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Premiere of "Samson and Delilah"

of Wroclaw Opera conducted by Chikara Imamura

International biblical story

Conductor Chikara Imamura instantly drew out a performance of high nobility and full of dignit
y, and yet leading the orchestra.

Jacek Marczynski, Rzeczpospolira, 200-04-06

Samson and Delilah:Beautiful stagong by Znaniecki

The orchestra of the Wroclaw Opera, conducted by Chikara Imamura, a japanese conductor, accompanied the stage perfectly and admirarbly with no weak point to criticize. He kept the sound of various nuance, which differed from Donizetti, Verdi, and Bizet, but it was no means inferior to them and performed a fantastic music.
Magdalena Talik, Kultura on-line, 2009-04-06

"Samson and Delilah" of the Wroclaw Opera:
Super costumes, lighting and music

Japanese conductor,Chikara Imamura, made a great success in the performance. From the perfectly desinged score, he pictured the strange atmosphere and the aspect of sensuality of musical language in Saint-Saens.

Magdalena Talik, Polska Gazets Wroclawskej 2009-04-07

Samson, Delilah and death

Chikara Imamura, a Japanese conductor conducted full of sensibility. Bravo, Maestro!

Adam Domagaa, Gazela Wyborcza, 2009-04-06

"Samson and Delilah" come back

Chikara Imamura directed and conducted with extraordinary expressions of music making.

Antonina Gruszecka, Dziennik Teatralny, 2009-04-07

Kritik in Deutschland

*Dass sich am Ende des attraktiven Werks der ganze Saal im Quasi-Schwebezustand befand, ist auch der Authentizitat des japanischen Gastdirigenten Chikara Imamura zu verdanken, der insgesamt einen guten Eindruck hinterlie.
Stader Tageblatt, 11.04.2005

*Das sechste der gInternationalen Sinfoniekonzerteh wurde diesmal von der intenational renomierten gSinfonia Varsoviah. Nach den Erfahrungen, die man in Oberhausen mit den verschiedenesten polnischen Ensembles gemacht hat, scheint das allein schon ein hohes Niveau zu garantieren.@
Wenn dann noch ein Solo-Cellist wie Adrian Brendel, der Sohn des groen Pianisten, dazukommen, und das Ganze unter der Leitung eines ispirierten Dirigenten von fast besessener Intensitat wie Chikara Imamura steht, ist die kunstlerische Qualitat kaum noch zu ubertreffen.
Neue Rhein Zeitung, 12.04.2005

*Affinitat von Chikara Imamura war wohl zu Beethoven am groten. Mit Ravels gLa Valsh entfaltete Imamura die Farbiglkeit des Orchesters, baute er eine dynamische Steigerung auf. Hier uberzeugte er das Publikum.
Ostsee Zeitung, 18. 05.1993

Review in Netherland

*Madama Butterfly: gThe Japanese conductor Chikara Imamura knows the facts as well. In short, this gMadama Butterflyh wonft disappoint anyone. g Haagsche Courant, 11.01.2000

Reviews in Poland

*I, myself have never heard this first movement played so completely "finished" catching the heart of everyone in the audience. I don't think you will find anything like this among hundreds of recorded performances by great maestros who earned fame in the 20th century.
Trybuna Lodzka, 14. 03. 2000

*Lalo/ Hindemith - Silesian Philharmonic
gFor a long time, I have not heard Orchestra Filharmonia Sloska play with so much maturity and with such emotionally expressive interpretation. Imamura's current visit to Poland did not disappoint his fans. In Lalo's "Symphonie Espagnole", Orchestra Sloska became a group of wonderful co-performing artist under Imamura's baton. The performances of the orchestra members featured their precision, pure intonation and their capability to play consistent phrases. The confident, cool and minute movements of the conductor aroused artistic imagination and inspiration, as he took in every details, even the smallest notes, of score. Thus, their performance made the audience realize that Lalo's Symphony is a first-class masterpiece, impressing them with many unforgettable things. (c) In his interpretation, Imamura grasped the forms expansively and guided the orchestra to the climax in a perfect way, paying special attention to depict the music in rich colors while allowing individual instruments to fully exhibit their parts. The performance, which was full of inspiration, flawless techniques, passion and dynamism, incorporated every note on the score and the complex polyphonic structure as well as fragments of old German folklore. The accurate interpretation of Hindemith's piece, like this one, will surely be remembered by the audience. The Friday's concert established a proof that a splendid conductor can transform any symphonic orchestra into a meister-like group and can satisfy the audience as well as the orchestra members."
Ruch Muzyczny, Bogumila Mika, 09. 01. 2000

*The Violin concerto by Szymanowski conducted by Chikara Imamura is considered the best performance played in recent years. This young Japanese conductor showed his sensivity to the richness in color of the tonec@
Ruch Muzyczny, Josef Kanski, January 1984

Review in Finnland

*It was very clear that Chikara Imamura, a very capable conductor, has a full understanding of the message of Mahler.
Uusi Suomi, 1989

Review in Denmark

*Chikara Imamura has recently made a future-promising debut of his excellent musicality. Each part of the orchestra was released in full power, Maestro Imamura gave very clear signs to the orchestra, connecting each part very smoothly. It was a glowing performance of Beethoven by the Japanese conductor.
Aarhus Newspaper

Review in Japan

*He has a large repertoire varying from Haydn to contemporary music, and has a deep understanding for different kinds of works and also the technique to express it with accuracy. His style could be simply expressed as the gelegant flowh of music, but there is no lukewarmness at all. He played Haydn with perfect gracefulness and Lutoslawski at a high level of intensity. That was one of the unforgettable events of this year.
Ongaku Gendai