Theory of everything (= TOE ) failed.

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In fact, unuseful quantum chemistry ( after dismissing realistic Bohr-Sommerfeld model ), "shut up and calculate !" attitude of quantum mechanics are completely linked to the failure in "theory of everything" and fantasied cosmology.
So I need to refer to these serious problems in this page and want ordinary people to know this fact.

String theorist vs. anti-string theorist.

[ "Unreal" string theory is "naturally" generated from infinity of QED, and particle physics. ]

(Fig.1) infinity of QED and particle physics causes ( unreal ) string theory !

As you feel, 10-dimensional string theory ( or 11 dimensional M-theory, 12-dimensional F-theory ) is unrealistic, and very hard to believe.
And string theory includes more than 10 to the power of 500 (= 10500 ) different particle physics theories.
It means string theory cannot predict anything.

But I often see people, who agree with QED (+ particle physics ), and disagree with string theory.
But these different theories are all the same with respect to infinite loops.
( Actually, one of the reason W boson mass is zero (= Higgs is needed ) is for renormalization. )

(Fig.2) Infinite bare charge and mass are real ?

As shown in this page, these virtual particles contradict special relativity.
And as you feel, it is very unnatural that as many as inifinite loops (= infinite particle and antipaticles ) are packed into very small area.

So at this point (= QED, particle physics ), the reality is already gone excluding extra dimensions.
Not only theoretically but also mathematically, quantum electrodynamics (= QED ) depends on wrong math and trick, as shown in this page.

Now I understand the feelings of Dirac (= attacking QED artificial math ) and Pauli, who came to want to quit physicist, disappointed at infinity of relativistic quantum field theory.

[ Loop quantum gravity ( LQG ) considers ONLY general relativity. ]

(Fig.3) Particle physics → string theory,   general relativity → LQG.

Basically string theory is very faithful to orthodox physical theories such as standard model, QED ( and entanglement ).
On the other hand, loop quantum gravity (LQG) is generated mainly from general relativity.
LQG dismissed realistic 3-dimensional space and limit it to one dimensional loop.
Only in this very limited loop, symmetry by general relativistic transformation is valid, they insist.

So one dimensional loop and dismissing constant 3-dimensional space in LQG cannot go well with the conventional relativistic quantum field theory.

(Fig.4) Loop quantum gravity contradicts relativistic "smooth" spacetime.

The concept of homogeneous and isotropic universe is the heart of the relativity.
Furthermore, in LQG, time (= t ) is treated differently from space, which idea contradicts relativity.

And as you feel, it is very strange that there is nothing in spaces other than 1-D loop.
The instant they define one-dimentional spin-network, they admit three-dimensional space between loop, "tacitly".
( The assumption of spin-network is impossible without background 3-D space. )
So this is self-contradiction.

[ String theorist's opinions. ]

(Fig.5) Results of "long" history = victory of string theory.

String theorists insist that loop quantum gravity failed to unify quantum theory and general relativity, and make no progress.
Surely, enough time as long as 40 years has passed to exclude other gravity theories such as LQG.
( Now, there are ONLY two theories left, string theory and LQG as hopeful gravity theories. )

And discrete loop contradicts the concept of Lorentz invariance and smooth spacetime of relativity.
( Only inside each loop, general relativistic symmetry is valid in LQG. )
These string theorist's opinions are right.

[ Anti-string theoist's opinions. ]

(Fig.6) String theory = Many world interpretation.

On the other hand, anti-string theorists insist 10-dimensional string theory is unrealistic and untestable.
Furthermore, string theorists try to link 10500 vacua to unrealistic multiverse and many-world theories.
So anti-string theorist's opinions are completely right, too, and I agree with them.
As most people feel, 10-dimensions and many-worlds are only fantasied world.

First, human beings define this realistic world as 3-dimensional space.
So relying on extra-dimensions means this theory is unrealistic and wrong, because it contradicts the definition of real spacetime.
( Extra-dimensions are a kind of "escapism", I think. )

[ Solving anomaly of string theory depends on "wrong" and "artificial" math. ]

(Fig.7) Superstring is NOT a real string !

In the superstring theory, two (= 1+1) dimensional (= 1 space variable σ + 1 time variable τ ) worldsheet is moving through ten-dimensional Minkowski background space-time.
Basically this space variable σ is from 0 to , which expresses closed ring.

But as you notice, this 1+1 dimensional string is NOT real.
As shown in Fig.7, the closed circle needs at least 2 space dimensions, for example ( x and y ) or ( r and θ ).
So if a thing is moving at the constant velocity along the line of σ (= uniform linear motion ), it does NOT generate "centrifugal force" in the worldsheet.
But from the viewpoint of the background Minkowski spacetime, this circular motion causes centrifugal force, so if there are no external force, this object is flying away to different dimension !
So this string theory includes self-contradiction from the beginning.

(Fig.8) Mathematical trick.

As shown in Fig.8, if we define artificial 1-dimensional ring, the infinite space integral of Fig.8 left can be expressed as simple ( Fig.8 right ).
And in the conformal field theory ( this page ), the space integral of 1-dimensional ring can be considered as complex integral of closed curve.
So only for the mathematical reason, this 1+1 dimensional string was chosen.

(Fig.9) Zeta function = string's "wrong" math.

At a glance, you can find the math of Fig.9 is wrong.
But the string theory uses this math to calculate the various important values.

(Fig.10) Grassmann number "c" (= fermion ).

And as shown in this page, the comformal field theory in the string uses the artificial Grassmann number to determine the very important dimensions of our world.
The definition "1" of Fig.10 contradicts the definition "2" of Fig.10.
( If "1" is satisfied, "2" should be zero, too. But it is not zero. )
These definitions were introduced by our human beings and contradictory, which do not mean the law of nature.

[ String and anti-string theorists are "both" right → basic physical principles are wrong. ]

(Fig.11) "Time gap" causes illusory theories.

If string theorists and anti-string theorists are both right, this is clearly self-contradiction and inconsistent.
In this serious situation, there is ONLY one consistent answer left.
Basic physical principles accepted now are wrong somewhere.

As shown in this page, these distorted situations were caused by "time gap" ( 1920s - 1990s ) related to complicated three-body helium and lack of computers.
These are the same as the reason why unreal entanglement, quantum computer, black hole, and 1/3e quarks need to be admitted.

[ High-energy experiments depend on "artifical" computer's filtering and sorting. ]

(Fig.12) Correct tracking each particle is impossible inside "infinite" noises and ( virtual ) loops.

As you now, even in very simple three-body interaction, it becomes chaotic, and we cannot predict their correct interactive motions using computers.
In the present high energy accelerators, infinite high-speed particles with infinite virtual loops are flying.
( "Virtual" loops mean each particle can unexpectedly change into other particles ! )

Though we cannot predict even simple three-body interaction, it is impossible that we know the correct behavior and interaction of each particle in the accelerator.
So their experimental results completely depend on artifical filtering, sorting and discrimination from infinite noises.
( Actualy almost all of them are treated as meaningless noises. )

Though the recent high energy experiments take a great deal of money, time and people, imaginary quarks and other particles would NEVER be useful for our daily lives (= forever ! ).
This fact clearly proves these unstable and unobservable particles are only imaginary particles made by computers.

(Fig.12') "Imaginary" entanglement experiments make NO progress at all.

The same thing can be said about "imaginary" quantum entanglement.
This concept is based on very articifial assumption that, the instant one photon passes the filter, another photon, which is very far away, changes its polarization direction.
( So these filters have very unnatural power ! )

Actuallly, as you see, though they have been doing these entanglement experiments extremely many times, the entanglement can NEVER be useful for our daily living. ( Again, forever. )
( And they just do "Shut up and calculate !" about the entanglement mechanism itself. )

They just repeat the same patterns such as four, five, and six photons ( ions ) are entangled, or some loop holes are closed.
As shown in this page, this trick of these experiments is that they always use the word of photon particle instead of lights ( including photon -ion interactions ).

Why present cosmology has gone in the wrong direction ?

[ Special relativity is wrong → black hole is wrong, too. ]

Due to "Shut up and calculate !" and "mathematical" ( NOT physical ) quantum theories, the present string and LQG theorists tend to evacuate into fantasied cosmology.
Because we cannot go and confirm those places ( or early universe ), which are very far away from the earth, various speculative ideas about cosmology are allowable.

But as shown in this page, special relativity includes fatal paradoxes ( and they are hiding them from textbooks ).
This fact clearly shows that the relativistic concepts of black hole, dark energy, expanding universe are wrong.

(Fig.13) There are almost no grounds for the black hole.

They observed that very strong light ( x-rays ) were emitted from the small area (= center of the galaxy ).
So they insist there is only black hole, that can explain this phenomina.
( This is the ONLY experimental reason why they believe black hole. )

But as you feel, this idea is self-contradictory.
If black hole has so strong attractive power and energy, it is impossible that so strong x-rays are emitted from the places around the black hole.
Because lights themselves are absorbed into strong black hole.
( It is natural that emitted x-rays are very weak near strong black hole, if it really exists. )

[ Dark matter means failure of general relativity. ]

(Fig.14) Rejecting "aether" started fantasied cosmology.

The recent experiments showed that plasma gas of high temperature exist inside galaxy, and their total amounts exceeded the total mass of the galaxy.
These experiments clearly proved that many galaxies are floating inside plasma gas.

And, general relativity can NOT explain rotations of galaxy (= flat rotation curve problem ).
Rotation speed of statrs near edge of galaxy is much faster than that of general relativity (such as black hole ).
Adjusting their stories to fit these facts, unkown dark matter needed to be "artificially" created .

But as you feel, if we admit "ether", we can explain naturally about dark matter, black hole (= ether friction at the center ), plasma gas, and dark matter halo.

(Fig.15) Relativistic quantum field theory accepts "ether wind" !

When most people hear the word of "ether", they blindly reject the idea without thinking deeply.
But in fact, the present quantum field theories such as QED and standard model use various kinds of "ether" like matter.
If you reject the "ether", you have to use infinite virtual particles to express the Coulomb and magnetic forces, which fill all space.
Surprisingly, these virtual particles do NOT obey special relativity (= Einstein formula ), as shown in this page.

And other things such as dark matter, dark energy and Higgs field also fill all space, they insist.
In gravitational lens, lights emitted from other stars are distorted by space inside galaxies.
These phenomena can be explaied by ether naturally, too.

Accelerating universe and inflation are real ?

[ Acclerating universe has almost NO evidence. ]

(Fig.16) Why they insist universe is expanding ?

Lights emitted from stars far away from the earth are red-shifted.
So they insist, this is doppler-effect, and all universe is expanindg.
And microwaves of 2 mm wavelength (= emitted from 2.7 K black body ) are observed.
This microwaves are from all over the universe, so they insist, after high-temperature early universe has expanded, its temperature becomes low.
But as you feel, this idea (= big bang ) is ONLY speculation, and has almost no grounding.

As I said above, if we admit "ether" filling all space, this cosmic microwave background radiation (= CMB ) can be explained naturally.

(Fig.17) "Convenient" photon can pass through dark energy, matter, Higgs "uninjured"?

According to their claims, photon particle needs to have strange ability to go through very crowded space "uninjured" for extremely long time.
It is natural that we think redshift by expanding universe is caused by the tired light, in which the light loses energy while it is going through the space.
Also in microwave radiation, they insist if we investigate this wavelength, we would know about the early universe.
But as shown in this page, considering compton effects or light frequency change, it is impossible that light can keep its original wavelength for this extremeley long time.

The shining duration from supernova is more elongated from farther stars.
You can imagine this reason from the difference between "marathon" and "100-meter race".
As running distance is longer (= marathon ), the distance between first and last runners (= emitted lights ) is longer.

[ Why we need "inflatory" universe ? ]

(Fig.18) "Faster-than-light" inflation is real ?

According to Big Bang theory, they insist the present expanded universe is a sphere with the radius of about four hundred million light-years.
But the microwave background radiration shows the present universe of 13.7 billion light-year size is homogeneous.
( Of course, if relativity is wrong, these assumptions need to be revised. )

To explain the gap between 0.4 and 13.7 billion (= horizon problem ), they needed to adopt faster-than-light inflation.
They insist relativity forbids faster-than-light moving particle, but allows faster-than-light expanding space.
( As you feel, at this moment, the present cosmology is completely fantasied field. )

(Fig.19) "Faster-than-light" inflation → NO causality → multiverse !

Here they use very vague concept of quantum fluctuations.
As the inflation is faster-than-light, the space expanded faster than the speed of the quantum oscillation.
As a result, differences of oscillatory amplitudes in different scaces were magnified by the inflation, which were the origins of our matter and galaxy, they insist.
( Though we don't know vacuum virtual particles well, why they can assert it to be a fact ? This is strange. )

And some people say the violation of causality in inflation is the victory of quantum mechanical many worlds.
Because the quantum wavefunction collapse replacing Bohr model is faster-than-light.
Unfortunately, this fantasy world is what the present cosmology is.
We need to fix these distorted and unrealistic situations as early as possible.

D-brane and gravitational waves are real ?

[ String theory and D brane are only speculation. ]

(Fig.20) Hierarchy problem and extradimensions.

According to the D-brane and string theory, open strings mean forces such as Coulomb excluding gravity.
Only open strings always stick to D-brane (= our real world ), and closed string (= graviton ) can be free from D-brane, and move into extradimensions.
So they insist this theory can explain hierarchy problem, Only graviton is leaking from D-brane, it is very weak.

And the collisions between D-branes cause the big bang, they insist.
Of course, extra-dimensions themselves cannot be confirmed, so this theory itself is only a speculation.

(Fig.21) Proof of extradimensions ?

So they insist, if we can observe the difference between gravitational waves and lights emitted from supernova explosion, it means the proof of imaginary extradimensions !
Unfortunately, these unrealistic ideas can NEVER be accepted.
Gravitational waves are theoretical waves generated from the changing distorted space around the moving mass.

This wave is so weak, it is very difficult to detect and distinguish it from other infinite effects.
Gravitational waves from supernova explosion can change very small distance (= a single H atom size ) between the earth and the sun.

Of course, if relativity is wrong, this wave is wrong, too.
As I said in particle physics section, it is impossible that we distinguish various effects including dark matter and multi (= infinite ) -body effects along extremely long ways, though even simple three-body problems cannot be predicted.


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