Friendship Link with Coventry

Hiroshima Coventry Club

Old Cathedral of Coventry

Welcome to our Home Page.
Coventry Club is a volunteer group promoting grass-root exchange between Coventry. UK, and Hiroshima, Japan.

In this page, we will introduce the City of Coventry
and the activities of Hroshima Coventry Club

  Statue of Reconciliation

 Aim of the
Coventry Club
Outline of
the City of Coventry
 Coventry and Hiroshima
 War and Coventry  Lady Godiva  Godiva Sisters

  New!  Antony Owen's neew book, The Nagasaki Elder, was introduced in the Chugoku Shinbun Neewspaper.  
  New!  Antony Owen's new book, The Nagasaki Elder, is being launched on 7th September from V press.

  Join us!  English Poetry Seminar
Poetry of Love
 April, 2017---March, 2018
On the second Saturday every month,10:30-noon
At Hiroshima City International House, fee:1,000yen
   Next Poetry Seminar--------------------------------------¨

10:30-12:00(Sat) 10th March, 2018 
at Hiroshima City Inernational House,
Study Room 1

   Activities in 2017  
   Reading War and Peace Poetry  14th May (Sat) 4:00 -5:00 PM
at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
   Poetry Seminar
Antony Owen's poetry, Love poetry from old to new
 2nd saturday every month
   Panel Display at 2017 International Festa  19th November (Sun)
at Internaational Conference Center Hiroshima
   The 12th Coventry Day Meeting  26th November, 2017
at Hiroshima City International House

  Activities in 2016  
   War and Peace Poetry in English 15th May, 2016
at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
   Visiting Covenry and attending the Hiroshima Day  6th August, 2016
at the Coventry Cathedral
 The 11th Coventry Day Meeting  13th November, 2016
at Hiroshima City Interntional House
   Petry Seminar= War Poetry  on the second Saturday every month

Activities in 2015 Letters from Covntry 
 Reeading Antony Owen's War Poetry@Part 2  10 January 2015Hiroshima Day Service  6 August 
Studying in Coventry  March  2015 Godiva Sisters  13 September 
Poetry Seminar  ‡@11 April
‡A9 May
‡B13 June
‡C11 July
2015Coventry Peace Festival-PeaceTree  1-14 November 
War and Peace Poetry with Antony Owen
10 May
Peace Message from Coventry    
Antony Owen Visits Hiroshima, Japan   10-15 May     
 The 10th Coventry Day Meeting  15 November    
 Activities in 2014  Letters from Covntry 
 Aldridge's Party Visits Kure 22-28 March Hiroshima Day  6th August
 Reading Antony Owen's War Poetry 12 April
10 May
14 June
12 July
Kathleen Mary Drew-Baker  10th September
 Peace and War Poetry in English 3 August  Godiva Day 14th September 
 Speaking on Conentry at Kamokita High School 15 October    
 Reeading Antony Owen's War Poetry@Part 2 11 October,
8 Novenber
13 December,
 The 9th Coventry Day Meeting 23 November    
 Conon David Porter Visits Hiroshima 1, 2 December    

 Activities in 2013   Letters from Covntry 
 The 8th Coventry Day Meeting  17th November  2013 Hiroshima/Nagasaki Memorial Service 6th August
 Antony Owen, war poet from coventry interviews Hideko(You Tube)
/answers the questions from Hiroshima(letter)
 29th August  Godiva Awakes 2013 13th August.
 Papercranes from the All Saints' School arrive at Bisyamonndai Elementary School  8th July Antony Owen, war poet from Coventry 22nd March,
24th March,
17th April,
 Showing a film "Barefoot Gen's Hiroshima" in Coventry  2nd/3rd July   National Memrial Arborentum 19th March,

 Activties in 2012@@  Letters from Coventry   
Tanaka Family Visits Coventry  7th April  International Women's Day  13th March
Twin School: Whitley Academy and Kamokita High, Hiroshima   3rd July  Summer in England  13th June
Letter from the Lord Mayor of Coventry  24th July   Godiva moves for London  2nd August
Send a Message from the Mayor of Hiroshima  1st August  18th August
Emiko attends the Hiroshima Memorial Service   6th August  Hiroshima Memorial  6th August
The 7th Coventry Day Meeting   1st December  Godiva Sisters  9th September
 Contribution to the Chugoku Shinbun Newspaper  11th December    


Footsteps of the Coventry Club

         Activities in 2011        The 6th Coventry Day Meeting @4th December        
 Godiva Sisters @9th September 
 Hiroshima Nagasaki Memorial in Leeds @9th August 
 Hiroshima Nagasaki Memorial Service in Coventry @6th August
 Lantern Floating in Oxford @9th August
 Donation for the East Japan Earthquake @28th March 
 Japanese Students Rais Money in Coventry @March 
 Papercranes Received in the Chapel of Unity @ January
        Activities in 2010        "Sadako and Papercranes", Exhibition in Abindon
@@Taking Part in the Abindon-Hiroshima Week
 @2-9 August       
  Chinese Parasol Trees in Abindon  @August
 "Sadako and Papercranes", Exhibition in Covnetry@
@@Attending the Hiroshima Memorial service
  6-31 August
 Pass the Message to the Mayor of Hiroshima  @September
 Post one thousand papercranes to Coventry  @29th September
 Chinese parasol Trees in Coventry  @September
 The 5th Coventry Day Meeting  @31st October
        Activities in 2009         Vija from Coventry  20th March-2nd April        
 Ravi from Coventry @ 12-14 June
 Hiraga Visits Coventry  @15th May
 Exhibition "Peace and Reconciliation"  @3-16 August
 Letter from Coventry : Hiroshima Memoria Servicel  @6th August
 McFadden Sisters from Coventry  @11-13 August
 Everlasting Friendship: the 4th Coventry Day Meeting  @7th November
 Mr and Mrs Dodd from Abingdon  @22nd November
     Activities in 2008     Sending Seeds from A-bombed Chinese Parasol Tree      
 Coventry Exhibition in Kure  
 Mukais Attending the Hiroshima Memorial Service  
 The 3rd Coventry Day Meeting  
     Activities in 2007     Coventry Exhibition at International House      
 Visiting Coventry  
 Coventry Exhibition at Yasu Community Center  
 The Second Coventry Day Meeting  
     Activities in 2006    Taking Part in the "Peace-Love"      
 John and Margaret from Coventry  
 Coventry Exhibition at Yasu Community Center  
 The 1st Coventry Day Meeting