Unicoco  is a contemporary artist,
mainly creating soft sculptures by wool and cloth.


"I was born and raised in the nature-rich Oita prefecture in southern Japan.
I majored in pedagogy in a master's program at Oita University.
After working as a high school teacher and a welfare worker,
I started my art activities in 2008.
I have exhibited a number of three-dimensional works
that can be worn as an extension of the body,
mainly using soft materials such as wool and cloth,
and installations in which visitors participate.
There are many works to appreciate using skin sensation and the whole body.
Instead of just looking at my work from the outside,
visitors pick it up, wear it, and sometimes get inside.
Visitors can experience my work from the inside with their whole bodies."

Main exhibitions

2021  "Ikebukuro Kaiyu-ha Exhibition2021" Tokyo Metropolitan Theater, Tokyo
2020    Hamada Children's Museum of Art, Shimane
2019  "Ikebukuro Kaiyu-ha Exhibition2019" Tokyo Metropolitan Theater, Tokyo
2019  " New Artists Unit Exhibition" the National Art Center, Tokyo
2018  solo Exhibition, GALLERY ART POINT, Tokyo
2018  stage art and costume, Half Moon Hall, Tokyo
2018   Hamada Children's Museum of Art, Shimane
2018  "Ikebukuro Art Gathering" Tokyo Metropolitan Theater, Tokyo
2018  solo Exhibition, Art Imagin Gallery, Tokyo
2017  Workshop,  Yokosuka Museum of Art, Kanagawa
2017  solo Exhibition,  GALLERY ART POINT, Tokyo
2016  Workshop,  Yokosuka Museum of Art, Kanagawa
2015  "MONSTER Exhibition in NY" J-COLLABO, New York
2015  "MONSTER Exhibition 2015" Shibuya Hikarie 8 /, Tokyo

Unicoco's art works

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