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(15/Dec/2019 )
IOTA RSGB Station Callsign Note QRV (GMT) DEC QSL
No. Credit From To 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 12
SA-023 33.2% PY6/PP2RON 20 1-Jan H/C
AS-153 20.1% 8T2G (as VU2) 10 17 VU2NRO
NA-249 14.9% KP4/AA7CH 31 5-Feb OQRS
NA-199 28.4% FS/VE7ACN 9 16 OQRS
NA-249 14.9% KP3RE 21 23 EA5GL
AS-068 11.7% RT9K/9 ??
Ramore and/or under Planing
IOTA RSGB Station Callsign QRV (GMT) QSL
No. Credit From To
QRV Plan of Semiresidental station
IOTA RSGB Station Callsign QRV (GMT) QSL
No. Credit From To
Reported on DX cluster
New and /or Rivised Informations
Not sure but c..
BWN Couple of days between A and B .

Mark =New Infoarmation
During February 9-16, 2020 look for Mike VE7ACN to be active from Saint Martin (FS/RW0CN) and Tintamarre Island NA-199 (FS/VE7ACN). QRV on 80-10m, possibly 160m. PArticipation in the ARRL DX CW contest.

Tintamarre Island is a Nature Reserve, day trips are allowed but overnight stay requires a special permit.
Due to overall fairly short stay on St. Martin it could be (or could not be) one or two day trips to NA-199. Barefoot 100 W and Inverted V antennas for 17-20-30 m, battery power, according to Mike..

(Souece "DX World News" on 10th/Dec