There are many people with disabilities living in Japan. Many are not able
to travel, go to school, or find work due to the challenges posed by their

Some, with more serious disabilities, are confined to either institutions
or their homes. Many of those who have disabilities face challenges that
make it difficult to realize their dreams.

Since the International Year of Disabled Persons was established in
1981, a variety of events have been held, and programs established with
a goal of promoting and bettering the lives of those living with
disabilities. We would like to help make the International Year of Disabled
Personsf theme "Full participation and Equal opportunity" come true.

Regardless of whether or not a person has a disability, "We all have the
right to live onefs own life!"

We all want to live our own lives to the fullest.
However, currently, it is often difficult for people with disabilities to do
so. We need to inform more people about the lives people with disabilities
live and to consider how we must change our society so that the theme
can become a reality.

What can we do?
Having thought about what we could do, we came up with the idea of "
Fusen (balloon) Volleyball." Fusen Volleyball is a sport that both people
with disabilities and those without can enjoy together.

Our dream is to promote this wonderful sport, which can be enjoyed by
everyone, regardless of a personfs abilities.

Disabilities should not limit anyonefs ability to participate in sports.
Through sport, we wish to help create a world where we can all live

By introducing this sport to our society, we'd like to help people with
disabilities become more integrated with mainstream society. This can be
achieved by the sportfs ability to encourage interaction between those
with disabilities and those without.

We would also like to help the community of people living with disabilities
grow and strengthen by creating links with local societies, institutions,
and organizations throughout Japan.

We hope our sport will help our dream come truec

We are now looking for the people who will:
l participate in the game as players, judges, or staff
l provide financial support/aid
l help us promote our sport

First and foremost, join us and enjoy gFusen Volleyball!h
It will be fun!