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(18/Aug/2019 )
IOTA RSGB Station Callsign Note QRV (GMT) AUG QSL
No. Credit From To 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 12
AF-064 24.9% ZS9V 15 20 M0OXO-OQRS
NA-090 23.7% XF\3LL 17 18 XE3N
EU-112 23.1% MS0INT 23 25
AS-080 26.1% DS2GOO/3 24 26 H/C
EU-191 17.1% YP0F 27 3-Sep QRZ.COM
NA-210 4.1% KL7RRC/P * 27 2-Sep OQRS/N7RO
EU-100 26.6% TK19IOTA 31 F6BBL
EU-104 25.9%
EY-164 25.9% 15-Sep
NA-176 14.2% VE2GT/150 (QRV 13.30-15.30z) 1 1
NA-211 6.3% K7TRI * 6 9 VE7LYC
AS-206 5.0% JI3DST/0,JR8YLY/0 6 11 H/C
NA-187 6.0% K6VVA/7 (TBD) * Between Sep/15 ~ Oct/15
AS-200 24.5% JI3DST/5,JR8YLY/5 20 25 H/C
AS-206 5.0% JA8COE/0 22 24 H/C,OQRS
AS-206 5.0% JA4GXS/0 26 28 H/C
AF-054 20.5% 5H3CA,5H3RCC 29 5-Oct RC5A
AS-132 23.3% 3W9KJ Sep/End Oct/Start
NA-082 20.5% N5C 4 6 K0AP
NA-089 16.5% N5P 4 6 K0AP
SA-100p 0.0% 3G1DX (Plan-1) or 18 20
3G1DX (Plan-2) 21 23
OC-104 12.2% YJ0RRC, YJ0FWA 4 7
OC-111 10.6% 8 13
OC-142 22.6% VK2IAY/4 2 9-Jan G0UIH
AS-068 11.7% RT9K/9 ??
Ramore and/or under Planing
IOTA RSGB Station Callsign QRV (GMT) QSL
No. Credit From To
AF-053 29.3% J28PJ/P Sep or Oct
QRV Plan of Semiresidental station
IOTA RSGB Station Callsign QRV (GMT) QSL
No. Credit From To
Reported on DX cluster
New and /or Rivised Informations
Not sure but c..
BWN Couple of days between A and B .
NOTE: š@New Infoarmation

Yuri, N3QQ got in touch to say the KL7RRC/P NA-210 website is now online and actual dates of activity have been posted
[August 27 to September 2, 2019]

(DX World Net on 2/Aug/2019j


Mike AD5A, Yuri UA9OBA and Yuri N3QQ plan activity as KL7RRC/P from Sledge Island NA-210 around August 25 to September 3, 2019 (subject to obtaining permissions from US FWS and USCG).
Antennas: TBD, goal is 2-3 stations on the same band during openings. FT8 24/7 as a beacon on two bands F/H mode.
Bands: 40-6m. Modes: CW/SSB/FT8

QSL via N7RO and Club Log will be uploaded after the expedition.

(DX World Net News on 28/Apr/2019j


KL7RRC/P Team planning to be active from Sledge Island, IOTA NA - 210, Alaska, in August - September 2019. They planning to be active on 40 - 6m.

(DX News Com on 17/Apr,2019j

The K7TRI team continues its work toward ensuring that all necessary logistics are in place for the dates announced (Sep 6-9, 2019). We are pleased to acknowledge the grants received from RSGB, Clipperton DX Club, and DX News, along with individual support offered by almost 90 chasers from 21 DXCCs, for which we are most grateful. Meanwhile, we would like to convey once again, to all chasers, that we are looking very badly for their support.@Please help us defray some of the huge costs associated with this project by considering a donation at We thank you all for your consideration!

Kind regards,@@@Cezar, VE3LYC

A team composed of Yuri (N3QQ), Cezar (VE3LYC), Sandro (VE7NY), and Adrian (KO8SCA) will attempt to operate between Sep 6 and 9, 2019, from this iconic location. This rare IOTA reference was on the air once, 21 years ago, as is in demand by 94% of IOTA members. The team informs that the price tag of this project is $20k, and asks for your support. Please visit the expedition website and consider making a donation. QSL via VE3LYC (direct or bureau).

(Sources: World DX Net on 3/Aug,2019)


Yuri, N3QQ informs that permission has been obtained to operate from Tillamook Rock NA-211 from its owner. Subject to all NOAA/USFWS restrictions and limitations, a preliminary team of Mike AD5A, Rob N7QT, Alexej NW7M, Yuri N3QQ will try activate the rock around November-December 2019.

(Sources: World DX Net on 23/May and Photo by EA1CS7s Web Site)


Last Thursday I had a very productive 3 hour in-person meeting and lunch with the Government Official who granted written permission back in March for access to NA-187 (White Rock).

(Snippet from the March email)
>I've completed my due diligence and spoken to each agency who may have an interest, >and concluded that my initial assessment was correct in that there are no site-specific >resource issues, so as long as you conduct your visit to the island outside of the seabird
>nesting season (March through August), and avoid disturbing any marine mammals, you >do not need any additional permit or authorization.

During out meeting, I also extended an invitation for the Official and a Marine Biologist Researcher to join me, in hopes they can collect samples which might prove useful in helping to ascertain what may be causing certain recent malicious problems to marine life of the California Coast.

There are additional restrictions involved with this activation - no generators and no gasoline are allowed on White Rock.  This means low power battery operation, and local daytime only QRV for safety reasons.  There is no recent history of sea lions on White Rock, but if one is encountered - even if sighted on White Rock before landing, everything will be QRT.

we are looking at sometime between September 15th and October 15th, but this will also be Ocean Condx and WX dependent with probably zero to little advance notice.  At current solar low SFI=67 levels, predicted propagation from NA-187 to EU is horrible and very limited, with not much promise of improvement for some time:

The Charter Boat Captain previously contacted back in March will not be available for two more weeks.  When he returns, we will resume logistical discussions.  A webpage with more information will be forthcoming after that.

FYI,Rick - K 6 V V A * The Locust
IOTA Marathon DIAMOND Activator

(Source IOTA Chasers Forum on 5/Aug/2019 )
At long last, I finally received an email with the "Green Light" from a primary Government Agency needed to activate IOTA NA-187 (subject to certain restrictions).  The email has now been forwarded to the final decision making entity in the process.

Access to NA-187 is forbidden during the seabird nesting period of March through August, so I am looking at a SEPT-OCT time period if all goes well.

Due to the restrictions and poor solar cycle condx from the (Real) West Coast NA especially to EU via the Polar Path, this presents various challenges.  My "ATNi FIRST" PROTOCOL Operating Strategy will be absolutely critical to insure as many serious IOTA Chasers on the current 2019 IOTA Honour Role & Annual Listing in need of ONE QSO for credit with NA-187 have a possibility to make it into the log.  The details are in 7 LANGUAGES at:

"Stay Tuned..."
73, Rick - K 6 V V A * The Locust

(Source IOTA Chasers Forum on 25/Mar.2019 )


A multi-national team (CA1DBD, CA1FCS, CE1DN, CE3WW, I2YDX, IT9YRE,  K9AJ, XQ1CR, XQ1FM, and XQ4CW) is planning  to be active  as  3G1DX from  Pajaros Rocks (SA-100,  new one for IOTA)  on  18-20 October, with 21-23 October as backup dates.  Plans are to have two stations running SSB and CW.

(425 DX News #1467 on 15/June)

Alfio, IT9EJW informs DX-World and the IOTA Community that an Italian Team led by IT9YRE is working on a new plan to activate SA-100 and a date (in 2019) will be revealed at Friedrichschafen, Germany. QRX for more info after June 21st.

(DX World Net News on 29/May/2019
A new attempt activating IOTA SA-100
will take place in March 2018. Exact dates not yet known as this time. Itfs also possible a special callsign may be used instead of calls above.

(DX World Net on 11/July,2017
For logistical and security reasons to climb on the rock, the February 2017 activity in SA-100 Pajaros islands was again
postponed, the news will be published on the web
(Their WEb site news on 14/Jan/2017)

June 20, 2016 - 09:59z
Nando (CE1/IT9YRE) and Claudio (CE1/I1SNW) are now back home . . . next attempt will take place presumably in the early months of 2017 . . . with the participation of some Chileans OM

(Their Web site news on 20/June/2016)