I make Japanese teapot in Hakodate.
My dream is to play a part in making known the beauty of Japanese tea culture and craftwork through my teapot. Making teapot requires subtle senses of the finger tips. So in order not to lose the senses, I only make teapots.
In this site, I would like to introduce some of my work and production process.


5-15 Sumiyoshi-cho, Hokodate City, Hokkaido, 040-0045
Tel: 0138-26-1510

・Won a prize in Japanese Traditional Craftwork Exhibition(日本伝統工芸展)
・Won a prize in Japan Sencha Craftwork Exhibition(日本煎茶工芸展)
・Won a prize in "Toubiten" (陶美展)
・Won a prize in Eastern Japan Traditional Craftwork Exhibition(東日本伝統工芸展)
・Yohei Konish & Taisuke Shiraiwa - Teapot Dual Exhibition

 1985 Born in Matsumae-cho, Hokkaido 
 2009 Graduated from Hokkaido University of Education (Hakodate Campus, Art and Culture Course)
  While in school, studied under Yukio Kodaira (Emeritus Professor)
 2010 Studied under Yohei Konishi, a holder of intangible cultural asset in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture
 2013 Participate in "Winter Pottery Workshop" (Takikawa)
  Opened a Kurakake-gama (a wood-fired kiln) at the foot of Mt. Hokodate
 2015 Introduced in the "Atelier no Mado" (Window of an Atelier) by Dosanko Wide (STV)