About Z Car Fiesta

The Z Car Fiesta

The Z Car Fiesta is an annual Z car event hosted by the Z Car Fiesta Association, which was organized by each Z car district club. Every year, many Z car enthusiasts from all over the world gather to this event and have a day full of fun. The event is held at Oppama GRANDRIVE Proving Grounds in Kanagawa, with full-scale support from Nissan. Participants can drive their own Z car on the various test tracks and can experience the latest Z models. In addition, an attractive Z car seminars are presented in the building.

After the event, we have a banquet in order to meet and get to know each other more deeply. Participants can talk with Nissan executives and retired seniors who were involved in the Z car development.

This event is supported by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd, related companies, Z car clubs in Japan and ZCCA (USA)

Relationship between Mr.K and Z Car Fiesta

We can’t describe Z Car Fiesta without Mr.KATAYAMA (Mr.K)
Mr.K is known as “the father of the Z”. He devoted his career to the establishment of the DATSUN brand. The DATSUN brand had been a huge success in the United States and Mr.K was eventually inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame.

In 1996, the Z car was discontinued in the United States. Some of the American Z car club members came to Japan in order to entreat the continuation of the Z car brand via Mr.K. At that occasion, the U.S and Japan Z Car clubs met and started an international exchange. After few years, some of Japanese fans traveled to the U.S Z car convention (2000 International Z car Convention in Las Vegas). At that time, Mr.K proposed to us to hold a similar convention in Japan. He introduced us to Nissan Headquarters. As a result, the first Z Car Fiesta took place at the Tochigi proving ground in 2001 where the 350Z concept was unveiled simultaneously by Carlos Ghosn CEO.

It's an extremely uncommon situation that the car club's convention takes place at the private facility of the car company itself. The Z Car Fiesta is a miracle event composed by world Z car fans, Mr.K and Nissan's strong support.

Message from Mr.K


Basically, we accept applicants via Z car clubs. If you want a private application, Please contact the Z Car Fiesta Association office. We require a minimum amount of manners and decency as a Z Car owner.

Date and venue

Date  :At the end of November
Banquet:Hotel in Yokohama city


1988 The Fairlady meeting was held at Nikko Speed park. (Former event of the Z Car Fiesta) This event had been held until 2000.
1997 Mr.K and U.S club members participated in the Fairlady meeting for the first time.
2000 Some Japanese Z car club members participated to the 2000 International Z car Convention in Las vegas.(This event is motif of Z Car Fiesta)
2001 The first Z Car Fiesta was held at the Tochigi proving ground.
This event had been held until 2008.
2011 Z Car Fiesta restarted at the Oppama GRANDRIVE.
2017 Z Car Fiesta Association was Organized.

Contact us

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TEL : +81-28-649-0240
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