +1 ), the 1st qubit's two superposition states coexisting in two parallel worlds do Not cancel each other by interference ( between parallel worlds ).

But according to the contradictory quantum computer's rule, these positive (= positive qubit wave amplitude ) +1 values of the 1st qubit's two superposition states must cancel each other, even when the irrelevant 4th qubit state (= or amplitude ), which is far away from the 1st qubit position, becomes negative like 1101 + 1100  →   1101 + 110(-1)  = only 4th qubit phase changes into negative, but  →   1101 - 1101 = 0 (= all four qubits cancel each other and vanish ) !?  ← Impossible ( this p.21 ).

↑ This physically impossible logic is what quantum computer's fictional qubit's amplitute is.

So the quantum computer qubit's fishy probability amplitude, which can be unrealistically "multiplied" by other qubits' amplitudes and cancel each other, is neither real wave nor the original quantum mechanical wave function.

Real wave (amplitude) can only be added or subtracted (as seen in ordinary interference ), Not multiplied by other waves.

In the actual quantum computer's (= still Not computer, though ) manipulation, all physicists can do is just illuminate ion's qubit or superconducting qubit by classical laser light to change their electron's energy states or qubits' states ( this p.5-11 ) between two standard energy states = ground state 0 and the next excited state 1.

↑ This qubit's manipulation by just illuminating atoms with classical laser lights has nothing to do with quantum superpositon, a dead-alive cat or fantasy parallel worlds.

Physicists just meaninglessly "imagine" such unobservable unreal quantum superposition or parallel-world states after just illuminating atoms by classical laser light.

The impotant point is we can Not directly observe the quantum parallel-world superposition of alleged multiple qubit's dead-and-alive-cat states (= expressed as the sum of different qubits' binary states ) or the negative sign of the qubit's pseudo-wave amplitude.

Only the positive probabilty values = the square of amplitude can be measured by repeatedly detecting resultant qubits' states in the single world.

So the current physicists try to take advantage of these unseen (fantasy) quantum parallel worlds and the invisibility of these fictitious negative or imaginary-number qubit pseudo-wave amplitudes to design imaginary quantum computer's programs, which is a kind of "art" rather than real science.

They could seemingly give any results (= useless calculations, though ) as they like, by artificially adjusting the unobservable imaginary-number or negative qubit's pseudo-amplitudes.

↑ The experimental results or qubits' state are observed as one real value at a time in this single world with some "probabilities.

No qubit's amplitudes are observed, hence, such an artificially manipulable qubit's pseudo-amplitude concept tends to be exploited as a convenient tool for quantum computer theorists to develop their fictional useless quantum computer's theories.

Almost all news about dubious quantum computers is full of misinformation and intentions to deliberately hide the fact that quantum computers acually cannot do any meaningful calculations. instead, they are always exaggerating fishy rosy future and imaginary potential of quantum computers.

For example, each qubit of quantum computers is said to be in two different states 0 and 1 simultaneously ?  → then, 20 qubits could potentially take 220 suerposition states and calculate 220 different values using (fictional) 220 parallel worlds simultaneously ?  ← This is misinformation, and I proved this dreamlike parallel computing would never happen in the above section.

When we try to observe the qubits' state, each qubit is suddenly supposed to choose and change into only one single world or one single calculated result, while all other parallel-world calcuated results miserably vanish !  ← Accurately, unseen quantum mechanical superpositon or fantasy parallel worlds did Not occur from the beginning.

To "utilize" the multiple parallel-world calculated values, all parallel worlds must interact and interfere with each other to magically give some desirable result by constructive and destructive interference (= only unnecessary results must be cancelled out, conveniently. )

But if all quantum parallel worlds can interfere with each other (= which is like ordinary classical waves always interact with each other in a single world or medium, hence, preparing quantum superposition or different parallel worlds becomes meaningless ), multiple independent calculations of different values using different parallel worlds inside the same qubit are impossible from the beginning.

Because all parallel-world values are miserably mixed and merged into one single meaningless value from the beginning, hence physicists can calculate only one single meaningless value, if quantum parallel worlds can interfere with each other from the beginning.  ← Quantum computer proves to be useless with No speed-up forever.

Multiple parallel worlds or quantum superposition states interfere with each other ? = It's just like ordinary overlapped and interfering waves in a single world or a single medium. = Quantum computer parallel-world computing is meaningless and invalid, hence, its quantum speed-up is impossible.

If the quantum computer really carried out parallel computing using magical quantum superposition or fantasy parallel worlds as the fake news media repeatedly exaggerates, it could have already factorizing large numbers by the so-called Shor's algorithm (= a method of factorizing a number by the way of parallel calculations of different values ) faster than the ordinary classical computer.

But so far, quantum computers (= still Not computers ) can factorize only meaninglessly small numbers such as 21 = 3 × 7 or 15 = 3 × 5 ( this 6th paragraph ).

Furthermore, this Shor's algorithm allegedly implemented in quantum computer research so far is all fake, which was Not the original Shor's algorithm using potentially faster parallel computing.

Hence, there is No experimental evidence of quantum superposition, quantum speed-up by parallel (world) computing.

The current quantum computer can only factor very small meaningless numbers such as 15 or 21 by calculating one single value at a time using only a single world ( they can only calculate one small number at a time  → reset, reinitialize and recycle the used qubits to calculate another single value at a time instead of calculating multiple values simultaneously using quantum superpositon or fantasy parallel worlds, this p.2 left 2nd-last paragraph, or Fig.1 B-D ).

So after all, it was proved that quantum computers have No ability or No potential to perform any multiple parallel calculations faster utilizing quantum superpositon or (powerful ?) parallel worlds which "fictional potentials of quantum computers" are just repeatedly overblown by an incredible number of fake news flooding the current media.

Don't be misled by them.
Quantum computers will never become reality.

See this week physics is still useless.


Why do physicists falsely claim fantasy quantum parallel worlds "exist" in quantum computers ?

[ Physicists deliberately "mistakes" real classical phenomena for illusory quantum superposition or parallel worlds. ]

(Q-1)  ↓ A mere classical world mistaken for ?

In fact, the current mainstream atomic theory called quantum mechanics is a mere crazy pseudo-science imposing only unrealistic impossible worlds on us.

Quantum mechanics brazenly insists each particle can exist in multiple states and places simultaneously using fantasy parallel worlds, like a single cat can be dead and alive at once, which is called "superposition".

Now physicists across the world are recklessly trying to make dreamlike (illusory) faster quantum computers by harnessing this fictional quantum mechanical parallel-world superposition for the as-yet-unseen parallel calculation of multiple values simultaneously using a single quantum computer bit or qubit.

↑ This is impossible, because this ridiculous quantum computer logic violates basic physical principles.

For example, physicists use some amount of energy required for only one calculation.  → But according to the ridiculous quantum mechanics, this small energy for only one calculation can implement many different calculations using different parallel worlds simultaneously ?  ← Fantasy quantum computers violates the energy conservation law.

Of course, quantum mechanical parallel worlds are just fiction.  This is why quantum computers are still useless ( forever ), they are Not even computers or calculators despite an incredibly amount of time and money wasted for such a fictional pseudo-science, except in hyped fake news about the imaginary future which would never become reality.

Different from the ordinary classical computer bit, each quantum computer bit called a qubit is said to be in two different states 0 and 1 simultaneously like a single ghost cat (= qubit ? ) can be dead (= 0 ) and alive (= 1 ) simultaneously splitting into unseen fantasy multiple parallel worlds.

But thinking commonsensically, it is impossible for each real particle or cat to exist in two different states like dead and alive simultaneously.

Why do physicists, prestigious academia, and (in)famous quantum mechanics, which old theory has survived (= oppressed oppositions ) for 100 years, believe in such a ridiculous impossible principle or fantasy ?  Where did they mistake ?

Two atomic ( or ion's ) energy levels are often exploited as a quantum bit or qubit where an atomic (or ion's ) outer electron existing in the lowest ground-state energy is supposed to be "0" bit, and electron existing in the next excited energy level is supposed to be in "1" bit state.

When each atom or a trapped ion is illuminated by some laser light (= called a "photon" for formality's sake ), the electron moves between the ground state (= 0 ) and the excited state (= 1 ).

Of course, an electron cannot move instantly or at an infinite speed (= an electron cannot move faster-than-light ) between two different energy levels or orbits.   An electron must pass some "middle-energy state or mid-point" between the ground (= 0 ) and the excited (= 1 ) states at some point.

The problem is the old quantum mechanics has No ways of expressing such a middle-energy state or mid-point between two stable standard quantized energy states or orbits (= stable ground and excited states ), hence, quantum mechanics has to rely on illusory parallel worlds or superposition (= an unreal dead and alive cat state ) to describe some "unstable middle orbital state" between the major ground and excited states.

The only way for the unphysical quantum mechanics to obtain atomic energy states ( levels ) or electron's orbits is solving ancient Schrödinger's equation which only gives atomic states as nonphysical wavefunctions of quantized energy levels or orbitals (= n = 1, 2, 3, .. ) without showing any detailed electron's motions inside mathematical wavefunctions.

Those quantum wavefunctions obtained by solving ancient Schrödinger equations do Not include the middle states such as n = 1.5,  2.5 and 3.5 mid-orbitals where an electron has to pass when it moves between standard quantized energy levels ( n = 1, 2, 3 .. )

So when physicists want to describe the "middle state" where an electron passes the middle point (= n = 1.5 mid-orbital ) between the ground (= n = 1 orbital ) and excited (= n = 2 orbital ) states, the only way to express the middle-energy state is the superpositon (= parallel worlds ) of two different standard quantized energy states (= 1.5 = (1 + 2)/2 ).

↑ So according to the authoritarian quantum mechanical rule, all middle-energy states or orbitals, which cannot be expressed as solutions of ancient Schrödinger equation, must be treated as "unreal ghost middle states" described only as fantasy quantum parallel worlds or the dead-alive cat superposition of other orbits.  ← nonsense.

The problem is we can Not get exact solutions of Schrödinger equations for any multi-electron atoms except for an one-electron hydrogen atom.

Hence the quantum mechanical basic principle treating middle-energy states, which are not originally solutions of Schrödinger equations, as illusory parallel-world states or superposition of other orbits is illogical and contradictory, because whether middle-states or major states, there are No solutions of Schrödinger equations in any multi-electron atoms or ions.

Such contradictory larger atoms or ions are used for the current (illusory) ion quantum computers (= still Not computers ) in vain.
A hydrogen atom, which is the only atom with the exact solution of Schrödinger equation, can Not be used as a quantum computer's bit or qubit, which fact is enough to explain why the current quantum computers and their parallel worlds are meaningless and illusion.

Though quantum mechanics falsely claims each electron can be in two different energy states or orbits simultaneously using fantasy parallel worlds or superposition, it's impossible to see or confirm such fantasy quantum parallel worlds or superposition directly.

Quantum mechanics repeatedly promoting unseen parallel worlds makes a poor excuse that when we try to observe such strange quantum parallel-world superposition, it suddenly changes to a single real world where each particle, qubit or cat is eventually observed to be in only one state 0 or 1 ( a cat is observed to be dead or alive ) at once.

So there is No experimental evidence of fantasy quantum mechanical parallel worlds or superposition, hence the quantum computer fishy speed-up based on such an illusory parallel-world calculation is baseless and illusion.

It is very difficult to artificially create such a fake quantum parallel-world superposition state by placing an electron in an unstable middle-energy orbit between the stable ground-state and excited states, which is why even scaling up ( imaginary stable ) quantum computers is still impractical ( forever ).

For example, in an one-electron hydrogen atom, different atomic energy levels or electron's stable quantized orbits are characterized by electron's orbits of different integer times de Broglie wavelengths avoiding destructive interference caused by a fractional de Broglie wavelength orbit whose fractional orbit corresponds to the middle-energy-state orbit of a hydrogen atom.

This electron's de Broglie wave and its interference were confirmed in many experiments, and the experimentally-confirmed concept of de Broglie wavelength also underlies the wavefunctions of the current quantum mechanics based on Schrödinger equation.

Unrealistic quantum mechanics continues to take a contradictory attitude of refusing to accept the electron's de Broglie wave or light wave as real waves, though its interference was actually observed in many experiments.

Quantum mechanics, which gave up clarifying what a real particle or wave is, does Not know the effective way of controlling the electron's de Broglie wave or placing an electron in middle-state orbits of a fractional de Broglie wavelength (= n = 1.5,   2.5 .. ), which is why the one-electron hydrogen atomic energy levels or orbits cannot be utilized for creating (fake) quantum superposition (= middle fractional de Broglie wavelength state ) of other quantized orbits in quantum computer's bits or qubits.

Physicists desperately tried to find special atoms or ions possessing "metastable middle-energy states" which can be used as (fake) quantum superposition of two major stable energy states, whose superposition middle-state appears to utilize fantasy quantum mechanical parallel worlds.

Calcium ion (= Ca+ ) is said to have such a metastable middle-energy state between the lowest-energy ground-state S1/2 (= 0 ) and one excited state D5/2 (= 1 ), which metastable middle state can allegedly last for about 1 second.

By illuminating a single Ca+ ion trapped in artificially-manipulable electromagnetic field by laser light, an outer electron of the Ca+ ion moves in the middle area between the ground (= denoted as S or 0 ) and excited (= denoted as D or 1 ) energy levels back and forth, which classical electron's movement is called "Rabi oscillation."

Quantum mechanics outrageously treats this classical Rabi oscillation where the ion's outer electron just moves in the metastable middle state between two main stable energy levels 0 and 1 alternately (= Not simultaneously ) as fictional quantum parallel-world superpoition or coherent state ( this p.25 ).

Even according to ridiculous quantum mechanical rule, we cannot observe an electron existing in two different states 0 and 1 of two parallel worlds simultaneously.
All physicists can detect is the "oscillating probability" of just one single state where an electron can take only one state of the ground-state (= 0 ) or the excited-state (= 1 = D5/2 in Ca+ ion ) simultaneously.

Why can trapped ions such as calcium ions be used for qubits allegedly possessing pseudo-quantum superposition or the metastable middle-energy state between major 0 and 1 energy states, while ordinary hydrogen atoms cannot be used for qubits ?

Different from an one-electron hydrogen atom with a very small number of energy levels split by quantized de Broglie wavelength, large atoms or ions such as Ca+ split energy levels into many lines by "Coulomb interaction" between an outer electron and other inner electrons.

↑ For example, in an one-electron hydrogen atom, 4s and 4p orbits are in the same energy levels due to the same de Broglie wavelength orbits, but in the calcium ion, 4s and 4p are in different energy levels due to Coulomb interaction between an outer and inner electrons which Coulomb interaction among multiple electrons does Not exist in one-electron hydrogen atoms.

So by just artificially adjusting or manipulating electromagnetic fields of the ion trap device, they can more easily control and keep the metastable middle-energy or (fake) superposition state (= caused by Coulomb interaction between inner electrons and an outer electron ) than one-electron hydrogen atom whose energy levels are determined mainly by 'uncertain' de Broglie wavelength, which is harder to control than easily-manipulable Coulomb interaction.

↑ This is the trick of seemingly creating fantasy quantum mechanical parallel worlds, which is just a classical state where an ion's outer electron transiently exists in the metastable middle-energy state between two major stable energy states (= 0 ground-state and 1-stable excited state ) in trapped ions.

Other ions usually use two hyperfine energy states caused by different directions of a nuclear spin (= magnet ) as a qubit (= 0 bit is ↓ nuclear spin, 1 bit is ↑ nuclear spin ).

A nucleus, which is much heavier and bigger than a tiny fluctuating electron, can actually have "spin" whose spin magnetic direction can be kept and controlled stably, different from the unrealistic electron spin.

Such a massive nuclear spin magnetic direction can be easily and stably controlled by external electromagnetic field, hence its transient metastable middle-energy state (= nuclear spin points in the horizontal direction between ↑ and ↓ spin directions ) can be easily created as fake quantum superposition or parallel-world state of ↑ and ↓ nuclear spins.

Also in these ion qubits, fantasy quantum mechanical parallel worlds or superposition cannot be observed.
All physicists can detect is uncertain "probabilities" of the nuclear spin (= tiny magnetic field ) pointing upward or downward as classical Rabi oscillation ( this p.3, this p.8 ).

In order to utilize such an unstably-floating ion for the future imaginary quantum computer and its logic gates, ions have to interact with other ions through electromagnetic fields which must be changed and distinguished by a slightly-different electron's orbital states or nuclear magnetic states (= 0 or 1 ) of each ion.

In order to control multiple ion qubits' states interacting with other ions, we have to find some laser light pulses with special frequencies which can distinguish different combinations of multiple ion qubit states caused by such a small energy difference of electromagnetic interactions between ions ( this p.3, this p.1-2 ), which unrealistically-difficult delicate qubit-manipulating method makes (future) quantum computers more unreliable, fragile and impractical than the current stable ordinary classical computers.

IBM, Google, D-Wave.. almost all the present big quantum computer companies try to use a mere superconducting circuit consisting of an old-fashioned classical capacitor and an inductor (+ Josephson junctions ) as a big artificial atom or a single unrealistically-giant bulky qubit.

Such an extremely bulky and giant artificial atom or qubit (= each qubit is ~ 1 mm big !  this p.2 ) is more than 10000 times larger than the current ordinary classical tiny computer bit (= each classical computer bit is only less than 50 nm ).
Because superconducting qubits must use "microwave light" with very long wavelength (> 1 mm ) as a means of transmitting information between qubits.

So such an incoveniently-large qubit can never outperform or calculate faster than the current widely-used classical computer made of billions of very compact and energy-efficient tiny bits.

The same area as a giant superconducting qubit or an artificial atom can contain more than 10000 compact classical computer bits, hence, the current classical computer can calculate more than 10000 times larger numbers of different values simultaneously and faster than the as-yet-unrealized bulky quantum computer, even if fantasy quantum superposition or parallel-worlds of (only) two different states in each giant qubit are real.

Illusory quantum superposition or parallel worlds of each superconducting qubit being in two different states simultaneously (← ? ) is caused by false interpretation of fictitious particles called quasi-particles.  We explain why here.

In this superconducting qubit, the number of fictitious quasiparticle called "Cooper pair" included in some region called Cooper pair box of the circuit is supposed to determine each qubit's binary state 0 (= number of Cooper pair is "n" in Cooper pair box ) or 1 (= number of Cooper pair is "n+1" in Cooper pair box ).

So in the superconducting qubit, the so-called quantum superposition or parallel worlds are allegedly expressed by the state of a fractional number of Cooper pairs (= ex.  1.5 × Cooper pair = superposition of 1 Cooper pair and 2 Cooper pairs !? ) included in Cooper pair box region ( this p.12, this p.2 ).

The problem is each Cooper pair is Not a real single particle but a fictitious composite quasi-particle consisting of two electrons which are said to be a long distance apart (~ 100 nm = more than 1000 atomic length ) from each other, and loosely bound by other fake particles called "virtual phonon quasiparticles."

Of course, it is impossible for two negatively-charged electrons (= electrons normally repel other negative electrons ) to attract each other to form a fictitious Cooper pair.

Quantum mechanics just vaguely says two electrons "appear" to attract (= Not really attract ) each other through some fishy "atomic (= positve nuclei ) vibration", which means two electrons just "appear" to attract each other by many positive nuclei between two electrons.

So the quantum mechanical formal explanation of a (fictitious) Cooper pair formed by two electrons "attracting" each other is false and against the reality.

Quantum mechanics obstinately refuses to clarify the true mechanism of this "vague atomic or nuclear vibration" which allegedly binds two repulsive electrons for seemingly forming a fictitious Cooper pair, instead, it artificially fabricated fictitious quasiparticles called "virtual phonons" as imaginary mediators binding two electrons.

Superconducting quantum computers made up the artificial baseless rule that two electrons forming a Cooper pair are hard to separate at an extremely low temperature (= two electrons actually repel each other, though ).

Hence a fractional number (= n + 0.5 ) of Cooper pair cannot exist except as a (fictional) superposition state combining two different integral numbers (= n and n+1 ) of Cooper pairs living in parallel worlds.

But each Cooper pair is composed of two electrons, so a fractional Cooper pair (= dividing one Cooper pair into two electrons ) is possible without relying on fantasy quantum superposition or parallel worlds.

A fractional number of fictitious Cooper pairs is equal to "an odd number of electrons" (= each Cooper pair consists of two electrons, hence, 1.5 Cooper pairs just consist of 3 electrons, which is realistic and has nothing to do with fantasy quantum superposition state combining 1 and 2 Cooper pairs simultaneously using parallel worlds. )

The original paper of the superconducting qubits ( this p.1 right ) says
"The (electromagnetic) pulse brings the two charge states into resonance and lets the wavefunction coherently evolve between |0› (= 0 electrons or zero Cooper pair ) and |2› (= 2 electrons or one Cooper pair ) during the pulse length.. The quantum state at the end of the pulse would be a superposition (= quantum parallel world !? ) of the two charge states (= |0› ↔ |2› )", which is just equal to "one classical electron", Not a fantasy quantum superposition.

".. The probe junction was voltage-biased with an appropriate voltage Vb so that |2› decays to |0› with two sequential quasiparticle.."

So in all superconducting qubits or quantum computers (= still Not comptuers, though ), the illusion that each qubit can be in two different states (= 0 and 1 Cooper pair states, this 2nd paragraph ) simultaneously using quantum superposition or parallel worlds is caused by "fictitious quasiparticles" containing an odd number of classical electrons (= ex. three classical electrons are mistaken for 1.5 Cooper pair or a superposition of 1 and 2 Cooper pair states in parallel worlds ).

Actually, it is impossible to detect or distinguish such a tiny number of charges between 0 Cooper pair (= 0 electrons ) and 1 Cooper pair (= 2 electrons ) states surrounded by an incredible number of other irrelevant electrons for reading out each superconducting qubit state (= detecting a single Cooper pair or two electrons ).

Physicists had to repeatedly measure the same charge qubit state many times, and from the accumulated charges they just roughly estimated the average number of Cooper pair (= or two electrons ) for distinguishing charge qubit state, which repeated tasks for reading out one single qubit takes an incredible amount of time, hence impractical ( this p.5 ).

The current most widely-used transmon qubit (= one of superconducting qubits which also allegedly uses the Cooper pair number as a qubit state 0 and 1 ) just tries to detect the slight "light frequency change" of microwave pulse modified by a qubit's charge state instead of directly measuring the number of a pair of two electrons or Cooper pairs ( this 22th paragraph measurement, this p.10-11 ).

So it is unclear whether this most popular fishy transmon superconducting qubit state detected by the slight change of microwave interacting with each qubit really means the quantized Cooper pair numbers.  ← The use of quantum superposition or parallel worlds in all the superconducting qubits is baseless.

Anyway, the current quantum computers try to use very unstable states with an extremely small difference of only one fictitious Cooper pair or two electrons as quantum bits or qubits, so the lifetime of such a fragile quantum bit or computer is extremely short (= less than 1 ms ).
Their so-called quantum computers are easily broken, impractical and inferior to the current ordinary classical computers forever.

You might have seen many kinds of overhyped quantum technology fake news that each quantum bit can take two states (= 0 and 1 ) simultaneously, hence, the quantum computer with N qubits could potentially calculate as many as 2N different states simultaneously using quantum parallel worlds in the future.  ← This is a lie and impossible.

Because the quantum mechanics says when you try to observe such multiple parallel-world quantum states, it suddenly chooses and changes into only one world or state, hence, you can observe only one qubit or one pattern of binary qubit string after all.

For example, physicists can observe only one binary qubit string pattern, say, "001" out of 8 possible patterns (= 000, 001, 010, 100, 110, 101, 011, 111 ) in three qubits at a time.  ← So there is No experimental evidence of quantum superposition or parallel-world computing.

In order to exploit (fictional) quantum mechanical parallel-world power, all split parallel worlds, where each parallel world is supposed to calculate different values from other worlds, have to reunite and interact (= re-mix or interfere ) with other parallel-world calculated values at some point to utilize all different calculated values using all different parallel worlds, before observing the single united average value.

Quantum computer is based on a ridiculous impossible logic, which is why the useful or faster quantum computer can never be realized.
Each qubit of the total N qubits splits (← ? ) into two superposition states 0 and 1.  → They could perform up to 2N different calculations simultaneously (= No experimental proof, though ) using 2N different (fantasy) quantum parallel worlds.

→ But the measurement of the calculated values can just see only one of calculated values belonging to one single world (= all other calculated values using different parallel worlds suddenly and miserably disappear by the single measurement ).

Hence, parallel calculations allegedly using quantum parallel worlds or superposition is meaningless, causing No quantum speed-up, becase physicists can observe or utilize only One single world calculated result after all.

Quantum mechanics, which obstinately refuses to give up fantasy parallel-world calculations, started to say another ridiculous possibility of potential faster computing, which is actually impossible because of its self-contradiction.

→ 2N different calculated values using 2N different parallel worlds may "interact (or interfere )" with each other to give the average result containing all values before the measurement, which convenient fantasy method potentially makes it possible to utilize all different calculated values using all different parallel worlds before the measurement ( this 26-29th paragraphs ).

All qubits split into many independent parallel worlds. → Each parallel world could calculate different values independently of other worlds.  → But after all, all parallel worlds must merge into one single world (= then, it is impossible for each parallel world to perform different calculation independently, from the beginning ! )  ← This quantum computer logic is self-contradictory, hence would never happen.

↑ If all different parallel worlds can interfere with each other, they cannot calculate different values independently using different parallel worlds simultaneously, because they cannot distinguish different parallel-world states or values which are interfering with each other, and mixed into one indistinguishable single value or world from the beginning.

Furthermore, physicists use an atom (or ion ) or a big artificial atom consisting of many solid atoms as a qubit which cannot interfere or overlap with each other, different from classical wave naturally interfering with each other, even if quantum parallel world is real.

A solid atom or ion cannot overlap other solid atoms or ions, hence such atomic or ionic qubits can neither destructively interfere (= two overlapped solid atoms = vanish !?  ← never happen ) nor constructively interfere with other atomic solid qubits (= two overlapped solid atoms or qubits get together to form one bigger new solid atom or qubit !?  ← impossible ).

↑ Utilizing quantum superposition or parallel worlds for dreamlike faster parallel (= simultaneous ) calculations and interference between all parallel worlds for getting the desired average resultant value combining all parallel-world calculated values is physically impossible.  ← The current quantum computer physicists across the world are recklessly aiming at this unrealistic dream.

So the current quantum computer science tries to do physically-impossible and contradictory things from the beginning.  Creating superposition is illusion.  All countries are wasting a lot of money and time in such an illusory impossible computer in vain.

Quantum computer originally aimed to factor a large number by calculating many different values simultaneously potentially using fantasy different parallel worlds according to "Shor's algorithm" ( this 6th-last to 3rd-last paragraphs ), which dreamlike factoring by Shor's algorithm is still impossible ( this 18th paragraph ).

Because the current quantum computers can only calculate one very small meaningless number at a time, reset (= delete the calculated value ) and recycle qubits (= called "semi-classical factoring by fake Shor's algorithm" this p.3 middle 2nd paragraph ) instead of calculating multiple values simultaneously (= which was the original as-yet-unrealized Shor's algorithm of potentially faster factoring ) using quantum superposition or parallel worlds.

So there is No experimental evidence of quantum superposition, parallel-world computing or quantum computer speed-up.

Three quantum bits or qubits are supposed to be in eight different states (= each qubit could be in two states 0 and 1 simultaneously, hence the total different qubit-state patterns is 23 = 8 patterns ), which 8 pattern superposition states using 3 qubits are still unrealized and illusion, unfortunately.

According to actual quantum mechanical researches, these 3 qubits can be only in two or three different states alternately (= Not simultaneously ) instead of 3 qubits taking 8 different states simultaneoulsy using quantum superpositon or parallel worlds.  ← So all the exaggerated news claiming quantum computer bits can take many different states simultaneously is just fake and baseless.

According to the actual experiments so far, these three qubits can take only three different states (= 100 or 010 or 001 ) alternately (= Not simultaneously ), which is called W state instead of three qubits taking eight different states simultaneously by quantum superposition.

Or three qubits can be in only two different states (= 000 or 111 ) alternately,which is called GHZ states, instead of realizing dreamlike eight different quantum superposition states (= 000, 001, 010, 100, 011, 101. 110, 111 ).

Even more than three qubits can take only two or three qubit states alternately ( this p.1 right 2nd paragraph, this p.3 ) instead of taking many possible different quantum superposition states simultaneously.  ← Quantum computer speed-up by fantasy parallel-world computing proves to be a big lie and fake news.

So the flashy hyped catchphrase such as "3 ( or 20 ) qubits can potentially be 23 = 8 states ( or 220 = 1048576 states ) simultaneously in dreamlike future quantum computers !" is untrue and baseless with No experimental evidence.

Even 20 qubits (= the current maximum number of qubits ) can take only two states alternately (= GHZ state where 20 qubits just oscillate between 000000.. ↔ 111111.. in this ) instead of achieving the high-sounding quantum mechanical original idea that 20 qubits can be in as many as 220 = 1048576 different states simultaneously (= just a lie ).

The third false claim of creating (illusory) parallel worlds is the "photon quantum computer" which just consists of old-fashioned classical beam splitters and photodetectors, and uses classical light polarizations as a seeming quantum bit or qubit (ex. horizontally-polarized light or photon is supposed to be 0 bit state, vertically-polarized light or photon is supposed to be 1 bit state ).

When these two classical light waves with different polarizations just overlap each other, quantum mechanics unrealistically calls such a "classically-overlapped light state" a "photon existing in two different states" (= horizontal and vertical polarizations) simultaneously using fictional quantum superposition or parallel worlds.  ← nonsense.

Classical light wave tends to be falsely treated as a photon particle just by detecting the classical light wave in a photodetector which just detects electrons excited by classical light instead of an illusory photon particle.

Even when very weak classical light (= called a photon for formality's sake ) realistically splits at a beam splitter or two slits, quantum mechanics unrealistically insists a (fictitious) photon particle splits into two different paths using illusory quantum superposition or parallel worlds and interferes with each other.

↑ First of all, even if fantasy superposition or quantum parallel worlds were real, a photon particle (= a rigid ball ! ) cannot interfere with other photons destructively (= two photon balls vanish !?  ← impossible ) or interfere constructively (= two photon balls magically merge into one bigger new photon ball !?  ← ridiculous )

When two photon particles (= photon rigid balls ) meet each other at beam splitters or something, they just scatter each other in random directions like colliding rigid balls without interfering.

Interference is the phenomenon caused only by classical (light) wave traveling through some medium.

The 7th paragraph of this news on the recent Chinese quantum computer supremacy (= speed-up ? actually Not ) research using fictitious photons says,
"Photons are first sent into a network of channels. There, each photon encounters a series of beam splitters, each of which sends the photon down two paths simultaneously, in what’s called a quantum superposition (= parallel worlds ? ). Paths also merge together, and the repeated splitting and merging causes the photons to interfere with one another according to quantum rules (← this is false, because a quantum photon particle can Not interfere, only classical light wave can interfere )."

The 4th paragraph of this news on the same Chinese photon quantum computer supremacy experiment says,
"Simulating the classical system (with the real balls  ← this is false again, because the "classical light" is "wave", Not a ball ) is relatively easy with a classical computer. However, the bar is higher when we deal with quantum objects. This is due to the interference (← this is wrong again, because a quantum photon particle cannot interfere, only classical light wave can interfere ) between various possible paths and to the boson interaction described above."

↑ They falsely exchanged "classical light wave" and a "quantum photon particle" → "fictitious classical light ball" and "fictitious quantum light wave"  ← there are No such things as classical photon particles !
Originally only classical light wave can interfere, and a quantum photon particle cannot interfere.

So this kind of fishy quantum computer speed-up or supremacy is illusion caused by the false comparisons between a fictitious quantum photon with interference ability and a fictitious classical photon particle (= not classical wave ) magically losing interference ability.

What kind of dubious "quantum interference" did physicists use in these photon quantum computer (= Not computers or calculators at all ) researches ?

The 5th paragraph of this news says strange things without showing any detailed physical mechanisms.
"if two identical photons are incident on the same beam splitter from two different ports, then the result is not entirely random. They will both exit the same port, though which port they exit is random."

↑ This strange phenomenon of two photons appearing to stick together (= of course, photon or light can Not stick together ) is called "Hong–Ou–Mandel effect" which is the basis of recent Chinese photon quantum supremacy experiment ( this p.4 last ).

As you know, classical light or photons cannot stick to other light or photons, instead, lights (or photons ) just overlap, pass or interfere with each other.

Then why identical photons or light always exit the same side of a beam splitter as if two lights or photons stick together ?

Classical light wave is known to change its phase by 180o when they reflect from the surface of a medium with highr refractive index.

When the light hits a beam splitter from the upper side, and reflects from the upper surface of a glass (= higher refractive index ) of a beam splitter, it changes its phase by 180o, and when the light reflects from the lower side (= just after passing the upper side ) of the beam splitter, it does not change its phase,  which is the classical wave theory.

So two lights entering the same half beam splitter from different sides can reflect from the beam splitter changing or not changing their phase depending on which surface of the beam splitter reflects each light.

And the total light intensity or energy before and after passing or reflecting from the beam splitter must be conserved.

Each light splits into two sides of the beam splitter (= the half split light passes and the half split light reflects from the beam splitter in different directions ) and interfere with the other light at the both exits.

When two lights exiting one side interfere constructively (= resultant light intensity is the square of the sum of two light amplitudes ), lights exiting the other side must interfere destructively (= one of the half split lights reflects from the beam splitter changing its phase by 180o, this p.6, this p.9 ).

Due to the total light intensity or energy conservation and constructive (or destructive ) interference, it is impossible that lights exiting both sides interfere constructively (= the exiting light energy unrealistically becomes twice the original energy of the incident light ! ) or destructively (= the incident light energy unrealistically disappears !  = Total energy is Not conserved ).

If the light is a photon particle (of quantum mechanics ), the photon particle can Not split or interfere with the other photon particle constructively or destructively from the beginning ( this p.16 ).

If the quantum mechanical photon particle (= a rigid ball ) was real, the observed light (= photon particle balls ) would easily scatter other light (= a photon particle ball ) without overlapping or interfering with other lights (= photon particle balls ).

So the quantum photon particles contradicting actual physical phenomena such as destructive and constructive interference do Not exist.
Only classical light wave interfering with other light waves exists in this real world (= there are No such things as "classical photon particles losing interfering ability", though ).

In conclusion, photon quantum computer supremacy or advantage is just illusion caused by deliberately mistaking classical light wave for fishy "artificially-made quantum interference" or something.

In the original Hong-Ou-Mandel experiment where two photons (= just classical light waves ) "appear" to stick together (= impossible ! ) and exit the same side of the beam splitter by destructive and constructive interference of classical light wave theory, they used two mutually incoherent (= two light phases were random, this p.6 right upper ).

At a beam splitter, only one reflected incident light changes its original phase by 180o, and the other reflected light does Not change its original phase due to different refractive index materials of beam splitter (= phases of both transmitted lights are unchanged ).

So, the light exiting only one side of beam splitter always (partially) experiences destructive interferece between the reflected and transmitted lights ( whose light intensity cannot reach the detection threshold of the photodetector, hence cannot be detected as a "photon" ), and the other light exiting the other side of beam splitter always experiences constructive interference (= detected as a photon ). Which side detects a photon (= constructively interfered and enhanced classical light wave ) varies depending on the randomly-changing incident light phases.

As seen here, fictional quantum superposition or parallel worlds, which unreasonably become the basis of illusory quantum computer speed-up by parallel-world calculations, are caused by unphysical quantum mechanics stubbornly refusing to accept real electron particles and real waves such as classical light wave and de Broglie wave, instead, it relies on fictitious quasiparticles, Cooper pairs, fake artificial atoms or photons.

This quantum mechanical "harmful unscientific attitude" sticking to unreal quasiparticles (like recently retracted Microsoft's illusory Majorana fermion ) giving up pursuing true mechanism based on real particles is the main reason why there will be No technological innovation in the current mere political-tool science = climate change, and replacing uncertain vaccines by new effective treatments is still a pipe dream.

See this week physics is still useless.


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