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This site receives the approval of Mr. Takahashi, who is a professional music composer, cultural anthropologist. It is a personal matter, but I met Mr. Takahashi for the first time when I participated in the arrangement for a lecture at some public hall. It is not"Foresight philosophy of Dr. Fusseurll" but I was very impressed by his lecture and felt strong empathy when I encountered Mr. Takahashi's unique philosophy. While most people tend to avoid facing complicated issues in Japan, it has been the first time for me to meet someone like Mr. Takahashi in long years, who articulates his own philosophy straightforward, while I still remember the instance when I was strongly touched by his words.
To be quite candid, I am one of those traditional people, not good at using computers to operate the web site, still using fountain pens daily. Thus, I would like to have support from Mr. Takahashi related people to refine this home page.
Since the information about my own books can be obtained at the other opportunities, I would like to refer only to the topics on Mr. Takahashi on this site, while I would learn a lot of things by doing so.
Since Mr. Takahashi seems to have been widely known to public by his official web site, the purpose of this site is mainly for communicate Mr. Takahashi's unknown personality and activities to public, from widely open point of view. Quite naturally, it is needless to say that the topics here cover from his music to philosophy and culture, along with the related medical side. Your participation to this site is very welcome, which is to be reflected to the contents.
There was one thing on my mind when I read an article about Mr. Takahashi's drama music in a TV magazine. Mr. Takahashi stated "I am very satisfied with the performance at my own free will this time, which included forty-eight top instrument players". Further more,"Not only the theme music of drama, the background music for the scenes of drama (omitted), it is important to go over to Osaka to have precise meetings for the program". "The background music should not stand out in the scene. It is ideal that audience do not realize whether the music goes on or not, while they are emotionally touched by the dram itself. It should not draw the attention of drama audience. Mr. Takahashi mentions that the background music should only play a role as one of the hidden elements of scenes. "Frequently, I need to work on my pieces until the midnight due to the time limitation, or, composition works force me to struggle against myself when I have high fever to feel very ill".
"It is not a professional composer if he or she cannot compose a music laughing while the performance makes the people moved to weep. Struggling against myself can be either of enjoyment or agony (omitted).
Recently, Mr. Takahashi came to the thought of importance of music composition based on humanity."People should aware of the music composition which reminds us of tenderness or moral, when our circumstances have become tougher to the extent people loose generosity (Omitted)"."One of the male drama watchers wrote to me, telling that listening to the beautiful music on drama every morning let him to resume playing violin". Mr.Takahashi says "It is happy to hear that my music brings them past memories in life", with a grin on his face. (Sited from weekly Japanese-TV-guide STELA, March 15, 1992).
I recently feel doubt about what the justice is, when I think about the incidents where NHK denied the great footsteps of Mr. Takahashi as a music composer. I anticipate that many Japanese people are also skeptical about this issue.
I am also interested in one of Mr. Takahashi's discourse at the graduate school in the States, which is entitled "Music Effect to Body and Mentality: Establishment of Frequent Occurrence of Arrhythmia caused by Change of an Enzyme from Muscle sell in Circulatory Organs". Your various opinions on this topic are also very welcome on this site.
I have a strong empathy for Mr. Takahashi's most recent activity to run the music class for children based on an interest in music education. I hope this scheme helps our nation realize sound state.
Mr. Takahashi feels a strong resentment against the attack to Iraq by the United States and the UK, ignoring the United Nation's Charter. He prepared to hold an Anti-war concert in front of the American Embassy, to have no permission for the conduct. His thoughts must be very shameful. This anecdote tells his strong sense of justice.

Thank you so much. by Arthur Marina Saotome

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