Revision Note for the list by composer and work of Elly Ameling Discography

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Version Date of revision  Notes
Ver.77E  Mar.23,2018  Add Interview by Podium Witteman (Webcasted)
 Ver.76E Jan.8,2018  Add the video of the master class in IVC 2017 
 Ver.75E Nov.2,2017  - Add "Klein klein kleuterken" by Worp (Webcasted by Radio-4, NPO, on Sep.9, 2017) 
Ver.74E   Aug.21,2017 - Add Schubert Recital in 1980 at Kanagawa Kenmin Hall, Japan (NHK FM) 
- Add recital in 1992 at Tsuda Hall, Tokyo (NHK FM)
- Add recital in 1987 at Suntory Hall, Tokyo(NHK FM) including 2 encore pieces by Nin, which were not included in the TV broadcasting of the recital.
 Ver.73E  Aug.5,2017 - Add Schubert Recital in 1978  Festival van Vlaanderen.
- Add Part3, No.2 of Spring Symphony by Britten on YouTube.
 Ver.72E  Jun.19,2017 - Add Mahler Symphony No.4 by  Utrechts Stedelijk Orkest conducted by Paul Hupperts (YouTube)
- Add the interview in Leeds Lieder Festival 2016(YouTube).
- Add  thr interview in the masterclass at the International Hugo Wolf Academie (SWR2)
- Add Ravel and Wolf in Helsinki Festival 1975 (NHK FM).
 Ver.71E Apr.29,2017  - Add interview report in the Record Geijyutu (Apr, 1972).
- Add interview report in Ongaku no Tomo (Jun. 1996). 
- Add Mahler Symphony No.4 by Orquesta de RTVE conducted by Sergiu Comissiona (YouTube).
- Add J.S. Bach : Messe in h-moll by Orchestra dell'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia conducted by Carlo Maria Giulini (RAI Radio 5 Classica). 
 Ver.70E Jan,23,2017  - Add Maler Symphony No.4 with Rafael Kubelik in 1963 Holland Festival (YouTube).
- Minor error correction. 
 Ver.69E Jan.5,2017  Add "Interview and Conversation (Written Material)" 
Ver.68E  Sep.7,2016  Add " A Conversation with Bruce Duffie".
Ver.67E  Aug.6,2016  Restore omission (2 items).
Minor error correcions.
Ver.66E   Jul.9,2016  Add two songs by Catharina van Rennes, Dutch folk song (Oene van Sneek ) and anonymous one song(Maritje) (Beeld en Geluid-6426566)
Add interview in Spain(Radio Clásica ,tve).
 Ver.65.1E May 13,2016  Minor error correction. 
 Ver.65E Apr.6,2016  The first original language version.