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We are a small facility which breeds cockfighters, and it is our life purpose to breed and compete Thai and Vietnamese cocks right here in Japan. 
We breed our gamecock as a hobby - for the mere joy of it all, and have been involved in the industry over three separate countries forabout a 30-year period.  We would like to express our gratitude to you for stopping by our site, and hope you enjoy looking around!
Why Thai and Vietnamese Shamo?
Over a very long period of time we have put every effort into breeding the very best, strongest fighting cocks with a sensational fighting style.  The only thing is, we came to the conclusion that crossbreeding Japanese Shamo only within Japan had its limitations. 
We only had to look beyond the seas to many of the Asian nations where cockfighting is far more popular, and a feverous mania ensues over the populous.  It’s no wonder that Japan had started to fall behind beyond compare, as the differences were just staggering.
 It might just be that the rise in living standards in Asia has contributed to the breeding technologies of Shamo. 
We saw it with our own eyes over our numerous onsite inspections, and this is the precise reason why it was so easy to come to the conclusion that Thai and Vietnamese Shamo were the way to go.
Are only Thai and Vietnamese Shamo really good enough?

It’s certainly a fact that Thai and Vietnamese Shamo win the race in terms of speed and throwing a punch, but it is also common knowledge that the Japanese Shamo are incomparable when it comes to combative instinct and physique.  You can almost see the Japanese Shamo morph into mini ninja’s with their ability to fight to the death even under turbulent circumstances.  They are a fierce force to be reckoned with.

It is important to remember however, that long long ago Japanese Shamo originated from Thailand.  It was with repetitively painstaking and accurate selective breeding that the Japanese Shamo was created, so much so that now the Shamo are being re-imported back into Thailand and the Philippines in order to cross breed with native cocks.  The Thai Shamo weighs around 4kg at its heaviest, where the Japanese Shamo can weigh up to 6.5kg.  One can see that with the combative instinct, physique, fighting style and punch of the Japanese Shamo, that the breed has certainly come quite a way.  Both the Thai and Japanese Shamo have their own distinct qualities, which is all due to the techniques of good breeding.  Surely horseracing horses and racing pigeons are classic examples of such technology.  It’s highly unlikely to produce a slow racing horse when bred from two incredibly speedy horses.  Similarly, it would be unusual to produce a superior racing pigeon from two slow moving birds lacking in stamina.  And so, it makes perfect sense that without two first class animals of the species, it is near impossible to produce anything of blue-ribbon quality.

The Asian Shamo

The Asian Shamo is classified into a large number of difference species.  Since ancient times, selective breeding has cultivated a sophisticated fighting cock, making the Asian Shamo unbeatable in terms of strength, stamina and speed.  The great speed of the Thai and Vietnamese fighting cock has brought about the nickname of ‘Fighter Weaponwhere the courage of the Japanese Shamo to fight unto death with its mental strength and great muscular physique has born the nickname ‘Special Operation Unit’ (or the ‘Green Beret’).  In the world of fighting cocks, the Shamo are the most powerful and superior fighting machines.  The Asian Shamo can be seen all across Asia; from Korea to Pakistan, India, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan, and in each respective region each country has its own style and preference for refining the species, such as the Indian Shamo, the Thai Shamo, Vietnamese Shamo, Taiwanese and Japanese Shamo.


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