The first encounter with Mr. Yohei Konishi

I started making teapots as practice of wheeling.
I visited Mr. Yohei Konish, a Japan's top teapot craftsman, when I was a university student.
Since then, I visit Tokoname every year and learn teapot production from him. Dual Exhibition with him gives me great boost.
The more I make, the more I learn how difficult the teapot production is.

Tokoname in Aich prefecture has one of Japan's Six Oldest Kilns and, since old days, has produced teapots and clay pipes and jars.
Even now you can see many chimneys in the city. Teapot production is very popular here, there are many teapot craftsmen.
"Kata-zukuri" is also used here, which makes it possible to produce large quantity of teapots.







Teapots by Mr Yohei Konishi

Mr. Yohei Konishi is a holder of intangible cultural asset "Handmade teapots wheeling skill" in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture and the 3rd generation of teapot producer.
He uses the clay of Tokoname, and creates teapots with different expression in size, color and shape.
Since he doesn't use glaze, he gives special care to choosing of clay and firing.

















Teapot Dual Exhibition - Yohei Konishi and Taisuke Shiraiwa

We held "Teapot Dual Exhibition - Yohei Konishi and Taisuke Shiraiwa" in Marui Imai Sapporo on October 1-6, 2014.
It was the third exhibition this year. About 200 works were exhibited and many people came to see the demonstration of wheeling
We introduced the works of Japan's top teapot artist, Yohei Konishi, and his skill of wheeling.
This year, we, together with Mrs. 千葉瑞園, Sencha-do, Houen-ryu, introduced the way to make tasty sencha and served sencha for those who came.