Rural Asia Solidarity Association (RASA)


(A pond in Wat Pa Sukato, Chaiyaphum, Thailand)


           Rural Asia Solidarity Association (RASA) was established in 1982. Participants in a tour organized by Jesuit Social Center to villages in the Northeast Region of Thailand (which was dubbed gWorkshoph in RASA) were initial members of this association, and its secretariat was placed in the Jesuit Social Center.

           Since its establishment, RASA had organized the tour to rural Thailand twice a year, and participants in the tour were main members of RASA. (This tour is not undertaken at this moment.)

           Present staff of RASA are all part-time and unpaid. The secretariat is not in Jesuit Social Center any more upon the move of the center from Akebonobashi to Yotsuya in September 2010. The fund of RASA consists of donation by grassroots people and organizations.



RASAfs Aims


           Today our life in Japan links with that of people in developing countries through trade, investment, aid, tourism, etc. There should be some means for the Japanese and those in developing countries to unite for improvements of livelihood beyond the distances stretching in front of us. RASAfs aims are to cooperate with those seeking for better way of life in developing countries and to reconsider our life in Japan to accord with the ideal way of life.



RASAfs Activities


(1) RASAfs Financial Assistance for Asian Students

(2) Management of Hiraide Fund



Links to Related Organizations


Jesuit Social Center

Friends for All Children Foundation (FFAC), Thailand