Japan Fusen Volleyball Association

About Japan Fusen Volleyball Association

In 1989 we created Fusen (balloon) Volleyball, which involve the concept of Full_participation, that is to say, the rule is that “All members of the team must touch the ball,and then return it to the other’s court.”

And also, whatever the disability is, how hard the disabilities are, a little big and very_elastic balloons are used so that they can play easily.

Through the promotion of Fusen Volleyball, we aim for the realization of the society that_everyone lives supporting each other.

And then, we want to connect with more and more people.  This is our hope.

At present, the Japan Association is composed of some localbranch_offices below.

Kitakyushu branch office       the Fusen Volleyball PromotiveCommittee
Alleath, Kitakyushu Sports Center for the Disabled
3-4-1 Saburomaru Kokurakita-ku
802-0061 JAPAN

Tel:  +81(0)90-36074076      
Fax:  +81(0)93-3837854
E-mail: fusenvolley@gmail.com

Oita branch office           Oita Prefecture Fusen VolleyballAssociation
1338-2 Ooaza Kamitakei Usa-city
Tel & Fax:  +81(0)978-331220

Nagasaki branch office       Nagasaki Fusen VolleyballPromotive Committee
1196-115 Kodago Nagayocho Nishisonogigun
Nagasaki-city 851-2127
Tel & Fax:  +81(0)95-883-3326

Kagoshima branch office     Kagoshima Fusen Volleyball Club
Kagoshima City General Welfare Center for Mental and Physical Disabilities
58-30 Masagohonmachi Kagoshima-city
Tel:  +81(0)99-2527900
Fax:  +81(0)99-2535332

Tokyo branch office        Tokyo Fusen Volleyball PromotiveCommittee
Tel:  +81(0)80-4323-3121
Mail:  tokyo.fusen.staff@gmail.com

Osaka branch office       Osaka Fusen Volleyball PromotiveCommittee
Tel:  +81(0)80-1480-3751    
Fax:  +81(0)6-6575-9006
E-mail: osaka.fusen.volleyball@gmail.com