About Mikurashima
The mysterious Island

Mikurashima is a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
The island is 16km (10miles) around, 850m high and 200km away from Tokyo, the main land.
Mikurashima is full of abundant gifts from nature and people have coexisted with nature for thousands of years......

About 150 the Indian Ocean bottlenose dolphins live around Mikurashima all year round and also raise their babies here.
The dolphins are very curious and sometimes swim closely to us to check us and play with spontaneously!

sDolphin swimt

10000 yen ( included transportation & guiding fee per person)

2-hour boat trip (morning and/or afternoon)

sNature Tourt

\10,000`@per person

half-day tour
one-day tour

It's going to be a wonderful experience seeing unique landscapes and visiting lovely spots on Mikurashima!

Mio Yanagase
Mikurashima-mura Tokyo 100-1301
TEL +81-90-3877-0030