Referee's hand signals


Foul description

Hand signalswith whistle

Not ALL:

Returned the ball to the opposite court
without all players contacting it.

Make a tight fist, and raise the arm vertically.

Over Times 1:

One team failed returning the ball to
the opposite court before contacting it
10 times

Raise both arms vertically, hands open.

Over Times 2:

One player contacted the ball three

Raise three fingers, spread open.


One player contacted the ball twice in a

Touches one arm two times.


A player holds or carries the ball.

Slowly lifts forearm, palm of the hand facing

Jump attack:

A player jumps to serve and/or attack.

Fold palms, one above the other. The lower
palm strikes the upper one up.

Over lines(line crossed):

A player steps on lines when making
attack or serve.

Put one hand on the back of other hand.

Foot Ball:

When the ball contacted lower part of
the knees of APs.

Palm up, and puts arm down lower than the

Touch Net:
Part of body or the supportive devices
touched the net, including the post.

Indicate the respective side of the net.

Reaching beyond the net:
Any part of the player's body contacted
the ball in the opponent’s side of the
court over the net

Touch the net with left hand, and raise
right arm at shoulder height, then put
forearm to the left.

A player intentionally hits the ball to a
DP, and/or puts the ball down over the
head of the DP when assisting him/her
with serving

Put the palm front, and push forward.

One Touch:
The ball touched a player or supportive
devices, and then falls outside of the

Raise left hand, and rub the tip of
fingers with the right finger pads.

Foul Touch:

Intentionally strike the ball with
supportive devices.

(no hand signal)

No hand signal applied. Indicate the
device with a palm, and declare it is a

Two players in a team touch the ball
simultaneously; it is taken as two hits.
After that, no dribble is counted when
one of them touches the ball.

(No whistle)
Raise two fingers, and extend the arm
upward, then you may say "two".

No Count:
When the game was interrupted or the
judge can not make a decision, the play
will start again.

Raise both hands to shoulder height
with thumbs up.

Substitute members:

When a player is switched.

Circular motion of the forearms around
each other.

Out of Bounds:
The ball contacted the floor, people, or
objects out of the court.The ball or the
players contacted an adjacent court or
the extended part of the net.

Extend the arms forward, and raise the
forearms vertically.

Side Out:

Indicate the team who obtained the

(No whistle)
Indicate the team who obtained the

Time out can be requested once (30
sec). However, it can not be allowed 5
minutes before the end of game.

Raise the left arm to face height, palm
down, put fingers of the right hand on
the left palm.


Every ball fell inside the court.

Indicate the ball inside the court with
the palm.

Before/End of the game:

Teams greet before/end of the game.

Raise forearms vertically, with hands
open, toward the body.

End of the game:

When one team wins, or when time is

Cross forearms in front of the chest,
hand open.

Handshake after the game:

Teams shake hands.

Grip hands in front of the chest.

Authorization to serve:

Indicate the team who serves.

The first serve: Raise fingers, hand
open, move the hand from the serving
team to the receiving side.

The second serve: Raise one finger. Say
"last serve", and do the same signal as
the first one.


Block the opponent players' activities by
intimidating, forcing, and attacking them,
including verbal abuse against the

(no hand signal)

No hand signals.

the first interference: warning

the second and after: taken as foul (a
point will be added to the other team’s
score). When the first interference was
intentional, it should be taken as foul,
and the other team will obtain a point.

Technical foul:

The coach, trainer, or substitute enters
the court without permission of the

Unreasonable time-out was requested
(Ex; between the first and the second
serves, or on the request of the 2nd

   (no hand signal)

No hand signals.

the first foul: warning

the second and after: taken as foul.

*The referee should indicate "warning"
immediately when he finds any delay of