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Dear Friends.
Welcome to my page !

since 2002-03-10

In this page, I show you my handi-craft of miniture speakers,                  
like Minigon(JBL) and Autograph(TANNOY).                                       
You can download these miniture-speaker drawings(JWW-format and LZHed), 
                            in another my Japanese site.  And it is no support. 
If you want use the data, you must install Japanese CAD  JWW  and LHA
Please enjoy your "Do-it-yourself" and re-design by CAD for your favorit speaker units. 
New! -- myurata Micrograph (22/03/2015)
myurata BBS (Japanese)

   from DIY 2 DIM  Autograph builder



Mr. Peter builds 70%-size Autograph for 12"GOLD. (03/12/2007)
Mr. Long Dao Vu build orginal-size Autograph. (29/01/2005)