About this web site.

This site introduces a model of the ship which I manufactured and personal impression of model kits(and books). Most of the model of the ship introduced by the model magazine and Web site of Japan is a warship of reduced scale 1/700. There are not so many things from which the model of other ships(passenger ship,sailing ship etc.) is introduced.

I like passenger ship and sailing ship too. It is thought that the warship of reduced scale 1/700 is only one of a lot of choices. And, As for the model which I made, the reduced scale and the kind are various.

If this Web site becomes reference of the person who likes model of the ship, I am glad.

I cannot understand English enough. Especially, it is not possible to write according to the desire. Therefore, all content of this Web site is written in Japanese language. An English page cannot be made from my ability. I'm sorry.
As substitution,I write the guide this Web site.


(1) as "What's New"

(2) as "Blog"(written by Japanese language only)

(3) as "My Model Gallery and construction report"

(4) as "Report of model under construction"
I have been making the Imai's 1/100 Japanese sailing training ship Kaiwo Maru(I) since July, 2003.

(5) as "Personal impression of model kits(and books)"

(6) as "Link of other site about Ship Model"

(7) as "Self introduction, My recent situation, Column etc."

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