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The Rune of Age    

詩: マクラウド (Fiona Macleod,1855-1905) イギリス
    From the Hills of Dream  

曲: バックス (Sir Arnold Edward Trevor Bax,1883-1953) イギリス   歌詞言語: 英語

O thou that on the hills and wastes of Night art Shepherd,
Whose folds are flameless moons and icy planets,
Whose darkling way is gloomed with ancient sorrows:
Whose breath lies white as snow upon the olden,
Whose sigh it is that furrows breasts grown milkless,
Whose weariness is in the loins of man
And is the barren stillness of the woman:
O thou whom all would flee,and all must meet,
Thou that the Shadow art of Youth Eternal,
The gloom that is the hush'd air of the Grave,
The sigh that is between last parted love,
The light for aye withdrawing from weary eyes,
The tide from stricken hearts for ever ebbing!
O thou the Elder Brother whom none loveth,
Whom all men hail with reverence or mocking,
Who broodest on the brows of frozen summits
Yet dreamest in the eyes of babes and children:
Thou,Shadow of the Heart,the Mind,the Life,
Who art that dusk What-is that is already Has-Been,
To thee this rune of the fathers to the sons
And of the sons to the sons,and mothers to new mothers --
To thee who art Aois,
To thee who art Age!
Breathe thy frosty breath upon my hair,for I am weary!
Lay thy frozen hand upon my bones that they support not,
Put thy chill upon the blood that it sustain not;
Place the crown of thy fulfilling on my forehead;
Throw the silence of thy spirit on my spirit;
Lay the balm and benediction of thy mercy
On the brain-throb and the heart-pulse and the life-spring --
For thy child that bows his head is weary,
For thy child that bows his head is weary.
I the shadow am that seeks the Darkness.
Age,that hath the face of Night unstarr'd and moonless,
Age,that doth extinguish star and planet,
Moon and sun and all the fiery worlds,
Give me now thy darkness and thy silence!

おお そなた 丘と夜の荒野の上にある羊飼い
その吐息は白く横たわる 雪が老人の上に積もるように
そのため息は ミルクなしで育った胸を穿ち
おお そなた すべての者共が逃げ すべての者共が会わねばならず
おお そなた 誰からも愛されぬ兄
なお夢見る 赤子や子供の目の中で:
そなた 心の影 思い 生
そうである夕暮れであり それは既にそうなっている
そなたに この父から息子たちへのルーンを
息子からその息子たちへ 母から新しい母たちへの-
吹き付けよ そなたの冷ややかな息を私の髪に
置いておくれ そなたの凍った手を 支え切れぬわが骨の上に
その冷たさを与えておくれ もはや続かないこの血に
置いておくれ そなたの充足の冠を私の額に
投げておくれ そなたの霊の沈黙をわが霊に
置いておくれ 香油とそなたの慈悲を
私は影 闇を求めている
老人だ 星なく月のない夜の顔を持つ
老人だ 消し去る 星と惑星を
われに与えよ 今 そなたの暗闇とそなたの沈黙とを!

( 2019.09.14 藤井宏行 )

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