Important flaws in quantum mechanics.

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Schrödinger hydrogen atom "lacks" reality.   Period.

[ Radial kinetic energy is "negative", but angular energy is always "positive" ! ]

(Sh-1)   Schrodinger hydrogen 2p wavefunction, negative kinetic energy parts.   

Schrodinger's "2p" wavefunctions contain radial and angular (= tangential ) kinetic energies.
As shown in this, this (3), angular kinetic energy diverges to infinity as the inverse square of r ( 1/r2 → ∞, r → 0 ).

To cancel this increasing angular kinetic energy, the radial kinetic energy must be negative ( 1/2mv2 < 0, see ① ).   So, radial kinetic energy is negative (= unreal ), but angular kinetic energy is positive !

Because the angular momentum must be always conserved (= always positive ).
Schrodinger's hydrogen contains two unrealistic parts on its both sides ( see this p.2, this p.3, this Fig.1 ).

Of course, in this real world, separating total kinetic energy into positive (= angular ) and negative (= radial ) is impossible.   So Schrodinger's wave functions lack reality from the beginning.

In multi-electron atoms, wavefunctions cannot satisfy energy conservation. So unreal and incorrect.
This means asking wavefunction itself is meaningless, like NYTimes and Sean.


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