12 apr 2013

thank you for coming to my exhibition. I had some awake to make my products next, when I was talk them with there precious comment. I will work at clinical psychology with yonger children, I hope to use this art technique for there healthy development, to use dousa-hou technique.

15 jan 2013

next exhibition will start at 19th march 2013 pm12:00 to 24th at gallery maronie in kyoto, Japan. I would like to hear your precious comment, and I will try to make more gainly products with your precous pointed out. I think my products was made up almost perfect, but almost is not perfect. I hope to make perfect gainly products. this is my attitude to make something or other.

5 dec 2012

I was waiting 4 years long, but I don't slack off about my work, I was spent hard and tight 2 years at graduate school department of clinical psychology. I was learned about Dousa-Hou which is Japanese original psycho-therapy. it was developed in 1966 by Naruse and his colleagues for the children with cerebral palsy. this practical usage of psychological rehabilitation were not only the child with cerebral palsy but to the one with various disabilities such as autistic disorder, hyper-activity, schizophrenia, Down's syndrome, mental retardation, depressive state, maladjustment to school. it makes me great experiences, because, I feel my creativities were exciting grew up. I hope to show you my new product at next exhibition. please wait.

9 apr 2010

I uploaded an old small products vtr. I hope you to see it, and to hear your feels.

12 oct 2009

I uploaded some recent exhibition files. if you will see, would you give me your thought.

29 sep 2009

I repaired many linked off site, almost vtr is able to see.

28 sep 2009

This exhibition was good lesson for me, and learn many things.I have been wanted to control the light at white box, but I was forgot it by those place.the place prepared everything which is sunshine as changing color by time, is wind as changing way to my products by time. this phenomenon makes my products carry to another stage. I have to say thank you for all persons concerned.

12 aug 2009

This time, I do not make text which about my products. and I was very relaxed without thinking the text. In fact, remaining time is too short, the days will coming with fear footsteps that I have to make continuing day and night, and can not sleep. If I will not be able to show completely products, I would like to show halfway of my products now. (photo). If you feel something, would you tell me your thought.

21 Jul 2009

I will participate group exhibition "shima de art project" which is one of the events of Nishinoshima island's festival. all my products were brought out in the white box only, but, I believe that New products will be a good one under sunshaine and, it will be wobbled by the sea breeze. would you have a time to coming Nishinoshima island, and please hear your feels.

21 Jun 2009

My web site has moved. please update your bookmark. and I will sent announcement my new products sooner. please wait.

25 Sep 2008

Uploaded a file that wrote below. They gave me a permission to use photo &VTR. please give me your glimpse. and thank you for all persons concerned.

26 May 2008

I had set my product in new house which has Mr and Mrs "N" located in Kyoto on last saturday. A constructor offered me that he hope to decorate about inside entrance, and setting above shelf with my product. I spent hardest time ever I felt, and to make bigger size"1200mm*840mm" and used over 1,500 thread, however, it matches shelf in physically and sensory. Someday I hope to show the picture, It is figured deep bamboo forest which used almost green thread, but a part used yellow and orage one. the colors means a line of light through deep green bamboo forest. and bamboo were symbols of good omen in Japan.

21 May 2008

I would like to introduce delightful website, the name is "Sax hitotu de dekiru koto"( It means what is able to do by only one Sax. Ryouko Onuma played Sax at my recent exhibition. Now she restarted new site. But be careful when you reading, close mouse "of course without drinking" and put a hand on your mouse. If you do not, your PC monitor will make shine with seven light by your splutter.(Japanese only)

11 Apr 2008

uploaded a file of recent exhibition. please watch those site, it comprehend VTR and new text. I hope to hear your critique to my products which will make me more interest things. please give me your glimpse.


10 Apr 2008

A historical news paper introduce my exhibition in the reading matter at feb 2 morning edition.which is the main news paper about Kyoto and Siga prefecture"Kyoto Shimbun"( they transmits news from our living local area, with seeing global movement.they loves our local area, and they hopes to contribute expand upon our city. It is good news paper. this is my

11 jan 2008

A wonderful magazine introduce my exhibition in the reading matter. which is the Kyoto area information magazine monthly "Leaf"( it picked up gourmet, events, sightseeing information, and others. please buy "Leaf" and read it to make your expectancy more bigger, I will have to receive your feels and to show my delightful products.
And added HP link in coraborating artist sight.

3 nov 2007

Ladys and Gentlmen, I would like to say theme of next exhibition is "think about 3". I'm sorry to do not varyed my theme, but It is new product from six years. this time many artist coraborating to my exhibition to appear foreign views by music or fragrance. Now I prepare last parts for spend your comfortable time. please expectance to my product. you may be lost word of bummer.

20 oct 2007

almost finished to prepare next exhibiton. I will be able to announce about details of that soon. please just moment. recently day, I am waiting for Jan 29 with excitement.

1 may 2007

your attention please. I'm sorry that I had told to my next exhibition in this year, but I will not be planning it with my various factors. I hope to show my products as soon as I could, and hear your valuable criticisms. some of my new products were created, and I will prepare for trinket atmosphere of white box. I hope to you please wait for about 6 or 12 month, then I can show my advanced tricks than I ever did, because I was spent exciting 18 month.

1 jan 2007

a happy new year. long long time no see you. and passed two Olympic games & a worldcup soccer. I was neglect up date to my website for 3 years. today I changed for the worse to my site. I thought recently that almost web-site wants to be a easy to read for wacther. that why I changed for the worse, It is not easy to read. if you have a time, please see my troublesome site. then you will get eyestrain. sorry....

15 oct 2003

wait, wait, wait, please wait. I got a e-mail what is say how tricky products show us in this time, I have to say sorry about this last records.
In this time, I cannot show my fiber products, this is only play music. I always envy music stage, because I thought it moves audience emotions easily, no products, no many tools, no tricks. I want to take into my mind the music stayle. this is an experiment for my next trick, please understand my insistence.
and I wrong wrote this last records, 18:30 start is wrong. open 18:30 start 19:30 is right. we will waiting you ! thank you.

23 sep 2003

Please listen. I have to talk about bad thing. is's brings you that felt your spine cold, and felt nausea. but not alway felt that. sometimes be comfortable, sometimes be enchanted. 27th oct 2003 18:30 start. I can show you my mysterious bass guiter performance with my music teachers. if you want to be enchanted, you will come to Kyoto Saiin "Ooh-La-La". thank you for your kind attention.

8 sep 2003

Almost finished, I spent very hard time for a few month with physically, mentally prssure.
I never had tuched stage works, ofcourse direction of art too, I always made products alone, I don't know how to make costume and lighting design.
but, they did their best performance, and helps me, so I could shown my best performance with thier helps.
I think I'm changed, because I enter new lebel, I can show you new magic in next exhibition. if you want to see, I will do some preparation, please wait.
by the way, I was cheated out of money by swindler, if you could order me, I will do my best, please order me!

5 july 2003

I am sorry to Long time make you wait, I will show you next my trick, it is to make new space creation collaborate with actress, woodbase player, I always thought how to move human emotions, I hope that this products will be a first step to shake your emotions.
continuously waiting a e-mail from most beautiful lady. thank you.

15 jun 2003

I didn't made new product in a long time. but I can find my own new style. this was not do anyone imagine, do you want to know? OK, I'll show you my trick next time. please wait my early up dated. By the way, I alway waiting a e-mail from a beutiful lady, do you think who is a beautiful lady? of course you! it's a energy of my work. please send me soon.

10 aug 2001

hello. you find it!
I upload Hira museum photo. here

17 july 2001

I was back. Tokyo gaves me very exiting time for three weeks . but I had some confusion in the exhibition, I would show my acrylic product by main view. but many audience watch my display contrivance. I'll have to thik to make exite audience more.

13 may 2001

I'lll use new material, I foud it how beautyfull it is ! and am I a magician? please watch my exhibition, I'll hope moves your emotion,

24 march 2001

this is my first grop exhibition. I did my best. it will be my good experience. I hope so. first is a time limit of brought in museum. we used 3hour. and higher ceiling room. it was very difficult element. but we did.

7 may 2000

it was finished, this time I was tried to make instaration. how do you feel those space?

23 march 2000

I'm sorry to this sight is not easy to read, because I'm not native english speaker, please go on.