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Top. Standard model is wrong.
Big Bang theory is wrong.
QCD is an artificial trick.
Various Spin effects ?

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How "fake" images in physics "mislead" ordinary people ?

[ The media, universities try to mislead people using "fake" images. ]

(Str-1)  People don't know the theory of everything is "fatansy" 10 dimensions !  

String theory is the only theory of everything now.   But this string theory needs unrealistic 10 dimensions and 10500 many different worlds, which cannot predict anything. So useless, forever.

Recently Perimeter institute has made various videos of theoretical physics lacking reality.
In this video, they try to link unrealistic ( string ) theory to some "technology". But it's impossible.

They did NOT mention unreal "extradimensions", though the string theory is the main theme in Perimeter.  As I said, The current quantum physics itself does NOT contribute to any useful technology.

Surprisingly, even the present universities teach these "fantasy" extradimensions ( see Columbia, Harvard, Princeton ).  If they continue teaching these unreal concepts, they must reduce exorbitant tuition fee to less than 1/10 of the present !

String theorists ( see Lubos ) try to avoid mentioning "10 dimensions", because they understand it is unreal.  Sabine should NOT mislead people using "fake" image (= interstellar ) of black hole.

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