What is important?

Fusen Volleyball is a sport designed for the participation of people with all types disabilities.
Itfs not important whether one wins or loses, what is important is the inclusion of all people in a
sportsman like atmosphere.

Please look for a DD1 (degree of disability 1) player, when your team doesnft have one.
This helps enable people with severe disabilities to join society.
This is one of the most important purposes of Fusen Volleyball.


This is a game in which all players must first hit the balloon, and then hit it to the other team.
Many people with severe disabilities can hardly move. Some of them are in need of total assistance.
But they want to hit a ball and they do.
Please understand their state of mind and pass the balloon to them.
That is why a enot passf is considered a foul, as is when a player intentionally hits a player with
disabilities (DP) with the ball.