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[.mon] File Association Tool

     This tool is freeware!

Latest Version: November 1st, 2021

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About the [.mon] File Association Tool

The [.mon] File Association Tool is the tool which relates to the following products of us.

This tool does the file association (or deletes the file association) of the Monitor Result File ([.mon] file) which was made in the Serial Port Monitor and Analyzer (Model: AKM-RSM-100).

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Hardware Requirements

This tool can be actuated on the following Windows operating system.
   *Note: The propriety of the actuation depends on the version of .NET Framework which is being installed.

In Japanese OS, this tool is displayed in Japanese.
In OS of other languages, this tool is displayed in English.

        Display Example (English)                           
Display Example (Japanese)

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General Description

The Serial Port Monitor and Analyzer will be started automatically when double-clicked on the [.mon] file which was done of the file association. Then, the contents of that [.mon] file will be able to be referred to.

The Monitor Result File which can do the file association

(1) The file association of the Monitor Result Files ([.mon] file) which were made in all versions of the Serial Port Monitor and Analyzer is available.

(2) However, the Serial Port Monitor and Analyzer of the following which copes with start up by the double-click of the Monitor Result File ([.mon] file) must be installed in advance.

        Version 4 series: Version (or more)
Version 5 series: Version (or more)

*Note: When the above Serial Port Monitor and Analyzer isn't being installed, this tool can't start. (Error message is displayed.)

The following 2 files are program based on each .NET Framework.

        Mon File Association Tool FW2.exe
(Based on .NET Framework 2)
        Mon File Association Tool FW4.exe
(Based on .NET Framework 4)
           *Note: 2 files are packed together.

Use it properly corresponding to the environment of your PC.


*Note: This tool is executed as the Administrator because this tool does rewrite of the Windows Registry.

When this tool starts, current condition of the file association of the [.mon] file will be displayed with the message first.
After confirming message, go ahead by your clicking on [OK].

The choices to do the file association are the followings.

  [Choice of AKM-RSM-100 which is made file association:]
      When both of AKM-RSM-100 of Japanese edition and English edition are being installed in the PC, choose AKM-RSM-100 which does the file association.

      *Note: When only either Japanese edition or English edition is being installed, selection can't be done.

  [Option of file association:]

      [Multiple Executions]:
            When you want to open the multiple ".mon" file, check this check box.

      [Use of the Icon]:
            When you want to use the icon which is being prepared for the [.mon] file in the AKM-RSM-100, check this check box.

        *Note: Check both if you aren't understood well about these options.

Then, click on the [File Association].

When you delete the file association, the above choices doesn't matter.
It only clicks on [Delete].

After making the file association, restart PC by your manual operation.

There is no [Close] button. Therefore, when you want to cancel this tool, click on [X] button.

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Install and Uninstall

Install is unnecessary.

Double-click the "Mon File Association Tool FWx.exe" directly. (x = 2 or 4)

Remove a file when this tool becomes unnecessary.

In addition, this tool is provided as the separate tool so that the file association can remove later even when the AKM-RSM-100 was un-installed under the condition that the file association of the [.mon] file is being done.

Even if damage of something (Error which occurred in the computer, device, or the network. Interruption which occurred in the computer, device, or the network. Other faults. And so on.) occurred by using this application software, Akiyama Manufacturing and the third party who provides this application doesn't take responsibility at all.

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